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  1. india need to be a bit careful gets hard to score after 25 overs with this pitch
  2. G_B_

    Will India ever win the toss?

    keeps losing tosses at the worst possible time
  3. call a freaking sant to bless rohit and kohli
  4. Rahane has the credentials but I think he needs to tell himself, no more T20 no more ODI. I am test player only and let me play only that. Feel this push to play across formats has screwed him
  5. was never really the same after Strauss called quits.
  6. Difference between Ashwin and Moeen as per me Moeen - kept it simple and attacked the stumps at the right pace Ashwin - Used his "super smart intellect" and wanted "variation" The problem with Ashwin is that he thinks he is some sort of major philosopher of the game. Jadeja is a Moeen type bowler. Keeps it simple. Maybe thats what India need.
  7. time to drop his ass overseas....
  8. Ashwin needs to an apprenticeship under Moeen Ali
  9. too many people coasting on reputation in this team....
  10. being out bowled by Moeen Ali says it all
  11. G_B_

    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    lets see how butler gets on...
  12. G_B_

    4th test: Batting 1st advantage

    you got to admit there is something manhoos about kohli as captain. Be it champs trophy or a key test. Losses vital tosses at the wrong time big toss to win for england
  13. G_B_

    Southampton will suit Shikar

    i think to be fair the whole Indian batting at southampton was poor
  14. Probably the most "Aussie" pitch in the UK. Will be quicker and bouncier Feel it will suit Shikars style of play. Not saying it wont swing. Southampton being a coastal town is subject to wind. But probably supports back foot play more than other english grounds

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