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  1. I hope our game v SL isnt rained out.
  2. G_B_

    Do cats suck as pets or general animals?

    this suggests you are their slave.
  3. some say he has started vote bank politics already behind the scene. Promising reservation in mods quota for linguistic minorities.
  4. Who else is sick of cats as memes and basically everything. A selfish animal who will have no loyalty to their owners. Dogs rule!!!
  5. I think its fair to say that late june to july is when icc events need to be held in the UK We need to remember that the 2013 icc champions trophy was also marred by rain in this time slot. The final was effectively a T20. Matches were abandoned during that tournament as well. (Pak v SL) (Aus v NZ) while India v Pak was also among many games with D/L https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_ICC_Champions_Trophy In 2017 same time slot in terms of months NZ v Aus , BD v Aus no result https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_ICC_Champions_Trophy However in those cases you had London Birmingham and Cardiff. Which ignored the north west of England which is the wettest region. Nottingham (Trent bridge) is in that wet region. Old Trafford is in Manchester known for its rainy days. This year the weather has been excessively bad. It did not take a genius to figure out that playing in this slot even during a normal summer there were going to be washouts.
  6. G_B_

    NZ v India washout.

    win toss and bowl.....(if game does go ahead)
  7. how is this racism? They have shown a south indian (based on accent) which Abhinandan was. Racism would be if the ad suggested being dark skinned was negative in any way. Which they have not.
  8. I have been to listening to Holding for donkeys years. The man is just too biter. I get your critical. But geez dont bring the listeners down. he just keeps beating a dead horse and goes on and on and on.
  9. if not for the likes of Afridi, it would have been a hard time for australia. He released pressure at the right time for them.
  10. Pakistan fluffed their lines in the first 10. Should have rolled over 2-3. Now paying the price....
  11. G_B_

    40/0 after ten should be the target in all games.

    I think it depends on the quality of the bowlers more than anything. A lot of good sides have good bowlers upfront. I think its prudent to put away bad balls if batting first. I think its prudent for a bit mot impetus if chasing a score more than 320.
  12. G_B_

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    I doubt Vijay shanker is trusted either. Maybe if there was a Pant there would have been an argument.
  13. Pretty solid. Will try out Jadeja over Kuldeep in one of these games. Feel Kuldeep just needs a break to get his sense back on track.
  14. G_B_

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    he bowled literally 1 over and yet to bat in the tournament. I think its fair that over the course of the round robin we will know for sure.

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