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  1. G_B_

    Win toss, bat first

    honestly i think its pressure. Did not see the pitch diingratiating in any way. A lot of teams see the overcast conditions and decide to bowl. Windies did that v Pakistan and Australia and nearly topped Australia.
  2. yes cause LS results in 2019 tell us that.....
  3. RSS pracharak and lingayat leader Yeddy will be CM again... Believe it...
  4. Dare I say seeking asylum seems to be the quickest way to emigrate. I knew a jamaican guy claiming to be gay despite having a family with 3 children. Apparently he was forced to marry.... (being gay in Jamaica was illegal at that time). Few years on after getting asylum he made an application to get his family (including wife) on human rights grounds. People pull **** like this and then expect white people in the west not to get pissed off. Recently a boat load of migrants from africa died crossing over to spain. You had human rights people blaming authorities for failing to rescue them.
  5. i totally agree Opening batsman have learnt to ride out the tide.
  6. The truth is north Indians are generally have better mental strength for the LOI, what they call "Tashaan" I am Marathi and not a north indian by any means and will readily admit that likes of Sachin and Dravid were chokers in the LOI. Marathi, Bengali and south indians do have a mental deficiency. Rather than taking at in a negative way why not just improve on this particular aspect?
  7. Another 3-4 overs, Aus have negated any advantage of a toss. Rode their luck a little bit. But overall its been more than decent for the openers thus far.
  8. G_B_

    Venues of Upcoming games for India

    1 good victory and avoid heavy defeats in the remaining 3.
  9. G_B_

    Venues of Upcoming games for India

    Manchester v WI will favour spin.
  10. a very interesting thread. keep up the good form.
  11. G_B_

    Jet Airways to go under insolvency !!!

    Yes but Singapore airlines takes care of operations and ensures codeshare agreements with other major players.
  12. G_B_

    Jet Airways to go under insolvency !!!

    Re Vistara its got backers with deep pockets. Tata & Sons basically makes its money on TCS and pumps it into nearly every other company. 500 crore is a drop in the ocean. TCS made profits of 8000 crore plus in the last quarter. https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/vistara-promoters-infuse-more-than-4-000-crore-over-12-months-1558893397682.html So long as they are ready to keep pumping money into Vistara they are in the long term going to make life difficult even for a well run airline like Indigo. Goyal in the grand scheme of things was just a small player. I do hope IndiGo successes but maybe in the grand scheme of things even they are small players.
  13. G_B_

    Jet Airways to go under insolvency !!!

    Indians dont want quality. They look first and foremost at cost. Thats not a bad thing per say. It just the way things are. The new link of Indigo to Istanbul is basically going to open all of Europe for Indians at a very low price. Very hard for anybody to operate. Even the gulf airlines are going to feel the pinch. Those cribbing about tax payer money. (a) Most Indians dont really pay enough taxes to crib (b) Even those that pay taxes receive more in benefits (c) SBI just like any bank is a business. Sometimes loans are good and sometimes loans are bad. NPA's overall are declining https://www.businesstoday.in/sectors/banks/npas-plunge-to-93-in-fy19-deeper-than-rbi-estimate-crisil/story/355073.html The entire point of new bankruptcy code is to ensure that capital is out of the street again rather than being stuck in the zombie organisations. GoI on its part must axe Air India from their books. 7,600 crore loss for AI in this fiscal is simply criminal. That money can be invested for eg in improving airports. Air India being operational despite posting a losses results in no private sector long haul player.
  14. ^ dont forget bachcho ki factory for other reasons. hindu community has achieved fertility rate below 2.1
  15. I think one poster hit the nail on the head. Its a question of resources. Indias overpopulation comes in the way of civility. There are exceptions like Japan but in our case a highly heterogeneous society makes it much harder. The only solution i see is embracing technology which can make lives easier to live. We also need to be wise about resources. I dont think India's environment can take an increased consumption of meat. I speak as a non vegetarian myself. Can we also afford to grow water intensive crops like sugarcane? Maybe a focus needs to be on pulses.
  16. G_B_

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    hmm i have been sticking to cocktails like gin and tonic and an aperol spitz. But will try out some of the things mentioned as these alcoholic cocktails are calorie central.
  17. G_B_

    Inzamam broke the law?

    only thing inzi broke was the weight scale.
  18. G_B_

    zero faith in our medical staff

    time horizons are the issue. You are talking barely 2 weeks more before knockouts. Now if you have a recovery time of 2-3 weeks, its a question of either 2 weeks (which means back for knockouts) or 3 weeks (will miss at least part of knockouts) They did the right thing. Waited to see the progress. Clearly Shikar was in threat of missing knockouts and they pulled the plug.
  19. G_B_

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    a proven big player. Especially in England where he won is Champions trophy in 2013. Big loss. IMO we need to rotate Pant shanker and Jadhav. Give them all chances and pick the best. I feel Pant is a better slogger than Shanker or Jadhav. Technique Shanker, Pant, Jadhav Slogging Pant , Jadhav, Shanker Bowling Jadhav, Shanker, Pant I think on balance Shankar at 4 and Pant down the order in place of Jadhav.
  20. I think one thing Afghanistan can improve on is fielding. Have been abysmal. Some of their cricket in regards to this has been club cricket level. I see shades of Pakistan in them. Lots of talent. But poor temperament.
  21. G_B_

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    Cities need to investment in sewage treatment plants which recycle water. Re Mahaashtra thats exactly what the Fadnavis government is looking to do. https://www.thebetterindia.com/170042/nagpur-sewage-treatment-groundwater-recycle/ Similar plans should be afoot in every city in India.
  22. Bangladesh will bowl first... Both teams need a win to keep their hopes of a semi alive.
  23. shanker at 4 and jadhav at 5
  24. i think the trend of sides winning the toss and bowling is not working out. Sides are being conservative in the first 10-12 overs and then tucking in. Probably in the early stages of tournament was not the case. WI themselves a victim of this v England.

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