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  1. Sean Bradley

    Kuldeep Yadav has to play all 5 tests against England

    Don't mind chahal either but no Ashwin please
  2. Sean Bradley

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    When i first read the title i thought he was caught smoking ganja or something...
  3. Sean Bradley

    Meri bhook abhi baaki hai: Shikhar Dhawan

    Tu Maggie Kha Bhai !
  4. Sean Bradley

    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    This is a very rhetorical conjecture, i can go on and on about it, but lets save time and some ICF space.
  5. Rohit "Come to India" yeh khwaab khwaab hi reh gaya
  6. Sean Bradley

    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    Cancel and scrap this shitty tournament for good...Before many players follow ABD's suit.
  7. Sean Bradley

    Is Pakistan test team that bad?

    Pakistan always manages to catch England off guard through some individual brilliance, be it Ajmal, Yasir Shah, interestingly it looks like Mohammed Abbas is going to be the man this time.
  8. Sean Bradley

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Shane Warne was once the most famous Cricketer in the world, when you talk of famous in the "world", i look at one special aspect, how many of the non-cricketing nationals know you as a cricketer, Though Shane Warne was famous for non-cricketing reasons, controversies, Liz Hurley, Drugs, but he is by far the most famous personality to walk out of cricketing fraternity.
  9. Sean Bradley

    WTH COA !!

    Btw Sanga is quite a well known motivational speaker these days, also does corporate events, maybe that's why they chose him at first place, but COA is bang on, if the event is held for Pataudi then someone who has played along with him should do a eulogy.
  10. Sean Bradley

    Drop Inconsistent Karun Nair

    300 was a fluke..
  11. Sean Bradley

    The science of swing bowling

    Your name suggest you are a pathan, are you ?
  12. Rishab Pant Vijay Shankar Krunal Pandya Mohd. Siraj
  13. Sean Bradley

    Vijay Sankar reminds me of Jacques Kallis

    Mediocre player and no where close to Hardik Pandya. You sure have very high hopes from VS which will come down crashing in next few days, 5 years is too long to invest in him. We already have BK and Pandya (both younger than him) and VS stands no chance.
  14. Sean Bradley

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    VS looks like an extended version of Dinesh Mongia, Bats with Lazy Hands, this is not 90's, so good bye son
  15. Sean Bradley

    Standard of IPL dropped?

    Don't watch if you don't like it, it needs a man to watch it, not for sissy's.
  16. Sean Bradley

    Standard of IPL dropped?

    If you expect standards, then wait for India vs England test series, T20 cricket in itself is substandard when you make flat pancakes and bring the boundary ropes in, its a pity that you are downplaying Afghan players here, all 3 have been excellent, and if you follow cricket even a small bit, you would know that Rashid Khan is a No 1 T20 bowler.
  17. Sean Bradley

    Is Hardik Pandya the biggest fraud to ever play for us ?

    Don't know what is OP on about, HP is a more than decent player and would walk into most international playing XIs barring England maybe. Sure he might have had a one bad game for his Franchise team, but that doesnt make him a fraud, cheat, or what ever rubbish that you are calling him. I would say that he needs to mature a bit and reduce the unnecessary antics that he display time and again on the field, but on pure skill level he is certainly at par with Ben Stokes, just needs clarity in thoughts and hunger to do well, he has the Game!!
  18. For the World IPL might be a Tamasha League, but its serious business for "Marwari" type of franchise owners, you don't perform you dont stay. Most teams have enough bench strength to challenge the under performers in the Playin XI. Good move by Gambo, better be safe than sorry.
  19. I am sure you will get "'CALL" before the 2019 WorldCup, "Sorry mate, You are not in"
  20. Sean Bradley

    Rayudu 2.0 should get a chance back in Indian team

    Yes the most deserving 2:0 or whatever, Picks himself up ahead of Kohli. Samson, Rana, Kishan wagera toh Bh@:%dve baithe hai.
  21. No one is bothered about the Pathani Chudidar Cheerleader League, None of the foreign players care about the Sooper Yawnfest League. Empty Stadiums wouldn't motivate a fly, forget Chris Gayle. Add slow pitches to the mix to sum things up. Padosis are confusing Lack of Interest with Inability, OP shouldn't fall in the trap of their ignorance and lack of logic. Keep Chilling
  22. Sean Bradley

    Washed up players watch

    This Thread is about washed up players in the "IPL", Ashwin is a Very good Test Player, but he is not a run away performer at the IPL. In my opinion he feels in secured about his spot in the Indian Team and is trying too many options. He has already lost his spot in the ODI's and not too far from losing his spot in Tests (away to begin with). He is not the youngest or the fittest, so fits perfectly in the parameters of OP. I used the best IPL XI as a hypothesis just to prove that all these players have never been the best players in the IPL and certainly not in the all time IPL XI.
  23. Sean Bradley

    Washed up players watch

    Believe me even if you try to make an all time IPL 11, neither of the gun players you mentioned above would feature in it.
  24. Purely based on IPL performance Sanju Samson is ready to take over Dhoni as a Wk/Batsman in the Indian Team. Bats with a sense of calm energy and clean striker of the ball. Should have already played in the Indian T20 Team ahead of Pant atleast. Samson > Pant > Kishan, rightly deserves a spot.
  25. Sean Bradley

    Washed up players watch

    Ravi Ashwin, cant bat, cant bowl, cant field, over smart speaker, knows about game but cant do jack $hite. Mohit Sharma was only good against another old washed up team mate for one over. The Universe Boss, one match wonder, soon to be The Universe Chaprasi. Also the same old IPL Kachrapatti inclusive of Amit Mishra, Piyush Chawla, Ambati Rayudu, Vinay Kumar and a new entrant Vijay Shankar.

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