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  1. 4 hours ago, Vilander said:

    According to pak captain saheb


    People say this is Pakistan's home ground and you can say that, but I believe the conditions here are even for every team. The weather here is like it is in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pitches are also similarly slow. So it isn't really home ground for anyone. It is an even ground for all." 


    So basically he is saying  pak is switzerland it has sub zero temp all the time ind bd and sl are hot at 45 deg celcius all the time..


    Pitches in Pak are sooper dooper phast.. Like very phasst..


    pak has no home advantage in their home ground..


    hehe moron

    I bet you can't comprehend, he is saying the conditions are similar to the subcontinent, so SL, Pakistani, India no one should feel alien to the conditions, a bit more hotter then subcontinent for me but similar wkts 

  2. 2 hours ago, Tibarn said:

    This current innings by Rahul and Pant is the definition of the word "Intent," which is the buzzword the Kohli-Shastri duo throw around for their plan for Test cricket. Even if these two don't pull off the chase, and while people are correct it is a dead rubber on a flat track, these are terrific innings by these two. It is is interesting that one can get an insight into how Kohli's mind works in terms of how he views how test batting should be. This is also why Dhawan gets selected, even though he is a consistent failure overseas thus far. He is also viewed as having the ability to show this kind of intent. (This is also why players like Vijay and Pujara get dropped, as they can't play this way). 


    The problem arises from the question of whether this type of batting can work outside of flatter surfaces. If it can, should we drop Pujara as well and replace him with a player who can show this type of "Intent"? If not, then should we drop players who thus far don't show much defensive technique and scour domestics for more traditional grind-it-out Test batsmen?  Or does a mixture of the two work?

    Keyword , one can always rotate the strike, even defensive players can do this

  3. Article is quite poignant in many ways, I think where the team lacks  is.

    Selectors being very very poor and afraid to include n build on bench strength and keep going to have been or joker's like Unadkunt, Shardul, or pick wrong players for the format.

    The only big complain I would have with Virat is being brave and looking beyond loosers like Dhohi, Rohit in respective formats.

    Keeping faith in guys like Pujara, Rahane, even though they don't play like the way you do but they can do good as test batters, contstant chopping doesn't help the team.

    Loyalty and friendship is one thing but you have to be logical n a bit cold n drop guys like Dhawan, Dhoni as they deserve it.

    Keep and eye for players with potential and be a bit more involved coz selectors are idiots.

  4. 46 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    Why is everyone so high on Kuldeep? He barely can land 2 balls in good length per over.

    Rkt u r wrong about Kuldeep, he is a star in the making, is mentally strong, needs to play more and just put more revs and as he gets stronger, even greats like Warne had a slow start.

    I would pick him over Jadeja even Ashwin in Sena as a wrist spinner.

  5. 4 hours ago, vishalvirsingh said:

    wokes..so slow? but why?

    i think woakes and stokes are as fast as broad and Anderson has been the slowest.

    this means woakes and stokes were not at their peak and Our batsman got the advantage. 


    very proud of indian bowlers..beating english pacers hands down.

    Woakes is probably the quickest among the the Poms usually, Andu , n Barbie being the slowest next, isn't he returning after injury?

  6. What happened to Aniket Chaudhury a very tall left armer who had performance in domestics, pace, bounce ,he was ignored ,Pankaj Singh just given one test.

    Who on Earth thinks a Unadkat, Khulkarni, Shardul or Kaul will ever cut it in int cricket, morons.

    Rajpoot, Saini, Siraj, Khalil, Mavi ,Nagarkotti, Sangwan, Aniket should be looked at , I would even keep an eye on  Varun Aaron.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    I was really looking forward to see Siraj in England. But the morons we have for the selectors are one useless incompetent bunch. 

    Ganguly, Border and some good coaches and captains started taking a positive and fresh approach and this brought about the upswing in our team fortunes but Dhoni was a curse as a test captain and captain in general, never developed any player or had vision or even had belief we could win test as he couldn't play well in test and ignored talent big time.

    Kohli has a lot of belief, wants to win but has to learn how to punt n pick on good players , age doesn't matter a Khalil , Siraj,Shaw, Sarfaraz, Rahul, Pandya can be game changers which a Dhawan ,Raina ,Ishant ,Jadeja will never be in Test.

  8. The selectors and establishment have lost perspective and infusion of talent is neglected and stagnation is the norm.

    Process started by ignorant Dhoni and we have forgotten how to find or develop another Sachin but rather wanna think and select like England of old and we know where it led them.

    Unleash the next gen, get over the done n dusted Dhongis, Yuvi, Raina, Dhawan in test and Kartiks.

    We have such an astounding next gen cricketers that will take our team to the next level.

    Khaleel a left armer who can touch 150 clicks, athletic, tall can move the ball and has shown he can hang with the big boys.

    Siraj picked up in the wrong format and has shown he can bowl jaffa's and wkt taking balls out of no where, bowl the channel and bowl quick.

    Mavi, Nagarkotti I haven't seen any one like them at that age, well could announce our golden age as far as bowling g talent and ability to bat as well.

    Shaw , Gill, Sarfaraz exceptional talent and Agarwal has found his mojo and is technical batsmen.

    Ishan Kishan ,Pant great options as keeper bats.

    Would love too see S Gopal given a chance as well .

  9. 20 hours ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    Indian and RCB  Strength Conditioning coach Shanker Basu is the man! Bhuvi has attributed his increase in pace to him and even Rajneesh Gurbani is working with him to up his pace . It is no magic that folks like Avesh Khan, Khalil Ahamed and even Deepak Chahar who were trundlers few years back are now bowling in 140s. A proper system is in place and it is bearing the results now

    Avesh and Khalil were never trundlers , even at U19 they were clocking 14O, but yes they have been nurtured and taken care of, refined their action are fit and can touch 150 now, Chahar was a trundlers.

  10. 5 hours ago, fineleg said:

    Does well in domestics. But selectors probably will never consider him at 130 or below 130 speeds.

    If only he can get to 134-137 speeds regularly, like bhuvi was able to up his speed...

    Like a batter has to wortk on his batting same way a bowler has too, once in a lifetime time players like Akram don't come ever so often.

    Gurbani like BK can work on his fitness, technique and there is no reason since he is raw n young not to get fitter, quicker n come into the picture in a year or two, but some like Unadkat should never be looked at again.

  11. What India needs is a robust system and vision, we are hardly making players fight for their places and introducing young talent which is abundant so the in group is lacksadaisical.

    1 Foremost we need to chalk plans and goals for every coming 5 years, selectors need to be good and keep n eye n include players regularly so we keep talent pool and competition for places.

    2 Shastri has to go as he is pathetic and arrogant and this filters down to the team atitude and behavior.

    3 Kohli has to learn or he will become a Sachin brilliant batsmen but poor captain and his weakness is what Gangulys strength was, picking n punting on right players.

    4 We have to select the right players for the right format, Dhawan is a good ODI bat but a poor cricketer ,Indian cricket so expect more from itself n it's players.

    Kohli has very good numbers as captain but needs to evolve also ODI team is outdated and one person can't carry the team always.

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