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  1. more than one big innings, he needs a series of 50s under his belt.
  2. G_B_

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    no vile abuses, sticking to cricket. Who can object to this
  3. apart from kohli and pujara , 5 of the top 7 average in an around 40 in their careers. Ashwin at one point used to average 40 is now under 30. At one point you had Rahane averaging 48 with Kohli and Pujara close to 50. Ashwin averaging 40. Vijay around 42/43. In terms of averages this is one of the poorer teams in the past few decades, but maybe its more a sign that mega run fests are not the par this era. England are the same as india. Barring Root everybody is averaging under 40. Buttler, Stokes Bairsrtow Moeen. They have replaced batsman who average highly with allrounders so that they bat deep and have a lot of options with the ball. I think its time to suggest that players who average 40 in this era are players who average 45 in the prior era. Need a new yardstick.
  4. I remember in the last decade somebody like Viru bowling around 10 overs a day or even a Sachin trying to break a stand. They were very handy for team balance and meant the load could be taken off the frontline bowlers. On day 5 especially they came in very handy where they eeked out 1/2 wickets when the ball was spinning. India have such as option in jadhav in the LOI. But where is that option in tests? Countries such as England can call the services of Joe Root. I look at India and overseas especially, we have batsman who cannot bowl and bowlers who cannot bat. Limited options with the ball and long tail with the bat. This means we are at times forced to play Pandya like player who is neither here nor there
  5. the problem with pant i see is that once his batting is good the keeping suffers. Once his keeper is poor is batting is good. If we are to look at Pant as long term (cause his current returns are Sahaesque) then India have to play 7 batters and 4 bowlers with 6 proper frontline batsman. Ashwin/ Jadeja especially overseas cannot be counted on with the bat. Shami Bumrah Ishant are all number 11s. Long term the form and reliability of Pant will determine India's team composition.
  6. valuable contribution today
  7. more than score I think on this pitch especially the aim need to be to bat out another 60 overs. Will give Australia (check the weather and adjust) 120 overs to bat late into day 4 and 5.
  8. G_B_

    Rahane's test average

    needs to be dropped... as simple as that. Getting tired of him vijay and rahul
  9. G_B_

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    given his background not a surprise... his wife was spot on about him
  10. Siddhesh Lad to Captain Mumbai Against Maharashtra https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/ranji-trophy-2018-19-siddhesh-lad-to-captain-mumbai-against-maharashtra-1959473.html
  11. and its not just women's cricket. Have noticed this in the Olympics where our atheles while winning gold medals in world championship events just mentally fall away A trait that runs through Indian sport or even Indian society. Its exactly why MSD despite all his flaws must be rated highly. In a country of bottlers he was mentally strong to guide his team to silverware.
  12. The problem with Indian women's cricket team is that they have a mental block in must win games v Aus and England two teams you have to beat to win anything. Mostly you will face one in the semi and will always face one in the final. Mithali or no Mithli this has always been the case. In 2017 India choked in a royal manner in the final from a winning position. From 200/5 to 219 all out. A win which in all probability should have been ours and changed the way women's cricket was viewed was lost. Mentally weak. Solve that and everything else will fall in place. Get in players who can hack it in pressure situations. Raj like it or not represents an era of a mental block. She has served Indian cricket well. Taking india from poor performers to challenging Aus and England. Need fresh blood and thinking to win cups.
  13. havent they got their shot or atleast an appearance? and why 5 years? Mumbai have won most in the last decade with 4. The likes of Rahane and Dhawal for eg made their Mumbai debut a decade ago. Rahul, Nair, Uttappa , Pandey , Binny , Aravind, Mithun and VK have all represented India at some level in the last decade. Lastly. You cant really compare the 41 ranji wins of Mumbai with 8 of Karnataka. That are not even in the same league.
  14. While I dont think there is any bias, as many mumbaikars have been selected, Those looking simply at Lad's average are mislead. He scores when the chips are down and symbolizes the khadoos mentality of Mumbai ranji team which has won a record number of titles and was instrumental in the 2015-2016 win. Not for no reason he is now captaining the side. Deserves his shot in the A team.
  15. G_B_

    The playing XI v Austalia in Adelaide.

    Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Shami Umesh Ishant Bumrah Thats the team I will play. IMO spinners will not offer India much. Keep it simple 7 batsman 4 bowlers.

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