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  1. Thank you Saar , though u were a dud at int level still earned ny respect then that hog Dhoni who is hanging on like a bad rash for last 4 years and hurting the team
  2. Very insightful from both Zak n Akash, I hope we dont loose a talent like Khalil ,I had hope of him being our left arm fast bowler
  3. Just like Dhoni hates scoring runs and grabbing heavy balls
  4. Saini is quick but not express, he will bowl Bumrah or maybe Aarons pace but he is a great prospect, I would play him in test over BK easily. He can easily be in Dayle Steyns speed bracket and has similar kind of hit the deck and move the ball kinda bowling
  5. Smith is a freak, he is lifting a weak batting side on his shoulder. For me certainly better then Ponting who was weak against spinners and had a good side. When it comes to rating him ,he will not be close to Sachin or Kohli as they r classical batsmen. I would rate Kohli and Smith at par let's see the future performances and judge.
  6. He seems to be more fluent now, good runup easy action, and decent pace, think he will play for India at some point, His action reminds me of a left handed version on West Indies bowlers like Holding if m right, there ain't much pause or loadup
  7. He isn't like Balaji but he has few things going for him, RUN UP, Wrists and suppleness , also looks like he can bowl different lengths as well. His action is good more kinda like Agarkar, Steynish in a way. He looks good but Mavi and Nagarkoti are much more perfect in ways then him. But they are young and some bloom early some late
  8. He seems to be running in quicker, isn't he?
  9. There Is no confusion at all, chalk n cheese, Bhuvi is mediocre, Shami is a world class
  10. For me two very talented cricketers for this format have to be brought in Mayank Dhawan Rohit Shaw Gill Kohli KL Rahul Sarfaraz Pandya Shankar Pant Kishan Chahar Gopal Kuldeep Chahal Saini Aaron Shami Bumrah BK Should be the bunch to build a younger and better side which can meet the current demands of the game.
  11. The discussions went on till morning, Dhoni had a video meeting with Rhiti CEO n his friend about the pro n cons n how it will affect his brand value.News from media sources is there had been a backlash n except for some Chennaiites everyone had seen the light of the day n the joke Dhoni played on us. Kohli had a word with MSk and finally they have realized the public can't be fooled anymore, Dhoni along with his wife went to talk with their ssf piritusl guru also he had a some physical elements and was prescribed the blue pill to no avail. Shastri has taken to his bottle after the game n was incoherent n Anushka talked some sense n asked Kohli to grow a. Announcement will be made officially in a day or two or Dhoni might be declared unfit to save face.
  12. Shame on the selectors, stooges, management n Dhoni that's why we can't be a great sport nation or great in any way, nepotism reigns supreme. When the writing was on the wall n most logical people could see it 4 years back but no one would touch the elephant in the room. What a coward innings n bunch of cowards
  13. It is funny where he is far superior to Bhuvi but somehow less preferred for me in any conditions he is a no brainer, can seam and swing both at high pace and more then Bhuvi who is a limited bowler
  14. all have their pluses, Afganistan are physically more stronger, Banglas are mentally tougher, Pakistani's are physically gifted and Indians are skillful
  15. Pandya is a natural, but he does have this flaw where he is falling over while bowling and not grounding his feet well or landing properly and also doesn't have a front foot brace, batting he has the good co ordination and reflex and will get better, his biggest issue is focus, hope he doesn't become a Kambli
  16. The atmosphere in our country has become communal, I am not sure political agenda is getting to people, India is made up of people from different regions and religions including Islam, People who talk derogatory about any religion are idiots as, some things people don't talk bad about, mothers, wives, sisters, religions that shows low mentality. People who are raised in the right way or know they are humans first , we all make mistakes, but some posters here are low mind set
  17. Both are different bowlers, for me Bumrah is more skillful and versatile, Starc is a slingy left armer and kinda a bit rhythm bowler. Think Bumrah is a s good, what he brings to the table is rare, rarer then Starc.
  18. Made an accidental choice , to me Shami Bumrah are our 2 best bowlers by far, Shami has the ability to take wkts against the run of play, regardless of the track and he is accurate.
  19. It is plain stupid, IPL is franchise based and is private, commentary is a private gig, only conflict I see is if a commentator is a selector, if he is a ex cricketer and Administrator then it is not a conflict, why drive away our valuable resources and create Pakistan n Sl scenario where ex players dont want to get involved and people attached to cricket are nincompoops or politicians
  20. Cummins has lost a bit of pace, about 10 k, he doesn't have the same zip. Bumrah has all the things going for him including fitness, astute mind and a hard worker besides having serious pace, bounce movement in air n off the deck.also his wholly action and away going ball from that angle is very tough for batters. He ain't the world number 1 for no reason, with wet outfield n Bhuvi injury he was smart n did not over exert
  21. Pakistan was once a better team but not great n never performed against Sena, their team currently is mediocre and first class cricket needs to be revamped and grassroots work needs to be done. Hope SL, SA, WI Pak get better as all are very poor, test cricket is a great indicator in terms of health of cricket and talent pool
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