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  1. Who would you want as a coach, A ferocious Rottweiler or a Well Trained Pomeranian
  2. One Fixed Tournament Champion to The other
  4. Kumble takes over from Shastri, Shastri Takes over from Kumble, Koi Mujhe batayega yeh kya ho raha hai ?
  5. Oh poor baby, Trying to provoke me eh? Let me break it down for you "budhau" khan saheb, the thing is, when our board earns profit, we invest in school cricket, academies, cricket at the grass root levels, ICL's & IPL's, but when you earn profit's, you put your money in the pockets of Lashkar's & Jaish e- Mohammed's of your country, Isn't the domestic structure of your country pathetic and gone to the dogs? Maybe the reason why you churn out "gali nukkad " type of cricketers and make them captains of your country, and we churn out sophisticated and polished players like Kohli, Dravid etc who have made their mark from school cricket . Its evident that you are butt hurt since no country tours you, and you are venting it out with your Jihadi mentality on us, not working I am afraid, "aagey jaao chutta nahi hai "!
  6. Rahane Rohit Kohli Shastri Gang Bang...
  7. Wont be surprised if he features in a bollywood movie after his retirement around the age of 35
  8. any videos ?
  9. I apologise on behalf of Dhoni to Fakhar Sobers
  10. Chalo Daawat mein yeh bhi aa gaye muft ki rotiya todne ke liye!! Kumble was more of a Head master for these so called rock stars, now the more deserving players will get side-lined and talwe chaatus like Rahane & Rohit will be the elites of the Indian Team, I think Shastri's role will be of a Babu , arrange for Girls & Cocaine for the players, keep them safe guarded from the cosh, negotiate on rates to fix more matches like the Champions Trophy, I so miss those days when we were not a super giant of the Cricketing World. Indian Cricket is certainly on a downward spiral since the appointment of Kohli as captain, and now this Joker Shastri
  11. I would replace Krunal Pandya with Yuvraj Singh, This will be like killing two birds with one arrow, 1 ) I Kick Yuvis Lousy lil butt out of the team 2) This Alerts Jadeja and puts his " I am Invincible" tag in danger, that he now stops taking things for granted and starts delivering on a regular basis.
  12. Basically "L" Lag Gaye Batting Line up ke !
  13. They should have sent India B team, an entire new 11 from the champions trophy squad, but yeh Chut%^^ board ko kon samjhaye !!
  14. Punjabi Connection, He feels like they are his long lost cousins !
  15. Rubbish Thread, if you cant take a defeat on your chin then you have no right to celebrate their victories, Yes we made blunders, right from board room to the cricket field, but this has nothing to do with the defeat. Grow your mind, for all you know these guys celebrated pakistan's victory in the hotel together, got drunkd, laughed, bitched about their boards, you cant sit in front of your computer and whine about everything and anything.