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  1. Need variations to play with a batsman's mind: Unadkat

    He needs to bring major changes,for a change He needs to grow his hair longer Start eating birth control pills Have a sex orientation surgery N start playing for Indian womens team Thats the only place this joker will fit it
  2. The word is efficiency, the fastest sprinter in the world is not the tallest one on the planet, the bigger the person is the slower he gets owing to the physicality, there r few very few exceptions, like Mohd Ali who was a heavy weight but moved like a Middle weight, things r not as simple as u wanna prove scientifically, a lot of things come into the picture, i can bet on the fact that comparatively a shorter person might be able to finish one full shoulder rotation quicker owing to these factors, less mass, less effort at rotating thru a smaller arc.
  3. Generally seen guys around 6' to 6'2" tend to be best at bowling fast, as they seem tall enough to get bounce but also not too tall not to get some reverse n can bowl fuller lengths as well with ease also their body holds up better then taller bowlers. Yes the chances of being a succesfull bowler at international level becomes greater if you have pace n bounce both that comes with height n a good action , but shorter bowlers have also shown they can be good, Steyn ,Shami, Waqar, Akhtar, Vass. For a taller bowler the ball has to travel a greater distance but gets awkward on sporting tracks, for shorter bowlers its easier to target stumps, bowl fuller get more swing n reverse, height is not a factor for bowling fast but it can make a bowler more potent in most cases ,but fast twitch fibers, core, mechanics, a taller bowler often has problem with rhythm n keeping his action n feet in check n a shorter bowler is more athletic n fitter generally, but if a shorter bowler has genuine pace, can get swing, seam, reverse, bowls proper legths he can be devastating as well, Malcolm Marshall wasnt tall either around Bhuvis height . For me if Nagarkotti n Mavi who already are around 5 8" n 5 9" n can get 2 or 3 inch taller can bowl around 140 to 155 k, target stumos, can seam the ball n reverse when needed n have a decent short ball they can be world class bowlers no doubt.
  4. Left is Nagarkotti, extreme right is Mavi, next to Nagarkotti an U19 colleague, I dont know his name.
  5. Need variations to play with a batsman's mind: Unadkat

    The most embaressing n retard@# player for me to have played for India, doesnt even have shi$ in him to make sure the ball reaches the other end.
  6. Badrinath was a late bloomer and a strokeless wonder, he also like the present day Dhoni was self before team no risk, keep my average intact mentality n that didn't go well.
  7. This is not about Dhoni, but a guy like Vengsarkar who is a servants of Indian cricket and tries to do his job with honesty gets cast aside beacause of a politician n chela, Badrinath had performed well in domestics but he was not int class, he deserved chance which he got but it was too late. A BAD PRECEDENT IS BEING SET WITH DHONI BEING THE CULPRIT ALONG WITH SRINI WHERE INDIAN CRICKET WAS THEIR PRPERTY, IPL HAS FURTHER FORMED CLIQUES AND LOYALTIES, TALENT IS BEING WASTED AND PLAYERS BECOMING TO POWER FUL AND SELECTORS TOO WEAK, FURTHER THE AGENCIES LIKE Rhiti n Cs ARE MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR GUYS WHO ARE PERFORMING IN DOMESTICS TO GET A FAIR CHANCE AT THE RIGHT TIME, TALENT IS BEING COMPROMISED.
  8. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    much more complex RkT, WE LIVE IN A MATRIX, OOPS, for most who haven't figured it out, there lies a master architect, there is a master code so we abide n co habitate and thrive, our feel good factor when we help someone , feed the hungry, help a lost child find their parent. Now we HAVE TWO CHOICES FOR EVERY ACTION, do we listen to our inner voice soul or our adversary who pretends to be our friend, there is no black n white but we are some where in between, but people save other peoples lives and risk theirs, leave everything for someone they love.
  9. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    No i would say nutcase alert
  10. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    I agree fully, he should be persisted with will be a very good addition to the side.
  11. Jab koso door koi gaon mein baccha rota hain, ma kehte hain soja , soja warna Unadkunt aa jaye ga, aur phir lambi khamoshi, be is a scary bowler to face , not his bowling but his face!
  12. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Very impressive, tall gets good bounce, good strong action, gets pace n hits the bat hard, dont know about his seaming or swing ability
  13. Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    Looks like selectors did not have a toilet in their Kohli n had to wait in que for taking a dump everyday, lol, stupid idiots.
  14. I seriously hope Unadkunt hits a 100 in his 4 overs n that will be the end of one of the worse trundler to play foir India in a long time.
  15. News trickling from CAB staffer in Bengal is with Shastris statements, love for drinking, philandering ways and his love for experience over all seems to hhave affected Shami, Shami kept on hearing about how critical experience is n how he will compromise on logic performance, rationality over experience ,Shami not bei g well versed in the language was told by teammats that "Shastri bolta hain Buddhi bhi chalenge magar experience hona chahiye" . This was interpreted by Shami as what his coach needed and he set out to gain experience, in n outside the ground, working overtime but trying to achieve what his coach wanted, so why blame him?
  16. Badrtinath had few issues, was a strokeless wonder who looked good at. Domestics but compketely out of place in Int cricket, he was selfish in his approach n not a team man also reason for that could be he had debuted at a older age n was scared to loose his place.
  17. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Khalil has bowled brilliantly n serious pace, as quick or quicker then Umesh, Speedgun is off by min 8 to 10 ks, he is bowling around the wkt n taking the ball away n that shows great skill, n moving the other one as a straighter one n getting batters to hurriedly defend or try to slash to no avail.
  18. Truth shoukd be known n also what a bastar$ Srini n Dhoni is, n hiw talent takes a back stage to nepotism.
  19. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    This OP is a joke, wonder how young or old he is, he has not broken the law, yes its a moral n ethics issue but not related to sports, but overall a cricketer has to be committed n balanced to perform on the field, Shamis actions have reflected his decline in performance, but i dont know the whole story.
  20. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    See he is a tall lad n a pace of 128 to 135 with some skills will work well, i saw him move the ball as well n getting some bounce, needs more games at this level but i would love to see him in test odi n india A
  21. Any place i can watch n replay of Need de ass trophy!
  22. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Be patient i have seen this guy bat n bowl for a while ,he is good enough just to be in the team as a bat, classy n has power game as well, someone i would even look at in tests, also seems like smart n hardworking guys, fields well,also his bowling could be a surprise he gets bounce n moves the ball n i see him bowling 130 n above in future, i hope we pick uim for England tour even test n odi n t20
  23. Warner vs De Kock - Verbal Exchange

    Guys My post was a spoof, i just guessed n narrated n fact followed fiction in this case, i had a bit of idea about Warner n his wife , dont kniw the exact words but now i hear something similar was said, lol.
  24. He is in the team becausre of Niranjan Shah, his useless son is also a sifarishi capt for Saurashtra, he pushes gujjus n now its political
  25. I pray that this Chew@#$ Kunt gets battered so bad along that we never see him in Indian colors again, good riddance, sifarishi selections, Pandey is afraid to loose his spot n not playing the way he can, how did Shankar bowl?

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