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  1. Really hate this, especially the hooligans that the Mumbai cops are with Notorious reputation, they are the ones to set the precedent by uploading such videos on Social media. But having said that, some people are real laatho ke bhoot, and they leave no choice to the police. But its also the moral responsibility of police to identify people and only then use force.
  2. Mind you buddy, there is a big difference between thronging beaches and coming out with band baja dholak and doing garba on the streets when the entire country is on a lockdown. The men on beach you mentioned are ignorant with we don't care attitude, and we have that bunch out here too, but celebrating like you have beaten NASA over moon is unacceptable and will call for criticism of the PM. Rather than doing dramebaazi, PM should address what are the contingencies, whats the status of ventilators in the country, assure us how are we equipped in a situation of a outbreak, this nonsensical copying of Spanish PM is idiotic.
  3. This all happened because of our dramebaaz feku PM, trying to copy this appreciation $hit from the Spanish prime mister, chewtiya doesnt even know his own anadi gawar janata, doesn't have the vision to see how this could back fire, and the dumbfuks were out on the street playing garba like India has discovered some sort of a Vaccine/Cure for Corona. The entire country has literally become a laughing stock and these 30 mins of Coronabaazi was outright stupidity on part of PM.
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    Ghost Stories anyone? I found it very under rated. Apart from Karan Johars story, rich family. rich ghost, the rest are definitely not bad.
  5. Sean Bradley


    Its fantastic, a very refreshing one indeed, not the stereo type Indian Drama. Defnitely worth watching.
  6. Ghar ka sher is back ... PR mafia back to maintaining the Brand and mint money. All this was missing during the New Zealand tour.
  7. Angling it all over the place at the moment, Jamieson almost angled his nose off the face
  8. I never said bring back Congress Raj. I think as a nation we have to look beyond Congress and BJP both, But what do we have ? AAP, Not ready to take the responsibility of the entire nation, Sadly we have no where to go. We need Gandhi mukt Congress and in BJP i have no faith . We are stuck between the rock and a hard place.
  9. All this Bol Bacchan is of no use when you cant go out there and score big runs...
  10. Always get this feeling that this guys career never took off the way it could have, looks timid from appearance, doesn't look passionate about representing country, and worst of all, Karun Nair was shown the door after scoring a triple century to make way for this guy . Sab Moh Maaya hai
  11. SRT ji i was being sarcastic. I call him God because he thinks hes above the Game now, Indian Cricket is his baap dada ki Jaagir.
  12. God doesn't need warm ups. Jinhone practice match kheli, unhone konsa pahaad ukhaad liya.
  13. This guys approach to bowling reminds me of a young Dale Steyn, hope he performs in domestics and breaks into the Indian National Teams soon, wish him great success for future
  14. He's actually a great test captaincy material, but that's wishful thinking. "Brand" ka kya hoga?
  15. Ghanta Accountable, sadly in our country, when a cricketer does exceptionally well, we give him the status of God, slowly the God starts growing big, so big that he becomes bigger than the Game, but we forget that the God is just like us, someday when God doesn't meet all your hopes and expectations, we vent our anger on social platforms. Kohli is God, Shastri is his Poojari, they can only fade away to make way for new Gods. India as a country desperately needs football as a major sport, only then these over paid over hyped cricketers will know their true aukaat.
  16. After eons i felt like watching our 90's team unfold like a pack of cards all over again. Sachin Tendulkar, then the best batsman was relived from his captaincy duties to focus on his core job better. Its high time that we implement the same strategy under the able guidance of Ganguly. These comments are outright silly and portrays the mindset of captain and the coach.
  17. Shaw got a peach of a delivery, Mayank played a lose shot, Virat is completely out of sorts this NZ tour. Selectors and TM made a big mistake by keeping the in form Rahul out of the Test squad. Still think that 250 will be a good first innings score in this match. The course of the match will be decided by how our seamers bowl to kiwis in their first innings. If Kiwis manage a lead of 100 150, then it will be difficult to make a come back into the match.
  18. Equally good or even better, this Classic masterpiece by Kubrick, is also one of the best of its time.
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