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  1. MCcricket

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    What India needs is a robust system and vision, we are hardly making players fight for their places and introducing young talent which is abundant so the in group is lacksadaisical. 1 Foremost we need to chalk plans and goals for every coming 5 years, selectors need to be good and keep n eye n include players regularly so we keep talent pool and competition for places. 2 Shastri has to go as he is pathetic and arrogant and this filters down to the team atitude and behavior. 3 Kohli has to learn or he will become a Sachin brilliant batsmen but poor captain and his weakness is what Gangulys strength was, picking n punting on right players. 4 We have to select the right players for the right format, Dhawan is a good ODI bat but a poor cricketer ,Indian cricket so expect more from itself n it's players. Kohli has very good numbers as captain but needs to evolve also ODI team is outdated and one person can't carry the team always.
  2. What kinda team did Dhoni ever built, he wouldn't give anyone a break, and ridicule his bowlers, Dhoni was a retarded in terms of a test captain n batsmen, either his temp players were Rhiti players or CSK, his number of losses is ridiculous, he was a looser in test cricket.
  3. MCcricket

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Mayamk is a serious batsmen and has taken his game to the next, level, has the technique, gears, skills, now seems to have gained the mental edge as well, I would pick him any day and he deserves it.
  4. I have earmarked this kid some time back, he is special, the purists would argue Steve Smith won't be successful , quick hands, reflex , hand eye coordination Trump's everything. Shaw, Sarfaraz to me a very very good, unfortunately our cricket establishment is closed to inclusion of talent as I siders are protected
  5. MCcricket

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Kohli to me is the best batsmen I dias has ever had in any format for sheer impactful innings, Sachin rarely managed that in tests, and even in Odi his ability to win games for India is unmatched. Eras bowlers blah ,blah all rubbish, cricket has become more competitive, fielding standards have gone up several notches, the bowling Ave has gone up because of t20 impact where batters are more adventurous now and people trying to win games then draw as earlier, Steyn, Harris, Johnson, Shami, Anderson, Rabada as good as any Sachin has faced, Sachin was never able to dominate McGrath and he was Cronjes bunny for the loosers to argue about.
  6. MCcricket

    Whether KL Rahul is the next Rohit Sharma ?

    If someone is questioning his pedigree and opening threads or posting against him ,it has to be for non cricketing reasons, he has the ability and game to be as good if not better then Kohli who for me has overtaken Sachin and Gavaskar as Indias greatest batsmen.
  7. R you aware of his reality, he has already sold himself to the bidders, he is the enemy of the people same as Modi, Amit Shah, they gentiles be aware.
  8. MCcricket

    Teenagers are no longer making debut for India

    This is a serious problem, when will potentially good bowlers get a chance ,after they r ground to dust,fast bowlers have to identified n groomed nurtured introduced early. Also among batters guys like Sarafaraz, Shaw have to be introduced sooner then later, the dangerous trend since Dhoni took over is the cliques and groups, New comers not getting a chance to challenge the pretenders.
  9. MCcricket

    Ranji Trophy 2018-19

    I Believe one can make an Indian 11 from Bihar, Utaarkhand and Jharkhand alone
  10. RKT is one of the reasons I joined ICF
  11. MCcricket

    Regardless of what happens in tomorrow's ODI

    The frustrating part is the talent coming thru the ranks is exemplary but they are rotting, I would love to see Sarfaraz, Prithvi, Hooda, Khaleel and other youngsters.
  12. We have a combination of factors which is making us a mediocre t20 and ODI side and future we will see this reflected in test as well Biggest cuplrits are the selectors who are afraid to make the right and obvious decision because they don't have balls. What is Dhoni doing in the ODI n T20 side for last three years, he should have been kicked out long time back.Why is the repeated failure Raina who has list his game and is afraid now given countless chance, why are selectors not making any tough calls at all, why do we don't see an influx of youth who are performing and have lot of promise but instead see mediocre has beens in the team. Kohli needs to get his priority right, respect n seniority should not be a priority over performance and objectivity, our T20 side should be youth based get in Pant ,Hooda, Mayank, Mandeep,Pacers who have potential. Why do we see mediocre trundlers making their way in the side, Kaul, Shardul are just first class material and nothing else, get in Rajpoot, Mavi, Siraj, Saini . Dhoni is being coached by the most selfish cricketer in history and he is doing quite well in being a greedy, selfish mofo, playing poor for last 4 years , I have lost all respect for Dhoni. We don't need this Sajdehs, and clique mentality, where is the logical , progressive thinking, selections, we need different captain for t20 with a younger side, our ODI style of play is taking us back to 1990.
  13. A captain has to be crazy not to include Kuldeep in the test side, he is a wrist spinner so can turn the ball on most decks , plus he is a Chinaman bowler which is rare, he has skills, range and is mentally strong, I would choose him first in the team as a bowler, Ashwin to me is valuable in tests, he has been bowling well since SA, he bats very well and has the stats to show. Jadeja is a regular kinda bowler who doesn't turn much but is accurate and if the wkt ain't helping him he is not as effective, Personally for balance sake I would love to have K Yadav, Bumrah, Pandya,Bhuvi Ashwin if we play Pandya as an all rounder, Ashwin is as good and BK can bat..
  14. It has to be taken in a context and u can't make a person who is not born with an innate ability for that sport to go beyond a certain level. For example I think the longest un assisted dive record is around 6 mins or more, so we have a person who has this ncredible ability to hold his breath for 6 mins or more and an average human with do max 45 seconds, can all the training make the average guys do the same? No but maybe he can improve from being 45 to 120 seconds. Yes modern training and knowledge does allow one to improve to a greater exrtent but I don't see a Chahar with all his train become a Mavi or Nagarkotti. You have rhythm bowler, power bowlers and freak who have some level of elbow extension or hyper extension, fast twitch fibers along with a good action and hyper extension is the perfect recipe for me. Power bowlers gain pace later as they get stronger but they normally are not express and will be fast for a shorter time. Rhythm bowlers tend to loose pace fatser as they get older. The needs of a marathon runner, sprinter, wrestler and body type is entirely different, u should have the basic ingredient and then you can improve on that or some just hit the jackpot as far as genes, guys like Nagarkotti , Mavi who have the natural ability.
  15. MCcricket

    Indian cricket preparing itself for failures

    Dhoni and Sreeni have damaged the credibility and structure of Indian cricket in a big way, it's scary what things are turning into now, it's like Indian cricket is held at ransom and in the arms of few.
  16. I dunno why u sorta make me think u are very conceited, it's always south versus the rest of India for you, also I dunno who or why you are trying to impress someone with your superior intelligence ,lol. Never argue with someone whose only good at one thing ,that is arguing lol.
  17. MCcricket

    Indian cricket preparing itself for failures

    We need this coach, selectors kicked out and some good coach and selectors with balls, what has Raina done to deserve a recall, what has Dhoni done in last 4 years to keep his place, why are Shardul and Kaul persisted with despite being mediocre, why are Pant ,Kishan, Hooda, Mayank, Mandeep, being ignored. I don't think it's Kohli alone it's the coach, selectors ND nepotism, everyone is afraid to drop a dead horse Dhoni, once that rot is cleared rest will get better.
  18. MCcricket

    Mohammad Kaif retires from all forms of cricket

    Kaif the right kinda guy to get involved with the Indian team as coach, in some capacity, India A would be ideal, made the most of his talent but was doing well as a test bat when dropped.
  19. Siraj has made good progress, bowling better lengths and line, and he was bowling some unplayabale ones, good run-up and action he generates surprising pace, Reminds me a bit of M Sami, worth investing in for me , Nagarkotti, Kulwant, Aniket, Mavi have much more potential then Sharduk will ever have ,Rajpoot should be in test squad replacing Ishant for me.
  20. Alot of this **** is directed towards Kohli undeservedly is due to jealousy, one of the best batters in the game, future ATG, won us more games then Sachin, world beater attitude, just because he has a wife who is an actress, is above average looking for Indan and is confident . Yes he is not perfect but wants us to be a great team, he has his rough edge and is still not a mature captain but, that is a journey, for me his biggest problem is making emotional selection to playing 11 and the worst set of selectors to boot, Raina, Dhoni, Yuvi should be kicked out as off yesterday, let in Nagarkotti, Mavi, Shaw, Gill , Ishan, Pant as they r far better as investments and will pay of in long run then picking up has been
  21. Indian culture and mindset is about class and caste, yes he was apoor guy and seems to be bit like a show off, but he hasn't cheated, fixed matches, fought with his team mates or been indisciplined? I think Hardik has a lot of talent and is a natural, hopefully he will mature, he works very hard on his fitness , fielding ,yes his style comes of like a Ghati wannabe or a Patel wannabe but who cares, he has performed decently till date and you cannot hate on some one just based on that, look at Gayle , Barbie they for me are cringe worth with some Pakistani cricketers. Indians have this colonial mindset and infiriority complex and demure, subjugated guys even if selfish they prefer, guys like Dhoni, even Sachin for his personal records, same with Gavaskar. Kohli is the face of current gen, confident, fit, and not meek, I see a lot of uncle Tom's here in US who try to be Soo much like the whiteys but poor guys n girls look like Tribals fro Andaman , that comes from not having confidence in your self and denial
  22. Dhoni can't fire either on pitch or off it so Bhabhi has to find d some thing.
  23. Think India has lost it's touch with reality in ODI, also we choose to pick over the hill conservative play for the place in the side guys like Dhoni ,Raina, Yuvi.Our bowling will be a challenge for the Poms but batiing is conservative so we will know when it happens, but hoping to see likes of Dhoni, Raina gone forever after this one.

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