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  1. Smith and Sachin would be an unbeatable combination, IMO...
  2. Dhoni scored a 50 in some 100 balls in one of these finals I guess.
  3. Good idea. Sachin's mentorship helped MI win this year.
  4. No, only MSD bhakts can decide... Yes, this is the IPL forum, so don't bore us by repeating the same 'I love my MSD' and 'I love my MSD' a billion times. Be more fun...
  5. Jinxed it for us.
  6. What is this juvenile 'Ask Goenka to do this? Ask Goenka to do that?' Is anyone asking you to ask Dhoni or Srini Mama anything? Your only player is MSD. Once he is gone, you'll be sitting in a corner and sulking, because you don't care about the rest of the players. And yes, your fixer team is gonna be back. So be happy with it instead of pretending to support Pune and lecturing people around.
  7. Yeah, that's the reason only. Newspapers are disallowed too, since people make torches of the papers and throw them on the ground.
  8. My coins don't live in wallets.
  9. Pub se niklo. Stadiums and pubs are not the same. This Dhoni fan/Sachin fan feud is ICF-specific; the outer world doesn't really care as much. A bunch of viewers may be abusing Dhoni in the stadium too, but the generic 'noise' provides you the answer.
  10. Dhoni actually comes close. That's the truth. The older and the more toothless he is getting, the fondness and the nostalgia of fans are growing. It's like 'let's watch him one last time, who knows if he will play tomorrow'.
  11. Depends on the stadium. Wankhede took away 40 bucks from me for the play-off.
  12. Kolkata had 6 levels of frisking 2 years back (when I last saw a game there). Wankhede doesn't allow you coins, Eden does - Binoculars are stadium dependant, Wankhede allowed small personal cameras this time. There is no standard rule per se, but you will do well if you only carry your wallet, keys and mobile. Anything else is a risk.
  13. You will get no change in coins. Everything is a multiple of 10.
  14. Kohli is 5'9.
  15. Since it's all done and dusted, I can safely say that the rousing reception that Dhoni gets (Pune, Mumbai or wherever) when he walks into bat is a thing of goosebumps. The spectacle is good enough to be worthy of the price of the admission ticket. I would say it is almost 80% of the reception that Sachin used to get. It just lacks a chant (of the quality of 'Sachin, Sachin) that would linger on to your ears much after the match's gotten over.