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  1. I don't think it is such a bad idea to make preparations for an away tour with sporting pitches, though I firmly believe that we wont get a green top in south Africa, the pitches would be hard and bouncy ones moreover, but this is a good initiative by the board, brings an element of entertainment and makes a test match a real test in testing conditions, but I will tell you what is a stupid idea, its the idea of playing Srilanka.
  2. Its unfair to say Sehwag Only scored on Flat Pitches, because he has scoreed centuries in NZ, South Africa, Australia, and Srilanka in extreme spin friendly conditions when mendis was wrecking havoc, but you give sehwag a flat pitch and he will murder you and bat the opposition out of the game by socring real quick, Man for All Conditions has to be Rahul Dravid, Followed by SRT & Che Pu in recent times.
  3. All i remember of him is him being smacked by Hussey first, then Kohli, then yuvi....Afghanis are exporting too much of their afeem to the padosi nation i beleive, they all are living in the delusion that the world is scared of them, First it was Akhtar and now this Joker.
  4. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    Shastri Knows that if he continues his Chaatugiri towards Dhoni & Kohli, his Job is Safe, After all who pays 8 Crs. along with Free Travel, Luxurious Accommodations, bikini babes for doing nothing and spewing occasional rubbish. For this if he has to wake up every morning and lick dhonis $hite Stained @$$, he shouldnt complain...
  5. Dhoni Chalisa !!!

    Don't get me wrong but your name suggest that you are capable of anything..
  6. 337-Isn't this what Pandurang Promised in Pune?

    Cricket in India is a Paisa Chapo Machine more than a sport, so anything is possible
  7. Contenders - (You can add up) - My top picks Evin Lewis Tom Latham Chris Lyn Shai Hope Peter Handscombe Henry Nichols Babar Azam
  8. Dhoni Chalisa !!!

    Bhaiya 'Hasthamaithun' ke samay bhi Mahi Mahi kar lete ho kya..
  9. There's also a good chance that the likes of KL, Iyer, Pant would be selected.
  10. Absolutely agree with dada, not one can beat Ganguly in terms of having an "eye" for talent. BCCI should seriously consider making Ganguly the Head of Selectors.
  11. MSK PRASAD is a bigger joke as a selector than he was a keeper
  12. Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz approached by a bookie

    Good Job Sarfaraz, But i hate the way he monitors his troops on field, if there was ever an opposite of Dhoni (Mr. Cool), it is this lad, but i think thats how the Pakistani Current lot of cricketers are, Laato ke Bhoot baaton se nahi mante.
  13. Pakistan will play in ICC world leagues only if India honours MoU

    You should say it is the other way around, there is no biggger win for Pakistan against India than the Champions Trophy Final, where in we have been enjoying the series of thrashing we have been handing over to your team day in and day out, you can cherish your champions trophy final win, because you have nothing else to write home about.
  14. Pakistan will play in ICC world leagues only if India honours MoU

    Because we like to beat the $hite out of you in ICC events.

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