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  1. The argument was about this specific game. Either you are short on memory, or a pretender. And playing despite an injury mid-game - a lot of cricketers do that. Some idiots cannot figure for sure.
  2. No, in this case, he is just plain blind and clueless about the game.
  3. Lol, I spotted this during the match itself, but some idiot @vvvslaxman kept arguing with me that he had no injury. So much for being armchair experts.
  4. Magneto

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    In retrospect, Milli just ended up as the Magic Antijinx Potion for CSK.
  5. Magneto

    This hurts as bad as the CT final

    Bad guys have bigger daddies.
  6. Magneto

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    WTF! When did death threats become serious? You need to be on Twitter. I get real ones there on my real id.
  7. Magneto

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    Dr. Milli has maintained his consistency about his predictions. Generally - 90% right CSK games - 90% wrong. That's why they say - win some, lose some. This rollercoaster ride was wonderful. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments and casual hate messages (I'm ignoring the double murder threats received via DM). Hope we meet in 2020 (If IPL is not banned till then).
  8. Dhoni was hiding in the dressing room all throughout, and now he's all padded up and ready for glory hunting.
  9. If Dhoni wins and retires, I'm all for it.
  10. CSK has outbatted SRH. End of contest.
  11. They'll just play out Rashid and Bhuvi for 20 and spank the others for 80. Easiest thing on earth. Only if Shakib can do some magic.
  12. Kaul is embarrassing. Give the ball to Brathwaite.
  13. CSK scored 36 in the last 3.

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