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  1. Nikhil_cric

    Nothing deeply interesting after the WC

    Im looking forward to the SA tour of India and will be massively disappointed if we don't whitewash SA and bully them into submission. Also, we are only 2 points ahead of NZ in the test rankings. Need to whitewash windies as well to increase that . There's also SL tour of UAE and Pakistan tour of Australia im looking forward to.
  2. Nikhil_cric

    Mayank to replace Vijay Shankar

    We need saini in place of jadeja as well. On a fresh, flat pitch, one spinner is enough. Said it from the beginning z you don't need 3 spinners in England no matter what. Chahal and Kuldeep are enough. A tall hit the deck seamer is more important. Look how behrendorff, Starc,Cummins trio is operating. Relentless stuff.
  3. Nikhil_cric

    Are they doing it intentionally?

    No. Those are just excuses. This Indian lineup was always overrated. We need a massive overhaul and need to plan for 2023. Dhawan, Rohit, dhoni, jadhav and their ilk out for good. We need youth and guys who can hit against genuine pace bowling . Not plodders.
  4. Don't think we have the personnel to beat England on a flat wicket . Batting lineup prefers to chase par scores of 290.
  5. And we don't even have an extra pacer in our XV lol. We have jadeja. Getting exposed just in time . Good. Some grandpa's need to be forced into retirement.
  6. But but as bangar, Kohli have said we play risk free, percentage cricket . No need to score runs quickly even if the pitch is flat and grounds are small. 100/0 in 20 overs is always the ideal start. Also we are a great chasing team with the greatest chaser in ODI history in our lineup.
  7. On true pitches , the difference between their batting and ours is massive. Apart from Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli nobody can hope to match their scoring rate. Dhoni will still score at 70 and take the game deep.
  8. Nikhil_cric

    VK should opt to chase today

    No. Bat first and crush England with a 350+ score.
  9. Pakistan. England will be under tremendous pressure to win both matches. BD needs to beat both PAk and India which is unlikely. Pakistan just need to beat BD and hope that England oses atleast one. That looks most likely to me.
  10. Even if NZ loses by 200 runs to England and Pakistan beats BD by 200 runs, NZ will still have a better NRR. So they are practically confirmed. Its between England and PAk/BD now. NRR doesn't matter.
  11. We won't face Australia until the finals and that is if both teams manage to win their respective semis. 3 spots are almost clarified. We are facing either NZ or Pakistan/England. Australia are looking a very dangerous side but I'd rather we focus on England first. One game at a time.
  12. Nikhil_cric

    Sehwag on India's batting against spinners.

    Very poor against spinners. Couldn't even score against bloody Fabian Allen.
  13. Lanka have had plenty of luck this tournament. Saffers have no pressure of qualifying and that's got to work in SA s favour. Also SL winning does India no favours.
  14. Nikhil_cric

    Vijay Shankar Fan club

    He's better than fat rayudu who is useless in all known dimensions of this universe. Not a fan of Shankar but atleast he was worth investing in over oldie rayudu.
  15. Nikhil_cric

    Should those whinging abt batting celebrate win now ?

    And that's a problem. If our bowling happens to fail on the day of semis or final and happens to be a flat pitch?

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