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  1. you should see one of his counterattack last season...he made premier league midfiled look like joke.
  2. Old guy

    SIXes of the tournament

    love the fact that indian players like kl and pant are easily able to hammer quicks. i hope pandya improves at it too and we can have very gun finishers in future ( if rahul bats at 4 )
  3. yes its much easier to keep if ball does not go up and down and pitch isnt two paced. also unlike in england ball does not move a lot after passing batsman..even kl rahul for example looked decent here but he will struggle a lot in more difficult conditions as keeper.
  4. Old guy

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    you deserve it for team RISS
  5. Old guy

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    RACISM! after batting at 8
  6. Old guy

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    yes the grunt work of site.
  7. Old guy

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    should be site banner :D
  8. Old guy

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    any example of cheating ?
  9. Old guy

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    but he is performing and has almost scored 300 runs and got 18 wickets. even for india imo his bowling won 2 odis in south africa and he already performed before on flatter tracks..i dont know what more people expect from number6 or 7 in batting line up but he does his job well enough and for mumbai was most important player overall. more consistency will come with age but he is already a matchwinner and he is so valuable cos of that.
  10. Old guy

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    this is another guy who gets hate cos of how he behaves rather than how he performs also mumbai hate.
  11. Old guy

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    pandya over one of karthik and dhoni as it makes no sense to have 3 keepers and both of them do same job with bat so pick one you prefer. i think current karthik is better player than current dhoni so i will pick him otherwise very good side.
  12. stop saying kl rahul as he is makeshift keeper and it would hurt him long term if this continues as batsman. he should make team as batsman in top order.
  13. Old guy

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    most experts calling him mr360 now and comparing with abdv. just a slap on faces on icf experts to end league phase of ipl. i hope i never have to read this crap on this site again.
  14. Old guy

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    there is nothing left to say just see his first boundary and it was well timed drive on offside. stupidity on this site really has gotten out of hand.
  15. Old guy

    BCCI selectors got brutally exposed in this IPL

    he clearly had lot of hunger for sure as his career nosedived as his weight increased.
  16. maniac stop jinxing!
  17. Old guy

    Chinnaswamy chinna stadium !!!

    lock the thread OP ...you have been slain.
  18. Old guy

    THIS IS PUNJAB's YEAR. You read it here first: 2018

    Just put the infinity sign in the thread title already
  19. Old guy

    KL Rahul's batting is absolute treat to watch

    Samson is my favourite (elegance wise ) from this new generation.
  20. you sound like rick and morty fan
  21. Old guy

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    i have not read such stuff maybe cos i am inactive but seriously best to ignore such idiots who call indian legend a fixer but for *s sake dont bring youngsters into this crap. honestly i find this entire leg side hack agenda against pant disgusting and how it gained traction while completely ignoring whats happening on field and i see clear correlation with people talking about dhoni and people bringing this up. it is disgusting double agenda of people and people being idiots and disrespecting dhoni does not justify this. what most of you people did was not discuss technique of pant for test or call it slight issue or problem people straight up called him a hack and no you using "hack " for dhoni does not change the meaning of that word. we all know what hack means and you and i know both know it was uncalled for and based not on performance but other reasons.
  22. Old guy

    Flop Sharma

    yep but some of his decisions strategically have paid off like playing 5 bowlers so by hit and miss over time we should atleast be better than before it just might be frustrating journey till we reach that
  23. Old guy

    Flop Sharma

    i am not that paranoid tbh lol even those shady things have happened at very individual level with players and if you use that as example then you cannot be sure with international cricket too or other sports. i think its difficult to be new captain of new side and find correct balance.. ashwin pisses me off cos he found correct balance and than gave it away for sake of being innovative while rahane is taking too long to get it right which i think he will in near future. i hope same is true for kohli and he learns from his past lessons and improves but i dont think there is standout captain here other than williamson who has luxury of having most dangerous bowler in his line up and steady quicks.
  24. Old guy

    How good a skipper MS Dhoni is?

    2 matches vs entire ipl you know who else struggled against mighty bangla on debut ? i will let you take a guess!

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