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  1. Sean Bradley

    Mithali Raj in a letter to BCCI

    When is Dhoni writing a letter to the BCCI
  2. Panoti Patel again that too in Australia series, the guy robbed us of our first ever series victory in Australia, MSK Prasad and his love for mediocrity continues, as they say, it takes one to know one.
  3. If everyone scores at a strike rate of 90-100 plus strike rate, 350 + score is a guarantee by the end of 50 overs, we need someone who can suck up the momentum at number 4 & 5 so that the matches become more interesting, they need more nail biting finish, also people at the stadiums shouldn't miss the sight of midget running behind the ball, thoda comedy mangta na!
  4. Excellent Talent, but if he can keep himself away from glamour and showbaazi, he will do great for himself, otherwise will end up being just another Lakir ka Fakir.
  5. When we have Mavi, Nagarkoti, Saini, Khalil, Prasidh waiting in the wings, still our forums are full of discussions about Thakurs, Unadkats, Kaul...i am worried, where are we headed ?
  6. Sean Bradley

    Rahane's test average

    Correction to the Thread Title : Rahane's Test (career is) Average.
  7. Sean Bradley

    Anmolpreet Singh... superstar in the making ?

    Really? I cant forget the days when we had Shivsunder Das and Deepdas Gupta as opening pair and eventually we would end being 25/0 or 25/2 by Lunch. The worst Indian opening pair of all time.
  8. Sean Bradley

    IPL destroys test cricket - Carl Hooper

    So IPL is Hurting West Indies Cricket, especially Test, but it has not harmed India's Test Cricket ? You can keep directing your frustration at IPL, but it will not change the fact that your domestic cricket is in doldrums, your cricketers are not getting paid, your board is corrupt and incompetent, your young gen has moved on from the sport which was once a thread that tied your non-existent country. There is no motivation to play Cricket in the Caribbean. You cant blame the handful who chose cricket as career to have aspirations of driving a Porsche and spending their vacations at the Hawaii.
  9. Sean Bradley

    Anmolpreet Singh... superstar in the making ?

    Too early to say, but what i saw from the video posted, his batting reminded me of Deep Das Gupta
  10. Jayasuriya ofcourse, for the kids who grew up in 90s, but players who frustrated me with their resistance are the likes of Chanderpaul, Roshan Mahanama, Andy Flower, Daryl Cullinan.
  11. Emotional Quotient, Model College ke Bhooke Nange deserves a place ahead of Rajpoot College ke Gabru Launde in a country of 1.2 Billion emotional fools. Selectors are thinking of TRP over Success and Victory, thats the only illogical logic i can think of in these bizarre selection policies. MSK prasad is the chief selector, could it get any worse.
  12. Sean Bradley


    This is really worrying and scary thing about Indian Cricket, its like Lata Mangeshkar is still doing play back for lead actresses to keep out Jonita Gandhi and Shalmali Kholgade.
  13. Sean Bradley


    Quota selection, midget is eye sore of a batsman, only good for tamasha cricket, i am looking for people who claimed that he was going to be the next tendulkar
  14. Sean Bradley

    India start as underdogs against Pak??

    Dint D.i.K win us a Nidahas Final ? What about Dhawan, Rohit, Rahul, Pandey? Still quite formadible and not walk a in the park wickets.
  15. Sean Bradley

    Pak players went for trendy hair style before Asia cup

    Where's his Bath tub and rose pettles?
  16. When your names Rahul and you are a right hand bat, be ready to be a make shift keeper at least once in your career.
  17. Sean Bradley

    Shastri's Press conference

    So batsmen from both sides struggled eh ? Din't their number 6 score a century ?
  18. Sean Bradley

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    We don't need a touring selector, if you cannot come up with a Fcukin playing 11 then you do not deserve to be either captain or coach of the National Team.
  19. Bollywood Effect, They make shitte selections, keep the deserving players out, shoo out Anil Kumble, do not take away tours seriously, go under prepared, and then come out with emotional statements like these to feed sentiments of millions of emotional buffoons.
  20. Sean Bradley

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Shastri needs to go with immediate effect, the only thing that has grown since he has taken over as coach is his pregnant belly. We need men of honor in positions like these, Shastri is a Yes man to Kohli and has done nothing remarkable in his tenure so far. Our abysmal away Test record has gotten worse under this captain-coach duo.
  21. This series so far has just been England Vs Kohli and occasional good spells by bowlers, rest all are baggage's that we need to shed. Vijay, Pujara, Rahane, Dhawan, Kartik, Enough said !! We need a complete overhaul by infusing a young gun team lead by Kohli. Rahane has been utter Garbage for past 3 years and only contributes once in 10 tests. Dhawans test career has been hot and cold after a promising start and never really took off, Pujara is just a shadow of his past, Kartik is a make shift arrangement, and Vijay has passed his time and heading towards expiry date. If we have to lose 5-0 to get rid of these retards then i will take it right away.
  22. Sean Bradley

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Don't know about 2050, But people are already losing interest in this sport, It is the beginning of the end which will probably happen by or before 2050.
  23. Sean Bradley

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    hit the nail on head there...
  24. Sean Bradley

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    If this is fixed then its fixed for giving English a feeling that they are not losing everything, especially after the Croatian Heart Break, albeit Cricket Victories are no Malham for Soccer Defeats, par koi inhe baksh bhi do.

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