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  1. Talent watch

    Quite a few guys to look at for me. Aaron Nathu K Ahmed Aniket C Ankit Rajpoot Khejroliya Sangwan when he figures in the squad Saini Warrier Thampi Siraj S Gopal Vijay Shankar D Hooda Mayank A Nitish Rana Prashant Chopra Sarfaraz when he is in Shaw Chama Milind Siraj Other u19 players who will be playing Pant Ishan Kishan Hope selectors form a younger core group for T20 n slowly phase away guys from ODI too, Dhoni needs to go asap.
  2. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    We cannot afford both Jadeja , Ashwin in the side, Chahal, K Yadav is a better option anywhere in ODi n I would say even in test we have to play one leggie n one finger spinner max
  3. Rkt what kind of mould ,player is he?
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I don't like K Tyagis action, it's hard to get consistency n pace with it also scope for injuries?
  5. Good read, certainly one to look for the future, only if selectors wake up from slumber, he and Nitesh Rana, Sarfaraz, Hooda should be inducted soon
  6. Irfan Pathan had a good technique along with power, he played fast bowlers pretty well, for me he was among the few good BATSMEN we had for overseas. The way his career ended was a mystery , also sad was his career coincided with Dhonis captaincy and he destroys bowlers confidence, also injury and changes in his action took it's toll. Think V Shankar can be a decent allrounder as well batting wise he is among the top batters in Domestic ,game wise, bowling is decent and can only improve, he can move the ball n gets bounce.
  7. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Rkt Bhai Dil tod Diya, hope it's not that case, he seems to be a committed n honest cricketer, he was partly screwed because Dhoni hated phaaast bowlers, a bowler like him needs support, also he did bowl well last year in domestics n one spell when someone hits out is not uncommon, he will be back n make it count , since Dhoni is no more kaptaaan.
  8. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Hotstar doesn't allow u to watch in US now even if u use VPN, want to be a member , anyway around ?
  9. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Is this round of Ranji being telecast or online?
  10. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    If this is not his strongest skill then this kid has to be a terrific bat, no wonder Indians don't nurture all rounders whereas other sides know their value n promote n take care of them
  11. Don't base ur judgement for other then cricket, bias n muddled hatred for reasons other then cricket
  12. We simple aren't getting the game, we initially won the t20 worlcup when this version was in it's nascent stage, now although we have the best leGue in the business, other countries are ahead of us. Blame squarely should be on selectors as they don't get it n care enough to focus on separate t20 squad, it's more of an after thought n most ODi players get in by virtue of being there on the tour. If selected on merit 40% of the squad or more don't deserve to be on the squad. DHONI Dhawan Rahane Need to go asap Also Virat, Rohit, Jadhav should target 150 mark as far as S/R. Young guns like Sarfaraz, Hooda, K Pandya , other t20 specialist should come in, also personally I would hand over captaincy to someone else, so we have an option in the future, someone young and aggressive n wants to win bad.
  13. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    This kid looks good, very good action, n generates pace n bounce, looks a natural.
  14. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    http://www.cricket.com.au/news/billy-stanlake-injured-infected-toe-queensland-bulls-jlt-one-day-cup-setback/2017-09-25 Back injury n then toe injury
  15. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Good, I was feeling bad otherwise, I do have news, yes he was injured with a toe injury
  16. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    That was just a joke, I have seen him bowl I u19 level, think he was injured or something, m not sure will keep track
  17. The defining factor of a t20 batter is S/R n a great T20 batter is the one who can maintain a good average as well to go with it, Gavaskar doesn't get the modern game and maybe he is dis interested or bias coz Rahane is a Marathi. Rahane should not even be in the ODI squad let alone t20, this format requires players who r dynamic,tattoo n image has nothing to do with performance the numbers don't lie and Rahanes combination of ave and s/r is very poor and is surprising he is still in the team or squad.
  18. Talent watch

    The audaciousness of his stroke play at 17 against world class bowling, I haven't see that from anyone in my life before this, n I have seen quite a lot of Sachin, n Kambli, from n after Sharda ashram days, Kambli was weak against short pitched n fast bowling also his stance was wxplosing his leg stump, once bowlers sorted him out he couldn't get past those things , yes Aravinda, Miandad those kind of scrappers, even Shaw looked fantastic with his technique, game, strokes and overall batting.
  19. Talent watch

    Have u read somewhere regards to his bowling, it's a captains prerogative to bowl him, n I don't think he has given up,at this young age when he can boss the game n make guys like Gayle look his equal says a lot about his talent, his hand eye coordination n game style shows he will be a run maker, regardless of the format, I have seen Virat, Sachin ,Kambli all from their u19 days and this guy look better then them so it says alot.
  20. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Pakistan no doubt among Asian countries had the best attack, also during that time Imran, Akram, Waqar, M Akram, Zahid, Aaquib, Saleem Jaffer, they had a steady stream of pCers who could bowl fast, now surprisingly they have gone downhill, it's like tables have turned, we have Fast bowlers now who can bowl with menace n have skills n they have medium pacers like Hasan Ali, Sohail, haven't seen any exciting fast bowling talent coming from Pakistan in a long time , there were some bowlers like M Irfan, Wahab but turned out to be damp squib.
  21. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Yes Indian pace bowling has crossed a plateau from a mediocre unit with medium pacers to an agressive unit of fast bowlers who are skillful as well and believe in thier abilities and can take 20 wkts in a game.
  22. Talent watch

    Yes I have heard about Kapil not wanting a fast bowler in the team, dunno how true, Sarfaraz has been coached and playing cricket at a very young age, fitness issues n attitude talks seem media created, he is a committed cricketer, also his IPL teammates have vouched for his commitment and talent, he is much fitter n leaner now, think he might be India's best batter in days to come, same with Shaw.
  23. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Billy had gone to swim at the Lake n they could not find him ever since, reports are that area was rife with alligators in Perth, wollaballoo region of west Australia.
  24. Cheteswar Pujara's overseas form

    That will work for us as Shami, Bhuvi, Umesh can out owl the Saffers, even Pandya, we have a recent history of beating good teams on a spicy deck.
  25. Talent watch

    Two batters I am super impressed with Prithvi Shaw, Sarfaraz Khan, these guys should be playing in A teams, Prithvi looks very talented and has scored big, has skills n can survive at higher levels ,worth investing, Sarfaraz for me is ready and should be in team for ODI n t20 ahead of guys like Rahane easily.

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