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  1. Bhuvi bowled decently till then. Grandpa XI gonna get humiliated here . Rohit and Dhawan can't score everytime
  2. Also go around the wicket and force them to play. What is this legside rubbish.
  3. Poor . Need to choke them as much as possible. No pressure on PAK
  4. Pakistan have chased well here. Hit the mediocre Afghan trundlers and seen off mujeeb and Rashid. Neither BD nor SL could do that.
  5. Mahi Bhai will play till 2023 now based on this ATG knock against BD in a huge, high pressure chase
  6. Jai Shri ram! Such a good human being is mahi Bhai - guiding youngsters on the right path i.e. suck up to your seniors and management and make a career for yourselves.
  7. I don't mind playing trundlers in UAE for this tournament. Still don't see the point of playing our best fast bowler and risking injury. Better to let the likes of kaul bowl here.
  8. Yeah jaddu is better than chahal with the bat and 10x better in the field as well.
  9. Chahal doesn't put on the revs on the ball that Kuldeep does. The point is you need someone who can bowl round arm 90 kph darts on these wickets with low bounce. Jadeja is probably the best darter in the country and he could be lethal if jadhav s performance is anything to go by.
  10. Jadeja is the ideal spinner in these conditions. Quick through the air and skids on without bouncing. On these surfaces , batsmen can't hit him .
  11. We already have 3 spinners and jadhav in the squad. No need for another spinner.

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