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  1. Rate Saha the keeper

    Keeping wise he is easily twice the keeper dhoni was ..Truly exceptional technique .
  2. What a start by bhuvi ..beautiful ball to get guptil out .
  3. You are basically arsenal of IPL ...the permanent bottlers which given the owner makes sense
  4. thanks for being cool really long tournament so there should be enough matches for everyone ..:)
  5. i merged them.. there are many matches to go @sourab10forever you can make next one .
  6. Wait Is Over! Tahir Shah Is Back...

    so about that bet.. @SLICKR392 @adi B
  7. Simmons ruled out. MI rope in Guptill : The boss has arrived.

    have to say this is brilliant signing...
  8. but he jsut scored odi 100 in asutralia and won game even he cannot drop him after that
  9. now six by gambhir against left arm spinner ...still doing a ganguly :P

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