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  1. G_B_

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    disgusting The Chutia/Chutiya people of assam will be offended. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chutiya_people
  2. G_B_

    Get Dhonified !!!

    hmm nudged the ball with just 2 6s was an ideal innings for the situation. Takes 20 balls to get going and IMO will be better suited at 4.
  3. G_B_

    Get Dhonified !!!

    has icf arm chair pundits been silenced?
  4. i would like to thank Austin for this jinx thread thankyou sir
  5. Move aside paper cuts.... Move aside watching nude scenes on GoT with your parents/grandparents.... Move aside Paranormal Activity, Incidious and the Conjuring franchise watching Rayadu bat is the biggest horrow/source of embarrassment of them all.
  6. Australia are strangling India out there.... There is no hope with the likes of Rayadu in the middle order.
  7. surprised Lyon has not played more ODIs looks like a class act on a pitch not aiding him
  8. i was thinking the same its supposed to be a flashback to the 80s but still.
  9. 2004 better batting 2018 better bowling But key difference was that the Aussie team in 2004 was atg
  10. Even with Smith and Warner England will trash Aus. 18 years since Aus won a test series in England (by the time they play in 2019) I suspect the much vaunted Aussie bowling is over hyped.
  11. G_B_

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    glad Bumrah was rested. Should have rested Kohli as well. Need to access our strength. No better time in some harsh conditions.
  12. I dont think anybody thought India would become number 1 again. Yet here we are, 26 months in a row as number 1. We might lose our rank due to England thrashing Aus in the ashes and lack of tests from our side. But with a home cycle coming up I am confidence we will regain it with ease.

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