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  1. Rahane has the credentials but I think he needs to tell himself, no more T20 no more ODI. I am test player only and let me play only that. Feel this push to play across formats has screwed him
  2. G_B_

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Be it derivatives to simple equity....this is the thread to share your moves and trading signals and strategies on Dalal Street......
  3. was never really the same after Strauss called quits.
  4. being out bowled by Moeen Ali says it all
  5. Difference between Ashwin and Moeen as per me Moeen - kept it simple and attacked the stumps at the right pace Ashwin - Used his "super smart intellect" and wanted "variation" The problem with Ashwin is that he thinks he is some sort of major philosopher of the game. Jadeja is a Moeen type bowler. Keeps it simple. Maybe thats what India need.
  6. Probably the most "Aussie" pitch in the UK. Will be quicker and bouncier Feel it will suit Shikars style of play. Not saying it wont swing. Southampton being a coastal town is subject to wind. But probably supports back foot play more than other english grounds
  7. time to drop his ass overseas....
  8. Ashwin needs to an apprenticeship under Moeen Ali
  9. too many people coasting on reputation in this team....
  10. G_B_

    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    lets see how butler gets on...
  11. G_B_

    4th test: Batting 1st advantage

    you got to admit there is something manhoos about kohli as captain. Be it champs trophy or a key test. Losses vital tosses at the wrong time big toss to win for england
  12. G_B_

    Southampton will suit Shikar

    i think to be fair the whole Indian batting at southampton was poor
  13. As much as I hate to pin this on the Congress, I think everybody knows that Amrinder singh views NSS as a threat and a disruptive force within the state unit. The idea for NSS was to quit BJP (dont blame him for that) and join AAP as their CM candidate and lead the party in the state. But Kejri did not want another leader rising so he basically said Sidhu can join as an aam aadmi. So he jumped to Congress and resigned his RS seat. Thought he will get plumb portfolio if congress win or replace Amrinder if Congress lose as number 1 in state unit. Congress swept Punjab and Amrinder did not need Sidhu supporters. He got given a shitty portfolio and is sidelined by Amrinder singh. Congress state gov even pressed charges in that parking case murder against him. Started to do theatrics ever since. This is a long continuing saga in this regard. Will continue to make all sorts of noises to be noticed.
  14. its very interesting from NSS claimed ABV was his grandfather...missed his funeral for Imran Khan swearing in. Now is the official of "peace" and hugging pak army chief. Lost all respect for him.
  15. G_B_

    Dale Steyn faces another injury lay-off

    should call time...
  16. G_B_

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    nail on head. But he is young enough to work on his flaws.
  17. G_B_

    I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    dude stfu just cause you are paid to have an opinion does not mean you should give your opinion on everything, even if your right filter needed.
  18. you got to admit, The Outsider has a real gift in making individuals perform significantly better than expected Modi in 2014 and now Pandya in 2018
  19. these two need to step it up a little bit.... the older ball will reserve. Make hay while the sun shines
  20. G_B_

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    proper keeper... a godsend after DK
  21. still the MQM ideology remains the same no matter what faction. he Pakistan muslim league all split into personality based factions but still had same core center right ideology.
  22. Its interesting to see that PML(N) got similar vote percentage to PTI this election in 2013 at around 32% but due to concentrated nature PML (N) crossed majority. Imran khan has chosen to ally it seems with MQM. Not sure thats a natural choice. Maybe Pak posters can explain. I dont think given his numbers Imran can make wholesales changes. But he can cut down on courruption
  23. G_B_

    Imran VS Modi

    Mahatma Gandhi was not corrupt. But his economic ideas were just terrible. What Pakistan needs is economic reforms. Your tax to GDP ratio for example is low. So if Imran can deliver those reforms alongside being not corrupt then fair enough. This is assuming he lasts 5 years. The army had backed Nawaz at one point in the past. Past experience tells me army will not allow a power base to develop.
  24. I think its time this discussion winded down. From what I see in the UK (this is my viewpoint), British sikhs get on well with British Hindus with many inter faith marriages between the communities. As far as the census goes, personally i feel maybe Sikhs (or anybody) dont want to be called Indian are free to put down their heritage under Other. If the Sikhs want to call themselves a special ethnicity thats fine as well.
  25. G_B_

    Indifferent India sleepwalk through warm-up game

    how is that connected to this? we had no warm up games in SA.

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