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  1. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    not more stupid than inability to read thread which has 6 lines.
  2. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    The red bus is parked
  3. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    Lol Everton equalise ..
  4. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    Do you want me to give gaali here ,plastic ?
  5. Never said that is not disgusting .
  6. Smart phone on this black friday

    Honestly if you don’t want the absolutely best why not go for something like one plus ? you end up saving lot of money and yes I realise this answer might be bit late but you get 90 percent of high end device at 50 percent price ..
  7. Am I the only one slightly disgusted ? all for loving animals but uhh
  8. 1st ODI (D/N). Sri Lanka Vs India , Dharamshala. Dec 10 2017

    Why do we have so many Sri Lanka Odis ?
  9. Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    Shut up virgin.
  10. Isn’t to much more complicated than chess ? atleast from point of view of ai it’s much more difficult to program or make it learn so this makes sense .
  11. Anyone else experiencing layout distortion on ICF

    Try clearing cookies of this site or even cache . you will have to log in again but if it’s issue only you are facing then this should fix it temporarily .
  12. Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    Merge the threads @velu aka loser mod http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/104761-kohli-and-anushka-to-get-married-next-week-in-italy-reports/
  13. Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    Is it ok to call a moderator c word ??
  14. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    United must win the game this Sunday to have a title race.. biggest game of season son as this might decide wheather city win title or others have chance .
  15. Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    Sticky this .. this is bigger than royal wedding and all that crap.
  16. Vinay Kumar stakes his claim for south Africa.

    We need experienced bowler to lead the side just like Zakk did before . this guy has bowled at Perth and bats well and captains his side..
  17. Can Root do it which Kohli couldn't?

    when you go full bipolar.
  18. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Lately faster than Umesh
  19. 2nd Test IND v SL | Nagpur

    350 target ? That should be more than enough ..
  20. This next session decides the game with root in 30s
  21. Has played FC matches. Still it takes some time to get full rhythm back
  22. No one even crossed 145.These guys were talking about being like Johnson. Just crossed 146.. heard he is coming back from injury and that will explain it ..
  23. OnePlus 5T

    so its confirmed it uses samsung display but at 1080p..its more than good enough even if sharpness is compromised ... this looks like best android device to buy currently other than samsung stuff but just dont expect camera to be best. this is what pixel should have been with better camera.

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