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  1. The problem lies with the selectors n BCCI, why was he still the test captain n even in the test side after destroying our test cricket, selectors questioning him was fired but Dhoni

    He was a fantastic ODI player but his style of cricket n method also his skills have gone , he should have been kicked outta the odi n t20 side as well.

    Yes if he was someone like Dravid or Laxman and a true sportsperson he would've retired but then when he can get all the money in IPL it is tempting to drag on even if your batting has become a joke and your attitude selfish n self preservation.

  2. People talk about stuff looks like haven't played a decent game of club or red ball cricket, a 19 year old being compare to a 29 year old is retarded.

    Secondly pace cannot be taught but is a natural valuable asset, most valuable for a pacers, line length skills will develop,

    Any coack anywhere in the world will salivate when they see a youngster bowling 145 to 150 k, some countries don't even have one bowler like that, now Zak started as a fast medium bowler who bowled 138 to 144 k initially, and also was a left armer, having no guidance n structure n history he too suffered like Srinath did n under achieved.

    But no we have a culture, bio mechanics awareness, natural athletecism, in India it was rare to see even a fast medium bowler and most were mdium or medium fast, we never won anything away.

    Bowlers like Avesh, Khalil, Saini, Prasidh, Kulwant, Ankit, Nagarkotti, Mavi are like gold dust, coz they have the most important ingredient n that is raw pace, given time fitness, skills will develop n from that lot we will see three hopefully world class bowlers who can win us games on any deck n that is priceless n a trundler can never do that.

    Courtney, Zak, Marshall when they got older n lost about 5 k of speed were very experienced n skilled by then n compensated by lack of few k in speed by bowling with control n skill n that happpens later in the career n that to for some, it's funny to see people talk like retards.

  3. 1 minute ago, rkt.india said:

    It's proven fact by doctors. This is the reason, Australians didn't play Cummins in test cricket since 2011 for 6 years when he suffeted stress fracture after his test debut in SA. CA was advised not put him in tests by doctors due to stess fractures. He played second test at 24 after six years of his debut.

    Yes it's the part of growth process, flexibility, bone getting stronger and dense n happens at a older age

  4. KLR merits a place in the ODI n test squad n t20 as well for me, far far better then Rahane in ODi, he could be as good as Virat in ODI, far far better then Rohit, Dhawan in test and could be a complete player, in T20 he is superior to most Indian players as he doesn't eat up ball s n S/R is great.

  5. The current crop is the quickest and not only that the youngest to do so, they too me are as good or better than any one else in the world potentially we will see an Indian among the quickest bowlers in the world soon, I see these guys bowl as fast as Bond or even faster if they stay fit n are mentally strong.

    Mavi, Nagarkotti, Avesh, Khalil, Asif, Thampi, Siraj are not just fast medium but Fast and potentially could be express one or two, also not to forget Kejroliya, Sangwan, Saini.

  6. 1 hour ago, express bowling said:


    Speed drop by Sran is significant in some matches and also in some spells.


    He was mostly bowling 127 k to 137 k in most of the international matches he played.


    Even in this IPL, in some spells, he has bowled 130 k to 137 k regarding his faster deliveries.

    I agree some bowlers don't try hard enuff or go into a wrong thought process like Munaf did n so is Unadkut, a pace bowler has got to bowl at his Opti u pace n use variations once or max twice n over, Munaf cut down on pace n tried to be a line n length bowler n used his variations more n lost his form, Unadkut did not have pace to begin with n further regressed bowling five slow balls n over n one at 135 k ,I was mighty impressed with a Sran as he has a good action runup, n decent pace, before his injury layoff I first got very excited n then saw him getting 5 to 10 k slower n loose his agression n sting, so I hope it is his injury that caused it.

    If Sean wants to be successful n make a spot for him self he has to be a wkt taker, bowl agressively, at around 138 k to 146 k a left armer with skills and bounce could be. World class bowler, if he can bring the delivery back to the right handers n alternate with the angled one n one at the body he would be quite successful, he has to be fitter for me and agressively at test level, although very promising he has some competetion in Khalil, Aniket, Sangwan.

  7. 33 minutes ago, LordPrabhzy said:

    He just needs to take wickets and get used to pitching the ball up to generate swing. Him, Bhuvi and Bhumra would be my top 3 pacers with either Shami/Umesh as a 4th seamer.


    My Team for eng tour

    Rahul, Vijay, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Saha, Ashwin, Bhuvi, Ishant, Bhumrah and Umesh/Shami. ( 4 out of 11 will have county experience by the time the tour starts)

    I know fitness and mentally he has to be there otherwise my first choice would be Shami then Bhuvi n Bumrah

  8. There is no doubt at all, Samson should be in the ODI n T20 side, same with Rahul,Aggarwal has done enough to deserve a place in ODI n test, Gopal, Nitesh Rana, R Samarth, Sran was out due to injury so if fit n bowling well should be given a go as well.

    Super impressed with Samson the range , timing, ease, distance, wrist all there, hope Dhoni is kicked out asap.

  9. 14 hours ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Its one thing to be oblivious of one's ability or lack of it, but its another when you are quite arrogant and ignorant about the game. He arrogantly says that bowling 145-150 is of no use. Because in his mind, he thinks he can outread the batsmen. And he goes on to say, even if he had an option, he would not increase his pace.



    It ain't that, he is incompetent ,imbecile n impotent so he is hiding those.

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