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  1. Once again England's batting depth seems to be saving them.
  2. Nikhil_cric

    Zayn Malik does not identify as a Muslim anymore!

    An excellent post.
  3. Joe Root wins his 7th toss in a row and England bat first. We will now see what Lanka can manage in the post herath era.
  4. Nikhil_cric

    Why is Hinduism even classified as a Religion?

    This is the problem with defining Hinduism imo. It has always had a tendency to sublimate local cults and deities and even synthesising elements of other faiths that were literally its antithesis to the point that we have extreme contradictions that really shouldn't be reconciled but somehow, through the ingenuity of various brahmanical narratives have all been accepted as part of one tradition.
  5. Nikhil_cric

    Zayn Malik does not identify as a Muslim anymore!

    Very valuable input to the thread.
  6. Surprising as he used to consider himself a proud Muslim until recently. Apparently it has not gone down too well a section of his Muslim/Pakistani fans. There seems to be a growing trend of apostasy in the Muslim world (atleast visibly now) . Is this a part of a larger trend where there will be greater acceptance of apostates/atheists with increasing numbers? Discuss..
  7. Nikhil_cric

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    I personally think it's only physical attributes that he lacks which matters a lot in the modern odi game unfortunately for him. In terms of skill and intelligence, he's up there with the best imo . If he wasn't a smart operator, he wouldn't have survived in international cricket for 6 years bowling at the pace he does.
  8. Nikhil_cric

    Harmless LoI bowler award goes to Bhuvi !!!

    Well im not a fan first of all. Also I think in modern odi cricket, you need one bowler who can offer control with the ball even if he lacks proper wicket taking ability.
  9. Nikhil_cric

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    I hope they only play 1 round of matches instead of the home and away stuff. This IPL needs to be truncated. Can't afford niggles to players before the World Cup.
  10. Nikhil_cric

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    The only thing bhuvaneshwar lacks is pace. The only thing dernbach ever had was decent pace. The problem with bhuvaneshwar is that he blows hot and cold way too often. Just look at the way a highly rated bowler like trent Boult got smashed in Dubai and compare that with the pin point accuracy shown by bhuvi in the Asia cup. Even he doesn't take wickets, he offers a lot of control with the ball as long as his average pace is around 82 mph or above. The problem is that at times , partly due to injury , this drops below that 82 mph mark and that's when he gets hammered like yesterday.
  11. Nikhil_cric

    Harmless LoI bowler award goes to Bhuvi !!!

    I think management needs to have an honest chat with bhuvi. If he is playing with an injury as many suspect then he should be forced to rest and rehabilitate. Also they should stop playing him in T20's in my opinion. He's not a T20 bowler.
  12. That would be between him and Praveen Kumar. There was no way Praveen Kumar was 21 years of age in the CB series of 2007.
  13. Lol Pandey ensuring we may not win this. Pure crapola as a batsman.

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