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  1. dude pandey is anything but dependable.
  2. need a wicket now to settle the nerves quiet little partnership developing
  3. i doubt 265-270 is a good score.... dew should come into it second innings.
  4. but has the right ingredients
  5. india need 320 as a bare minimum
  6. @sandeep excellent op can icf use it as an article?
  7. Flash would make a great cricketer

    reminds me of rayadu
  8. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    just a tactic from these players to eek out more money.... Either the ICC or the PCB will have to pay a lot of money to get these players over. Something in the region of $100k per person up front.... Reminds me of the time there was apparently going to be a pullout from SL from icc tournaments. SLC and players, both whores in a way
  9. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    that stadium does not even have a proper roof.
  10. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    surely you need to ask the local cricket association this and not the BCCI? wtf is up with the Hyderabad cricket board?
  11. hmm using fans to dry the outfield? seriously?

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