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  1. Jadeja is the ideal spinner in these conditions. Quick through the air and skids on without bouncing. On these surfaces , batsmen can't hit him .
  2. We already have 3 spinners and jadhav in the squad. No need for another spinner.
  3. Decent replacement. Siraj comes in to the test side. Not necessarily an LOI prospect. Chahar bowls at a decent pace and can swing the ball if there is any to be found. Can hit a few as well. Should bowl like bhuvi did in the last match. Should play chahar,Khaleel, Yadav,axar,chahal and jadhav against BD. Bumrah and BK rested for Sunday.
  4. Nikhil_cric

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    With the likes of Rayudu,DK,jadhav and dhoni what did you expect? We shouldn't even have been chasing this much if it weren't for dhoni's dropped catch. Our middle order has been held together by Kohli for way too long. Hopefully the U19 batch of Shaw,Gill and Kalra can step up. I know Manish Pandey and Rahul haven't really set the world on fire but they are better than DK and Rayudu for sure. Atleast I wanna see them against BD.
  5. Nikhil_cric

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Kudos on selecting your best XI under Mickey. Sad that they can't even beat this Indian team down to 10 men. If we actually replace the oldies with talents in domestic, we would murder Pakistan every match .
  6. Old farts middle order struggling to score against even fakhar zaman.
  7. We can still lose this. Our batting even with Kohli is not that good and especially since we are playing some old unfit hackity hacks
  8. Would agree only if government runs all temples, churches and mosques not a select few as they please.
  9. Nikhil_cric

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    And they selected thakur for tests in England ahead of siraj . Bravo! Based on yesterday I'd pick Dhawan Rohit Rahul Pandey Jadhav(useless but the others are DK and Rayudu and he can bowl a bit someone does a shardul) Pandya Greybeard Bumrah Khaleel Yadav Chahal Bhuvi doesn't seem to be good enough at the moment.
  10. Nikhil_cric

    Is MSD currently worst ODI batsman among top 9 countries?

    Pants keeping can't be judged based on England where the ball was moving a lot and the likes of shami were flinging it wide from time to time. I think he would be better than dhoni currently if he were keeping here.
  11. I can see some merit in this argument that since this is a public place it should be open to all and that is ok. But im firmly against the government running any religious institution and i consider it immoral if the government to run temples especially Tirupati , sabarimala etc. simply because they generate somuch revenue.
  12. I asked for a liberal democracy which does it . Atatürk's Turkey was not a liberal democracy by any stretch of the imagination not by contemporary standards anyway. If the Supreme Court indeed does open ALL religious institutions to women that would be a first i think for a secular democracy and would be , truly, a secular decision. but frankly that is not gonna happen and we all know why.
  13. This is completely unrelated.Iask you this - which liberal democracy has allowed - women to worship with men in mosques by superseding religion ? Or superrseeded the Catholic church to allow women as cardinals? Religious institutions have the right to exclusion and segregation for religious services and that is why they are religions. Interference with that , unless absolutely necessary, makes a state less secular and not more.
  14. Nikhil_cric

    How Shameful is this??

    Had they batted first they would've won. I want us to be absolutely humiliated by BD,AFG and PAK. This team is full of trash that needs to be taken out .

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