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  1. 55% was decent turnout...
  2. cant help but feel that last wicket partnership may prove costly.
  3. the akmaal family should start a comedy show. I would pay to watch it
  4. that does not look like a pro india pitch not sure about jayant playing
  5. Honda 2Wheelers domestic sales up 2% in January 2017 http://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/two-wheelers/scooters-mopeds/honda-2wheelers-domestic-sales-up-2-in-january-2017/56919768 In contrast for Bajaj http://www.equitybulls.com/admin/news2006/news_det.asp?id=201530
  6. http://www.india.com/auto/royal-enfield-classic-350-beats-bajaj-pulsar-in-january-2017-sales-1858580/ thats the real reason for Bajaj outburst.
  7. The problem with Bairstow is that he seems to get overshadowed even when he performs well. IPL i feel is as much about perception as it is about anything else. His strategy also did not make sense. 2 crore base price hmm should have gone in with 50 lakh. . Was actually one of the few English bats I thought did rather well on spinning decks. In the case of Hales I guess his hand was broken and nobody wanted to risk punting on him.
  8. Butler....Billings....Woakes...Stokes...Mills.. Morgan..Jordan...Roy. Hales and Bairstow unsold I do believe the largest English contingent in the IPL. For good amounts as well. Majority of the English front line T20 team
  9. hmm not keen on Ash captaining. Already he is bowler and batter. Let him be India's and worlds premium allrounder (atleast in test arena)
  10. hope he gets a proper run and does not just warm the bench. Sometimes I feel as a young talent better to goto a lesser team for less money and play games. So Kings 11 a good fit.
  11. hmm i think tiger is looking sexier than disha in that pic. Says a lot about disha
  12. membership among VHP RSS is interchangeable. IE most VHP members are RSS members. The RSS is simply a aggregation of hindu organisations. They include the VHP and for eg the Hindu Mahasabha
  13. maybe i need to move this to the joke section.