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  1. 4 minutes ago, King Tendulkar said:

    Smith has pants record in England . Scored runs when super flat track in engaknd . When England produced pitches with tress growing of a length was shocking ans smite had many more games in engaknd and tours . Kohli only had one tour let’s see this time .


    mark my words in 5 test series . Kohli will bang min of 2 test tons 

    I am a big fan of Kohli eversince his U19 days n i fully expect him to do great but he will have to asjust his game a bit.

  2. 2 minutes ago, King Tendulkar said:

    But this was nothing to do with that . All was same just not last minute tap of bat . He don’t need to adjust much for England . Ready to go . Brilliant record everywhere . It was just a tour we’re out of form , you allowed to be out of form for a few games lol

    Kohlis ztrength becomes his weakness in England, the expansive drive where he reaches for the ball wide of offstump, he will do well to look at Steve Smith n will be unstoppable, although England is a weak side now.

  3. 2 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    My impressions about the pace of the earlier batch of " pace foundation developed Indian pace bowlers " ,  starting  1989


    Rajdan - Fast-medium ( tall ) 

    Ankola    Fast   for 2 years   ... then Fast-medium   ( tall )

    Wassan -  Fast-medium  ( tall )

    Srinath -  Fast ...  express from 1995 to 97 ...  Fast  ( very tall )

    Prasad - Medium  ( very tall )

    Vaidya - Medium-fast  ( very tall )

    Kuruvilla - Medium fast when he played in 1997 ... was perhaps Fast-medium around 1990  ( very tall )

    Zaidi -  Was said to be skiddy quick by batters who faced him, never played for India   ( tall )

    Mhambrey - Medium-fast  ( medium height )

    Ganesh - Medium  ( very tall )

    Johnson - Fast-medium  ( short )

    Harvinder - Fast-medium  ( short )

    Mohanty - Medium  ( tall )



    Seems right

  4. 10 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Ankola bowled with genuine pace in 1989 and 1990 ... he had a recurring foot problem, was advised to cut down his run-up and lost some pace after that.  Settled down to a bouncy fast-medium from 9991 before the film bug bit him.

    There was one Prashant Vaidya who was touted as fast but was uninmpressive.Ankola bowled a heavy ball with a good action, there was potential but had a history of shin injuries as i remember, Indian selectors n captain until now were very reckless n biased against fast bowlers only exception Saurav n Borde

  5. 8 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Ankola bowled with genuine pace in 1989 and 1990 ... he had a recurring foot problem, was advised to cut down his run-up and lost some pace after that.  Settled down to a bouncy fast-medium from 9991 before the film bug bit him.

    There was one Prashant Vaidya who was touted as fast but was uninmpressive.Ankola bowled a heavy ball with a good action, there was potential but had a history of shin injuries as i remember, Indian selectors n captain until now were very reckless n biased against fast bowlers only exception Saurav n Borde

  6. 10 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Amit Bhandari was a genuine 137- to a max of 145k's guy. Wassan was sharp, he was faster than Bhandari. Most probably as fast as Srinath.

    Ive seen them bowl n thats what i felt n so did the commentators then, other then Srinath in the past i have not seen anyone bowl fast for India, Wassan was fast medium at best, n Bhandari on recorded game was about 135 k, then he worked hard to up his pace was never picked up again

  7. 1 hour ago, rkt.india said:

    I don't understand why people kept saying SRT faced bowlers. SRT just retired 5 years. He faced all these bowlers too. 90s was completely different as ODI but most of these bowlers Kohli faced would have fared far better in 90s. Cricket has changed drastically after the Advent of t20 and is less bowler friendly but it doesn't mean these bowlers not good. Bowlers averaging 22-25 were greats 90s because average scores were low. 250 would win you games most times. Now average scores are higher, so bowling averages are also increased. I would say any bowl averaging 25-27 in ODIs is a great now.

    Agree, this is a blind bhakts logic, Virat has left Sachin behind by a long way,his sheer match winning innings are too much to compare n he doesnt even open like Tendulkar did n used field restrictions to his benefit.

  8. 6 hours ago, Vijy said:

    he seems scheduled to go the badrinath way.

    I have been followimg your posts n seem like u have a gripe with people or are ultra pessimist, this kid score like 160 in 120 balls or somethin n also calling Mayank as going thru just a purple patch n predicying a failure, it is a purple tent not a patch

  9. 3 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Do you remember Thiru Kumaran? It was stated that he was quick, instead was a damp squib. People still say David Johnson was fast, but I am sure he wasnt.


    The guys who did not get credit though got to be Atul Wassan and Salil Ankola. Wassan, I am pretty sure was a 140-145 bowler atleast.

    Kuruvilla was quick but wasnt picked up for ages despite taking tons of wkts n was picmed up when he was old n worn oug, Wassan was best fast medium n same with Bhandari, Ankola had some promise but pacers were not supported in those days.

  10. 1 hour ago, Khota said:

    No they dont. Their selection is atrocious and they keep on making the same mistakes. There is no guidance and startegic thinking. They are winning on basis of great individual performances rather than complete team effort.

    I agree Kohli is the difference in general our odi team is average but Kohli is a one man show n Bumrah, Chahal, Kuldeep bowling well.

    We need to drop Rahane, Dhoni for a start n get in more youngsters.


  11. Shardul to me is mediocre, nothing special about him, bowls around mid 130, similar to Mohit, Awana .India needs to get in Saini, Khalil, Ankit, Sangwan, Aniket.

    Impressed with Pandya who created probkems for batters n bowed with pace around 140s, accurate n changed his length n pace well, far bwtter thwn Thakur, who dis get wkts but were 2 great catches n one edge down the legside.

  12. Shardul Thakur is mediocre but gets wkts in domestics, he is the kind who will do well in dlmestics but doesnt have the class for international cricket, he got wkts today but werent for good bowling.

    He is very short bowls around 137 his ave pace, can move the ball but thats it, like Dhawal n Mohit just limited bowler, India has to look at Thampi, Sangwan, Khalil, Saini , Aniket as bowlers who jave potential.

    Pandya looks far better then Thakur also pacier n he doesnt bring anything to the table, even Nagarkotti n Mavi currently are far better then Thakur.

  13. 17 hours ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    I didn't write the article, you can tweet him. 

    Do you guys believe the conspiracy theory of kohli dropping rahane and Rahul because he is threatened by them? 

    Naah that is bullshit, although the Rhiti, Cornerstone, Sajdeh angle worries me as current setup dkes nkt wanna select or give chance to pro isimg youngsters and selectors are gutless as well n keep selecting recycled failures .

  14. 17 hours ago, nevada said:

    Since time is always scarce and practice matches are a bygone era luxury, I think ODIs should be played first followed by test matches. Thus will help players to acclimatize and get used to the conditions. Of course, some players are not involved in ODIs at all but at-least  they can travel about half way through the ODI series and start practicing.

    I agree ODI n t20 should be scheduled first an also gives chance for team to acclimatise as well as if someone plays brilliantly he can be held back for tests, also tour becomes more interesting n practise matches can be scheduled in between the formats.

  15. On 11/30/2017 at 7:20 AM, Vk1 said:

    He's a really good timer and reminds me a lot of Uthappa. Next IPL could be the watershed moment for him

    Uthappa was mediocre, played everything across n a big lbw candidate, Mayank has a good technique, plays all around, has more skill n talent also can shift gears n is definetly a candidate for India colors soon.


    Shaun Pollock Disappointed By India's Approach In Test Series vs South Africa

    Updated: 14 February 2018 17:57 IST

    Shaun Pollock was surprised that the Indian batsmen didn't do better in the Test series.

    Shaun Pollock Disappointed By India's Approach In Test Series vs South Africa
    Shaun Pollock said, Virat Kohli, as captain, is trying to instil new confidence in the team.© AFP


    Former South Africa captain Shaun Pollock said on Wednesday that he was surprised by India's approach in the recently concluded Test series, which they lost 1-2. Pollock added that he believed India's batting was going to be their strength but was taken aback by the dismal performance of the batsmen. "I was a little bit surprised by their batting. When they came on this tour I thought it was going to be their strength. I was a bit disappointed by the way they went (in the Test series)," Pollock said.


    The South African pace bowling great further spoke about how India should have prioritised winning the Test series instead of a much-acclaimed first-ever historic ODI victory.


    "Looking back, I think they have identified that preparation-wise they needed to be here for more time. I suppose it goes down to what are the actual goals you want to achieve. If you want to win Test series away from home, then you have to give them more priority. And priority means more preparation.


    "I think going out to England, we have heard some guys are going to play county cricket. So preparation wise I think they will be better equipped when they go there or to Australia," said the former all-rounder.


    India lost the three-match Test series 1-2, after being walloped in the first two games, but have secured a first ODI series win.


    "We have seen they are now settled in ODIs. Probably they could have structured the tour better and had ODIs before Tests, and that could have been better preparation for India," Pollock remarked.


    "I think practice matters. You need to have two practice matches and have a guarantee that you are genuinely good opposition than just developing players. You have to set your goals."


    South Africa's all-time leading Test wicket-taker added, "Is it a great thing to win the ODI series or is it a great achievement to come and win a Test series in South Africa, which you haven't done? Maybe that is where the priorities haven't met the same preparation."


    Virat Kohli's form in the ODI series has been one of the highlights for India in the ODI series, and a reason for their triumph. The skipper has 429 runs in five matches, while he was also the only batsman on both sides to score a hundred in the Test series.


    Talking about Kohli's performance, Pollock said, "He wasn't fearful of the conditions and he wanted to grind out performances. He obviously came here with the right mindset. I thought the rest of the batting group would have been similar, but there wasn't anyone else who supported him particularly in the Tests," said Pollock.


    Pollock said, as captain, Kohli is trying to instil new confidence in the team.


    Kohli has had some guys support him in the ODIs and that is why India have been so good. It is a slightly depleted (South African) team but in saying that the wins India managed especially in the first three were very comprehensive."


    When asked about Kohli s on-field aggressive brand of leadership, the former South African skipper said, "I am not saying aggression is what he is offering, but its more the attitude that I can back myself, win the battle and come out on top."


    "Malcolm Marshall taught me to have a great respect for the opposition but also to have a great self-belief that wherever you come up against them, you respect them but you win the battle."


    On Kohli's aggressive approach, he further added, I think that is what he wants to install (in the Indian team), and the confidence."


    The key is to strike a balance.


    "I suppose its always edgy, or can be. Confidence might go into over aggression and overconfidence and that is the balance that they need to find. But you can always curb that aggression and attitude.


    "In international sport, you have to have emotion, but it matters how you channel that emotion towards being calm and towards performance rather than peripheral issues, he added.


    Pollock was all praise for the Indian bowling attack that managed to take all 60 wickets in the Test series and continued to impress in the ODIs as well.


    "That's fantastic. But you have to look at surfaces that they have played on. The hardest one to get wickets was Centurion, but on the other two, there was plenty of assistance. But yes, I am impressed with India's stock, said Pollock.


    The former captain felt India now have plenty of options in bowling, unlike in the past.


    "Its the first time that India have had 5-6 guys that can be picked and do a good job. In past India have relied only on Javagal Srinath and Zaheer Khan, or somebody like that."


    "Even the spinners did a good job. So the bowling was good. If you can keep those bowlers together as a group there is no reason why India cannot be successful in England and Australia where the fast bowlers will have to do a job," Pollock signed off.


    (With PTI inputs)

    • Pollock was surprised by India's approach in the Test series
    • Pollock wasn't impressed by India's perfomance in tests
    What's been the biggest contributing factor in India beating South Africa in the ODI series?
    Wrist spinners (Yadav & Chahal)Virat Kohli in fine formUnusually flat pitches in South Africa


    This article very rightly points out where we r at n what we need to do to dominate in tests away drom home.

  17. This Madarc$&#@ selfish Dhoni n impotent ,spineless selectors taking India back to 1970, in ODI , Dhoni had already destroyed test side before he retired now he intends to do same for ODI, he n his Srini mama destroying cricket, along with Rhiti n Cornerstone owned by Dhonis friend n himswld n Rohits bro inlaw respectively.

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