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  1. G_B_

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    potentially a humdinger on our hands.
  2. Pant is the better option than DK but you cant blame the selectors. They have to go by what has been done in the build upto the WC. Knowing DK he will score heavily in build up and then flop at the tournament.
  3. WI might rue the lack of a proper 5th bowler...
  4. Its not a question of just poverty. There are racial dimensions to this. Plenty of folks from Yemen (who are poorer) work in these gulf states. However while even they are considered beneath the locals and treated with contempt are still considered Arab. There is a lower bound of acceptable behavior. South asians and South east asians are considered filth. Little more than animals... We saw this in ISIS as well whereby there was a clear hierarchy based on the class of the recruits with Arabs at the top. South Asains (they classified them all as Indians) were made to scrub the toilets. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/from-the-inside-isis-looks-less-like-a-terrorist-group-and-more-like-a-greedy-entitled-bunch-of-10476973.html Keep in mind that Indonesia the per capita income on a ppp basis is at par with most North african countries.
  5. England the ODIs we won first one easily before falling away Asia cup we thumped everybody initially before barely crossing the line against BD after drawing v Afghanistan WI Won first easily, scrapped a draw and now a loss..... What I wanted to ask is, this loss of focus or edge is it a mental thing that you take things for granted and lose your edge? Or is it that sides work out India's flaws after the first game and act accordingly?
  6. the kuldeep thing certainly seems to be true.... would be interesting to see his stats deeper into the series.
  7. doubt if he will get a game.
  8. Dont worry, he will sit all puppy faced in front of Anushka and keep getting chances.
  9. I think my points have been well made by Velu Rahane for example (though i think on current form should be dropped) was blocked by Sachin. Had to make it count away to South Africa against likes of Steyn. Prior to that I think he was on the bench for like 2 years. Was not even playing domestic cricket as he was always the sub. Once somebody got injured and they brought in Rohit Sharma who started over him. He has also sometimes played at 3 for India. This England tour Pujara had to perform. Was dropped many times before that.
  10. again, how many tests had kohli played prior to his first tour and how many has rahul played prior to touring Australia?
  11. truth? the truth is that his average is less than 40. If he does not perform in australia its time to axe him.
  12. Australia IMO is last chance saloon for him. Its not going to be easy against the aussie pace battery with the new ball.
  13. oh boo hoo 31 tests and counting.... Cry me a river with these excuses.
  14. damn that was hitting the stumps would not have been a howler had it been given out
  15. This pitch and match situation is ideal for our openers to get some sample of the conditions down in Australia. My observations on Shaw is that he is a bit too open atm. Needs to tighten up a bit. But he is young and its a minor insight.
  16. G_B_

    Ajink in the armour: Rahane’s fading aura

    with kohli shaw and pant being strokemakers IMO the team has enough in terms of firepower in test cricket. dont have any issue with Pujara or Rahane taking their time. Just stick around the score runs.
  17. G_B_

    Ajink in the armour: Rahane’s fading aura

    I think Rahane has booked his place to Australia with this innings. Was watching Kohli and he did applaud strongly when Rahane reached a 50.
  18. watching Rahane bat is like watching a crash in slow motion. Even if he gets a 50 it will be like a tailender getting a 50. Totally out of form. I doubt we gonna win much overseas with likes of Rahul and Rahane in current form.
  19. G_B_

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Be it derivatives to simple equity....this is the thread to share your moves and trading signals and strategies on Dalal Street......
  20. he needs some consistency more than anything. a string of 50s probably a better statement than a run of ducks and a 200.
  21. series thats the thing. no knockout matches.
  22. has kohli won anything as captain in terms of a tournament? (not a rhetorical question)
  23. G_B_

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    it appears to be a structural problem for him his hamstring. Does not appear to be the fittest person in the world. It shows in his fielding. But he has been so handy for India all the time. You cannot dispute his impact.

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