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  1. Nikhil_cric

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Yep. Bhuv, Jaddu and Kuldeep should be done by 40th.
  2. Nikhil_cric

    taken to the cleaners

    That's not a bad idea at all. Ishant has height and the way he has been bowling recently suggests that he might more effective.
  3. Nikhil_cric

    taken to the cleaners

    I'm a fan but he has been disappointing. Can't be 5'9" and bowl as slow as he is currently bowling. Especially in ODI's. Even if you have ridiculously good control and enough skill to get something with the white kookaburra, you need a rapid bouncer atleast to keep the batsmen honest. I don't mind anyone getting hit at the death considering that you won't find much reverse swing with the 2 new balls but then Kohli always gives him the death overs where he gets whacked more than the others.
  4. Nikhil_cric

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Lol with this dinosaur fossil playing forget about winning the World Cup. I'll be happy with just beating PAK in the first round. No expectations from this team at all. Dhoni bhakts will be singing songs about this great warrior after he hits a few cheap IPL maximums lol.
  5. Nikhil_cric

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    1990 i think. Waqar's first tour. They won the Sydney test in 95/96 series though .
  6. Shadab has a lot of potential but I doubt he would ever achieve it. Faheem's bowling is impressive. Overall I think PAK did better than expected. SA are not the team they once were and are heavily reliant on their bowling to blast away oppositions. Olivier won't be able to do that series after series for them. Their batsmen need to start making tons regularly.
  7. Nikhil_cric

    Get Dhonified !!!

    This is a blessing in disguise. Atleast Karthik will fail and hopefully shubman can replace him in middle order.
  8. Nikhil_cric

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Dhoni should only be used as water boy or to carry the bags of others in the team and im not sure he's got for that even now.
  9. Donald was clocking upto 141/142 at the age of 35 in his final test series against OZ in 01/02 . 1999/2000 - Are you talking about the controversial tour of SA by England?
  10. Nikhil_cric

    Kagiso Rabada names the best bowling attack in the world

    Thabi Sipamla or something. Yeah he's supposed to be a grade A talent too.
  11. Nikhil_cric

    Agarwal and Vijay Shankar set to replace Rahul and Pandya

    Not sure this is the best decision. Picking gill just before the CWC? I suppose they wanted someone for the middle order but I would've liked if gill/Shaw came in after the world cup.
  12. Nikhil_cric

    Agarwal and Vijay Shankar set to replace Rahul and Pandya

    I'm not sure Vijay Shankar deserves selection. What has he done in List A last season? One good series against Enzed A and he gets selected? Mayank deserves it no doubt. Did well in domestic 50 overs as well as A tour to England etc. A very deserving selection. The only other 2 players who have scored consistently in domestic 50 overs at a good strike rate(around 100+ i think) have been Shreyas iyer and Manish Pandey who hit a ton against NZ A. Heck we should send DK and rayudu back and send in Mayank,Manish, Shreyas and Pant imo. Bowling combination can wait. We need to sort out the batting first. Vijay Shankar is not good enough as a 5th bowler anyway.
  13. Nikhil_cric

    Kagiso Rabada names the best bowling attack in the world

    Coetzee that U 19 quick? Or the other one that Gibson was talking about?
  14. RSA are asphyxiating big time . We'll atleast we can beat atleast one team at the World Cup I guess.
  15. 148 kph by Steyn at this age.

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