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  1. The current crop is the quickest and not only that the youngest to do so, they too me are as good or better than any one else in the world potentially we will see an Indian among the quickest bowlers in the world soon, I see these guys bowl as fast as Bond or even faster if they stay fit n are mentally strong. Mavi, Nagarkotti, Avesh, Khalil, Asif, Thampi, Siraj are not just fast medium but Fast and potentially could be express one or two, also not to forget Kejroliya, Sangwan, Saini.
  2. Umesh form is a great sign for the England tour, Shami has to be fully fit n mentally there other wise my line up would be. Umesh BK Sran Ishant Saini/Shami
  3. I agree some bowlers don't try hard enuff or go into a wrong thought process like Munaf did n so is Unadkut, a pace bowler has got to bowl at his Opti u pace n use variations once or max twice n over, Munaf cut down on pace n tried to be a line n length bowler n used his variations more n lost his form, Unadkut did not have pace to begin with n further regressed bowling five slow balls n over n one at 135 k ,I was mighty impressed with a Sran as he has a good action runup, n decent pace, before his injury layoff I first got very excited n then saw him getting 5 to 10 k slower n loose his agression n sting, so I hope it is his injury that caused it. If Sean wants to be successful n make a spot for him self he has to be a wkt taker, bowl agressively, at around 138 k to 146 k a left armer with skills and bounce could be. World class bowler, if he can bring the delivery back to the right handers n alternate with the angled one n one at the body he would be quite successful, he has to be fitter for me and agressively at test level, although very promising he has some competetion in Khalil, Aniket, Sangwan.
  4. MCcricket

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    I know fitness and mentally he has to be there otherwise my first choice would be Shami then Bhuvi n Bumrah
  5. MCcricket

    Young Indian players' performances in the IPL

    There is no doubt at all, Samson should be in the ODI n T20 side, same with Rahul,Aggarwal has done enough to deserve a place in ODI n test, Gopal, Nitesh Rana, R Samarth, Sran was out due to injury so if fit n bowling well should be given a go as well. Super impressed with Samson the range , timing, ease, distance, wrist all there, hope Dhoni is kicked out asap.
  6. MCcricket

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    I lost all respect for this Cockroach, leech, Dhoni who is sucking the life of every team he plays for, n media n stupid fans cannot hide how pathetic he has been for last 5 years n let that Chew@#$_& Shastri suck on that experience.
  7. Indian cricket is regressing like English cricket was in the past because they kept on picking bits n pieces players then nurturing n debuting early genuine talent.
  8. MCcricket

    At the peak of his career, Unadkat eyes Test recall

    It ain't that, he is incompetent ,imbecile n impotent so he is hiding those.
  9. Besides his wife, no one has come against him, his inlaws, colleagues, other people, no skeletons coming out of the closet, looks like she is a nut job.
  10. Although what they have done is sickening but it's not surprising, earlier they used to use their 12 the player, Umpires, media and some cheating Sydney gate and before that the NZ series, I don't think they should be banned for life, but there should be a very significant punishment, two year ban or something.
  11. MCcricket

    Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    One bowler who was unfairly dezlth with, he should be in India squad for sure, hope he has a great injury free season n get back as a strike bowler.
  12. MCcricket

    Is Reverse Swing possible without tampering ?

    REVERSE SWING HAPPENS IN ADVERSE N certain conditions only naturally, so it could be tampering or naturally, but if it happens with only one side n consistently like the Brits did in WORLD CUP IS IT, IT MAKES YOU WONDER
  13. MCcricket

    Shami injured in accident.

  14. All H1 visa holders should be counted guilty for fraud and removed from USA.
  15. You r wrong there, Sachin has had several affairs to date, n he has admitted to sleeping, with his BATS, love affair n some he did not want to let go , he was caught sleeping regularly with his bat.
  16. MCcricket

    Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    Lol, where is the OP, what a nu@#$4, seems to be on opioids or meds
  17. Alec Smart, lol, yeah Philandering but unlike this trundler, a sophisticated kinda, charmer.
  18. Wife looks like a nutcase n a gold digger, Shami to me doesnt look the philandering tyoe, also his coaches and guys around him have praised him for dedication n honesty earlier, so dont know truky, but picture doesnt seem right, also the wife is caught in lies herself, she stated single not married earlier in her marriage certificate, whereas she was married earlier n has daughters
  19. MCcricket

    Way to go forward or backwards

    Think its a good question and a balance has to be maintained, but forming a clique n not ketting desreving players in by Capt n Coach is sickening as well as selectors not having a backbone , its time we look for options in oace dept outside Ishant, Shardul, Unadkunt , and also for logical options in tests n odi respecrively n not select players eho are unfit for one but good in other like Dhawan, Rahane. First n foremost A tours r for grooming younger players n shoukd be that way , lets get in Sangwan, Khalil, Aniket, Ankit, Thampi, L Yadav, Saini and other deserving guys along with Nagarkotti , Mavi in the mix, along with Shaw, Shubhman, Mayank, Rana, Samarth, Pant, Gopal, Jalaj Saxena, Sarfaraz. When will selectors learn that mediocrity n nepotism is pulling the team down, Unadkunt really? Shardul, Kaul what r they gonna achieve? Get in genuine t20 batters who can score at brisk rate n nit guys who play at 100 S/R we will be exposed against good teams, get in Hooda, Rana, Samarth, Mayank, Pant in T20 n lets look for guys who have qualities to succeed as a bowler in T20 , Thampi, Sangwan, Khalil look like they will do better then Unadkunt n Thakur, also Gopal should be looked at . In ODI lets get rid of Rahane who cannot score at above 90 S/R and Dhoni who has lost his game a while back lets get in Guys like Mayank, Samarth, Pant, Hooda, ,Kejroliya, Khalil, Thampi should be looked at along with Sangwan among bowlers . In test matches Dhawan, Jadeja, Rohit should be cast aside especially away from India, Mayank, K Rahul, Rahane ,Pujara shoukd be persisted with, also we need a good left armer and K Yadav will be our best bet as spinner as he is a good wrist spinner in Eng, Aus tours.
  20. A wife giving thise kinda statements n then talking about reconciling seems fishy, she seems to bementally unstabke also looks like could be some other issue, he might be thinking of leaving her n she has this drama over it, doesnt make sense
  21. What is scary is the aftermath, we will see Unadkunt in the team for long time , Couldn't see the MUJRA, SELECTORS WILL TAKE CREDIT FOR THEIR FAILURE, GUYS NEED TO SHOW PATIENCE WITH sHANKAR, T20 TEAM NEEDS AN OVERHAUL N IS LONG DUE, LETS GET RID OF Dhoni
  22. MCcricket

    Rajneesh Gurbani

    Irfan Pathan was an allrounder, and most of his career he bowled between 130 to 140 k n also touched 145 before he messed up with injuries n grip action change
  23. I fullh agree he shoukd not be playing or picked up for t20 team, in the long run he coukd be much much better then mediocre Thakur n poor Unadkunt , he should be groomed more n taken to A tours and pkay more donestics. Guys who shouldve been played before him Aniket, Thampi, Khalil, Sandeep Sharma, Sangwan.
  24. Plz dont use the term Banging the car, rather use the word wrecking, as that would be a weird innuendo if you know what it coukd mean ,lol. On a serious note, this lad is a rookie, hasnt played much first class cricket or age group cricket, comes from a very very humbked background to boot,is playing on patta n in tne worst version for bowlers. Some bowlers like Khalil who has played age group n is exceptional and a left armer to boot might take to th version a bit more easily. To begin with T20 is a bowlers nightmare, secondly being played in a batting paradise, he is a part of a unexperienced lineup, what r the odds, this is the worst way to nurture or take care of a rookie. He has a few things going for him, has pace, good action, still raw, has had a good season, has shown good skill sets n variety to his bowling but to translate this in internation cricket n in t20 right away is not a easy task at all, i dont believe we should introduce young bowlers into t20 right away be it spinners or pacers.
  25. Thats exactly my point a new driver who just git his license, will you ket him test drive a v8 turbo charged, nitro burning dragster or your old Maruti suzuki? What woukd be less overwhelming and a sensible decision?

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