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  1. I was watching Rabada bowl closely and was surprised with his maturity, for one so young in age n experience he bowled differently to different batsmen n set them up n got wkts in a methodical way, Umesh can be compared to Rabada as they R both athletic n have easy pace, intact Umesh can be faster if he wants but Rabada looked threatening n not because of Perth because wkt is flat now but because of his bowling length n control with subtle movement, Rabada is one guy Umesh should try n look at an imitate as they are similar pace wise n physically .
  2. Phew what has the country come down to, I hope somehow the direction India is heading it is saved .
  3. Should Mohammed Asif Play for Pakistan Again?

    Aasif looks like a low level scum bag, repeat offender, already 33 officially n he could be 35 so don't see him coming back n making a good contribution, Butt being a captain even worse what he did, they both poached on the kid M Amir, n should be made an example of.
  4. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Vignesh well he is super thin n looks Malnourished, haven't seen him bowl yet, also K Yadav looks like a versatile cricketer has been batting well as well
  5. To me Anderson was not same class as Steyn n co, he was too dependent on conditions, and his pace is more like medium/ fast on about 132 to 135 K , also he has performed one of in unfavourable conditions but I don't think he is anything significant, England need to start looking at new kids with pace n skills, don't think they have a good pace attack for India n their spin is average as well, Ashwin n co will beat em black n blue
  6. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Amit Mishra is a decent pacer from U.P, has some potential, also had seen one called Hooda n one Jharkhand bowler who was decent n had potential
  7. Aane do Clouderson ko maar padegi
  8. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Warrier better prospect then Chawal n Kunt, who R pathetic
  9. Our captain is naive n so are some fans, they want ready made players, some players make the switch easily some take some time n some like Dhawal will never will, it is a selectors job to rope in talented players at the right time, first A tours then India squad the sooner they get enough experience the longer they will serve the team, an ideal teal requires youth n experience, age is not a barrier either ways ,why be biased too young or too old, it's how well you play the game that's all that matters. This is the reason a bowler like K Yadav should be playing for India, same for Sarfaraz, or Pankaj Singh on the flip side, Ishant ShRma couldn't learn in 10 years n Shami did so in 6 months, so it's a person's ability either ways, Pandya has it in him he will thrive n give our team good strength, our ODI team needs a major overhaul Guys like, Sarfaraz Pant, Manish, Mandeep, Mayank, Deepak Hooda, K Yadav, Chahal, Aniket, Nathu need to come in.
  10. Shoulder born fracture, wonder how that happened, normally you don't see that while bowling, did he dive or field, because bowling Injury is usually rotator cuff, elbow, not fracture in terms of shoulder injury
  11. Pandya inclusion becomes more crucial if India to play one pacer n three spinners n him being the seamer allrounder G Gambhir Vijay Pujara Virat Rahane Ashwin Saha Jadeja Pandya J Yadav/Mishra Shami Shami can reverse the ball n use the new ball as well, Pandya can give 5 good overs when ball is new n then we will know if he can reverse it
  12. Should Mohammed Asif Play for Pakistan Again?

    How old is Asif now, mid 30s?
  13. Unfair to compare Root with 'phenomenal' Kohli: Pietersen

    India under Kohli and Dhoni in test are two complete different teams, different levels, Kohli will into intimidate n make em nervous, he by his sheer presence, ability to play that inning to take his team to victory, the control, the calculativeness, the aggression, as if he is on auto pilot, Kohli to me is the greatest ODI player ever, n will go onto become the greatest batsmen of all time, even Sachin did not have the ability to close matches the way he does, to play chance less innings, to be the biggest factor in a teams win or loss , as heis
  14. K Brathwaite

    He puts me to sleep, strokeless wonder, defends a half volley, lol
  15. Rakesh Patel was crap, I saw him bowl couple of times, Praveen Amre comes to mind Vivek Razdan Salil Ankola Akash Chopra Abey Kuruvilla debuted when he lost his pace n was close to retirement Wasim Jaffer
  16. From what I have seen in Ishant Yadav M not impressed, doesn't have a rhythmic action or puts alot of shoulder or turns or bounces the ball, looks more like keeping the runs down kinda player then a test bowler, selectors need to make right call, K Yadav should've been picked instead of Mishra n one more batter needed in the squad
  17. Gary is being diplomatic n if you read fine print it says ignore at your own peril he might have one great tournament left in him, so we waste two years n he could perform moderately in one game or tourney
  18. For the literally n verbally challenged friends he has diplomatically stated that though he his done ignore him at your peril as there might be a last spurt from a dying flame, everyone can see that Dhoni is not even 20% of the player her is, his game was based on eye, n his reflexes have slowed down also his unorthodox game will not let him bat respectably and he looks like a very mediocre bat, he cannot even get bat to ball forget hitting or rotating strike, n is a liability
  19. Lol I cannot fathom n agree fully that despite seeing this club bowler people R asking for him, he is very very mediocre, what will a trundler bowling at 130 achieve in test, defeats cricket logic, Aaron Aniket, Nathu are ones to watch out for also Good to see Pandya as the two year period should give him enough time n experience n he should be ready at home n in Australia, SA n we could win a series there in my life time
  20. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Are you serious he has taken 5 wkts per match at a brilliant ave for a spinner, people have no idea about talent scouting, wetting, he is good to play n will be a Trump card against the poms
  21. See unless you R a die hard fan of his you can see his game is not even 20% of what it was, he is just grabbing at straws, even in this series even tnough he came at 4 his S/R without pressure was 70, how long will he hide, I won't give him more then a year, he will become another Ravi Shastri, n will booed n kicked out when he score 30 in 60 balls which is what he can only do now
  22. There is a huge market for Indian reality cricket show, where they hunt for talent, need someone to work on that, guys like Rehan n this guy Saurabh, Kamran Khan can benefit n we can enjoy looking at unknown talent
  23. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    I would def pick K Yadav, could be a Trump card for sure, but our selectors R dodo's, afraid, not brave, won't think outta box and forgot how to get em in young like most successful sides do, once u do that ur team becomes weak in long run
  24. Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Ganguly loves good pace bowlers n has a good eye for talent, remember him talking about Shami long before he debuted, also heard good things about Kulia but we gotta wait n see, but if Ganguly is involved in his selection then he should be Guys did you at ICF especially, RKT, Express, Vishal hear about a bowler from J&K called Surinder Singh Bagal, he was a left armer n has good Stats n remember Ganguly mentioning about his pace n for a short time he was called for India camp
  25. Once again living on the past doings of his team n not him, look at last three years, also he was given a shit test team n Virat turned it around, how can u trust a leader who blames his teammates, ridicules them, doesn't care enough to think about winning,simple logic we have two captain one is winning everything n one is loosing everything, one a loser one a winner, same set of players, it's not hatred but seeing the picture clearly, Dhoni benefitted from getting a wonderful team n then he tossed them out, he did not nurture or create a winning team

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