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  1. carnish

    New kit for team India

    I wish this would come back.. also Champions Trophy 2000 jersey was excellent too.
  2. carnish

    Countdown to Jadeja's 200 test wickets and 2000 test runs

    The point is preference.. if Dhoni was captain, Jaddu would have surely come in.. but not sure how much virat likes him especially if he doesn't have luxury to go with multiple spinners
  3. Fluke.. wait for us to lose to the Aussies at home 4-1 We have already chickened out of playing against the mighty Zimbabweans at home.. otherwise we would lost that test too.. saves us the embarrassment.
  4. carnish

    Countdown to Jadeja's 200 test wickets and 2000 test runs

    He has to be really lucky.. we seem to have Kuldeep and Ashwin so don't know if he is going to get many chances with Hardik taking the AR position
  5. Tides are going to turn.. Tomorrow is gonna be Kiwi day.. India gonna loose by 8 wickets.. top order collapse coming up.. no Kohli 100 in a series after a long time
  6. carnish

    PAK VS SA 4th ODI @ Johannesburg

    Why are Pakistan playing in old NZ colours??
  7. carnish

    Ind should invest in developing ARs

    Exactly my point.. it was not about giving him chances but the team management and fans over hyped him saying how crucial he was and how he balanced the team.. you do understand these things but you do not tell that to a youngster.. this is the reason today we see him making these stupid public statements as the limited success and the extensive hype has got to his head.. I hope he comes out of that and focuses on his game and shows that he can improve
  8. Honest team that I would like to play Dhawan Rohit Virat Kedar Pant Dhoni Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Shami Jasprit Hardik Gill Chahal Umesh
  9. carnish

    Is Hardik Pandya more talented than Jadeja in tests?

    No one is underestimating Pandya.. infact all I can see are people overhyping him.. this bloke has potential but all this hype can definitely go to his head and that should not be the case.. he needs to be managed and encouraged but calling him next best thing since Kapil dev is not going to help.
  10. carnish

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    It is outrageous to send Pandya to NZ in between a series ... Especially since the team is Winning.. his presence there can create a lot of problems.. people will again be asked to comment and God knows how it may impact the dressing room atmosphere.. I hope we do not discard Vijay without his own mistake first.. he has bowled decently till now if nothing great and has not had a chance with the bat yet
  11. This guy is class. Whenever we play them I am worried about 2 players.. this bloke and hope.. Do not know what happened to blackwood but he was really impressive.. good that they got heytmer now who is pure class.. both in test and T20s..
  12. Not happening this time.. WI were not improving because they do not play test consistently.. this team now for 2 years have been playing quite a lot of test cricket together and the core of the team has not changed since we played them back in 2016. That says a lot about how they have made good strides and improved.. yes they had a bad tour of the subcontinent but other than that they have done well.. they beat Bangladesh at home.. Sri Lanka could only draw in WI .. They drew in UAE and won a test in English.. we should not take them lightly at all when we tour them later for the ICC test championship after the WC
  13. When Brits go to WI they are more interested in the beaches and tourism.. it's inherent.. the Barmy Army strength increases by a minimum 25% on their trips to the Carribbean .. this is the sole reason why they are not concerned about the cricket too much.. also they probably haven't rated the WI team and were shocked to realise how good Chase, Hope, Holder, Dowrich and Roach are.. they have not yet seen the best if Gabriel and Joseph... I so wish they would throw out Bravo.. this guy has never pp layed to his potential and has always remained a rich guys UA .. even his brother is a better option but he has other problems.. I would like to see Benn being brought back as he is someone who can make a real impact on pitches that will take turn unlike Barbados.. Brits even couldn't manage Chase here.. I would love to see what happens at Antigua where it will definitely turn more
  14. carnish

    Lara-Tendulkar Trophy

    How about we make the India-West Indies series as Lara - Tendulkar series on the lines of Border - Gavaskar series. This will give more importance to a rivalry that has been great over the years and promises to stay exciting as West Indies further improve under Jason Holder and Co. The two people named above have been greats for the game and for their countries and throughout their playing career were more often than not been compared and competed against each other making the name even more apt. Discuss.

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