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  1. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Digging into too many things are we, had the results been 2-0 in indias favour, this thread wouldnt have existed and Kohli would have already been termed as a biggest God after Lord Shiva.
  2. Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Calling him worst ever is a bit too harsh, but he sure has the worst temperament for a leader, angry leaders make for dictators, theres a thin line between a leader and a dictator, kohli is surely the latter, he is not a matured person, he lacks qualities of a good leader, i.e ownership, sensibility, and calmness.
  3. Shameless comments, this guy is not cut out to be the captain of the National side, sack his a$$ as captain warna yeh puri Indian cricket ko le dubega.
  4. Shastri can give you a good advise on whiskey mein soda kitna daalna hai
  5. Can't depend on Shami.

    Shami and his rhythym is like a throw of dice, sometimes you get a six, other times you get a one.
  6. This thread displays a defeatist mentality, not good signs for the fans of a Team which is no.1 in the ICC rankings, well firstly to answer your questions, No, we wouldn't have won with or without ABD. In fact ABD is yet to find his feet in the series, and if he plays to his full potential then we could have kissed the series a good bye right from first test. What's more scary is, Virat has played the innings of his life in tough conditions and yet facing a defeat, we are in the course of losing the series due to poor squad selection, team selection, improper planning, lack of practice games, Pujara's poor form, below average catching and obnoxious keeping from pappu.
  7. We will dominate world cricket . Talent coming through is crazy

    This is the best chance for Kohli to be a real hero, a respectable mentor like figure in Indian Cricket who identifies talent, gives them a chance, backs them, builds the Team from scratchs, Something which Ganguly did in his tenure after the match fixing surfaced. But will he able to do it? probably not, thinking of him playing favoritism and displaying extensive emotions out in the field.
  8. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    With all that he has done in this test and the past, he owes Indian fans the innings of his life and save some grace for himself, but the guy who chickens away with a sight of catch must be $hitting bricks in his pants when he sees Rabada charging in to launch rockets on him on day 5, i remember the dialogue from GOW "tumse na ho payi"
  9. Is it a bird, no it's Saha! Is it a catch, no it's Parthiv!

    If Saha has been dropped for reasons other than injury, then this karma will come back to bite hard in the @$$ of virushka and shastri..
  10. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    Why is he even in the squad while rishab pant is scoring fastest t20 hundreds in venus vs mars on Jupiter?
  11. The ghost has returned to haunt us again, the drop machine Sir Parthiv Patel, reminiscing the memories of 2003 Australian series, this guy doesn't just drop catches, he drops big moments in the game, he drops momentum, he drops morale, he drops everyones shoulders, the worse keeper behind the stumps to have played for the country, its a shame that our cricket just doesn't move ahead, but we choose to take 3 steps backwards by going back to tried and tested failures like DiKhead and Parthiv Patel.
  12. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    So much for the lazy Elegance that he looks late on every short outside the subcontinent, they say he has allot of time to play the ball, but don't have the time to read a trundling in dipper from Philander only to edge it back on to the stumps. They say he is the most talented batsman this country has ever produced, the irony is he cant produce runs...So much for the lazy elegance i say, that better batters have been lazily elegantly sidelined for the love of GOD.
  13. India's baptism with fire - twitter erupts

    Hype Alert...
  14. This is what happens when you have bevda as the head coach and virushka as captain, this match is doomed even before the first ball is bowled.

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