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  1. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity ..... unless some more aussies decide to use sandpaper in the middle with dozens of camera's on them then maybe they will be mediocre for a few more years. On a serious note, the aussie bowling is at full strength. So vvs laxman rightly said that the team with more consistent batting will win the series. It is definitely good to see the aussies suck. Hopefully, pujara gets more support from other batters in the remaining games.
  2. Trundler27

    Hardik Pandya - A Passenger in the team

    Bhuvaneshwar is a much more sensible and reliable batter at this time. So I would prefer to play him as the bowling all-rounder (with Ashwin for added depth in the lower order). Pandya has too many brain fades in all aspects of his game to be a consistent member of the XI at this time (his runout attempt of Ngidi was ridiculous as he almost made it next to the stumps only to throw the ball and miss them altogether when he could have easily knocked of the bails). His knock in the first test is also being over-hyped imo. He survived a few dropped chances earlier on so he did get lucky. He is a very strong candidate for the LOI side but definitely not ready for test cricket yet.
  3. Trundler27

    Time to make Shami an ODI only bowler

    With the customary number of catches dropped of his bowling behind the wickets, I think it is very unfair to criticize his performance as not being worthy of holding a place in the test XI. His skill is there for everyone to see. I totally agree with your assessment that we need to be more patient and supportive of such bowlers as they are worth their price in gold when they start producing with consistency.

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