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  1. These very tall bowlers r like a mirage promising a lot n generally fizzing out their bodies n rhythm don't last most times. 6 2" or 6 3" is the optimum to get both bounce n be more effective generally. Most bowlers like Finn, Reid, Tremlett, Plunkett, even recently Overton , Topley , MD Irfan so many to name n what his name the Englishmen who bowled terrificly in ashes n then looked pedestrian
  2. Isn't Pakistan playing against NZ?
  3. I fully agree, Shami was poor 50% of time, Ishant is ave at best, BK was dropped, Indians did not bowl with similar control n most important the right length n intent initially, also we have to look at picking the right players n getting used to conditions .
  4. Ajit Agarkar was very mediocre n his ave bowling speed at peak was 137 k n max at about 144 k, Nagarkotti at this tender age starts the spell at 142 k n can touch 150, his action n seam is much better, also Agarkar was amental midget n a big time under achiever, he would just bowl full outside off lollipops n never has even half the ingredients that Nagarkotti has. Nagarkotti if he stays fit will certainly play n be more successful n a level above Ajit who was very very poor, even Mavi is far better, also 5 8" at 17 or 18 could become 5 11" or even 6 2'' as boys reach peak height at about 19 or some even experience a growth spurt till 23, the only thing similar between the two is their slender frame.
  5. Australia U-19 Captain issues challenge to Indian quicks

    Aussies will eat crow, pacers n spinners both will be a problem for them, only worries our middle order.
  6. I would add Bruce Reid when fit was a great bowler
  7. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Think BCCI needs to raise the profile of domestic ODi , make it interesting raise the game as such, our odi cricket is lagging n all good sides have moved ahead while we stagnate.
  8. He has the cleanest action one can find, he is on the slender side, arm is ram rod straight, doesn't even hyper extend, befuddles me , when u are making a comment which doesn't even have 1% substance, his action has been praised by the best coaches n it's a visible proof as well, only thing that comes to my mind is when u snap the wrist n the camera angle is from behind at a height u will see that as a glitch, but any one with min knowledge of the game can see a great action.
  9. Lol r u serious, when all commentators n guys like Bishop n all r going gaga over his action, bio mechanics , release n follow thru u wanna tell the contrary, u gotta be joking, his arm is as straight A's can be, wonder what number glasses u wear or r they tinted?
  10. Naah he was even tall then but very slender side n his pace wasn't that slow eaither bowled around 137-138 ks then
  11. With the control n pace n skills exhibited by Mavi, Nagarkotti would put our seniors to shame, now care should be taken to groom n avoid serious injury these guys should be world class, will have to learn skills of moving the ball as they r on shorter side
  12. MAVI teaching us cricket fast bowling without luck 101

    This guy Mavi is a serious talent, I would pick him over Ishant in ODi, test n t20, he was too good for the kids at this level, they could not even connect.
  13. I have noticed India U 19 right from this group n earlier one has great control n intelligently vary line n length, n adjust to left n right handers, create good angles which even our senior bowlers cant do, are they better, more intelligent, skillful?
  14. His action is just not good for bowling pace, his lower body needs strengthening to ,brace, tilt, n drive his hips, he is bowling with his upper body alone, not too impressed , action needs lots of refinement too. To me Mavi is the best, very easy action, great control, seam movement n very intelligent, Nagarkotti is not behind by much also he bowls first change, the best action I have seen, genuine pace with both, athletic n both can bat.
  15. U seem rather happy n motivated to get rid of bhabhiji?
  16. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    Indian team currently is the best package that I have seen as far as my memory goes, also has the ability to win in SA, Aus, Eng. Lessons that should've been learnt but BCCI is conceited n only motivated by money. Tours to SA, Eng, Aus have to be planned well so that you have enough time to get used to the condition, few practise games with top sides n proper matches, also tours have to start with t20 ,then ODi n last test so players r ready by then n pitch comes more into play in test format. Next Virat needs to be logical in judging n selecting p!Ayers n not get carried away with their attitude or the so called game changer potential. A test BATSMEN is a different breed n Dhawan ,Rohit will never be one unless the improve their game radically, game changer in ODi means nothing in tests.? Chopping n changing constantly affects the team negatively n should be done wisely, also the selection of players from the small group is pathetic n it should come from the larger pool n slectors n captain need to be brave to blood in promising players. Bowling with intensity is critical n it's time we groom match winning bowlers who can bowl well consistently n not in patches. Ishant has to make way for Saini ,Khaleel, Aniket whoever steps up. Same with Dhawan , Rohit being relegated to ODi n t20 only depending on performance. BK should be a constant in this side as he provides value to the team as a bowler n a BATSMEN as well. India should look at playing Chahal , K Yadav in tests as well as they can succeed even in SA, Aus, Eng where our finger spinners are poor mostly. KL Rahul, Vijay, Rahane, Pujara, Kohli , Saha should be out core team n BK ,Pandya as constants. Our slipper should be designated n held accountable and I prove as they have been very poor. We should stop carrying passengers on tour n blood at least one or two youngsters in every tour to keep bench strong. Rotating strike should be a priority rather then make guys like Pujara n Vijay change their game be more agressive n loose wkts as they serve an important role. Pappu should never ever play for India again as he is a tried n tested failure. It's important bowlers focus on right lengths to bowl away from home n also don't be predicatble n be intelligent in their approach. Shami has to be given some pointers as to where he falls short n how he has to bowl with intensity throughout n not in patches. Slips placement has to be precise n we miss too many catches by going for 1 1/2 slip position n our fielders don't make up for it. Most important have a test series of min 4 n preferred 5 tests where we have a good chance to win n make a comeback. Learning how to bowl n bat with Kokkaburra as they don't offer much sideway movement n become toothless after 35 overs, also our spinners need to learn how to bowl with them.
  17. If this kid can move the ball he should be in India A squad for sure
  18. Cummon He will charge you for that, everything goes thru Rhiti, u need to pay him for everything.
  19. Viru he is fun company m guessing, I don't mind our bhabhiji Sakshi she reminds me of a Sabji wali I used to buy veggies from
  20. A left Armer bowling with that pace n coming from that height, if Khaleel can bowl the inswinger then he should be playing test cricket, it takes time to master if u ever do, he was the one I was impressed with more right from U19 days, his action n runup has stream lined greatly n now he bowls pace with ease, could be India's answer to Starc, he could very well bowl as fast as Srinath.
  21. Some guys don't get it, when u r proven wrong don't try to dig deeper in the hole n there is no way out. Pakistan cricket has fallen badly by the way side, few things are responsible for that No proper structure in place at domestic level, no international cricket being played there also t2O craze has taken away any potential of developing a good test BATSMEN with technique,one area where they were ahead was fast bowlers n now tables have turned they r producing none n India seems to have them in double digits easily. Pakistan team is ranked abysmally and for a reason ,how can one deny that they r just above the Associate teams. Even when they had a good bowling attack with Was in, Waqar, Imran they hardly won any thing in SA, Australia, England, since their batters were always poor outside some guys like Miandad, Yes their ODi team was decent then but that's it.
  22. Elgar says Test should have been called off

    By giving various interviews after the fact n contradicting his captain n evidence as well that he was beaten of pace from Bumrahs short ball, now he looks stupid n more stupid by repeating sane trash.
  23. These Curran's are the sons of Kevin Curran ex Zimbabwe allrounder.

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