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  1. hope she does not do a virat in the final if she wins the toss and bats first....
  2. congrats kovind.... chance for BJP form government in maharashtra outright also dump the pdp
  3. its a funny parody about the state of things.... Sena should not have reacted at all. People have right to be critical. As far as water logging goes and pot holed roads, a budget of 26k crore is not going to be enough to fully maintain a city of 13 million. On a per capita basis its not going to provide the amenities people expect the body to provide. This shortage of money is made worse by the scams within the body. Not just mumbai same case exists in Bangalore.Even if the most efficient administrator comes to power who is straight as an arrow I feel the bigger issue is lack of revenues This is a problem india faces as a whole. People want amenities. But not willing to pay. Only salaried class are the ones who are contributing (no choice).
  4. 388 to win in around 140 overs..... its a flat pitch and doable imo but a battle of nerves.
  5. a lead of 350..... Zimbabwe well in the game....feel their batters have given more than enough.
  6. I think what happened was Kumar Sangakkara hinted that Arjuna was incompetent for sending the team to tour pak So Arjuna hit back as Sanga and Mahela were in charge for WC 2011 finals. Indian papers rather conveniently miss this context.
  7. congrats girls...crushing win set up a clash v Australia in the semis..... I feel India got off to a good start with the bat v Aus. But were a bit too cautious. But a score of around 250 v Aus and we will be well in the game.
  8. thats like a wax statue of Nicolas cage right?
  9. 265 seems to be a good score. wrap it up ladies...... if we win we will be third.
  10. hmm just shows you need a strong tail in world test cricket.... handy 50 from Philander. Sa need to get to 400 to be competitive.
  11. I was reading that Radiologists will be redundant in about 15-20 years with algorithms doing all the jobs. If you look at star wars extended universe all the medical diagnostics etc are done by computers. While I dont expect computers to fully replace doctors I think the sector will basically contract in terms of employment. Instead of hiring 10 doctors 2-3 will be hired to check out the really difficult cases. This is why India as a country really need to boost textiles. Its one of those sectors which is still relatively resistant to technology. Another aspect, the insurance industry is expended to contract 85% if we have self driving vehicles. cabbies will be all but redundant. But the fine dining industry will boom due to more people eating out as they dont have to pay for cabs.
  12. its not a question of should you be to materialistic. People should be earning enough to survive right?
  13. as i said before if Zim get their players back they will be more than competitive. its a batting deck but they are fighting.
  14. to be fair the way the world is going there is no job security anywhere..... lots of workers giving way to machines even in the western world. I think this meme sums it up perfectly.
  15. got to admit momentum with NZ.....for qf tomorrow.