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  1. the reason i made this thread is, I look at both of them on TV and the first thing that comes to mind is "tujse naa ho payega" (you just cant do it)
  2. whats the end result of their endeavors? I take your point their journey to the top of their respective organisations has been markedly different.
  3. a thought which keeps coming in my head...no rationality for it....
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/scorecard/ECKO44297 On a quite similar deck to this on the same ground England were shot out for 187 after the WI asked them to bowl. If India add 50-60 more runs from this point, its a more than decent score. This is the kind of deck you have to respect and take your time.
  5. I think rather its just a masala by livemint They did this during elections as well. Quoted blatently wrong bookies prices
  6. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/companies/parle-aims-rs-100-150-crore-turnover-from-nurtricrunch-in-2-years/article26486166.ece So they reported a 21% rise in profit in last fiscal Revenue of 8500 crore. Even if your contract worker the company has to pay you something right? Then you have cost of machinary or plant operation logistics packaging etc.
  7. 100,000 workers? Reliance industries has close to 200,000 employees. This includes subsidiaries like jio This is imo a gross overestimation of their workforce Is there any info on their revenues?
  8. I got to say, the new breed of indian test batsman dont fill me with confidence
  9. Probably the best rahane knock i have seen in 2 years. A bit of a self enforced dismissal but was a good innings from a touch of bother at 25/3
  10. Something does not smell right here. As mentioned by the folks who i follow on twitter, Hindustan unilever which is a much bigger company than Parle G has a total of 18,000 employees. I double checked this for myself just to be sure and it is the case. So does Parle even have 10,000 employees to begin with? It does seem to me that there is the truth + masala mixed into this story. Corporate India seems desperate for funds infusions from gov.
  11. I have an issue with the content. Is the author trying to suggest that cases against Yedi were thrown out cause Modi was in power? This would suggest that the courts are not neutral. So its a case of guilty till proven innocent? Why isnt the same author mentioning that A Raja and Kanimozhi also were acquitted under Modi rule. The very image of corruption? In whose mind? Fattie vij? Was he asleep with Kumaraswamy was looting the state away?
  12. i notice coupta has not commented on the PC issue...
  13. or maybe this is like the time when you said demon would cost the bjp and it never did....
  14. I dont live in India. However, last times i went to corner shop in India there were many similar alternatives priced less than Parle g..... Dont know how good they were. Re the job losses. I suspect its automation which is the real culprit.
  15. seems like an opinion piece......
  16. Thats the problem I see with a lot of Muslims nations now a days. Living in the past. In the 6 day war with Israel in the 60s these people got a false case of security and bravado based on the past...Somebody like attaturk realised the fantasy of this narrative and abolished the caliphate and catapulted Turkey into a modern republic. this is equally true for those Indians who harp on about how India was glorious x years in the past. Its exactly why I fear the chinese over Pakistan. You defeat a chinese person they will analyse where they went wrong , improve and come back at you harder. You defeat a Pakistani person, they will continue to believe in their own hype and make no improvements. Work hard, make sensible policies and prosper. Battles are more and more going to be fought with the aid of technology.
  17. see fundamentally people have the right to protest in the UK peacefully. I suspect what happened is that the police force underestimated the situation. Otherwise there would have been blocks put up and a cordon set up. The thing to learn from this is that the ISI are very organised in terms of protests in the UK. I am sure British intelligence agencies have taken note.
  18. based on that logic India needs to abandon Bengal and Kerala.
  19. As i said, Priti Patel is the home minister who is ultimately in charge of the police. She is a pukka Modi loyalist. The UK will have a general election coming soon in the next 3-4 months. Clearly back Boris Johnson for PM is what the Indian community can do rather than Corbyn who is pro Pakistani.
  20. Sadiq khan is a career politician. He has visited temples and gurudwaras as he knows those kashmiris will not get him elected. People forget that the deputy mayor of London is Rakesh Agarwal who emigrated from India in 2001 to the UK.
  21. London is not a Pakistani stronghold. These people were bused in from Birmingham , Manchester and Bradford. Most of the Khalistani sikh protesters were from Wolverhampton. Forget about Sadiq Khan he is small fry. The police are under the control of Home secretary Priti Patel. She is new in the role and just settling in. Give her time and this will have a solution on its own.
  22. Hmm it is a bit worrying. If you look at nda 1 most of prominent bjp leaders had/have long lives. Abv advani murali manohar joshi jaswant singh shanta kumar... Rather worrying for nda 2...
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