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  1. thats what most people in the middle east so as well right? live like crap but save enough to send money back home?
  2. something to bowl at... if they get early wickets pak will be in trouble. Tremendous rear guard.
  3. G_B_

    Libtard outrage watch !!!

    these people wonder why modi came to power...
  4. KW can bowl spin as well i guess....
  5. I am surprised they are using a used pitch... that too in a wc game.
  6. for what its worth, I dont think the seamers have provided them with breakthoughs upfront
  7. G_B_

    Win toss, bat first

    honestly i think its pressure. Did not see the pitch diingratiating in any way. A lot of teams see the overcast conditions and decide to bowl. Windies did that v Pakistan and Australia and nearly topped Australia.
  8. yes cause LS results in 2019 tell us that.....
  9. RSS pracharak and lingayat leader Yeddy will be CM again... Believe it...
  10. Dare I say seeking asylum seems to be the quickest way to emigrate. I knew a jamaican guy claiming to be gay despite having a family with 3 children. Apparently he was forced to marry.... (being gay in Jamaica was illegal at that time). Few years on after getting asylum he made an application to get his family (including wife) on human rights grounds. People pull **** like this and then expect white people in the west not to get pissed off. Recently a boat load of migrants from africa died crossing over to spain. You had human rights people blaming authorities for failing to rescue them.
  11. i totally agree Opening batsman have learnt to ride out the tide.
  12. The truth is north Indians are generally have better mental strength for the LOI, what they call "Tashaan" I am Marathi and not a north indian by any means and will readily admit that likes of Sachin and Dravid were chokers in the LOI. Marathi, Bengali and south indians do have a mental deficiency. Rather than taking at in a negative way why not just improve on this particular aspect?
  13. Another 3-4 overs, Aus have negated any advantage of a toss. Rode their luck a little bit. But overall its been more than decent for the openers thus far.
  14. G_B_

    Venues of Upcoming games for India

    1 good victory and avoid heavy defeats in the remaining 3.

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