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  1. EC recommends dismissal of 20 AAP MLAs ...

    depends if vishwas rebels and how many he takes with him...
  2. if Saini is from Delhi and Punjabi he will 100% play.
  3. but uniting south india is not going to be easy as the carvery issue has shown all southern states have some issue or the other with each other via water. I do believe Telangana and Maharashtra sorted their river issues. More than BJP it was KCR who needs to be credited. So if you do want to unite the south you need to first counter water politics.
  4. very true cant deny it... Even Maharashtra and Gujarat in same boat as south.
  5. There were selection issues and India did lose the toss. We also had no warm ups. But honestly I think there was a difference in quality in the sides. I doubt that would change if we had played a few warm ups or even selected Rahane etc. Look at England in the Ashes, had warm ups etc. The gulf in quality was big enough that all these factors did not matter. Are these A tours really working? I mean whats the point. Makes no difference.
  6. Indian State Elections 2018

    JNU and lit fest like coffee and cake.
  7. All three are seniors who have toured overseas Poor returns when it matters the most
  8. India's batting looks very shaky

    The problem is aside from single innings there is no support. Need 3-4 batsman to fire at the same time. Its not happening. You expect more from somebody like Vijay and Pujara. Even Shami with the ball.
  9. the majority of people in India understand hindi at some level. Their numbers are rising. It may take longer but even without a push Hindi will be understood nearly by 100% of people by say 2050. Dont force the issue. The aim is not to write a phd in Hindi. Its to understand a basic level of Hindi to get by. For all this talk about imposition, several Southern states have made their state official languages compulsory across school. While they accuse the CG of imposition, within their state they do the same thing.
  10. Thankyou for your work Trich
  11. I also noticed on ICF that posters from the North also tend to hype up their players ridiculously. Pant is supposedly the next coming of Gilchirst, Sobers and Bradman put together. Now I personally think Pant has a bright future in team India. But I do get a feeling that posters from the north are pushing rather hard. Another one was Deepak Hooda. A few strong performances in the IPL and Jadeja was in the firing line.
  12. It just seems to me that selection is based on who is close to Kohli. So he might prefer to play folks he can relate with more, who naturally happen to be folks from the north.
  13. Guys, be careful....

    hmm i guess its the way we view women in society. I think due to lack of money and/or good looks and/or qualifications some girls cannot get married. Rather than being a drain on her parents and brothers to provide for her the brides side dumps her as a responsibility on some other family. At its core this is an economic issue. While the boy will lose out, 100% the girl will lose out as well. I have read about this is dowry cases as well. Father of the bride promises the a lot to get girl hitched. Once hitched he fails to deliver what is promised. Then he shuts the doors on her so she cannot return. Usually happens with families with large siblings.

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