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  1. G_B_

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    still the MQM ideology remains the same no matter what faction. he Pakistan muslim league all split into personality based factions but still had same core center right ideology.
  2. G_B_

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Its interesting to see that PML(N) got similar vote percentage to PTI this election in 2013 at around 32% but due to concentrated nature PML (N) crossed majority. Imran khan has chosen to ally it seems with MQM. Not sure thats a natural choice. Maybe Pak posters can explain. I dont think given his numbers Imran can make wholesales changes. But he can cut down on courruption
  3. G_B_

    Imran VS Modi

    Mahatma Gandhi was not corrupt. But his economic ideas were just terrible. What Pakistan needs is economic reforms. Your tax to GDP ratio for example is low. So if Imran can deliver those reforms alongside being not corrupt then fair enough. This is assuming he lasts 5 years. The army had backed Nawaz at one point in the past. Past experience tells me army will not allow a power base to develop.
  4. I think its time this discussion winded down. From what I see in the UK (this is my viewpoint), British sikhs get on well with British Hindus with many inter faith marriages between the communities. As far as the census goes, personally i feel maybe Sikhs (or anybody) dont want to be called Indian are free to put down their heritage under Other. If the Sikhs want to call themselves a special ethnicity thats fine as well.
  5. G_B_

    Indifferent India sleepwalk through warm-up game

    how is that connected to this? we had no warm up games in SA.
  6. G_B_

    Indifferent India sleepwalk through warm-up game

    why should they? I back them given this heat wave. The first test is around the corner on the 1st. England themselves have done the same thing when on tour in the subcontinent.
  7. G_B_

    Imran VS Modi

    and as far as the BJP goes. Since 2014 they have won most elections than they have lost. So whatever strategy they are employing is working.
  8. G_B_

    Imran VS Modi

    the problem is Imran khan is number 2 in the assemblies of Sindh (a distant second) and Punjab (a close second) which make up 85% of the population of Pakistan. So this claim that everybody has voted for him does not stand up. When Modi won in 2014, BJP was the largest party in UP Maharashtra and Bihar the three most populous states. Secondly the biggest give away of the nature of elections in Pakistan is that turnout actually dipped. This is cause the very institutions did not allow PML(N) voters to vote despite there being long lines at the polling station. When Modi won in 2014 there was a 8-10% rise in turnout. The tale of these turnouts in both elections tells you all what you need to know about mandate. Imran khan maybe an honest man. But he struck a deal with the army to be PM.
  9. G_B_

    Imran VS Modi

    Maybe Imran khan needs to focus on winning Punjab outright. Modi got a majority. Imran did not. There is no comparison Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  10. I am pretty neutral on this issue. But the census also has religion as a metric. So how does this work? Sikh is an ethnicity and a religion at the same time?
  11. G_B_

    Kolkata building new stadium next to Eden

    wont it be wiser to have the stadium in the other cities of west bengal? like why cant Asansol get a stadium? probably will be cheaper to build my estimation of Ganguly just plummeted. Either incompetent or corrupt or both @Malcolm Merlyn We have this **** in mumbai as well where two stadiums sit next to each other plus there is a ground at bkc.
  12. India have an election around the corner. BJP will go hard on Pak my thinks.
  13. congrats Imran Khan. There is now no excuse to reform pakistani cricket. His idea of there being select 6-7 teams makes sense
  14. i suspect India is going to be as good as south africa are in sl when the test series v SL starts
  15. Lankans are going to keep us number 1 if they win no matter what happens in the England v India series.

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