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  1. Washed up players watch

    This Thread is about washed up players in the "IPL", Ashwin is a Very good Test Player, but he is not a run away performer at the IPL. In my opinion he feels in secured about his spot in the Indian Team and is trying too many options. He has already lost his spot in the ODI's and not too far from losing his spot in Tests (away to begin with). He is not the youngest or the fittest, so fits perfectly in the parameters of OP. I used the best IPL XI as a hypothesis just to prove that all these players have never been the best players in the IPL and certainly not in the all time IPL XI.
  2. Washed up players watch

    Believe me even if you try to make an all time IPL 11, neither of the gun players you mentioned above would feature in it.
  3. Purely based on IPL performance Sanju Samson is ready to take over Dhoni as a Wk/Batsman in the Indian Team. Bats with a sense of calm energy and clean striker of the ball. Should have already played in the Indian T20 Team ahead of Pant atleast. Samson > Pant > Kishan, rightly deserves a spot.
  4. Washed up players watch

    Ravi Ashwin, cant bat, cant bowl, cant field, over smart speaker, knows about game but cant do jack $hite. Mohit Sharma was only good against another old washed up team mate for one over. The Universe Boss, one match wonder, soon to be The Universe Chaprasi. Also the same old IPL Kachrapatti inclusive of Amit Mishra, Piyush Chawla, Ambati Rayudu, Vinay Kumar and a new entrant Vijay Shankar.
  5. Vinnie Kumar the legend

  6. Vinnie Kumar the legend

    duplicate post*
  7. Vinnie Kumar the legend

    I don't hate many people but i get furious at the sight of this midget hopping towards the popping crease to his delivery stride. I feel like shooting him through my television screen just when I see him in bowling pivot. I wish BCCI sends him to play for World XI against Pakistan in Pakistan and Hafiz Saeed conspires to kidnap this midget in exchange of Kashmir, India refuses and denies Pakistan Kashmir, asking them to hang him or shoot him, Pakistan Kills him, this gives a chance to India to Declare a War against Pakistan, India wins POK and Lahore and most of the Lahori Pakistani Punjabi phaaast bowlers are now representing India. Desh aur cricket ki aadhi samasya hal.
  8. Batsmen who needs to eat some meat !!!

    That's over exaggeration right there.
  9. Batsmen who needs to eat some meat !!!

    The only way Rahane could cross the boundary ropes is when he gets out and returns to the pavilion. I see no hope for him as a power hitter, you feed him one buffalo, One Pig, One Wilder beast, he ll still struggle to time the ball.
  10. IPL Matches To Be Shifted Out Of Chennai

    I wish it was moved to Dindigul, one of the most scenic stadiums in the country. Its like a small hidden treasure island....
  11. Bumrah is overrated

    He is a going in the right direction in terms of his career, turning out to be a better test bowler than circus cricket. Sure he had an off day and couldn't find the Yorker length the other day. It happens with greatest of bowlers.
  12. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Yeh Karma hai yeh sab kuch jaanta hai, Booted out the seniors from the Indian team when they were out of form, abhi bahot chappal pad rahi hai S@*# ko !
  13. Very insensitive thread, op is deriving from wild uncontrolled emotions
  14. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Australia, New Zealand, England, India.
  15. Saeed Anwar

    Definitely a very classy batsman, Always scored against us. In a Batting line up of hacks like Ijaz Ahmed, Salim Malik, Amir Sohail, he stood out as a class act. Seemed like a nice dude too, poor guy had a very sorry end to his career.

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