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  1. What is scary is the aftermath, we will see Unadkunt in the team for long time , Couldn't see the MUJRA, SELECTORS WILL TAKE CREDIT FOR THEIR FAILURE, GUYS NEED TO SHOW PATIENCE WITH sHANKAR, T20 TEAM NEEDS AN OVERHAUL N IS LONG DUE, LETS GET RID OF Dhoni
  2. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Irfan Pathan was an allrounder, and most of his career he bowled between 130 to 140 k n also touched 145 before he messed up with injuries n grip action change
  3. I fullh agree he shoukd not be playing or picked up for t20 team, in the long run he coukd be much much better then mediocre Thakur n poor Unadkunt , he should be groomed more n taken to A tours and pkay more donestics. Guys who shouldve been played before him Aniket, Thampi, Khalil, Sandeep Sharma, Sangwan.
  4. Plz dont use the term Banging the car, rather use the word wrecking, as that would be a weird innuendo if you know what it coukd mean ,lol. On a serious note, this lad is a rookie, hasnt played much first class cricket or age group cricket, comes from a very very humbked background to boot,is playing on patta n in tne worst version for bowlers. Some bowlers like Khalil who has played age group n is exceptional and a left armer to boot might take to th version a bit more easily. To begin with T20 is a bowlers nightmare, secondly being played in a batting paradise, he is a part of a unexperienced lineup, what r the odds, this is the worst way to nurture or take care of a rookie. He has a few things going for him, has pace, good action, still raw, has had a good season, has shown good skill sets n variety to his bowling but to translate this in internation cricket n in t20 right away is not a easy task at all, i dont believe we should introduce young bowlers into t20 right away be it spinners or pacers.
  5. Thats exactly my point a new driver who just git his license, will you ket him test drive a v8 turbo charged, nitro burning dragster or your old Maruti suzuki? What woukd be less overwhelming and a sensible decision?
  6. A bowler gets to bowl 24 balls in T20, n he is a rookie, there is no leeway, chance to comeback, be attacking, bowl the corridor length, only criteria stop boundaries, only in rarest or rare cases you will see someone like Bumrah, also he has a unique action n was ideal for this format. T20 is a bastar#$4& version of cricket, spinners will bowl flat or darts, you wont see much effort at flighting the ball, turn or inviting the batsmen to drive. You wont see even one slip most times, mist tracks will be batting paradise with shorter boundaries, the right for at to judge a bowler is a test mtach or odi .
  7. Rajneesh Gurbani

    U r wrong again i havent talked about Iyer at all, Irfan was always close to 128 to 135 k mark, How on Earth do you expect someone bowling at 120 to 125 k be competetive in International cricket, he will be treated like a spinner n hit outta the ground, a bowler needs to atleast be around 135 k mark ,even if he is suoer skillful to be effective n history of cricket has shown us that, ur statement just goes against proverbial common sense, heck even u19 bowlers bowl around 128 to 145 k nowadays, n womens cricket has seen some bowk at about 125 k, so r you living in La la land?
  8. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Laughable , a dibbly dobbly bowler bowling at 125 k will run thru a good side, shows ur acumen, arent u the one who think Chawal Khulkarni is world class, tsk tsk
  9. http://p.imgci.com/db/PICTURES/CMS/164300/164391.2.jpg
  10. Lol,the poster is calculating on bowling full tosses and doesnt seem to equate the trajectory not being a straight line but an angle, taller bowler greater distance ball travels down then hits the ground and the angle being more acute the distance overall is greater
  11. The way he has been bowling and the skills that he is showing at this young age, he is already doing things Zak sis at his peak and at faster pace, Khalil Ahmed could be a star, saw this guys bowling at genuine pace around 140 to 146 k and moving the ball ,bowling both lengths comfortably, duoler, short of good n has a good short one, moves the ball and also saw him bowling around the wkt n taking the ball away n i have rarely seen one or two bowkers in the past do this, this kid should be in the squad . My squad Vijay Rahul Mayank Virat Pujara Rahane Kartik Shankar Pandya Ashwin K yadav Bk Umesh Aaron Ishant Khalil Shami should be given time, he would not be mentally fit to play based on his problems, let him be cleared .
  12. You r wrong there, Thampi has lots of potential, has pace, slingy arm, accurate enuff n can move the ball, selectors need to try youngsters in odi n tests n t20 is the worst format to groom them,Pant has potential but needs time n once he has got the taste of int cricket he knows where he stands n kearns from it.Siraj is playing in the wrong format, he should be tried for tests or odi, he has oace, bounce n bowls some genuine wkt taking balls on any wkt, also has a good action n runup,also he can seam the ball so lots of potential he needs to be groomed mored first class n A tours. Guys we have wasted resources on are Dhoni, Kartik, Yuvi, Raina, Unadkunt, Shardul n Iyer alsk looks mediocre. Guys we should look at, Mayank, Samarth, Sarfaraz, Shankar, Gopal, Sundar, Ishan, Aniket, Khalil, Ankit, Sangwan, Saini, Khejroliya, Hooda, Unmukt.
  13. Sri Lankan cricket chief calls for more INDIA-SL matches

    And it sounds like "kaching", Ranatunga will be fuming ,lol.
  14. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    Shalam shaabji, ball dalu kya shaabji! Before every delivery? On a serious note ,good news, cricket is growing and its good to see smaller and less developed countried joining the league and competing, based on what i hear about Nagarkotti and where he comes from, who knows we will see some good athketes and players.
  15. COA is having an emergency meeting, its about the competetion getting hotter for IPL as similar leagues have sprung up everywhere and some like Bigbash, Cpl are doing pretty well, BCCI in its effort to make this a true international league plan to have a team based in Dhaka ,Colombo as well, the Dhaka team will be called Mujrewali Nagin and Mushfiq will be a marquee player and cheer leader as well and do the nagin dance

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