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  1. A true sportsman, trier, great attitude, wish he was managed better as he had lost of potential both with the bat n ball
  2. He further spoke about the talent possessed by the youngster and continued: Picked by SRH this season He hits clean and doesnt loose his balance as well , looks to have a more then decent technique....not even one ugly hoick . Looks tall as well In the video he smashes, chawla, axar n karn sharma n smashing chawla round the wkt for a youngster isnt easy. He is just 18 year old.....definitely can be someone to look out for in future . Indeed looks good, has enough time, balance, great swing, and very quick reflex
  3. ICC let's * test cricket, instead of improving it, D/N n test championship right steps and this one no. Further effort should be made to get crowd involved with lunch break activity n some games for spectators
  4. Combination of his action, shorter height and being a left armer and being aggressive, similar to Shami, ball gets to you quite quicker and of a length it bounces
  5. Iliked what I saw of him , Kartik Tyagi and Divyansh Joshi as well
  6. Chalk n cheese it is the quality between the two, Saini could be another Bumrah or Pollock, Shardul doesn't have a quality to be a test bowler or even a decent ODI bowler. How many times we have seen before unless you are playing for SA and a guy like Philander could have a decent career, a 132 pacer be a Mohit, Chahar, Unadkattar BK will be condition dependent and cannot be a game changer. I don't care about a bits a pieces pacer who can occasionally slog 20 runs
  7. Line main hain, behind all the Unadkutters of India
  8. He looks decent prospect, left armer, tall, good run-up and action, can get quicker and has good swing as well
  9. Think it's money laundering, I wouldn't give this piece of embarrassment more then a $, surely fishy
  10. Kings Punjab will be having a great run ,they have good balance and Sarfaraz Khan will have a breakthrough season as he is to good a player and was wasted earlier
  11. Shouldn't say this but in a way happy about the minor injury so Saini gets a look in, these days that's the only way good players get a look in over mediocre Unakutters of Indian cricket who r not even Rranji class for me
  12. Pathetic that dummy MSK, basically was a brainless birch to his bosses
  13. It is hard to get into Mumbai if u dont have sifarish or a minority this has been a pattern for ages, even Zaheer couldn't get in at the expense of worse trundles at that time
  14. So many people here have short sighted ness and are spiteful. I have seen enough of Dubey to see he has potential, he can be a Kallis kind of muscular seamer who used to bowl at similar pace and skills initially.i also saw he can bat and has natural talent but is raw, Chahar is average but WI is a good Odi n T20 side so we need not 1 but 2 strike bowlers atleast. Bumrah and Pandya will make a huge difference and what is worrisome is Indias love for trundles and inability to groom or select right players in limited format and go back to tested mediocrity all the time. Shaw, Gill Sarfaraz have to come in the picture at some stage in limited format and I think Agarwal is a better bet then some players in the team.
  15. As long as his name proves right
  16. It ain't a oxymoron, odds r less but when If have a combinations of skills with athletecism, the biggest limitation is what it takes out of your body and not the ability, forgot Chris Cairns, Vettori even Sehwag to me was underrated spinner and better then a Jayant Yadav or Sundar
  17. We also had 1 fast bowler n now we have 20 bowlers who can touch 145, the culture was missing, I see many multi dimensional cricketers coming up now, Dubey, Shankar, Pandya I rage him highly, Mavi and Nagarkoti could be ,
  18. So what was Kallis, Botham, Kapil, Klusener, they r rare but worth their weight in Gold, believe if Sachin had more mental fortitude he would have been in the list of great all rounders as well
  19. With our team strength and sporty tracks at home m loving test cricket as it is a real battle, our pace attack made it thrilling to watch.
  20. Phew , what n innings and a real slug fest , hopefully they go on from here n pick the right players. Shami needs to come in and two truckers will prove costly or Else. Think some flicks by Kohl i and strokes by Rahul n Shimron were amazing
  21. This guy seems to enjoy the attention, I do recommend not to hack it or try communicating if you cant find words but be proud to speak your native tongue.
  22. I am looking forward to the event, hopefully we will have the last batch of u19 players in the main team by then, Gill, Shaw, Sarfaraz, Mavi
  23. Who are the pacers, and who among them has potential
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