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  1. He should switch to left arm seam up
  2. Lankan umpires are cheaters, lbw was out n few good balls given as wires also the bouncer was edged to the keeper looks like. There is a stark contrast between the teams , even if India manage to loose, as Lankan batters are sloggers, Kelly is OK technically, rest are playing like tennis ball cricket
  3. By the time he retires, Ashwin might be greater cricketer India produced, if he finishes at 45 ave batting and his bowling is fantastic so he will have unmatched stats as well as match winning performances for India
  4. Yes, Kapil Dev thwarted the selection of Shekhar overhead in a few places as he was faster, it wasn't that we did not have any talent at all but othernfactors
  5. MCcricket

    Hey England, guess what ? Umesh-Shami Out played your seamers

    Yadav n Shami with a bit more focus n improvement could be lethal in SA, NZ or Australia , Eng. Shami Umesh Ishant Aaron Sran BK Pandya No a bad pool of bowlers to have
  6. His run up was very smooth n graceful, action natural n raw, pace was decent, we don't know how attacking capt were with his bowling and if they knew how to place fielders to a pacer then, Kapil Dev n Zaidi would have been a great combo.
  7. See a bowling coach see a bowling coach has to be more dynamic then a batting coach, it's more physical, science, and understanding of the art n conditions at highest level, n I would prefer an experienced but more multi dimensional coach , he has to get into the mental side of a bowler, analyse his action, conditions look at strength conditioning for a bowler many things n more complex then a batting coach
  8. He has skills with the new ball he gets outswing and also gets reverse with the old one, he doesn't bowl incoming delivery but with his wide angle its OK, also he can learn to use crease better, he gets bounce n bowls a heavy ball so yes he has skills. He needs to work on his fitness and rhythm n be more impressive in domestic 4 day games
  9. Coming from Vidharba and a guy from rural area, no age group cricket or A team at higher level or NCA , MRF academy training before he made it big or interactions with a good bowling coach. Essentially Umesh was a natural athlete with Sehwag like care free uncluttered mind and serious pace, the good thing is we have not lost him like we did Munaf n some others, he has matured a bit slowly but then Dhoni was his capt for large time so that retarded his progress. Now under Virat n Kumble n hopefully BCCI will employ some like Shane Bond, or Akhtar, he will get better, he has the pace n skills now he needs to take it to next level. Bowl per conditions n batsmen, ie current length for a wkt, if a batter likes to play front or back foot how to make him uncomfortable and how to plan him out. He has improved his accuracy n his bouncer now he needs to have a good coach to help him think n prepare like a fast bowler with his assets. He has not lost pace n intact is stronger now with better action n runup, he can touch 150 mark now and gets to 145 easily,a guy like M Pringle, Fannie, Bond, Akhtar could bring about that mental change,confidence, aggressiveness in his intent, make the batter uncomfortable.
  10. MCcricket

    India vs England Test Series Marks Out of 10

    Mishra to me is the worst at 1/10 Saha did not do that bad see the contrast with Pappu spilling like 8 to 10 catches n stumpings, so Pappu get 2/10 BK maybe 2/10
  11. What BCCI needs to do to get our youngsters becoming more mature n ready to play at next level especially pacers n spinners n also batters when they debut n travel abroad is hire full time batting ,fast bowling n spin bowling consultant. Rahul has been good for India A and he can also be given the responsibility to be India's batting consultant, look for talent, guide Ranji batters, hold camps and train and get the players to identify areas n weaknesses to work on also things to expect when they tour, monitor them Same with pacers Zak or Bond can do that, teach them skills, fitness requirements, lengths to bowl and identify, hold camps, share knowledge so we have a fast bowling culture and our bowlers don't have to learn on the job n take half their careers to learn how to bowl in conditions n fitness requirements n how to plan and get a batter out, construct an over. With spin bowling we have many past greats who can do the same, so we have bowlers who can also learn from. These consultants and during breaks our team India players can share their thoughts with the pool of players from Ranji. So we can have a culture of having players who are ready to step up, know the tricks of the trade, about touring, physical requirements, mental side of things, and players coming in will slowly get better .
  12. MCcricket

    India's ODI vs Test sides

    Despite being medium /f BK cannot keep up his pace n intensity after first spell, he starts at 132 to 138 range n then bowls at 128 to 132 range which is hardly penetrative , yes he can be good in NZ in winter but Aus I doubt, SA he can be a third seamer, I just don't see him as a test match bowler as such, maybe a third or 4 seamer in some conditions.I would pick Shami, Umesh, Ishant , over him n for me Pandya can be the third or 4 seamer, who can also move the ball but at pace.
  13. MCcricket

    Its Lonely at the top

    Where were we at when Dhoni ditched this team mid tour.
  14. MCcricket

    India's ODI vs Test sides

    BK can be an asset in NZ when we tour in the winter but his very limited pace takes quite a few options away from the captain. He can play one or two games in AUS and SA n NZ as most tracks even there won't seam or swing , like in AUS you get bounce, in NZ only at certain time of the year you get wkts ideal for him. In English conditions at certain times Headingly n one or two more venues maybe SA has two venues where you get some seam, but then Steyn doing that at 140 n Bhuvi at 130 is a huge diff, with less pace offcourse you will get more accuracy. You were talking about N Saini a taller n quicker version of BK? Would you consider Ankit Rajpoot ?
  15. It's not that he is too far from selectors tboughts as in India selectors often pick a player from being good in one format to play in other. I think he has to have a good Ranji season like get a match winning tally 8 or more in a game n have a successful domestic season to get into the limelight also he had some fitness issues n now has to tune his game n mind to the longer format n he can be good as he has potential.
  16. We are talking about all conditions squad that we can take to SA, AUS, England, NZ and Ash, K Yadav would be two too many for those places
  17. MCcricket

    India's ODI vs Test sides

    Where would you place S Sharma, D Chahar, S Kaul as compared to BK pace n skill wise as they all can move the ball, but Kaul , Chahar now has better pace n Sharma to is quicker n gets banana swing and can seam as well, whereas BK is good control and subtle movement of the wkt more then in air.
  18. To me we will dominate under Kohli at home as we have the most versatile team now,spinners who are all rounders, two fast bowlers n one with world class skills n other who is showing improvement with captains confidence, good batters n decent backup with keeper who can bat. Can Virat with Selectors help can take this team to the next lvl, that is winning n being competitive abroad, selectors now need to look at our three tours away next.For me Rahul Mukund Vijay Pujara Virat Rahane are serious world class batting unit who can score anywhere Pandey/Nair Saha also can score away as he is good square of the wkt n has guys Pandya an excellent 140 k bowling allrounder who can score quick 50 Ashwin a genuine allrounder K Yadav a very good option with being a Chinaman Bowler n can bat Sangwan a left arm pacer n can bat Shami Umesh Aaron Ishant This core group can be competitive n win us games in Australia, Eng, SA.
  19. MCcricket

    India's ODI vs Test sides

    Don't you rate Aniket and especially Sangwan as he has the tools , can bowl good yorkers, swing at pace n is a decent bat as well, so a good package being a left armers, and good fitness as well as fielding
  20. MCcricket

    Ashwin and Jadeja World no 1&2 Bowlers

    Ashwin has been a wizard n has given a spin masterclasses to English batters and audience, but surprised to see Jadeja improve n change his bowling style a bit now, kudos to them, only waiting for them to do this away from home and they can in Sydney or Eng, SA on a one off pitch in a series and if we tour those places at the right time weather wise n see them improve n get some match winning performances away as well, if Swann could do it surely Ashwin n Jadeja can manage it once in a while n other time provinidng effective support to seamers, especially with DRs coming to play.
  21. Bumrah has been good in ODIs n not been very good in domestic Ranji tourney ,one good season he needs, to show his fitness n his range , but yes he has the tools to succeed , because he can hurry the batsmen and can move the ball n is accurate plus bowls the heavy ball. One bowler I am impressed with is Sangwan who is a left armer and bowls similar pace as Zak did when he made debut around 138 to 145 k , also bowls heavy ball n can seam the ball, also has good batting skills n could be a backup for Pandya as a bowling allrounder. Aniket Choudhury who has done the hard yards and been among top wkt takers is one good prospect, very tall with a good high action n gets pace n bounce plus is aggressive , also a left armer. Ankit Rajpoot has topped with taking charts last two years as well except for this year, is very promising using as he has natural gifts as good pace, tall bowler and can extract seam n swing also generally a good channel bowler, he can be out Mgrath, Asif kinda bowler.
  22. MCcricket

    India's ODI vs Test sides

    ODI team needs a new outlook, youngsters , and a new captain certainly as team has been stagnating, poor n out of ideas for last 3 years atleast also captain is clueless n stubborn I would have Rohit as Capt if not Virat for a backup Rahul Nair Pandey Kohli Pant Pandya Ashwin Jadeja Shami Bumrah Sangwan Nathu Aaron K Yadav Hooda Jadhav Sarfaraz Form the squad n core group
  23. Drs is generally good but why limit reviews to 2 n make the decision making process a tactical one then making right decisions all the time, why did umpire use referral twice on England's behalf n insistence n went out of the abiding laws n they had saved one review n other time did not have any? What if the decision coming down to umpires call, then why should those decisions also use up your review also what if umpiring is very bad and team has used their two reviews on umpires call judgement and then on field umpire makes serious bounders?
  24. MCcricket

    Hey England, guess what ? Umesh-Shami Out played your seamers

    Just imagine in Chepauk on 5 the day what option would have of Virat bowling BK, his ball would bounce twice before reaching the keeper, the pace that Umesh n Ishant have helped them be aggressive n get wkts on a feather bed, what would BK do, hurry batsmen ,No, seam no it wasn't seaming, No, bounce no he won't be able to get any in Chepauk at his pace n release, swing ,,,No, so what option does captain have , nothing, u have to play n understand cricket , Why do Hussain , Atherton, Beefy wax eloquent about Umesh , Shami because they have a rare commodity , like Usain Bolt you will never find many running 100 m in 9.79 same way in cricket being 145 k plus is rare. Now why is that relevant n why need to be speed obsessed , because the extra pace is the one thing that makes batsmen do silly things n causes unforced error.How do good batsmen get out , no they can handle pace but with 145 k pace, n bowling a sharp one at your throat most will loose their front foot play for next few deliveries, at 145 k a pacer will extract more bounce and reverse, also he is able to use the ball throughout 90 overs . Now 125 to 135 k bowlers r a dime a dozen , most county n Ranji teams have few of them, what can they do , on a very helpful track extract initial movement n get edges n wkts mostly, so why would any capt be foolish to limit his option n choose a bowler who gives him a less of an advantage n a handicap. You don't get it coz you don't see what Nasser sees, one of the shrewdest mind out there, or Beefy who was a great allrounder, or Atherton who has faced very good bowlers in his time, yes yes yes, we r speed obsessed coz pace like fire makes a difference, you have to be stupid not to get that , or underestimate something which is rare n very valuable for a captain, n that is why a 125 k bowler has never been a world class test bowler , all great bowlers had one thing n that this g was pace, in the history of cricket no Trundlers has been an all time great bowler, Mgrath, Ambrose, Akram, Imran, Holding, Steyn, Garner, you have to be blind or numb nuts not to get it. Would Holding be as good if he bowled 10 k slower, or Steyn bowling at 135 compared to his pace, even with all his skills?, Yes some bowlers at the tag end of their career loose some pace n are still effective as Zak , Akram but they are masters at their skill n still , around 137 to 142 capacity. Have you played club cricket, or school, or district, or with domestic players, they will tell you if you talk to them, and you would be stupid to still argue n beat a dead horse. Pace rules ,speed is king, skills can be improved n pace cannot be learnt An Umesh can become a BK n learn his skills n be a killer like Steyn but a BK can never be a Umesh maybe one odd case like Craig Whit, Imran Khan who were medium pacers n then bowled fast later but generally no.
  25. India has good balance n decent talent in batting department but surprisingly spin bowling looks bare after Ashwin, Jadeja n Jayant has just come in but is a decent 3 spinner for now, we need a leggie and some more backup in spin dept. Among seamers we need couple to especially left armers n bowlers with pace n bounce to be effective in most conditions n not Trundlers.

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