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  1. What Dhoni can learn from McCullum

    Dhoni is a stubborn , egomaniac , if he had to learn he would in first two years as captain, he just knows to play one way , n even if it is not the right way in that conditions he doesn't care, he is 34 I believe by the time he is finally gone he will be hated as mush as R Shastri who has lost us quite a few games n Dhoni has too lol look at last three years
  2. BCCI is not a sporting body, which is accountable, or there is any planning, long term goals , as long as money keeps coming, just see the pattern of team selections n decisions by BCCI n selectors n coach n u see them as blind or stupid is not a corporate environment , how can u logically explain a captain who has lost everything for last three years, has no accountability, blames selectors, players but himself, how can he still be in the team.Dhoni is a politician and so is BCCI as political body, m pretty sure after he is done on earning every ruppee Dhoni will join a political party or something similar, also he has Anurag Thakurs support n we can only guess this cancer won't go away,we fans don't deserve this, rooting for our team, expecting them to have long-term plans ,look at our weaknesses , build on our strengths, Dhoni has not nurtured any Bowler or played or contributed to the teams growth, though he had all the power hedid not care, a Ganguly ,Pataudi, Virat kinda captains who R proactive n have pride for the team n game can make the difference n Dhoni never did Would a Sprint club still have Ben Johnson, or a sprinter who is past his prime in the team or captain, would a basket ball player who cannot play now n won championship three years back still be in the team?
  3. The pattern is clear we loose under Dhoni n in the same tour evena defeated team under Virat wins test for India, so what is the big difference, it is captaincy, morale is down n jaded team n a captain who tries hard to further damage team by insulting his own players constantly
  4. It's not one game but 3 years gotta be blind to not see the writing on the wall, this guy is a lucky ,idiot
  5. The team was a proper Board Presidents team, I Pandey, Milind n other guys in the periphery of selection, under Dhobi n Saddeep Patil the idiots we won't see , K Yadav, Sanju Samson, Mayank, Mandeep, Chama Milind play
  6. lol, yes I had a chuckle about that one, i can bet even U19 bowlers bowl 20 K faster then him lol
  7. Phew, m gonna give up n stop watching the game until the cancer Dhobi is out, what a joke, his buddies, him,n then he talks about no experienced players n no bowlers, the idiot has youngsters waiting for a year or more until he is forced to choose them, will they fall from trees, I think Dhoni will be a politician n after Drink gone he has played some cards, n there is nepotism n has been for three years why is he a captain or still in the team. The India U19 team beat India Board president 11 side with India players, so somewhere something is wrong where we don't groom, nurture good talent n back hacks like Unadkunt, Vinnie, Jadeja, B Kumar n ignore Suyals, Aniket, Jadhav n other talented players
  8. Dhobi is such an idiot he doesn't know the basics of placing fielders in end overs n when the bowlers bowling full or yorkersu need to place fielders for that length
  9. 2nd ODI: Australia v India at Brisbane Jan 15, 2016

    Very disappointing but then what can u expect from Dhobi, again two spinners, cannot bat, selectors R pussies also Sran becomes a trundler in second spell n has V prasad slow ball syndrome, he is bowling slow , should be around 138- -145. Aaron should be on tour, our lineup should be Ishant, Umesh , Aaron, Sran/Pandya, Gurkeerat, Dhobi, Rohit, Jadhav, Rahane, Kohli,Pandey, D Hooda But on flip side maybe we whitewash n selectors finally get rid of this Dhobi cancer as that's the kind of detrimental effect hehas on the team, stubborn Mofu
  10. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    Quite simply Dhobi is a retard n too stupid also arrogant to change after his mistakes, keeps repeating them n hopes for a different outcome, when have ever spinners been successful in Perth?, Unless u R a Chandra or a freak, he just doesn't get it nor do our selectors who look at his past in a flawed way n think he ever did well in test as captain n also Odis away, he is just plain stupid n arrogant
  11. Sran bowled slowly compared to what he can he is in the same pace bracket as Shami, also is taller n gets more bounce then Zak,He lacks stamina n fitness n runs out of gas quickly so , he should not play in test yet, focus on stamina n he has sufficient skills, according to me he is similar to Zak, but has a better easier action.If this Ikid can bowl 138 to 146 K n keep fit he will have better stats then Zak as Zak matured quite late, Aniket Choudhury should be looked at as a left arm test bowler as is fitter , can bowl longer spells, is taller, more experienced n can do better in test. Suyal is slightly more experienced n faster also should be in the scheme for ODi, T20 also should move from Delhi, GG is wasting Delhi's best Bowler, n India material
  12. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    What a retard, with Srini gone n now that people can look logically behind the hype n facade of Dhoni a champion ODi captain n player mostly at home n useless test captain, worst ever , worst nurturer of talent, biased,a pawn to mama, also a worst motivator.He is absolutely wrong this present gen is the best ever, the players have learned to bat abroad more quickly n more effectively then previous gen, this is the best lot of fast bowlers we ever had , best fielders we ever had, what a looser. I challenge him to quit game n hand over captaincy from a looser to afigher like Kohli n see the results we have seen the last year loosing ODi n then Virat winning the test.He knows in his heart that his luck has run out also h never ever had the ability to bat like a proper batsmen n now he also lost his stroke play so useless. Rahane , Virat, Pujara comparatively have matured faster n have performed better then the past gen, Same with the present lot of bowlers Ashwin , Shami, now with Ishant bowling well we have a good attack, but he never built a pool or bench n kept on repeating mistakes what n idiot,proves the old adage, idiot, embaressing his team mates,hack who was lucky , worse ever test captain, worst motivator of men, n an idiot
  13. When will we get rid of this malignant cancer, Dhobi from team India, shameless, ignorant , idiot
  14. With Guys like Dhobi, Gambhirs n S Patil what hope does a promising pacer have , none!?!
  15. No we need guys who have been thru the PROCESS, winning loosing does not matter but process does, BK if he cannot bowl decently in OZ should be shelved for good until he shows that he has it
  16. Dhoni's struggle as Twenty20 batsman

    The writing is on the wall n has been for 3 years Dhoni is done washed out, do the selector have guts , no!he bats like a galli cricketer now,
  17. Rishi Dhawan will never be an all rounder for India and can only be bits n pieces as his bowling is trundling, Hardik, Irfan, S Mundhe R the only options currently .Selectors have to look at Irfan n not be biased or afraid as he is performing great, n only thing that should count is form n not being injured before held against him or any player, if he is fit bowling around 130s then why not as he can change the dimension of the team also has very good technique against fast bowlers n can serve us in tests n Pandya need to be groomed in T20 n ODI gradually
  18. Chris Gayle reprimanded - issues apology to Mel

    Two things, Gayle things n behaves he is God's gift to every women n alsoacts like he is a pimp n has a harem, deplorable, if u seen his tweets ull see he is a low character guy n he doesn't need to behave like that n maybe that works in Jamaica n if this lady is married he should be sued n punished for this. Secondly if this was coming from a white guy n not a black guy this would have been swept aside, the reactions are also over the top as it is a racist mindset generally in OZ. Thirdly I am Chapple is crazy n getting to where is brother is or was a complete but who tried hard to destroy Indian cricket n yes it was a racist agenda
  19. Nathu Singh - Rajasthan fast bowler

    Let's hope he is nurtured n not lost like many others, for our pacers to grow we need good selectors at all level plus a good captain , bowlers like Pankaj, Salil Ankola, Razdan, Abhey Kuruvilla all victims of our stupid selectors not identifying or nurturing or playing them when they were old or after injury, key is to identify early , give them a taste of big league early on then let them develop
  20. Amla steps down as South Africa captain

    Some guys out here R pathetic n communal, wonder what kinda home they have been raised , to call names , just bcoz someone has a beard, guy was honest n did not hang on for power or money like our Capt did, the day u wake up in the morning n look in the mirror n feel someone can do a better job its time to quit n he did
  21. Proper bowler management missing: Umesh Yadav

    Umesh is a natural talent, good to see he has the right frame of mind or any other Bowler would have been destroyed by Dhoni until now, he will prosper under Virat only problem now is ODI, n playing under Dhobi, he can be an impact Bowler for us and swinging the ball at pace either of the wicket or in air is difficult to face for any batsmen, Shami, Umesh, Aaron and a left armer could make up a good attack with Ashwin being world class
  22. lol, hate spell ccheck n typing on Google Nexus tab
  23. I have lost interest in cricket for the first time in my life due to Dhobi, he will maintain his loosers record, select his pals n play defensive trundlers, also SA series win was good but pitches were sad n not fun to watch It's time Dhawan n Rohit if he isn't performing dropped n young guys given a chance, Pandya, Pathan, Pandey n other players like Gurkeerat should be in ODI squad
  24. We have a decent allrounder in S Mundhe, plays for Maharashtra, bats decently, n has some skills bowling wise, has won games with bat n ball, also can move the ball well at around 130 S , has a good action Welcome GuestSign In |Register Live Scores Series Countries News Features Videos Blogs Photos Stats India / Players / Shrikant Mundhe Home|News|Features|Photos|Videos|Fixtures|Results|Competitions |IPL |CLT20 |Players|Grounds|Records Quick LinksBatting & fielding averages Bowling averages Career statistics News and Features Photos Most viewed playersIndia Ravichandran Ashwin Virat Kohli Ajinkya Rahane Barinder Sran Yuvraj Singh Ravindra Jadeja MS Dhoni Sachin Tendulkar Shikhar Dhawan Rohit Sharma Player index by typeIndia Test caps One-Day International caps Twenty20 International caps Player index by letterIndia ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Shrikant Mundhe IndiaFull name Shrikant Shrihari Mundhe Born October 27, 1988, Nanded Current age 27 years 69 days Major teams India Red, Maharashtra, Pune Warriors Playing role Allrounder Batting style Right-hand bat Bowling style Right-arm medium Batting and fielding averages MatInnsNORunsHSAveBFSR100504s6sCtStFirst-class48628148110427.42289051.242616719200List A2925740672*22.5552976.740231870Twenty20231841474210.50127115.740010490Bowling averages MatInnsBallsRunsWktsBBIBBMAveEconSR4w5w10First-class4881880844361466/388/14430.383.0260.3840List A292913531272435/185/1829.585.6431.4310Twenty202323438588253/223/2223.528.0517.5000Career statisticsFirst-class debutTamil Nadu v Maharashtra at Chennai, Nov 3-6, 2007 scorecardLast First-classMaharashtra v Karnataka at Pune, Dec 1-4, 2015 scorecardList A debutGujarat v Maharashtra at Mumbai (BS), Feb 10, 2007 scorecardLast List AMaharashtra v Vidarbha at Delhi, Dec 18, 2015 scorecardTwenty20 debutGujarat v Maharashtra at Mumbai, Apr 3, 2007 scorecardLast Twenty20Odisha v Maharashtra at Cuttack, Jan 4, 2016 scorecardRecent matchesBat & BowlTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard0/39, 3*Maharashtrav OdishaCuttack4 Jan 2016T2011, 2/19Maharashtrav ServicesCuttack3 Jan 2016T203, 0/29Maharashtrav U. PradeshCuttack2 Jan 2016T206, 1/38Maharashtrav VidarbhaDelhi18 Dec 2015LA17, 0/18Maharashtrav DelhiDelhi17 Dec 2015LA0, 0/42Maharashtrav BarodaDelhi15 Dec 2015LA1, 1/39Maharashtrav AndhraDelhi14 Dec 2015LA50, 4/35Maharashtrav OdishaDelhi11 Dec 2015LA1, 3/54, 81, 1/54Maharashtrav KarnatakaPune1 Dec 2015FC4/67, 16, 2/33Maharashtrav AssamPune23 Nov 2015FCLatest ArticlesVidarbha win low-scorer, Bhatt six-for sinks Andhra (Dec 11, 2015)Rajasthan clinch two-wicket win in 230 chase (Dec 3, 2015)Another 16-wicket day in Jaipur; Goswami, Dinda rattle Assam (Dec 2, 2015)Andhra hope to pull a Maharashtra on Maharashtra (Feb 15, 2015)Mundhe's sparkling ton sees out draw (Jan 24, 2015)Shrikant Mundhe news and articles »Latest PhotosJan 24, 2015 Shrikant Mundhe raises a second first-class ton © ESPNcricinfo Ltd Jan 31, 2014 Shrikant Mundhe celebrates a wicket © ESPNcricinfo Ltd Nov 18, 2012 Shrikant Mundhe raises his bat after scoring a half-century © K Sivaraman Shrikant Mundhe cricket photos Country FixturesCountry ResultsGroup C: Baroda v Goa at Vadodara Jan 6, 2016 (09:00 local | 03:30 GMT) Group A: Bengal v Gujarat at Nagpur Jan 6, 2016 (09:00 local | 03:30 GMT) Group A: Haryana v Hyderabad at Nagpur Jan 6, 2016 (09:00 local | 03:30 GMT) Group B: Jharkhand v Punjab at Kochi Jan 6, 2016 (09:00 local | 03:30 GMT) Group C: Assam v Delhi at Vadodara Jan 6, 2016 (13:00 local | 07:30 GMT) Group B: J + K v Tripura at Kochi Jan 6, 2016 (13:00 local | 07:30 GMT) Group B: Kerala v Saurashtra at Kochi Jan 6, 2016 (13:00 local | 07:30 GMT) Group C: M. Pradesh v Railways at Vadodara Jan 6, 2016 (13:00 local | 07:30 GMT) Group A: Tamil Nadu v Vidarbha at Nagpur Jan 6, 2016 (13:00 local | 07:30 GMT) Complete fixtures » | Download Fixtures » LatestMost ViewedMost DiscussedNews | FeaturesMisbah 85 gives SNGPL slender leadManohar, Thakur in potential conflict situationsFor transparency and oversight, RTI and independent watchdogsSelection panel to be smaller, more empoweredLodha panel recommends forming players' association Sponsored LinksMaruti Suzuki Alto K10 Urbano Packed with exciting features and style Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory For those who keep the ball rolling Make Huge Income from your Home Join Us at XForex ™ And Learn How To Increase Your Monthly Income. Sitemap| Feedback| RSS| About Us| Careers| Privacy Policy| Terms of UseInterest Based Ads| Your California Privacy Rights| Children’s Online Privacy PolicyESPN ESPNF1 Espn Scrum Espnfc Footytips© ESPN Sports Media Ltd.

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