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  1. Talent watch

    It's not about nurturing, it's nous, some guys have it, take Kapil he had no one to guide, no pace bowler with him to form an attack, mindset was poor regards to pacers but he succeeded. When Srinath arrived he had Mrf, Lilee, T Shekhar, Kapil, so there was some guidance n nurturing, it was just his mental limitations n belief which held him back.
  2. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Things I like about him, his attitude, has confidence and fast bowlers attitude, is flexible and has hyper extension in his bowling arm, has a good action n looks athletic, will certainly grow few inches taller, I see him as good potential, promising, same as Khalil Ahmed, Avesh.
  3. Talent watch

    This is where I have high hopes from Shami, Bhuvi as they have matured in a shorter time n have the skills and even pace to trouble the best. Even Umesh has matured quicker then Srinath, but the Srinath was ground to dust under Sachins captaincy who made a strike Bowler bowl overs like a stock bowler, also since we did not have too many options n selectors did not wanna look at other promising pacers like Zaidi n S Bagal but loved useless Trundlers like Mhambrey, Ganesh who were n embarrassment.
  4. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    I have read points book and he was ahead of his time, same thing with Lilee who after surgery got into biomechanical and science side of the art. Most important for bowlers to have a strong coreand alignment at the crease, bowling actions n dynamics are different so depends upon this things as well. Flexibility, core strength, not too much muscles as body must be flexible to a degree , swimming, running, bowling from different crease lengths, squats, chopping wood kinda motion are things I have understood and have heard from others.
  5. Talent watch

    Yes there r reports Srinath touched 156 I think in SAfrica, wish there were speed guns in those days n he would've been more confident in his abilities and could've been better, Srinath lacked a bit on the mental side, he had everything but kept bowling very short for 60% of his career
  6. By this I am saying even when u lower the bar to lowest possible then too Rahane is a poor choice for T20 player where just strike rotation won't do, but u need to score on Ave 180 to 200 in 20 overs and that requires a S/R around 150 or above
  7. Talent watch

    Yeah, most times Bond would crank it up around 140 to 150 , so his Ave pace was high
  8. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    Can he do it, yes he can, but will he be able to replicate beastly Johnson not sure, let's see, will be interesting, but Aussies need to get some BATSMEN first.
  9. Selections should not be made on emotions but logic, t20 requires players to have s/r above 100 or close to it, Rahane struggles to maintain 80 so is poor, so is Dhoni, Dhawan for T20, time to blood new guys, Hooda, Pant n other guys.
  10. Talent watch

    Point noted but I have seen him bowl and remember the pace was uncomfortable for the best BATSMEN in the world at that time , Edwards n Sami were similar had pace but were limited .
  11. Talent watch

    Bias does exist and that will slowly disappear as we have more quicks bowling for India, current Indian attack of Shami, Umesh, Ishant, can compare among the fastest attacks in the world all able to cross 145 n at their best 150 kph.
  12. Talent watch

    I love to watch pace, n sports knows no boundaries, loved watching Shane Bond as well who was quick but just short of express, Aaron to me is probably the fastest bolwer we have, quicker then Umesh , at his peak Srinath was somewhere in that pace range as Aaron is, I've seen him bowl 153 or 154 kph delivery in domestics n that compares to fastest recorded speed i think of Srinath around 155 if m right.
  13. Talent watch

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/wisdenalmanack/content/story/151367.html This was during that series n what Hooper said, also Lara in one of the interviews had mentioned ,I'll try to find
  14. Talent watch

    Every spell he bowled to every batter, one thing u notice was the commentator speaking about his pace, also see batters like Lara, Dravid, Sachin jumping around or being late.
  15. Talent watch

    I have seen his spell where he made Lara jump n hop around, n during that time he was said to be as quick as Akhtar, the way the ball travelled n bounced and the batters look completely ungainly, also Lara has talked about that spell. It's one to decipher, but Srinath was fast medium for half of his career after injury n fast before it, he was not express which is a rare thing, n certainly Umesh is not express as we all can agree on that, fast yes certainly.
  16. Talent watch

    Aaron is a investment selectors should've made, far better then S Thakur, Unadkat, Dinda, Dhawal not even in his league. He would be an ideal foil n competition for Umesh, slightly quicker with more seam movement and bounce, hope some how he is back into the squad.
  17. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    BK is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a hunter, a predator, slightly toned down version of Shwarznegger.
  18. Shardul Thakur : Your thoughts after his first game?

    S Thakur for me falls in a no man's land, doesn't have outright pace, or is a work horse.He is more of a 133 to 138 bowler on Ave , being on a shorter side, not having enough stamina, and our pace bowling has good stocks will go against him. I see Siraj, Thampi, Aniket, Sangwan, Avesh having more potential then him
  19. Talent watch

    One thing that we suffered largely because is Dhoni, and if he still was captain we would have had an attack of BK, PK ,Unadkunt. Let's hope Aaron comes into the picture soon enough as he has unfulfilled potential n should've been more successful then Umesh
  20. Talent watch

    One guy who I feel sorry for and could be better then Umesh was Aaron, he hasn't got selectors backng ,has pace , skills and could be India's fastest yet.
  21. Talent watch

    Tait had the ability n natural speed, I often look at speed a bowler bowls with his first delivery of the day, last spell, he could touch 150 at will,his problem was control ,pace wise I think he was as fast as Lee, Akhtar, one guy who could be express per reports is Patrick Patterson but those were days with no speed guns, but batters have vouched for his being express.
  22. Talent watch

    Aaron never played long enough, Umesh is fast but not in the express bracket, I think same about Srinath who was fast but not express. I would label a bowler express if he can bowl in test spells at 145 to 156 kph, more then a few times, only guys I count as express are Thommo, Lee, Akhtar, Tait, M Zahid could have been in that category probably.
  23. Talent watch

    It is surprising when people cannot see the difference in bending arm n Hyper extension which is arm bending past the straight position in the other direction, like Akhtars
  24. Dumbest new law in Cricket-Fake Fielding law

    Yes it seems stupid, have to look at it from batting teams perspective
  25. Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    Home > Fitness Testing > Tests > Aerobic Endurance > Yo-Yo Endurance Yo-Yo Endurance Test The Yo-Yo Endurance Test (continuous) is a variation of the beep test, part of the yo-yo test series developed by the Danish soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo. There are two versions of this test: Level 1 & 2 (a beginners and advanced level). The level one test is effectively the same as the standard beep test. The Level 2 test starts at a higher running speed and has different increments in speed (see Yo-Yo Endurance Test Levels). There is also an intermittent version of the Yo-Yo test, which incorporates a recovery period after each 40m (2x20m) run. purpose: The test evaluates an individual's aerobic endurance fitness. equipment required: Flat, non-slip surface, marking cones, measuring tape, pre-recorded audio cd or mp3 (buy or use the Team BeepTest software), cd player, recording sheets. procedure: Use cones to mark out two lines 20 meters apart as per the diagram. The subjects start with their foot behind one of the lines, and begin running when instructed. They continue running between the two lines, turning when signaled by the recorded beeps. After each minute or so, the pace gets quicker. If the line is not reached in time the subject must run to the line turn and try to catch up with the pace within 2 more ‘beeps’. The test is stopped if the subject fails to catch up with the pace within the two ends. variations: There are two versions of this test: Level 1 & 2. The level one test is effectively the same as the standard beep test. The Level 2 test starts at a higher running speed and has different increments in speed. See Yo-Yo Endurance Test levels. See also about Beep Test variations. scoring: The athlete's score is the total distance covered before they were unable to keep up with the recording. The Yo-Yo intermittent test usually takes between 6-20 minutes for level 1 and between 2-10 minutes for level 2. See some Yo Yo Test Results. target population: This test is suitable for sports teams and school groups, but not for populations in which a maximal exercise test would be contraindicated. It is commonly performed by soccer players. reliability: Reliability would depend on how strictly the test is run, and the previous practice allowed for the subjects. advantages: Large groups can perform this test all at once for minimal costs. disadvantages: Practice and motivation levels can influence the score attained, and the scoring of when a person is out of the test can be subjective. As the test is usually conducted outside, the environmental conditions can also affect the results. The test cd must be purchased. other considerations: This test is a maximal test, which requires a reasonable level of fitness. It is not recommended for recreational athletes or people with health problems, injuries or low fitness levels. You may not have power where you want to conduct this test. If so, you need to ensure that the batteries of the audio player are fully charged. comments: This test was developed by the Danish soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo and his colleagues. references: Original description of the test: Fitness Training in Football, a scientific approach - by Jens Bangsbo, publisher August Krogh Institute - Copenhagen University (December 1994). Krustrup, P., Mohr, M., Amstrup, T., Rysgaard, T., Johansen, J., Steensberg, A., Redersen, P, K., Bangsbo, J. (2003) The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test: Physiological Response, Reliability, and Validity. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 35(4), 697-705. This study found that the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test "had a high reproducibility and sensitivity, allowing for detailed analysis of the physical capacity of athletes in intermittent sports. Specifically, the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test was a valid measure of fitness performance in soccer. During the test, the aerobic loading approached maximal values, and the anaerobic energy system was highly taxed. Additionally, the study suggests that fatigue during intense intermittent short-term exercise was unrelated to muscle CP, lactate, pH, and glycogen." Krustrup P, Mohr M, Nybo L, Jensen JM, Nielsen JJ, Bangsbo J. (2006) The Yo-Yo IR2 test: physiological response, reliability, and application to elite soccer. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Sep;38(9):1666-73. This study concluded that the "Yo-Yo IR2 test is reproducible and can be used to evaluate an athlete's ability to perform intense intermittent exercise with a high rate of aerobic and anaerobic energy turnover. Specifically, the Yo-Yo IR2 test was shown to be a sensitive tool to differentiate between intermittent exercise performance of soccer players in different seasonal periods and at different competitive levels and playing positions." Share: Facebook Twitter Google+ Related Pages Beep Test Software — provides the standard beep test and yoyo tests right on your PC or Laptop, with many additional features. A table of the distance covered for each speed level for Stage/Level 2 of the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test. Some Yo-Yo Test Results and Yo-Yo test norms buying the yo-yo test See a video example of this test being performed. The complete guide to the beep test for links to more information. The JAM test, another 'beep' type test with variable intensities based on the sport of Rugby follow Topend Sports More Fitness Testing Index Categories Test List Specific Groups Test Results Test Records Testing Resources Images Calculators Products Help PAGES home search sitemap SOCIAL newsletter facebook twitter google+ SECURITY privacy disclaimer copyright SHOPPING store payment shipping returns & refunds ABOUT contact author info advertising ©1997-2017 Topend Sports Network CITE THIS PAGE: Author: Robert Wood, First Published: 2008, Page Title: Yo-Yo Endurance Test, Website Name: Topend Sports, Access Date (today): Tue Oct 03 2017 02:44:21 GMT-0700 (PDT), Webpage URL: http://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/yo-yo-endurance.htm How to Cite

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