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  1. summed up my sentiments well. McDonalds sells more food than any high end chain. (i like McDonalds) But where is the prestige? The world needs its McDonalds and its Fine dining outlets. Both have a place. As i mentioned before it does not have to be a test series. Get something memorable for the masses with a degree of prestige in it.
  2. thats pretty much why in a nutshell
  3. Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed from house arrest

    no surprise
  4. Let face it guys the Ashes rightly or wrongly is the biggest event in test cricket I think in the last decade briefly it was India v Australia. But nothing really matches the history and the fan fair behind this event. Now I am a firm backer of the BCCI. But you have to admit there is a feeling of "new money" behind them. No interest in creating a legacy. Look at the IPL few years in and full of scandal. I mean forget about test cricket. India loves LOI. So why cant there be a LOI event run just by India which has a legacy factor.
  5. SA tests from what I know (a) start off as being bowler friendly (b) Flatten out (c) Day 5 better to bat than day 1 Considering SA will want 5 day games to maximize revenue this strategy makes a lot of sense. Recently BD games went into day 4/5 So i dont expect green mambas. Expect pitches with something in them initially or with new ball for the pacers. What India need: 6 proper batters with a keeper who can bat. (a) A pacer who can bowl long spells and keep things tight- Bhuvi 30 overs a day (b) A spinner who will come into day 4/5 slightly who can keep things tight - Jadeja 25 overs a day (c) Pair of bowlers who will make it count with the new ball by providing a burst of 5 overs at 145 plus - Umesh Shami 15-20 overs I think its very important to keep things tight outside the new ball spells Ie. from overs 15-80. So the question arises, what exactly are you looking for? Shardul is ideal for that burst. Confidently can say he can bowl 5 overs for 145 plus. Then he peters out. I personally dont buy this variety argument. Sa batters have seen it all. England won in SA because Anderson bowled those long spells and cramped SA when the scoring should have been easy. We need somebody like this.
  6. look all i think we need from Shankar in the test matches is to (a) average above 35 with bat (b) bowl 10-15 overs economically to take the load of the frontline. Rahane Ashwin and Sir appear to be in a batting rut. So replacing say one of Ash and Sir with Shankar is not a bad idea at all.
  7. Not a single day with 90 overs play - SHAME!!

    cant really blame them for the location sun sets early in the east plus humidity means that over rate is slow
  8. just bat the day out and get the moral edge for the second test.

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