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  1. Socialist spain royally bungled their response. Not saying reforms not needed, but i doubt politiciwl system determines actions In nyc the virus gained traction due to a feminist rally
  2. kohli would choke in the final mile of fighting covid
  3. I am looking at nz, sa (especially) sl and windies Looking at large revenue deficits
  4. its not going to end well for these nordic countries is it in the long run.... Denmark appears to be the only sane country in that region.
  5. The Italians are a very touchy people. Greeting by kissing on the cheeks etc. Larger than life outdoor social life. To cap it of hug a chinese... should have been more like Chinese pe hug do.
  6. keep eating wild animals china....
  7. I think they just need to cancel. I am sure they will have some insurance.
  8. The wisest thing India did was not sign on RCEP...
  9. Does not bring back Pakistani students from Wuhan. Lets thousands of shia pilgrims goto Iran and get infected with coronavirus, thereby bringing it back to Pakistan.
  10. how exactly is it conflict of interest? was he holding any post prior to the RS nomination? No. He was also part of a bench with other judges giving judgements. for eg the ram mandir judgement all 5 was unanimous
  11. Thats not true anymore. It started with Sarma in Assam defecting. He was and remains the biggest loss for the Congress. Scindia should have been offered RS seat immediately. Was kept dangling. Rest is history.
  12. Rajathan the delta difference between cong n bjp is 27. Possible but harder Mp was neck and neck. Maharashtra is a bigger crack. Ashok chavan is unhappy...sena mlas not happy either.
  13. Considering we reach the last stages regularly, do we need a coach to just get us over the line?
  14. they beat Aus in game 1 in the round robin. This was a choke. They will benefit from a mental conditioning coach.
  15. as soon as I saw the crowd at the MCG i realized these cricketers would not be able to hack it.
  16. Regardless of yes bank Indian banking is built on relationships and not processes. Till that changes there will continue to be such cases. This is the root structural problem. All things considered yes bank is small fry. They will be easily absorbed by sbi who will gain more influence.
  17. Kaptan kohli ka Kamal Lost toss and basically set up for big defeat...
  18. Cause sbi a goi owned bank is taking over The truth is goi asked rbi to take over yes bank in August itself Rbi rather waited I am sure libtards would then accuse government of being socialist... Yes bank took too many risks. It failed.
  19. If he had wished them before the semi india would lose the toss and be reduced to 50/5 in ten overs before the rain. Then just enough time for England to chase it in 5 overs.
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