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  1. Seen taller bowlers not do it mostly, but as long as its a stable locked position then he can generate pace but looses a bit of bounce as bowls fuller n not a shorter length.
  2. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    On a serious note, right from the run up, to athleticism, the mechanics of Knalil n Brett lee is quite similar, yeah the obvious diff is being mirror images, Khalil is not oike most left handers like Zaheer who have a more or complete side on action but is more balanced n easy on his body, he has quick arm n also good action, plus he is athletic, as soon as he starts moving the ball consistently shoulx be ready for next level.
  3. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    U r right, Brett lee is a left armer.
  4. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    That was a masterstroke by Saurav, for large oart of his career, Dravid wasnt a good odi player, s/r n rotation was a big issue, with his keeping n he was decent it made up for us not having all rounders n Sehwag was a pretty decent off spinner so made our team dynamic
  5. Its too late some bowlers like him n Ishant dont learn or find what works for them, atleast Ishant doesnt give too many runs in tests, Shami used to give a lot of runs away, he wouldve done well to copy Waqar as he was on shorter side n had simikar characteristics but kept bowling too short or full or down leg.
  6. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Starc is a bit more slingy n Khalil aint that much, also he has a very sorted runup n action n is similar to Brett lee but is a keft armer version of him.
  7. Agree with RKT was extremely cold n snowing in the back ground, speed guns were usually off by 4 to 5 ks as usual as im told in Domestics the lowest reading is taken, also was not a very important game and low scores made it tougher on bowlers, Khalil looked quick and Umesh seemed to be in better rhythm, Shami needs to bowl more n work on his runup n knees, haventbseen Thampi bowl, Kaul is a waste of space. A serious trundle wouldve preferred someone else , how was Saini?
  8. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Mayank is a proper bat, test matches woukd be fine for him to be included, In ODI i would preferDhoni to be kept out, Jadhav, Rahul to keep as they cannot be worse then Dhoni, even Pant coukd be an option, if Rahane can be included in the squad more oftern then why not Mayank.
  9. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    We have to spots wasted in tests n should benopened Dhawan n Rohit who dont merit n deserve based on poor performance for entire career, so where is the question of jumping Que, lol ,is Mayank waiting to go to Sulabh Sauchalay? ODI also has wasted spots on Rahane , Dhoni. T20 is worse we see guys who cannot bat over 100 S/R, K L Rahul, Mayank deserve a spot n not Rahane innODI, t20, Dhawan in test n t20, Kartik what has he done tbrough a long career n chances ,zilch, Raina is he the answer, his brain shuts down when he sees a fast bowler, any good team banks on experience n youth n not use experience as handicap to hold back promising n desering players, we r seeing expired products like Dhoni, Raina, Rahane in shirter format, Dhawan hanging on .
  10. what selectors n captains n coaches in india fail to understand is we need a very competetive boling pool not just one or two bowlers n not to waste time n energy in whetting mediocre n poor bowlers like Shardul n Unadkunt, Shami has been up n down ,Bhuvi is good but not as versatile, we need to bring in Saini, Khalil, Aniket, Ankit, Umesh, Aaron, n make fast bowlers compete n hu t in pairs n also this way if a bowler has poor form or not unfit we have a good replacment like Australia has, its time Aaron ,Saini, Ankit, Aniket, Sangwan, L Yadav, Khalil, Khejroliya come into the picture. Also with a stronger pool n competetion for places bowlers will try harder n bowl with intensity, same goes with batsmen, most our problems starts n ends with selections, squad n playing 11 selections r keeping us from becoming a force.
  11. ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    Mustafiz was a one trick pony, his cutters bowled at 130 k n being a left hander worked for a while, now with injuries n batsmen being aware of his strengths since he doesnt have pace or much bounce or swing, he is found out, also being weak n over stretching himself trying to be fast medium effected his body, Unadkunt is a poor copy of mediocre Mustafiz who is decent for a minnow unit but not a great bowler by any means.
  12. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    27 is not old but given time soent in donestics n him starting young at u19 level he has good exposure along with IPL n could be a ready product, outta names you are discussing, Dhawan is not an option in Tests also Vijay is not gonna be ther for long, give him a go as an opener or below that and he deserves it mot to be in that stupid que for next two years n waste away.
  13. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Some posters here r ridiculous, this kid has a proper technique is organised, plays all around ,moves forward well, back n across, drives, cut, back, front foot, also is a maverick plays some Laxmanesque shots, for me he could be a great find.
  14. Guess what cricket in Chinese called?

    I know what kabaddi is called in China , Bhos rei ke.
  15. Pathetic bunch these selectors n Srikant was equally worse, where is Jalaj Saxena who has topped charts in last few years both in batting n bowling, Varun Aaron, selectors like our politicians have failed the public throughout history and are sad, dumb, idiots.
  16. The last time pakistan was a good cricket team...

    To be honest Pakistan cricket n team doesnt interest me one bit since kast decade or more, i dont see any semi decent batsmen in their team n even lack bowling class now , ateast duri g Imran Khan n Waseem Akrams time there was some bowling talent n some decent batters like Anwar, Youhana later on now the team is sadly down in the dumps, looks lkke only T20 is one format now where they can offer a one of surprise, this is bad n nappening to too many teams , WI same thing, SA reverse aparthied n politics pulling team down, Bongs lack serious talent , Afghan has potential but are far away, so we r left with Eng, Aus, India, NZ thats it n SA for now but not too long. Pakistans domestic cricket needs overhaul n cricket given priority, also not playing any Cricket in Pakistan is a problem . SL are a few notches below but do have some talent coming thru, the ICC n their clamping down on chuckers is hurting them a bit as well as in current age Murali, Dharamsena, Hafeez kinda bowlers wouldnt have had a long career as they did in past.
  17. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    The chest thumping super minnows Bongs fresh after their victory against fellow minnows n Sri Lankas after their heroic defeat of Bongs will be feeling like world beaters n try to come down hard on India, overall good but lack seriously in pace dept, Unadkunt cummon really n equally mediocre Shredul , why wasnt Saini, Khalil given a chance instead ?
  18. Lucky Kartik n Unlucky Vijay wife looks like a hag n somewhere i read their marriage was over before the affair started but cant say for sure, but she might be having some cool moves to fool Vijay ,lol.
  19. Looks like Virat n G Pollock are holding Sunnys Do$#!
  20. Irfan pathan Recent interview. What a sympathy seeker

    Take of your communally tainted glasses OP, Irfan has won a few games n was a decent bat n bowler, his problem stemmed from allrounder tag n injuries n was too eagee to learn n took too much advice n some miss guidance n lost his bowling rhythm n pace.I have not seen him being controversial n he was loved by his team mates , about this article i dont know is it possible yes but cant be sure, i wish he had someone like Ganguly as captain n he wouldve blossomed.
  21. Yes he used to bowl too full n his pace wasnt that much, but was a looker n had a old school left armer action.
  22. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    He has potential but no way close to international class even if raw, yes he is tall, has a decent action n runup, but to me way behind Khalil ,Saini, needs to bo thru Grind, bakn a bit more pace as 132 to 138 k max wont cut it, also has good seam but havent seen him move the ball.
  23. These days every place u see , u will notice a fast medium bowler with potential, saw one Mohsin Khan for U.P, tall n left armer, bowled around 135 k n looked a bit like Brendan Julian action wise.
  24. The last time pakistan was a good cricket team...

    Pakistan team had issues which were too many captains in their team at same time, team unity, dropped catches n very bad fielding n absolutely pathetic running between the wkts so they under achieved also lack of good coaches , n idiots like Miandad n A Javed became coaches. Fact is Pakistan are bug time under achievers who shone once in a blue moon n just puuled themseleves sometimes against India, they were far skillfull then us the. In fast bowling , spin n even had good allrounders.
  25. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Its like 9.99 per month ,mine is on auto payment, you can replay games as well , package is standard.

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