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  1. For that, we need to get through Rabada,Ngidi,Philander and Morne first . :)
  2. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha is not only a good keeper but also can scrap it out with the bat. Now, we have Rohit, Parthiv and Pandya after this and, honestly, our test batting hasn't looked so meek since Azhar's time. Disgraceful.
  3. That was the only way we could've won this though.
  4. Series over. Thank you Shastri and Kohli for going under prepared and with pathetic selections to boot. :)
  5. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Wow. 149 kph ? That is serious heat. I'm not watching the U-19 World Cup but how has Ishan been?
  6. 300 for Ashwin in tests : Fastest to get there.

    Among the modern quicks , Lillee was pretty much the prototype for all those who came after I suppose.
  7. Has there been a more phattu cricketer than Broad?

    Varun Aaron? I remember him being terrified of Johnson 4 years ago. But then to be fair to Barbie, so were the rest of the Englishmen :D
  8. Yes and that would explain his failures in certain conditions/bowling attacks. But on true pitches, Ponting was a nightmare for fast bowlers. Easily the best player of short stuff at genuine pace.
  9. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Picking an inexperienced wrist spinner is a bit of a gamble. For all the hype about wrist spinners, only a few are genuine match winners in a variety of conditions. They might go at over 4 an over and allow the batting side to dictate the pace. An accurate finger spinner who can keep it tight and score some with the bat would be preferable.
  10. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Are there more right handers or left handers in the SA XI? That should determine who plays as the lone spinner - Ashwin or jadeja.
  11. Quite easily in tests. And to think i thought of him as an inferior version of Cameron White back in 2010 lol. Ponting after playing a 100 tests or so was averaging 60 before he declined sharply. Let's see how far Smith can go. His hand eye coordination will start declining in a couple of years and he doesn't really have a great technique to fall back on so i expect it to come back to around 50ish.
  12. Head to head is not the only thing that matters in ODI cricket. We have competed better against stronger teams and our W/L ratio is similar and we have won a world cup more than Pakistan as well. You are historically the most dominant Asian test side but certainly not in ODIs.
  13. Pakistan were, historically, a strong team until the mid 90's in tests. That is a good 4 decades since they started playing. If you look at the last two decades, India have comfortably been a better test nation. India have been a better ODI side than Pakistan though. 2 world cups and a comparable W/L ratio against top sides.
  14. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    He's certainly gotten stronger and hitting the deck harder than ever before. Wasn't someone I necessarily rated when he debuted because he was just an 80 mph floaty swing bowler but boy has he improved! Really good to see.
  15. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    No. Pakistan need seamers who can average 85 mph over a test match. Not the current bunch of trundlers who break down when bowling even effort balls at that pace. Also they need to ditch mental midget Shafiq and Shan masood who has no talent whatsoever.

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