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  1. Good comeback by us. Excellent bowling by bhuvi
  2. Dhawan should have played some domestic matches in December
  3. zaqw222222

    Is Steve Waugh the greatest captain ever?

    Apart from the names mentioned in this thread, I think Stephen Fleming was a very good captain
  4. zaqw222222

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Watched The Guilty (Danish), nice thriller movie
  5. zaqw222222

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    Consistency has always been an issue with him. 1 test match he is bowling great with pace, next match the pace drops and his bowling is all over the place. I think a season in county will be good for him
  6. zaqw222222

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Great performance. Hope other batsmen also step up
  7. We again gifted a wicket
  8. zaqw222222

    Gautam Gambhir retires

    Champion player, one of the main reason for us winning two World cups.
  9. Another slower ball and we are unable to take advantage of it
  10. Stoinis has just bowled off cutters and we are unable to take advantage of that. All hopes on DK

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