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  1. 10 anniversary of Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes

    Legend, never get bored of this video.
  2. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    Not possible till he breaks up with kohli or Kohli finds love in another man !
  3. World XL vs Pakistan 3rd game.Sep 15,2017 at Lahore

    Faf Winning the Toss and Putting Pakistan in, Phixeddddd
  4. World XL vs Pakistan 3rd game.Sep 15,2017 at Lahore

    haha thanks for clearing this up, i read virat's name in the crowd somewhere, but the camera wasn't focused on him long enough, thats some India Obsession!
  5. Congratulations to the Pakistani brothers on return of Intl Cricket in their country after a decade Long Yearning. Hope that you are able to provide a safe environment to the touring Cricketers and this brings allot of joy and happiness in your country, and also send out a strong message to the budding terrorists in your den. Having said this, realistically, who will be the first touring Country to play a full tour in Pakistan? My take is Sri Lanka, their board has already expressed interest a few times in spite of being the primary victim of the attack, followed by Bangladesh and Zimbabwe since they have already toured once. Though I doubt Countries Like Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies will risk playing a full series in Pakistan yet. India playing in Pakistan is not even a debate. Pakistan should look to host PSL in Pakistan next and hope that foreign players agree to play there, which will be a big step forward after the Independence Cup Series. Kudos !!
  6. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Dhoni's experience might come handy in WC 2019 but i dont see any purpose behind the selection of Jadhav & Rahane, and they must be replaced with M Pandey and anyone else other than Rahane.
  7. If there was to be a 4th format in cricket- What would it be?

    Under Arm Box Cricket
  8. WTF shot is this !!!

    F'cuk All Shot !
  9. BK is like a long term SIP, he had dip in his graph in the middle part of his career, but bounced back beautifully, and he is bowling quite well since the Champions Trophy, we need someone to fill the void left by Zaheer Khan as a leader of the bowling attack, i think BK has the potential and Brains to be a successor of ZAK.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar was an admirer of Javed Miandad too, so does that make him any lesser of a legend or a player? See the difference is you and I hate Javen Miandad for Non- Cricketing reasons, but some one who's played the game in real will have a liking for a him purely for cricketing reasons alone, now the arguments remains, should virat have put Miandads Name on this Sign Board? Probably Not for Political reasons, Personally i never understood the hype around Inzamam Ul Haq, i feel he is highly over rated, but Virat might not think the same, so to each its own.
  11. Virat Kohli has a huge fan following in Pakistan, and there is not harm in mutual admiration, keep the sanghi mentality away from cricket.
  12. This ad is ******* great !!!

    I am not defining the character but purely speaking up against the kinky message that this add is giving to the masses.
  13. Pollard pulls off a "Lankan" tactic

    Love the way west indies cricket is moving forward, they are churning out some classy players off lately, with better administration it wont be too far for west indies to be one of the top 5 ranked teams, well on subject, this is unethical from pollard and done in poor spirits, just shows why he is not the best west indian player on field in spite of possessing all physical attributes.
  14. This ad is ******* great !!!

    So if the seller is targeting some sex starved tharki buyers, who ll think that they will get laid instantly after buying this deodrant then god bless them, this add and this product is calling it loud, "Cheap", cheap product, cheap ad, cheap models, cheap buyers!

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