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  1. Bangladeshi player kicking rail on the way to dressing room

    Firstly Mahmadullah is not your child that you are trying to tame and control, we have seen worse offences on cricket field than this, this is barely anything, he was annoyed with himself an kicked the railing on the way. No one needs to defend anything, because no one cares.
  2. Bangladeshi player kicking rail on the way to dressing room

    Op is blowing things out of proportion, OK India has won the Nidahas Trophy, now move on, give your Bangladesh Hatred a break.
  3. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    score board suggests that this could well be the best match of PSL 3.
  4. Rafi vs. Kishore- the best singer??

    There is no comparison between the two, every artist is unique in his style and caricature. They all had huge respect for each other, and fans are disrespecting them by putting them on the board and compare. While i would say that Rafi was a trained classical singer, Kishore Kumar was more naturally gifted and a genius, who could not only sing, but act, write, and direct. Rafi was a gem and had the most soulful soothing voice. Better enjoy their legacy than compare.

    What's with MRF and their bat sponsorship, do they select Legendary batsmen to offer sponsorship, some name that i can think on top of my mind. SACHIN TENDULKAR (defined MRF with his Straight Drives) STEVE WAUGH BRIAN LARA VIRAT KOHLI AB DE VILLIERS SHIKHAR DHAWAN Please add names if i am missing any. Is it that whoever MRF sponsors goes on to be one of the ATG'S of Cricket? Also predict the future batters who will go on to win MRF bat sponsorship. Prithvi Shaw & Shubman Gill both will have a fair shot someday i think.
  6. Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    Again, cross batted hoicks on the leg side, no real plan, straight from Pakistan School of Batting, if you are consistently failing against Bangladesh & Sri lanka, you are slowly closing doors on yourself as a contingent for Dhoni's spot, especially with tough competition around in Ishan Kishen & Sanju Samson.
  7. DK > Pant

    How can a DiK be > Pant ? What are you, a Polychronopoulos Dwarf ?
  8. Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    Because its his last wish before he collapses on the field and fate beckons. Kisi maasom aadmi ki aakhri khwaish bhi puri nahi hone dete yeh ICF wale
  9. Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    Still a unfinished product at the intl level, i think Ishan Kishen will do better than him if given an opportunity.
  10. I'm gonna smoke'a de ganja until I go blind / You know I smoke'a de ganja all a de time / Smoke'a de ganja when I'm with friends / We gonna smoke'a de ganja until the very end.
  11. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Pakistanis doesn't have it in them to run a T20 League of their own, firstly to run a successful T20 league, the country needs to produce quality batters, their batsmen are at par with the club batters of Mumbai, also the event being held in UAE is hurting them, the crowd turn up is very poor, the pitches even poorer. Overall, i feel sorry for them to be honest. But you only reap what you sow.
  12. Sreenath Aravind announces first class retirement

    So is Aravind.
  13. Sreenath Aravind announces first class retirement

    What's your take on Pankaj Singh?
  14. Sreenath Aravind announces first class retirement

    I know Javagal Sreenath, post that the karnataka pace factory has gone on strike. Btw, Tumhe tumhare Peeny Qumar aur Arvind Mubarak ho .
  15. Sreenath Aravind announces first class retirement

    Well i don't have to know the who's who of Karnataka cricket, how many of you know players from West Bengal, Kerela, Maharashtra? I don't see threads opening on their retirements? Nevertheless, you are free to celebrate anyone's retirement and i am entitled to ask if i don't know a particular player that you love or adore, last i checked, ICF was an open forum who respected peoples opinion.

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