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  1. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Be it derivatives to simple equity....this is the thread to share your moves and trading signals and strategies on Dalal Street......
  2. @sandeep excellent op can icf use it as an article?
  3. Flash would make a great cricketer

    reminds me of rayadu
  4. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    just a tactic from these players to eek out more money.... Either the ICC or the PCB will have to pay a lot of money to get these players over. Something in the region of $100k per person up front.... Reminds me of the time there was apparently going to be a pullout from SL from icc tournaments. SLC and players, both whores in a way
  5. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    that stadium does not even have a proper roof.
  6. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    surely you need to ask the local cricket association this and not the BCCI? wtf is up with the Hyderabad cricket board?
  7. hmm using fans to dry the outfield? seriously?
  8. poor shot selection from jadhav no need for this.
  9. poor from msd not exactly needed this. had got the boundary that over
  10. Hope for sri lankan cricket. whats impressive is did it without herath in the second innings.
  11. fully back kohli. somebody like Surya kumar yadav earns more than Che pujara. How is that right? Cant say for Ranji players, but would like to see test specialists get a flat rate of 5 crore a year. Will encourage people like Rahane to fully concentrate on one format he excels in rather than trying to cement his place in the ODIs side (or even up on the bench). Same with Vijay or even somebody like a Saha. Might even encourage somebody like Ashwin to concentrate on being India's test premier. Rahane Vijay Ashwin Shami Saha Pujara should be test only players. Reward them accordingly. 5 crore a year is enough incentive financially to specialize in a single craft. IPL contract is a bonus.
  12. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    bowlers from the 1920s and 1930s bowled much faster and easily broke the 100mph barrier. Its the volume of cricket played which has reduced speeds if anything
  13. hmm 254 ahead need 50 more to be honest to safe.
  14. 160 overs batted out high chance Pakistan will have to bat deep into day 4 or day 5
  15. I mean seriously. You dont even need a moneyball strategy or anything. Somebody like Chandimal can be got for $100k and give you better returns than most aussies like Henriques. If our relations with Pakistan were good would have packed my side with cheaper Pakistani imports. Somebody like S Malik would walk into my team.
  16. hard to know if India too good or Australia too ****
  17. and how do they keep getting such sweet IPL contracts. Not joking, would have SL players in my franchise over aussies. and surely in Indian conditions even Bangladeshis make more sense @Malcolm Merlyn
  18. not a good idea being defensive with Pandya needs to attack with Kuldeep.
  19. the spinners are pushing this India's way
  20. Michael Vaughan comes to mind in an English context. Will always have an opinion and wants to stick out with that. Fundamental issue is with the media. Need the spicy news. Lets be frank here. Even though ICF a non profit we are still discussing Viru. Keeps him in the limelight. So i guess it worked. Its the same with somebody like Rashid Latif or even Shoaib Akther. Making outrageous comments is a new business model for some cricketers. I very much doubt Viru will look back and think wtf was I saying. He will look back at the money he made by being a "straight shooter" and smile. Its not just cricket btw, lets see we got Firstpost, The Wire, The quint, DailyO, Postcard news, Catch News, Scroll and a whole host of internet only news sites now in operation. You need constant wtf comments to feed of to sustain yourself. What India needs is 5-6 major news corporations. Instead by having hundreds of news outlets competing with each other for scraps just encourages this sort of behavior.
  21. things dont work like that they would have accelerated much earlier. Its not a linear scale.
  22. come on dude, 2012 was pure Yuvi. and lets be honest in 2016 as well. The side batting second at Wankhede had a 90% win ratio in T20s. Rahane or not India would have lost that one against of the atg sides in the format to went on to win. We lost at the toss itself. While I fully accept Rahane is not T20 material, this scapegoating is plain wrong.

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