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  1. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

    Among all things written here, no one has even given a look at the original FTP (link below) drafted in 2014 and supposed to last till 2019 .. This FTP says that SRL was supposed to tour SAF first and play the boxing day and new year test and India was only supposed to tour SAF in the 2nd week of JAN after playing PAK at home ... India basically just replaced the PAK series with SRL whom the selfish and greedy SAF rejected. However, Mr. Lorgat and CSA never took approval of BCCI to prepone the tour and announced the schedule which was rejected by BCCI and very rightly so. http://p.imgci.com/db/DOWNLOAD/0000/0045/ftp_2015_2019.pdf
  2. What next for India?

    Ideally the FTP says we should be going to WI for ODIs and T20s followed by a trip to zimbabwe again ... Then we are scheduled to play a full series in SRL before hosting AUS for ODIs ... That is supposed to be followed up with a series against PAK after which we should go to SAF but since the PAK series may not happen and the SAFFERS have cancelled their plans to host SRL, we may end up going there sooner than later ... We are then supposed to host SRL for a full series in India which may be cut short to accommodate the Nidahas trophy which was announced recently. So, basically the only good series to look forward to next season is our tour of SAF.

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