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  1. Cricket_2_Death

    Post election meltdown thread

    I'm not too familiar with Indian politics but would like to learn more. However, just based on this it would seem like India also suffers from a large amount of libtard parasites like the US does. These people are the enemies within slowly attempting to corrupt and destroy a country from within. They spread disgusting social morals, anti-American propaganda and will openly support Islamists. It's great to see these people crying and suffering within their echo chambers of lies and hate.
  2. Okay here's the deal. It takes too long to multi quote so I will just number my points to your point blocks. At this point I might as well copy and paste responses because I've already addressed most of what you are claiming in previous posts. 1) America is the greatest country in the world, comparing it to craphole countries doesn't mean anything. Libtard fails with wealth and debt don't change it. 2) No business is unsinkable or fail proof, it's part of life. 3) Being educated in liberal arts makes you dumber. Liberal and intelligence don't go hand in hand. 4) Raising your kid to be normal is perfectly fine. Only libtards want their kid to be a tranny asexual that identifies as a dog. 5) Socialism/communism both lead you to the same demise. 6) Anti-welfare = get a job like everyone else. 7) A disease ridden slut having an abortion is not comparable to a conservative goddess, it's 100% different 8) Victim and liberal go hand in hand, it's core to the ideology 9) Feminist = feminazi 10) KKK = Demokkkrats 11) Boy loving is a core component of liberalism, whether they are in or out of the closet 11) The switcheroo is fake, watch if you care: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiprVX4os2Y 12) KKK again, see switcharoo myth 13) You can call yourself a centrist but it's clear what you are 14) Why do you hate Islam - this is literally the only thing I have of interest with you and where we might find common ground 15) Vetting people who they enter a country is a layer of security and insurance 16) There is no hard facts when it comes to a latino outperforming a top tier non-liberal European or Asian in STEM period. 17) All sickness including pedophilia originate from corrupt liberalism and violate conservatism - can't have them together. 18) Europe is crap and is being overrun by refugees who will turn it into a Jihadistan. They are not a model for anything. 19) Slavery and lincoln, see switcharoo myth from above. 20) A doctor's declaration of death is a formality, they aren't God. 21) Anyone that tells you they know the exact second life begins is lying. 22) You admit my point is true - there are cases where the life of the mother and baby is taken into account. 23) America is the best country hands down, liberal thrash drags down the irrelevant rankings but it doesn't impact people like me 24) When it comes to healthcare, there is nothing I can't get in the US that you can in Canada. 25) Craphole countries are not economically superior to America - not sure why you think this. 26) No 1st world country is even comparable to the US. American exceptionalism trumps all. 27) Liberals making dumb decisions or living outside of their means can't be fixed. Unless we bar them from going to school or buying stuff they can't afford - which I fully support. 28) If you can't force people to work, then people who work shouldn't be forced to pay for them. 29) Technology makes things possible now that weren't in the past. Someone that was ineffective before could become extremely effective today or tomorrow. 30) Liberals are never right, they are idiots that always screw up. 31) Liberalism renders education void. No point in having a degree if you are an idiot who thinks you can be a transexual dog or some crap 32) Again, having a degree doesn't mean you are actually intelligent. Look at how many liberals are produced by colleges now, they will destroy non-commie countries form the inside out.
  3. The problem is that libtards and jihadis are one in the same. Jihadis are the attackers and libtards are their shield. Eliminate the shield and you can easily get rid of the bacon loving coward jihadis.
  4. That is false, you can't compare **** nations to America. Even the welfare queens have it better off than most because they don't even need to work. Anyone with business sense would realize what Trump has done is absolutely amazing. Your so called more educated liberals can't even build a single business. Liberalism is a mental disorder - being more educated will not fix it no matter how much you make that claim. Yes conservatives hope for this, but liberals are pushing their kids to become trannys. It's sick and disgusting. Any system that moves towards socialism is garbage and will eventually become a failed state. Commie countries are crapholes. Where do you think welfare queens get the money from? The free child support has always been there. These sad cases that impact conservative goddesses are different from what we see the disease ridden liberal sluts doing. You can't compare it. Liberalism is based on victim mentality, conservatism isn't. Femminazi is mainstream liberalism, it would be extremely hard for you to find liberal women not following this ideology. KKK is not mainstream by any stretch - heck I have never even seen this guys except on TV. Feminist on the other hand are widespread and make up a large portion of libtards. KKK has nothing to do with conservatism whatsoever. Sorry but people who are boy loving and exploiting kids are closet liberals by definition. It's incompatible with conservatism. Yes and liberals were always Democrats, the switcharoo is a myth made up by libtards. Good, same goes for the KKK - the only entity that owns that are the DemoKKKrats. Every position you hold is liberal so cut the centrist bs, anyone could see through it. Your positions on Muslims may be a little off but I'm sure it's cause you don't like Pakistan just like all Indians out there. It's nothing I haven't seen demonstrated amongst most indians I know. I see nothing wrong with wanting to cut the unvetted load of **** coming in. It can be done and isn't difficult to do but requires the system to be built around it. Of course this would stem the flow on reliable future commie votes which is why no libtard would support it. Your quantifiable stat could be bs but it doesn't matter - I'm going off of observation here in America. I'm not talking about bringing in socialist Europeans either who are a complete waste of time. There are many high quality Europeans who would assimilate well within America - heck most of the country is rooted from that. Latinos that I've seen would make for good fruit pickers or burger flippers - but I think we can do better. Either way the point is to bring in the best of the best - be it Asian, Jews or whoever. Again, the fact that these people act this way defines them as liberal. That sickness can only be owned by the mentally deranged side. Once you go down the route of exploiting kids and boy loving, your brain has gone liberal. End of story, its makes perfect sense because conservatism is incompatible with this. America is great and will continue to be great. Europe is a craphole and is on the verge of being taken over by Jihadis in the coming decades. Not sure why they matter or why you keep bringing them up, I simply don't care. It has nothing to do with America at all. Lol and liberals didn't own slaves? Liberals did indeed own them and continue to own them under the Democrat party. Blacks as a race vote for their master party consistently. No other race has a higher % loyalty. You don't need a doctor for someone to be dead. They are dead whether there is a certificate or not. Doctors are not gods, they are just like everyone else. Human life is more than software code or an automobile, this is common sense. That is just completely false. A woman who's 8 months pregnant and is in a car crash will be treated in the ER with her life and the baby's life held in mind if she asks. Some hood rat may refuse to, which I guess the doctor will be fine with that decision as well. Wealth doesn't mean anything if your country is a craphole - and most other countries are exactly that. America can't do anything more to lift the liberal hoodlums out of poverty - this is what welfare culture does. Your healthcare isn't better than what the US offers. By the same token, I have all the same benefits as well. If you live to get your procedure in Canada, then I suppose you got a bargain - but don't die waiting. Lol your documented facts are getting old. It's hard to take you seriously when you compare **** countries to America. American lifestyle is the best standard, all of the foreign trash is dying to come and obtain it. I can't fix liberals getting 100K in student debt to learn about gender studies and native American history. That's poor choice but has nothing to do with achieving my own success. But its okay to give them handouts without work? These idiots should be required to work in order to get money just like everyone else. Walls work wonders if employed properly. Israel is a good example. It's not fool proof but the key here is reduction. We can leverage technology to do things that couldn't be done in the past. Again, common sense. It's not change, it's corruption. Yes they do foster killing a country from the inside out, that is no secret. There is little choice here. When you take the side of a mentally deranged ideology, you can't come here demanding respect or to be taken seriously. It's nearly impossible to take liberal points at face value because they originate in a cesspool. Education doesn't matter if in the end it produces liberalism. Once you become a libtard you betray intellect, this is is the reason why your theory is absurd.
  5. We are going in circles. I don't care about the ones who you claim are worst off. I can't make them help themselves. This casino thing exists in echo chambers only and you are proving it, nobody cares but libtards. You are better off comparing the lahori logic failure of the Pakistani general to Obama's failures. Colleges and academia in general are communist breeding grounds, nothing earth shattering about this. Do you expect libtards to say that art and gender studies makes them dumber? Sorry but responsible parents don't guide their kids to be mentally deranged, that's how liberals are created and run around promoting this garbage. Again, a flawed socialist view. People are free to chart their own path to success. This is opposed to being government property under the commie system. Whatever, it's liberals killing their kids - why should I care? As I said, less votes for their side. That is a very special circumstance is a heart breaking situation for a conservative woman. However the majority of women who get abortions are not in such a situation. They are just classless sluts. Those are not victim cards, those facts. Conservatives don't go around looking for reparations. Far right is a liberal coined term. You can't associate immoral garbage or stupidity to conservatism. These things are exclusive to liberals. Whining and crying about race constantly is a common theme of liberals. Trust me, it won't get you anywhere. Pedophilia is sick just like all the other masterpeices that libtards partake in. You can't sell these closet libtards as conservatives - they are not. You will have better luck trying to sell RINOs as conservative which is also deeply flawed. The switcheroo card won't help you here. The liberals and Democrats are one disgusting entity. Of course it does. American conservatives don't own some Hindu that goes a killing spree against Jihadis. Even though I would like it, this is in a different sphere. Any liberal that calls you out for being conservative has really let the sickness of unlimited gender identity get to their head. That's fine, and the average Asian is more likely to do better than the African or Latino. I'm not looking to take above average crap, I want the best. A priest that starts loving on other males is no conservative. He is a liberal by every definition. As much as Jihadi's love to molest, they belong to the left wing too. You can't change it. You have to call out the crap of society for what it is. Playing the PC game is utter stupidity. If it acts like and talks like a communist piece of ****, then it is one. No different than your pastor example. Again, Europe doesn't matter. American exceptionalism is what makes America great and different. Blacks have been slaves to the Democrat plantation for decades and it isn't changing anytime soon. A few intelligent Blacks (or Uncles Tom's as their own race would label them) isn't giving Republicans ownership of the entire voting block. Nobody has the authority for any such thing period. If you want to devolve into that discussion, then the Jihadi Orlando shooter had authority to abort those in the gay club. His religion clearly gave him authority to kill/abort the haram. Sure but they will treat a Mother and her baby as two lives as well. What you are describing is how they adapt to situations. Glad that they can, it allows them to save a conservative mother and her unborn baby in certain medical cases or discard a hood rat's new born in the blink of an eye. This is good in my view. The reality is that America is the greatest country in the world, this can't really be argued. Sure the countries you have listed are not that bad, but economically, militarily, socially (if you exclude liberals) and culturally (if you exclude liberals), America is the shining light of the world. Or America is far superior to Canada because you can actually get a doctor when you need one. Public healthcare makes Canada a socialist craphole, the country is inferior because of it. Again, you don't need to be rich to be happy in America. This is a false narrative made up by libtards. Jihadi scum in Qatar might be super rich but their country, culture, religion, lifetstyle etc. is all garbage. Therefore their country is garbage. They are useless. We have hordes of welfare hood rats that could be forced to do the work. Also, you make a moot point. History doesn't predict the future. A wall with other solutions could have a completely different result. This is why liberals are bound to be failures, they fail once and believe they will always fail hence they need handouts. Conservatives are different, we won't see eye to eye. So? Many STEM degree holders are idiots too, they are also likely to be influenced into stupidity as well because the same craphole colleges that produce gender study or art majors also produce STEM grads. Just because a professor teaches STEM doesn't mean he is any less libtarded than the black studies professor whining about slavery from centuries ago, right? The students are no different, a liberal idiot is a liberal idiot - no way to cut it.
  6. Don't get triggered snowflake but do your own research.
  7. Most Americans are in a great position when compared to the rest of the world. I don't know anyone that lives their day to day life wondering which income percentile they belong too... expect maybe a socialist. Trump is an amazing Businessman and a failed casino does nothing to dent that. Getting a degree in gender studies or black culture doesn't make you educated, if anything it furthers the point you are an idiot. The dumbest people in the US are those that occupy ghettos. Lowest education rate and lowest income also held by these people - they are overwhelming Democrat liberals. Their crime rate is also very high, they are scum. Sorry but anyone who teaches their kid to identify as a trans cis gender dog is sick. If teaching your kid to be normal instead of embracing mental disorders is nutty, I guess I'll be called "nutty". Only filthy commies see it that way. I don't think conservatives can do anything about this anymore. If blacks and immoral sluts want to slaughter their kids, let them go for it. The stuff being pushed right now is crazy. Babies can be aborted days before they are born. Of course only sick sluts are doing it so why not left them. Less libtard votes for the future. Liberals are victims and want to be victims. This is part of their core and has nothing to do with conservatism. Sorry, I told you why conservatives can't own it. They are not in the business of creating a cesspool. You are looking to be a victim by saying you were called "x". Nobody cares that someone hurt your feelings, this is the real world. Those freaks would then have to be libtards at heart. It violates the principals of conservatism. Ah the old switcheroo card lol The party of slavery and hate will always be what it is, you can't shake it. Irrelevant because it's true? You can call yourself whatever you want. It's clear what you truly are. Do you have an issues with Islamic Africans lol? Or do you admit they are ****? I'm just saying that there are more **** people out there than you think and people should be vetted more thoroughly. A "conservative" lol - if you can call them that who molests a boy is a closet libtard, plain and simple. Not sure what you are on about here, Europe isn't worth ****. Lmao, you should have seen them Obungas and Obama-neishas line up during the 08 and 12 elections for their own kind. It was hilarious to see. Nobody has authority over human life. Not sure what kind of doctors you see but I've met many that care for the interest of mother and baby's life. Again, a liberal voter who has a degree in black studies and can recite rap lyrics better than solving a simple math problem is not educated. They are more dumber than they were before. I didn't define failure by any income %, only libtards are obsessed with that. It's not my fault that people don't have the intelligence or will to do better. Canada is no superior than any commie craphole if that's the yard stick. It's laughable to see people take those polls seriously. Bhutan and Chad are crap, no made up happiness poll will fix that. Not sure why libtards think this is so hard. Agreed it's not viable because the cucks would try to block every effort to carry it out. However, thoroughly vetting people, building a wall, hunting down those who don't belong here on a massive scale to deport them would have a big impact. Automatic turrets and the death sentence to invaders is far fetched but I would love to see the intimidation and deterrence it brings. Heck, if the cockroaches make it through, maybe they could be useful for something. Again, gender studies or throwing paint on a canvas isn't intelligence. Look at the amount of liberals that think otherwise - now that's a true conspiracy! I'm not sure what your obsession with this guy is but I don't share it. If I haven't made it clear already, to even consider liberal "studys" or thoughts as rational is insanity.
  8. Cricket_2_Death

    Pak F-16 shot down

    I'm hyped, let's destroy these tower wailing Jihadis!
  9. Most Americans who are willing to work are doing well. Americans as a whole have it extremely well and many would make it into the global 1%. Parading around your echo chamber scenario means nothing outside of Facebook. The casino story was tried against Trump many times and it failed each time. All the Poker and Blackjack fascination won't make it any different. Face it, nobody who understands the circumstances care. If you want true failures - look at how Obama screwed up with fast and furious, the red line, ISIS, Benghazi etc. No you can't, conservatives possesses reason and common sense. A liberal who is more concerned about whether he is a cis, bi or pan today cannot because they aren't sane. Teaching your kid to be normal is common sense. That's the problem with liberals, the are compelled to go the sick route. Not sure who is teaching their kids about slave driving but isn't morale conservatives. Maybe liberals that higher cheap illegals for slave work? Again not a conservative problem, perhaps the welfare queens in the ghetto have this issue but they are killing their babies in the highest numbers and voting for the Demokkkrats like loyal slaves every election. This has been going on for decades, don't think it will stop. This is why I have begun to change my stance. Of course now if a baby survives an abortion, the liberals want it dead too. Again no morale or conservative woman would reduce herself to that level so why should I care. Let the liberals kill their off spring, you are right - they shouldn't have them anyway. A less populated ghetto is less votes for the Demokkkrats. If you go around looking to be a victim, you will ultimately be one. Victim mentality is a cornerstone of liberalism. Hence why these people are idiots. Conservatives do not own these groups nor seek to court them. Unlike the liberals which want to incorporate every bit of crap into their cesspool. If being the victim makes you happy, I'll go with it. Liberal men are more feminized and love homosexuality. The words that I'm using are suitable for the most part so not sure what the problem is. That's a tough sell. The KKK was invented by the Demokkkrat party... hence why I call it that. The American war machine of WWII built on conservative principals of exceptionalism, freedom and liberty defeated Nazi Germany. Meanwhile leftist hero Marget Sanger was inventing the best way to have a black genocide. A radical Jewish or Hindu group that declares war on Islam isn't owned by Conservatism in America just because they attack a bunch of jihadi bastards. Of course, I have a point about Jihadis but I'm surprised you acknowledge it. If you want to look at likelihood, Africans and Latinos aren't exactly what you would want to build a model country off of either. White European liberals are no different than their American liberal counterparts which is why there isn't a big push for them. Why import more **** based on color? East Asians on the other hand are recipe for success going off of income and education stats. Democrats are closet socialists that come out more and more every year. The only thing that keeps them in check are conservative republicans. Child molesting seems to popular amongst the illegals and jihadis, I'd say the liberal cucks own more of that. Europe was the breading ground for the two most destructive wars in human history. I'm not sure why leftist tend to to hold it in such high regard. The American model was a success and it works pretty well, I couldn't care less about some semi socialist craphole in Europe and thank god most real Americans feel this way too. Sorry, just cause some voted doesn't mean Republicans own the voting block - Blacks for example. It's clear which party has their whip on the backs of those people and it ain't the Republican party. Maybe this is how it's justified. Some doctors treat mother and baby as two lives. I don't know, I'm not a liberal so can't answer. Maybe this logic is what hood rats on the streets of Chicago use to off each other everyday in the name of black lives matter. Or what Jihadis use to go Muhamma-Boom other people. Whatever it is, conservative women are too morale, intelligent, classy and caring to see it that way. The liberal sluts specialize in killing babies so that explains it I assume, no different from a mole, thanks. If you are inclined to fail, low intelligence, no work ethic and drain on society - then yes, America is not the best place for you. Canada is much more suitable I guess or perhaps even Cuba or North Korea - whatever the socialist taste is at the moment. There will always be a top 1%, it's math - libtards must accept that. There are people I know that make 30K a year in the US and they are happy. I remember being poor but still loved this country, it's something un-explainable that makes America great, it's difficult to articulate to a liberal. Oddly enough, foreigners from the world over sometimes get it and come here to be successful. Who gives a flying * about Chad or Bhutan? lol I don't know anyone in their right mind that would prefer to go to these craphole countries. (I'm sure Bhutan is not that bad, being harsh.) You can cite benchmarks all you want but people aren't going for it. Wish the libtards would all go move there though and do everyone a favor - but let me guess, the party of hypocrites won't dare do that. I know illegal immigration can't be stopped 100%. I'm sure some Mexican mole will find some way to get in. However, I want to dramatically reduce the flow - a wall would certainly help, motion detected automatic turrets on the walls would help even more. Right and I have droves of Blacks and Jihadis claiming to be Republican that will vote for Trump in 2020. /sarcasm
  10. The unemployment rate is at a historical low, the economy is doing well and people are happy because jobs are abundant... at least for conservatives who are willing to work. So not sure what you are on about but if you are investing right, there is plenty money to be made. More echo chamber talk. People can whine and cry about casinos all day, but a smart businessman knows when to get out. Re-sharing failed casino on facebook over and over again is preciously why liberals didn't see their defeat coming in 2016. Creating and building businesses is hard work and sometimes you fail. It's only for the ambitious, hence no socialists or minimum wage fools are trying their hand here. Again, intellect and liberal don't go together period. Liberalism is a mental disorder, plain and simple. Sorry but no. Teaching your child to identify as one of an unlimited number of genders is sick. Teaching your kid to not work and live off the government is pathetic. Teaching your kid to kill their unborn off-spring is pitiful. I was born in America and have never heard of anyone using this term. If anything, I heard derogatory terms being used by liberals to attack other liberals. Blacks calling other blacks the N word, Indians abusing each other based on skin color or state of origin, even East Asians talking down to South East Asians, Muslims hating Jews etc. Interestingly, doing some research on the coolie term, it's used quite heavily by blacks in the Caribbean to abuse people of Indian origin in Trinidad or Guyana. This has nothing to do with America period. The right doesn't play any card, they don't have such a mentality. All cards from the race card to the sex card are exclusivity held by and played by liberals period. Why count only legal immigration channels? What about the millions of illegals flooding in? Nobody else has that problem on such a scale. Just cause you found some Nazi posers online who are advocating for European immigration, doesn't make it a conservative problem. Though they do have a point, I would take hordes of westerners who have something more to offer than Jihad or fruit picking any day. If your country is going to get screwed you might as well pick the best people to screw you. I gave you examples of why these people would be in the same political party. In America, you don't have a choice you either vote with the socialist cucks in the Democrat party or the Patriots in the Republican party. An Industrialist and a "9-5er" have a host of other reasons to align. The biggest reason being not to let a crazy socialist become President and try to destroy the country which the industrialist and the 9-5er happen to share. The "experience of democracy in Europe" isn't worth crap. Not sure if you are serious, those voting blocks are dominated by the Democrat slave plantation especially Blacks of all incomes, ages, geographies and specialties. From hood rats to football and basketball players. They are the masters of the race card after all, without them the Democrats don't win squat. And illegal immigrants are the bread and butter for the anchor baby scheme that will ensure millions of Democrat votes to come in the future. Sorry but they don't make up the conservative spectrum in the political sense that is. ... Not even sure how to respond but no surprise. Interestingly, my position on this issue has swayed recently as no morale conservative woman would ever kill her baby. So why should I care? I certainly don't take the Christian position on this. Baby killing is reserved in large numbers for the classless feminist or the hood rat. The same hood rat who kills her baby but then goes out to protest about how Black lives matter. It's funny I guess. Not sure why this matters or why some arbitrary income percentage influences how someone is allowed to think, but I'll entertain. While I do happen to be in the top 1%, I remember when I wasn't even in the top 50%. My values did not change, and the same goes for millions of others. That is what makes American exceptionalism and the American dream true and great. Yes, I know a liberal will never believe it but as I've already established - they tend to not achieve much at all in their lifetime. Living off of government aid will propel you nowhere regardless of which country you live in. Agreed it is a blessing and a curse. However, the curse could be resolved if the majority of illegals could be shipped back to where they came from. There are much better people out there that could have their spots. After all, whats better than a brain drain? A much larger brain drain. So some liberal psycho has "research" on this? And you expect me to care and take that seriously? The liberals even admit and brag about their control of the media and culture. This is no secret or debate so I'm not sure what you are trying to argue. The right has only managed to keep hold of the economic structure, that's it.
  11. It makes sense that you don't follow US politics, I was unsure how you could and not know what's actually going on in America. Trump is unlike any other President, this is true. He has also managed to accomplish so much in very little time, the US economy is roaring after a long time. I'm not sure what the issue is about the casino, doesn't matter if it failed or was successful. He has had many successful ventures and some failures but that's how business works. Things don't just fall into your lap without effort, it takes hard work and you have to be willing to fail. If you want to talk about a president who brought shame to America and is a literal piece of ****, go do some research on Obama. Warning: avoid any picture of his wife if you can call it that. Moochelle is one angry mean looking dude that can hurt your eyes. Liberal and intellect don't belong in the same sentence. Conservatism has remained pretty static in ideology - which make sense if you think about it. The only ones developing **** to feed to the next generation are the leftist idiots. Who knows what gender or animal they will identify as tomorrow and declare its normal. Those labels are hardly used in mainstream circles. I'm not sure what the hell a coolie even is but Americans certainly don't use that term. However, it is typical for libtards to whine about white people, that at least is common. Western liberals for sure yes. That is the de-facto way of winning or losing any conversation they have. I imagine that it would be no different in a country like India. A liberal there could easily play the victim card with their caste or ethnic group perhaps? Sure it's a different tactic but same concept. Agreed that pro-birth is more accurate in this regard. However in the US the mainstream term is still pro-life. Disagree that it's anti-immigration as a whole though. However given the absolute **** that America has been importing, I can see why there would be preference to vet people closely. Why import a bunch of islamist to push Sharia in the US when we can bring in peaceful Jews? I wouldn't be surprised if this stance sways the most in the coming years as we deal with the fallout of importing everyone and their mom over decades past. No other country imports on such a scale, middle east refugees stare and drop their jaw as a western woman walks past them on the street. Stunned by the fact that they are not enslaved under the garb of a ninja suit in the boiling sun and free to roam as they please. That is not accurate either. Ideology is more complex than just money, do you think wage earners are not capitalist? Do you think capitalist entrepreneurs are not religious? In my previous post I went over some of the positions that make up conservationism. Someone might just believe marriage in between a man and woman, another might believe he has the right to protect himself and his family, another might not want to pay high taxes. All of them would put you on the same side of the political scale here and there isn't anything wrong with that. The liberal left is a cesspool of chaos on the other hand - nowhere else do we have elitist west coasters, islamic terrorists and sympathizers, homosexuals, rich celebrities, poor blacks, illegal immigrants, anarchists, native Americans, communists, baby killers, porn stars etc. on the same damn side. They also tend to contradict each other on many issues, it's one hell of a **** show. American exceptionalism is not a echo chamber. I will tell you right now that I believe America is the greatest country in the world. The problem is, everyone from every **** hole country on earth generally believes America is the greatest too. Even the libtards who promised leave the country after Trump was elected won't because they know it too That's why we have so much people that want to come to America. Trust me, I wish it wasn't true and America was viewed as the foremost "laggot" so the country wouldn't be under siege from illegal immigrants invading the country on a scale not seen anywhere in modern history. This is why echo chambers are a liberal phenomena, it's difficult to comprehend or understand the truth when everything around you is false information that is repeated until you believe it. The fake news helps drives these echo chambers and controls all the mainstream new outlets in the country. Liberals don't need to think to hate, they are given the tools via their social circles, the internet and even TV news.
  12. This kind of thinking is driven out of the liberal echo chamber. People are trapped inside of it and they don't realize it. Trump has done and accomplished more in his lifetime than any welfare reliant hood rat could ever hope to. Though you would never realize it because literally all liberals can do is whine and cry about how bad he is. They are truly NPC's - just mindless idiots reiterating what other mindless idiots say. Echo chambers simply do not effect conservatives or people of true intellect because they can see around bullshit. Conservatives don't label you racist/sexist/homophobic/Nazi etc and then say because of that your point must be dismissed. That is how the left wins arguments, they make it taboo to state the other side. The stance on conservative issues remains relatively the same that its always been - pro-hetro, anti-tax, pro-life, anti-terror, anti-illegal immigration, pro-death penalty, pro-military, pro-America etc. The same can not be said for the leftist cucks diving straight into the arms of communism. The echo chambers would have them believe that Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea are the perfect paradises.
  13. 1) Yes, correct. 2) It's not an Internet phenomena. There are massive groups of people that live on the elitist coasts of the US that have some kind of "orange man bad" derangement syndrome. You can go to any college campus, women's march, gay bar or ghetto and see the same themes. Not only do they believe the garbage they create, they preach it to non-believers as well. And if you don't believe it, you must be a racist, sexist, homophobic Nazi. They are as intolerant as a bunch of Islamists beheading Jews or Hindus who won't convert. Yet they believe they are the tolerant ones because they live in these echo chambers of fake news. They are shocked and appalled to hear that other people may believe something different. During the US 2016 election, I managed to convince some idiots that I was a socialist just like them. I played my minority card (cause there is no way I could be a crazy ring winger) and told them to write-in Harambe when they went to vote. Most of the people in the echo chamber believed that there was NO WAY that Trump could win so I took advantage of the situation. I lol'd when I received snapchats of these idiots actually doing it and later found out that commies all over America got coaxed into this. However, by then it was too late. The beta males were in a state of mourning come Nov 9 2016, along with their filthy media outlets. Point is that this that echo chambers are real and libtards in the US are caught up in it perhaps way more than others.
  14. Cricket_2_Death

    Indian airforce conducts airstrikes across the border.

    Great to see this happen, but we should strike again. Rub it in their face!

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