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  1. how long before folks talk about the elephant in the room? Captain kohli?
  2. Right from team selections to batting order to rotating the bowlers. Some of his choices in the IPL have been abysmal. I only hope MSD makes some critical saves by talking to Kohli.
  3. Would rather take the more stable Shanker at 4 than kl
  4. Its more about the political choices the leaders at the time make. China was poorer than India under Mao (who also started the space program) but ovetook us due to reforms of Deng. India's economic liberalization began in 1991. Maybe if that moment had come in say 1970 and the IMF would have forced our hand we would have been twice as richer per person that today. Our neighbor Pakistan had drifted in and out of authoritarian rule. We overtook them in the early 00s. What we can conclude is that a dictatorship works well for east asian countries. Not so much for the Africa South Asia or even the middle east (barring the oil rich countries)
  5. would have provided a counter balance or a powerful voice. Sawarkar was similar to Bose on nationalism but he was rightwing on religious issues despite being a reformer within the Hindu spectrum. He faded away without much political impact. what india needed post independence within the political environment was checks and balances. Gandhi Bose, Patel etc passing away quickly robbed them of that. Patel especially was that pole around which Nehru could have been kept in check.
  6. this is not a prediction like loyola right who always back dmk?
  7. The problem for Durai Murugan is that his son is good for nothing. Karti Chidambaram 2.0 he needs to pump in big money for his son to win. He is facing an extremely well financed ACS who can out spend him and has the caste politics on his side and has mobilized the AIADMK cadre well. The 2014 election results had effectively ACS + PMK + AIADMK at 78% if one adds the vote shares. So the swing will need to be large to flip this seat. I took a look at DuraiMurugans college website. The English version atleast is a joke. It appears to me to be a front to launder or scam people.
  8. hmm this is nothing a DMK functionary was responsible for the largest FDI into SL at $3.6 billion. Where is that money even coming from? Today DMK men have been caught with 270 voter ids. It seems to me that the DMK is getting nervous about the AIADMK alliance....
  9. G_B_

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    surprised varun gandhi got a ticket...
  10. G_B_

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    huge fund raiser for bjp in mumbai
  11. he fits role of brainless idiot
  12. G_B_

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    I think post amma long term its important BJP even though they might lose the state this round of elections maintain a stable alliance in the state. I dont think the likes of DMDK PMK and AIADMK would mind allying long term with BJP to put forward a hindu lite stance in the state
  13. see the party was built in the late 80s- 90s by MSY and Shivpal. like from the ground up. Ram gopal Yadav was an "ideologue" who sat on his fat ass and made strategic decisions from AC rooms and drafted manifestos Clung onto Akilesh to push out Shivpal who he did not get on with as the later called out the fact he was not a mass leader multiple times. Asked Akilesh to enter a doomed alliance with Congress in Assembly polls. Threw shivpal out from party. Now Shivpal is targeting his son. * phat gayi hai, cause he knows that Yadav vote will be split as Shivpal can easily garner 20-25% of votes on his own. So is making these statements to ensure no split in muslim vote.
  14. G_B_

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    I suspect more than metros, this movie shall earn its crust in the tier 2/4 cities of India. Let us hope this film is a commercial hit and earns a good sum for the BJP which will be used in campaigning.
  15. G_B_

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    I lit coffee scented candle. Closed the shades. Put the trailer on my 55 inch 4k TV and did jack off multiple times. You sir are a visionary as a forecaster.

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