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  1. Welcome to 4 day tests

    CSA's four-day Test plan against Zimbabwe likely to get ICC nod http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20781614/four-day-sa-zimbabwe-match-get-test-status-trial
  2. hmm Pandya, Bumrah, Bhuvi, Chahal and Yadav its a young line up. only time will tell world class or not.
  3. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    need a cup....
  4. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    NDTV hindi is probably the only unit that makes profit. Purely from a profit POV ravish kumar cannot be removed. rest everything NDTV has is in loss. ideology aside ndtv needs to ditch these overpaid legacy journalists and go for somebody fresh and new who will work for less. There is still money to be made being left wing. But somebody like Barkha was on astronomical wages.
  5. take him off I think people have analysed him already
  6. kuldeep is leaking.... Chahals work being ruined.
  7. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    even i heard that
  8. god bless MM his jinx threads give players a 2nd life
  9. Rahane has been impressive on this deck so far. Has put away the lose balls with some risk free cricket.
  10. India IMO need to their tactics v Australia. Consolidate at the start 35/0 or 40/0 is a good strategy
  11. this is some high end bowling from Cummins Starc and Cummins are going to be dynamite with the new ball
  12. hmm just weather the storm Cummins n Nile are bowling well.
  13. Zampa i thought bowled well. Yes got smashed but had some good lines.
  14. What pisses you off?

    I noticed this with Indians Punctuality. Meeting for example is scheduled to start at 12pm. People arrive at 12:30 pm and no word of an explanation or apology. Then keep the fudging meeting at 12:30pm. I get that transport is an issue in India in terms of reliability. But keep people in the loop.

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