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  1. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    1.Tendulkar 2.Anwar 3.Sehwag 4. Zaheer 5. Kohli 6. Yuvraj 7.Dhoni 8. Wasim 9. Saqi 10.Waqar 11. Akhtar
  2. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    Not really. We have made our stand and now it's time to stick with it. I know we all would love to thrash this weak Pakistani team and set the record straight but honestly we should just stick to our principles now
  3. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    This is the best test team we have had in quite some and SA, despite their thrashing of BD, actually are not that strong. Seaming wickets would help our quicks too. Bottom line I think we can beat SA no matter what wicket it is as long as we have sufficient preparation. But I think we won't have that.
  4. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    Only school cricket. But why do you ask?
  5. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    That was thanks to their idiotic decision to bat second on both occasions. Kohli won't make such dumb decisions or atleast I hope not.
  6. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    We are not taking this tour seriously enough. We have been playing non stop cricket for the past 1 year and are now playing another useless series against SL. They are tired and we need them fresh and at their sharpest . We need to 1) Have our best from the quicks. Hopefully Shami, Umesh and Bhuvi/Ishant are at their best, well rested 2) While not playing at Durban, spinners will still play a key role. They need to bowl tight and dry and give nothing away. 3) Batsmen have to be very aggressive, SA rarely recover when they are under the pump. Give Rabada respect but w have to brutalise their other bowlers especially Maharaj. Force faf to overbowl his main quicks and tire them out. If it's a green mamba, no point being defensive or they'll get out . Need to take calculated risks and put them off their lines and lengths. Also bat first unless it's a green mamba. These SA pitches are deceptive and sometimes get quicker on the 2nd day. 3) They need to take every damn catch that comes their way and keep that slip cordon tighter than a nun's vag. Our catching during the England series was horrendous. 4) Lastly SA are mentally weak and we need to go for the jugular when we have them down. Sledge the hell out of their players if it's necessary.
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Abject performance by Pakistan. Absolute clueless cricket. They need to swallow their pride and realise that its not the 90's anymore and that pace is no longer their strength. Playing 3 pacers in the UAE is what led to this.
  8. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    England have no chance in OZ. Another whitewash coming up.
  9. Don't think Kohli's captaincy was particularly great. We were just too strong a team, man for man. No.1 team against no.7 team was always expected to end up like that.
  10. Depends who you ask. Yes we play a brand of aggressive cricket but it's nice to watch some good old fashioned gritty, attritional cricket once in a while no? But yes, SL have failed to seize the initiative and take the game away so far.
  11. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    All talk. Johnson at his peak was bowling "heavy" balls that thundered into the bat. Starc bowls fuller and is not as much of a physical threat. They should play Starc/Hazlewood/Cummins/Billy and forget about Lyon. England won't know what hit them. :D
  12. This is poor from SL. Should have attacked Shafiq and Sohail and not allowed the main bowlers to rest.
  13. ATG bowling ? Ishant Sharma would walk into their lineup considering Aamirs performances since his comeback
  14. Well. Why are you guys comparing our performance with Pakistan's? Pakistan are on par with SL in terms of ability in tests and this match showed that. India dominated SL like a no.1 team is expected to. Pakistan do not have the bowling attack to restrict SL or the batting to take the game away consistently in these conditions
  15. Please drop has beens like Yuvi and Dhoni. Just please! These guys were finished a couple of years ago atleast and invest in some young guns!
  16. Yuvraj was long done at this level. Lost us the WT20 final singlehandedly. But somehow still gets selected.
  17. India's obsession with spin

    This. I think he's giving MSD too much important probably even in selection.
  18. Bhuvaneshwar has been superb today. What a bowling effort!
  19. Why did we choose to bowl first on such a flat pitch ?

    The decision was not too bad but the selections this CT have been horrendous. You need genuine quicks to get you wickets on these sorta pitches and we select 2 spinners and bowl Bumrah with the new ball?Utter rubbish strategy. This is dhonis legacy and Kohli is continuing with these tactics.
  20. We are not chasing this lol. Hassan,Aamir and Junaid have rarely had so many runs to defend and they will bowl with their tails up and tailunted Rohit will throw it away.
  21. Even mental midget Hafeez is smacking us now. What a bottlejob by us.
  22. India's obsession with spin

    Extremely disappointed. Back then we never had the quicks to cause issues for batsmen. Now we have them and still don't select them. I'm disillusioned as well. All of Kohlis so called aggression looks like fake machismo when he ends up making such defensive selections. Watch us get smashed when we tour SA
  23. There's something in it for bowlers who hit the deck hard enough . All our fast bowlers can do that but we didn't select them. Honestly it was a dumb decision and hope we get smashed for this stupidity. Reminds me of 2011 World Cup semifinal when we played an extra seamer instead of a spinner on a turning pitch. That time we got lucky. This time we won't be as lucky methinks.
  24. Just look at bhuvis figures. If we had played pacers, their entire lineup would have been exposed.

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