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  1. Will India win a test match in South Africa?

    This team KL Rahul Vijay Pujara Virat Rahane Saha Pandya BK K Yadav Shami Ishant Can do it
  2. Will India win a test match in South Africa?

    THink we will win or draw
  3. First 106 matches - 33 sixes, next 67 matches - 129 sixes

    He started hitting the balls harder after his marriage to Sajdeh n alliance to Bunty bhaiyya
  4. Dhoni is still physically 24 years old !!!

    N I officially declare OG poster is a 12 year old girl with a crush on Dhoni
  5. Agarkar was one of the worst test match bowlers in history, bowled lollypop s n half volley outside off regularly,Pandya has more talent then him. Yes he might not be the most classiest but certainly has shown to have enough talent, he can take top wkts and score, yes he will give some runs in the process but give him some time, also no reason to not look at Shankar as well.
  6. India opt out of warm-up game ahead of SA Tests

    So many doubters n wrist slitters, Kohli knows what he is doing , and agree the game might be against LogRat 11 in his backyard, so decision taken.
  7. I would vote for Ravi bevda Shastri and Mahinder Sing Dhoni.
  8. Vinay Kumar stakes his claim for south Africa.

    Like Chawal Kholkirni, will u pay to watch a sprinter run 100 meters in 100 seconds? Vinay Kumar deserves to be given a shot in International cricket, he has swing, seam ,pace, guile and bowling at 125 k will be lethal in Women's cricket team, I support him, Vinay Kumar, Mithun, Aravind, Dhawal will make our team unbeatable n be lethal along with our Women's team.
  9. Dhoni , MS Dhoni returns to CSK !!!

    Lol, CSK is doomed n they r hoping to make a comeback with a washed out player like Dhoni n others of similar elk.
  10. That was awesome, credit to Shami, India will be a potent force if Shami, Ishant, BK bowl like that.
  11. Lets beat this Lograts team n political, aparthied, racist quota team.
  12. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    I've been talking about him for a couple of years, this guy is good and should now be rightfully elevated to national team.
  13. Sachins ave and performance was modest until then ,he played like Sehwag did in Odis, until he was elevated as an opener, it's tougher to come down the order n not getting advantage with field restrictions .
  14. Why not retire the ODi openers slot then, lol what stupid idea this is!
  15. Lol ,why didn't we have any allrounders after Kapil n before Pandya, because there weren't any good enuff, allrounder is a rare cricketer n it's hard to unearth one, so what is the point of this?
  16. Pile of rubbish, why retire the number.
  17. We need to block Velu, if he doesn't quit with his daily quota of Dhoni thread.
  18. For most part of Sachins career our ODI side was good or decent, Zak, Srinath, Prasad were good, our spinners were Bhajji, Raju, Kartik,Kumble, batting was very good as well, Saurav was world class ODi bat, Dravid versatile keeper bat, Yuvi, Kaif for some time, Gambhir for some time, Sehwag was good. Barring very initial years under Azhar or his initial phase our odi side grew n became good n even won abroad, but what makes this current side great is mindset, Virat n having more then one strike Bowler. Forget about Sachin, Virat the way he controls the game, finishes the game, keeps tempo, scores big, is never seen before, he is the best ODI bat till date in the history of the game n not just India.
  19. Ishant- Has he become mature?

    Beetleji biwi Hain koin cricket pitch to nahin, margin of error bahut Kum Hain, Baal katvao warna pass mat aana.
  20. Aaron looks like in good rhythm n generating pace n has good stats , if ever there is someone who deserves a place it is Aniket Choudhury ,Siraj is too much of a rookie and can be nurtured at home in with the squad, Shardul to me has poor fitness , is just above average .
  21. This team is weak with no middle order or explosive batters, all we have is Virat, Rohit, Dhawan, BK, Pandya, spinners, we have several dead weights Rahane, Dhoni is useless now , Jadhav is still not established so is Pandey.
  22. Cricket is a game of 11 players not one, and can all greats of this game show they won a world cup, it's stupid to ascribe a trophy to one person, it's juvenile, all the factors should be in alignment, ,where the games are held, how good are other teams, Duckworth Lewis lol, Will Sachin, bat, keep, bowl, field 5 times ,lol . Infact Yuvi has had as much effect on those wins n Dhoni if not more, so you would say Dhoni is a world class test BATSMEN n no is Yuvi ?Only in a country like ours we idolize and trivialize other peoples performance, Did Sachin by himself won the world cup? Or his team did, was he a captain, how stupid is comparing a batters pedigree with a world cup win, lol.
  23. Boy such a simple action, but so hard to replicate n extract pace.
  24. That will come, as he is temperamentally stronger then Sachin, but the duffer sellectors need to select good odi team not this rag a tag bunch .A specialist ODI n T20 side.

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