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  1. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    No. Pakistan need seamers who can average 85 mph over a test match. Not the current bunch of trundlers who break down when bowling even effort balls at that pace. Also they need to ditch mental midget Shafiq and Shan masood who has no talent whatsoever.
  2. Thank god the ICC had the good sense to ban the ugly actions of guys like ajmal and hafeez. Ajmal was a totally classless individual who chucked deliberately and then bragged about it lol. Deserved what he got for his arrogance and stupidity
  3. Imran khan great plan to dismiss Gavaskar : Ball tampering

    Lol what a cheat! Tampering with the ball so blatantly. This guy has the audacity to talk about honest cricketers when he was a serial cheat. Waqar was caught tampering way back in 2000 and not being the sharpest guy actually said that this was the method he had used throughout his career. Not to mention Akhtar tampering in Zimbabwe 2002 and Dambulla 2003. Safe to say that without tampering Imran would have averaged around 28 with the ball lol.
  4. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    4 years ago when you had chuckers allowed to control the run flow and Junaid to chuck at the death. This is about LOIs anyway. This SA test team squared a series in the UAE while they were demolished in India 3 zip.
  5. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    Dunno why some are talking about the quality of the pace attack when this thread is about speed. Well let's just introduce a dose of reality shall we? Wahab is the only test fast bowler who is rated slightly ahead of Yadav. Shami is the highest rated pacer at 19 and Ishant,Umesh,Lakmal,Pradeep and even Bhuvaneshwar are rated ahead of Aamir, Abbas etc. In other words India have the best and fastest pace attack from Asia. Please learn to accept fact, brothers from across the border. :)
  6. Wowee Afridi!

    'Course we do. He was our favourite pakistani player for his performances against us. I'm surprised Pakistanis like him though...
  7. Wowee Afridi!

    There's a difference. Most Indians dislike sreesanth for his antics. Our Shahid bhai on the other hand....
  8. Wowee Afridi!

    It's funny how this con artist pretending to be a cricketer even has fans across the border. What is so entertaining about this fraud? Dancing on the pitch? Biting the ball? Either his fans have single digit IQ's or they simply need to come out en masse.
  9. He's an offspinner who doesn't chuck. The modern game is particularly harsh on bowlers in general and offspinners in particular. Unless there's some assistance in the wicket or a few left handed batsmen, he's not gonna be very effective.
  10. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    Top post. Pakistan's victories in the 2011-2014 were because of the exceptional control provided by ajmal's and hafeez's illegal actions. Also even Junaid chucked it quite a bit on occasion. Pakistan fell to no.9 in the rankings after they were banned/dropped.
  11. Wowee Afridi!

    Shahid Bhai was a terrific cricketer for us. A walking wicket as well as some easy runs to milk off his mediocre bowling. Hopefully he will return for the 2019 World Cup. We miss you lala!
  12. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    This proves my point. Even Hardik Pandya has good average pace. Better than frontline pacers from PAK.
  13. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    Again this is about test matches so why are you bringing in irrelevant points like CT encounter etc. Last and only time Aamir clocked 150 kph in a test match was way back in 09/10 in Australia. Yadav has clocked that in quite a few series .
  14. Really made me nostalgic after watching some real pace especially by akhtar. Sadly it's come to a point where gamage,Pradeep and lakmal are winning matches better than Pakistani pacers these days.
  15. Why are Indian test bowlers quicker than Pakistani bowlers?

    Where have these guys even been clocked? Even talha claimed to be bowling 145 kph consistently only to be destroyed by McCullum and Williamson and was nothing more than 135 kph on average. Yadav at full tilt has clocked about 153 kph. That's pretty much the fastest Aamir has ever clocked and that was before his ban. Also theres a concept called average pace i.e. the ability to bowl quick consistently match after match and this what Shami, Umesh and Ishant have done over the last 2.5 years. No Pakistani fast bowler including Wahab has maintained a high average pace for 2.5 years. So stop bringing Asia Cup and CT into the discussion or random spells.

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