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  1. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    I think people are reading too much into the lack of the meet. Both Yogi and Modi were effectively busy in Tripura elections where BJP is in a tussle with the CPM. With the campaign withing Tripura banned. They needed to find means to circumvent the same. Modiji used his speech at the container terminal etc to parade development which was broadcast live in local channels in Tripura and goes hand in hand with the development agenda. Yogiji did something similar as the Deb sect in Tripura of which he is the religious head. Who planned this visit I dont know. But maybe if JT would have come on Monday (today) then it would not have been an issue. Both the local Indian and Canadian media need to look deeper into the actions than relying on lazy reporting. The BJP's new headquarters too was specifically scheduled to open on the day Modji's speech could reach the people of Tripura when he could not officially campaign.
  2. Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    Raina and England in June when the world cup with me is not a good fix I take your point that the middle and lower middle order needs to be fixed.
  3. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    last ODI series as well Bhuvi was tonked (along with Mohit) in SA. No burnout issue then.
  4. Rangaiah betters Wasim Akram

    somebody console Sanjay Majrekar
  5. There are plenty of bed and breakfasts in Goa which are family runs bearing the brunt of AirBnb. For starters if I have a neighbor who is renting out his 2 bedroom apartment to 10 people who party at night. It makes my life miserable. Makes the life of people in the building miserable. Banning airbnb i suspect would be a big vote winner. Its already been the case in Barcelona. Airbnb does not make profit from somebody renting a room in the house in which they stay. It makes money from renting entire apartments in which the host is most likely a company or rich landlord. Thats exactly what is happening with Airbnb all over the world. b) Can easily be enforced. Just say the police get to keep 50% of the fine. They will be fined in no time. In London traffic wardens are given a % of the total fines they give out. c) The GST in petrol is already been talked about. I am sure we can have a pan India GST with a high rate for alcohol as well.
  6. its been done before in Kerala as well where tody was banned
  7. i dont see what is wrong in what he said? He said he will chase the tourists away if they sell drugs I am failing to see why its a deadline.
  8. they are already bringing tough laws to ban drinking in public areas. Drinking in establishments is going to ensure the cost rises.
  9. but surely at the same time, just cause the earn their livelihood does not mean you behave like **** when your there. This goes for everybody. This is not even about culture. Its about basic respect. Its also simplistic to say people from the NCR are the reason for livelihood in Goa.They get tourists from all parts. Six times the population of the state in terms of tourists tells me they will be fine if NCR folk stop visiting. Obviously comments calling people scum need to be avoided at all costs.
  10. Vijai Sardesai was initially part of Congress. Split from them 1/2 election cycles back.
  11. So if I was the Goan minister I would (a) Ban AirBnb in the state. (b) Heavily fine people on the spot for littering. If they dont have cash take their wallets and watches (c) Encourage family friendly travel (d) Ban any sort of party after 11pm. (e) Tax the crap out of alcohol.
  12. hmm feel he has some legitimate points in a sense. But could have avoided using words like scum. Even cities like Barcelona have restricted tourism from the rest of Europe as the numbers were just too much. Indian population makes is hard even if you restrict things. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/27/barcelona-cracks-down-on-tourist-numbers-with-accommodation-law I think more internal tourism to Goa comes from Mumbai metropolitan region and Bangalore. So North Indians are simply a soft target it seems everybody wants to hit. Goa does need to target a new caliber of tourists. Even the international tourists are the backpacker types. I think the rise of airbnb is also contributing to the problem. I doubt the airbnb hosts pay any taxes and the hotels suffer. I was told that groups of college students from Mumbai basically rent 2 airbnb bedrooms apartments for like 10 people for the week. About 2000 rupees a day. Come down to Goa via train. Your talking about highly affordable total trip. A single outing in Mumbai would probably cost more. Those kind of numbers are unsustainable. On the whole I am for restricting travel to certain areas. China has restricted access to Macau in terms of mainland tourists as the authorities would not be able to cope. The rubbish thing is also accurate. Seen this first hand recently in India with my own relatives. Just littering in the streets. Especially when Modiji is making the swatch bharat a key initiative. There comes a time when the tourists really need to have some civic sense.
  13. excellent OP hope b ji does not mind it featuring on the icf home page
  14. BJP Rebels

    Shatru was finished anyways, Shourie is not a member and Sinha will just end up finishing his sons political career. despite the MG in Bihar BJP won all the assembly seats within his lok sabha segment. The big problem with the old guard is that they just keep wanting to have the perks for eternity.
  15. the software types rarely vote. A poor voting base to ever rely on. Look what happened to the TDP in Telangana. The software types in Cyberabad ditched him in post 2014 assembly elections. Enthuse the base. Thats all I will say. Never rely on the middle class.

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