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  1. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    wow ... highest run getter in group stages of Vijay Hazare trophy and has played 1 match less
  2. the question is, can Dhoni play at #4 in England with the ball still swinging? He will be 37 yrs old during world cup
  3. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    Author Ravi is a banker over 2 decades and is from IIMB - quite a coincidence
  4. Hopefully not a jinx thread ....
  5. Darkest moment...LOL.. We have had many even before you were born. From Vizzy usurping the captaincy from CK Nayadu , Azhars match fixing to Dhoni's test captaincy.
  6. Manish Pandey deserved a chance in the middle order... not sure why not a single opportunity was given to him
  7. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    mumbai lobby ;).. after many years I am seeing 5 of playing-x1 are from mumbai
  8. What happened to Srikar Bharat, Andhra Keeper? Heard he is a very good keeper
  9. Indian State Elections 2018

    Yedyurappa staked his claim for cm seat publicly in several media interviews.. he is 75 & should have retired gracefully Bahamani utsav is aimed at garnering votes in the hyd-kar gulbarga region where there is a significant Muslim population
  10. he was the highest scorer in domestics with a very high s/r... need to give him some more time
  11. Dont think Dhoni & Rahane can play in the same team... If Rohit doesnt accelarate then it further complicates matters. We need to play some other finisher at 6 and move Dhoni to 4/5 if he is indispensible.. Hardik Pandya has failed to convince me
  12. NDTV & Subramaniam swamy... what goes around comes around :)
  13. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Fry-day tomorrow in Indian bourses.. will nifty break 10000 this series?

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