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  1. they keep winning stuff 2004 champions trophy 2012 T20 world cup 2016 T20 world cup not as written off as some commentators would have you believe
  2. if the modi gov does not respond in kind, it will cost them votes...its as simple as that
  3. A decent knock with the bat. However 4 overs for 54 runs that too bowling in the middle overs.... as highlighted before i dont think he earns his wickets. More of a case of how the opposition handle him which depends on a combination of factors. Surprised nobody bumped this thread....
  4. I think as a spinner this guy is like a notch above Jadhav. What happens is that teams go after him cause they see a means to score quick runs. He picks up some wickets in the process. You miss I hit bowler. Averages 11 with the bat and 20 with the ball in 5 away games in Aus and NZ. Not great numbers. Maybe somebody like Krunal might be a fit in some lesser teams. But I feel India can do better.
  5. G_B_

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    2 in a row Stength of Indian cricket that new sides are lifting the ranji trophy?
  6. looking at the pace bowling line up....
  7. simple a pakistani under 19 is actually 25
  8. G_B_

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    seems to have temperament issues. I feel though just need to be kept lower down for his own good. A few solid innings and he will be a different player bowling wise i think he is good for 2-3 overs.
  9. G_B_

    Next ODI series Against Aus Can ruin things even more

    I honestly dont get hype with khaleel ahmed
  10. i guess two things (a) young white south africans who were the bread and butter for the national team are either leaving south africa for economic and security reasons, leaving behind mostly old white south africans. My collgue is a white south african who told me his entire extended family are looking to move to Europe either UK or Netherlands as they feel their existence its threatened in SA. Maybe he is hyping it up to gain asylum who knows, but the general feeling is people are looking to move out. (b) The asians coloured (mixed race) and black populace is either not that capable or not rich enough to indulge in cricket. I think the likes of Steyn Morkel Faf AB are the last great white south african cricketing generation. Questions is can other segments of South african society step up?
  11. seems chasing is an advantage in this series...
  12. 99% of batsman will not walk Blame dumb umpires. Blame BCCI for lack of DRS.
  13. G_B_

    Team India = RSA of 90s and 2000s?

    India last won a title in 2013. (which RSA also won as a champions trophy) But unfair to compare to RSA who basically till the last WC did not even win a knockout match. We have reached finals beating teams in knockout matches.
  14. bingo. Its just different players thrive under different ways of coaching. Maybe Shastri simply waits for Kohli to fail in something before coming up with suggestions. Who knows maybe Kumble and Shastri were saying the same thing but the later simply frames it in a way Kohli is at ease.

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