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  1. G_B_

    ICC bans smart watches on field

    I got to say these pakistanis are experts at bending the rules. They can communicate with the world with a smart watch.
  2. G_B_

    Karnataka election results

    BJP will strike by the end of june budget to be passed by the end of june. if fails to pass gov falls.
  3. G_B_

    Karnataka election results

    DKS wants deputy CM problem is another Volkaligga is CM (same as DKS) BJP has no Volkaligga leader of note in the south. R Ashoka is the only one i can thing of who was deputy CM in the last BJP gov. Having said that I dont think he will defect. Might let a few of his followers go to make his point at max.
  4. I guess now that DRS is not an issue they found something else.
  5. the issue is not teams the issue is the bidding price for the teams.
  6. fully agree with sunny g in this instance Lloyd has been always hyper critical of the IPL when it was in ITV4... as soon as his paymasters have the rights to the IPL its all so good. Now I actually enjoy Lloyd as a commentator. He does bring colour to the commentary team. But there are others like Michael Vaughn who were always supportive of the IPL (though critical of certain aspects) who would have made a better choice.
  7. what happens if they get injured?
  8. I think people have hit the nail on the head If you spend 32 crore on two players the rest of your team suffers.
  9. its not just Kohli captaincy Every year the RCB bowling is ****. Year after year. Why cant RCB come up with a plan and say ok. We are going to load the side with 2 good world class pacers. 2 good spinners and a decent allrounder. Who selects these losers? Only time I remember RCB having mettle in them was when Kumble was captain and leading the bowling.
  10. How much of a long rope is a bit too long?
  11. G_B_

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    get a sinking feeling with kohli as captain in LOI
  12. G_B_

    Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    Pune super kings... i like the ring of that
  13. billings just confirmed his participation in all the future tournament matches well played sir, well played
  14. G_B_

    Protests over Cauvery find new ground in IPL

    some of these fringe outfits have taken over TN in dictating the agenda. Total power vacuum. Its not just the cauvery water dispute. Protests against industrial projects etc etc. All things considered TN is growing at around 8% as a state. Not a disaster as the popular narrative being sold.

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