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  1. Men of Character? you should watch Fallen Heroes, the tehelka cricket sting operation, Kapil Dev is a biggest goon and was a Gunda of Indian Cricket. Documentary potrays what happens when one person holds too much power in Indian Cricket.
  2. Sean Bradley

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    Needs to work on his batting allot, needs a major overhaul on his mental game, team cannot afford the likes of KL Rahul VJ Shankar etc who are meek and lack mental toughness to survive Intl cricket.
  3. Sean Bradley

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    Yes absolutely lazy rule making, it would have been interesting if the boundaries were equal too, what would happen in that case ?
  4. Sean Bradley

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    Newzealand are the certified bridesmaid of Cricket, they will always lurk around the semifinals of the ICC tournaments, hopefully they will win someday just like England did.
  5. Sean Bradley

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    Bevans run a ball sixty vs Afridis 17 balls 50, what is more valuable? Such hypothesis can go on endlessly. NZ scored 20 runs in last 18 balls, no one stopped them from scoring boundaries, just that they ended up being on the wrong side of the rule. The rule was set before the world cup started, not that i am trying to defend ICC here, rule was there for everyone and no one should complain but abide by it. At the end of the day, cricket is a game of boundaries and sixes.
  6. Sean Bradley

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    The idea behind this rule is basically who showed more intent while batting, the one who batted with intent won the match.
  7. Sean Bradley

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Back stage : Moeen Bhai to Rashid Bhai : "Chal baam apna anta nikal aur roll kar"
  8. Sean Bradley

    Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    Kitne bhi club bana lo, Ghanta fark padta Hai, Kohli is not going anywhere, though i would personally love to see him bring stripped of captaincy on an immediate basis.
  9. End this Joke of a league please, nuke BCCI i say.
  10. Rayudu should have never been in contention at first place, we missed the boat even before rayudu to be fair, we had ample time to groom a youngster, but instead we played musical chair at #4 with iyer, pandey, raydu and god knows what not before pushing rishabh pant into the water and asking him to learn to swim.
  11. Sean Bradley

    England Will Win the World Cup!!

    England are deserving winners, but it would be refreshing to see Williamson lift the trophy on Sunday, it will be a massive boost for cricket as neither of them has won it before.
  12. Sean Bradley

    India's repeated top order collapse against NZ

    2003 is the only face saver but even that victory has been over shadowed by yesterdays loss, we were in great form in this WC and they were in a downward spiral coming into the match, but they still managed to sneak in marginally.
  13. Sean Bradley

    India's repeated top order collapse against NZ

    Not only the top order collapse, NZ has been Indias Nemesis in all of the ICC tournaments and it is seriously worrying me, on almost all occasions we have gone as favourites against them but they somehow manage to crawl their way to a victory in a spooky way.
  14. The best Clutch player from India was out injured in the 2nd game, if anyone was expecting Kohli to be a clutch player after his past travesties is making a fool of himself. Chootiya was again found laughing around in the dressing room when we were 92/6 doing a bit of drama with Bewda in his wet panties. In the history of Indian cricket the best batman in our team was never the best player to captain the side, be it Gavaskar, Tendulkar, or Kohli.
  15. Sean Bradley

    Lataji requests dhoni to carry on playing for india

    Lataji wants Dhoni to walk in her own NaksheKadam, Prolonging career after well being past your prime to come down nose dipping heading for a crash.

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