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  1. Nikhil_cric

    India WC Match Thread OP Allocation

    Ill post match threads for other matches if i can beginning with World Cup opener - SA vs ENG
  2. England are going to play their full strength side today according to Bayliss. Hopefully, they will win the toss and bat first Roy Bairstow Root Morgan Buttler Stokes Ali Rashid Archer Wood Doesn't matter (Willey/Curran/Plunkett) Leeds had the second highest run rates, after TB, for England's domestic 50 over competition but hasn't seen exceptionally high scores in international ODI's so far. But if England bat first we might see what a ful strength England is capable of with bat in hand and how their bowling performs with the weight of scoreboard pressure behind them.
  3. I agree. Bairstow is a fearsome hitter. I actually don't think they need Root at all. They can play Roy Bairstow Vince Morgan Buttler Stokes Ali That lineup cam crush any bowling attack on a flat track. Root actually slows them down a bit.
  4. James Vince is no mug with the bat . He was, comfortably , the best batsman in the Royal London Cup with a high average and striking @110. They won't miss Bairstow a lot.
  5. Bairstow expected to make way for James Vince, Buttler to captain and Mark Wood to get a chance to prove his World Cup pedigree as well . Can Pakistan pull off a miracle on the flattest pitch on the world?
  6. Outrageous hitters, monster bats, 2 kookaburra balls that don't move an inch, even paced flat tracks , fast outfields, small boundaries . In the face of these challenges , what bowling strategy should we adopt as a unit? Personally, I think our fast bowlers should swallow their pride and bowl defensively to stop the flow of runs instead of bowling aggressively at the stumps and looking for wickets. Also they need to bowl slower than usual and not give pace to the batsmen to go for their shots. What do ICFers think ?
  7. Nikhil_cric

    2 (8) in a final

    Meh. This is nothing. He will play a 30(54) knock and lose us a crucial match in the World Cup. I just hope it isn't against PAK.
  8. You can always rely on a Saffer to choke in a match that matters. QDK
  9. Darter getting smashed by watto. Brainfade by Rohit .
  10. Forget the speed gun. Just caught a bit of his bowling and he is hammering that pitch as if that ball is a sledgehammer.
  11. Bumrah absolutely smashing that deck hard.
  12. Thank god this is finally over today. Dunno how fatigued (mentally/physically) grandpa and co. will be by June 5th :(
  13. According to cricviz, Only 7 ODIs since 2006 have had easier batting conditions than this game. Very little swing, seam or bounce . Even by English standards (since 2015) , this is one of the easiest pitches to bat on. That said the likes of Woakes and Plunkett should be replaced by Archer and Wood. Otherwise even 400 won't be enough to defend for this team.
  14. Aamir out with a viral infection. Not that his trundling would have made much of a difference though tbh.
  15. Nikhil_cric

    Sri lankan team departs for world cup

    And rightly so. No need to follow states that impose their dogma on others.

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