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  1. new ball due in 10 overs... Hope we dont give more than 50 runs lead
  2. Can that be said for some posters on ICF too
  3. diga

    Communism in India

    sense of entitlement for being a dalit.. Loads of freebies disbursed as political tool has really emboldened them to twist any act into dalit struggle
  4. All 4 pacers playing for Ind have bowled in excess of 145K in their careers ... which was unimaginable 10 years back
  5. diga

    Secularism in India

    I bet Guha will never ever say that he ate pork in Ajmer/Middle east... Bloody hypocrite
  6. PUnjabi Brat, Delhi Jat & an UP ..
  7. Not a bad ploy ... Bhuvi may be ineffective if the pitch flattens out .
  8. someone share this with Michael Vaughan & Damien Fleming
  9. If controlling runs with 1 or 2 wkts is what we want with our lead spinner, Jaddu can do this better.... there is slightly more expected from Ashwin
  10. Keep an eye on the 2 dark horses from England... Pat brown & Laurie Evans
  11. +1 ... 3 scores > 50 out 8 innings will change my rating of Rahane
  12. once a precedent is set, its difficult to go against it... Kohli got his choice of coach & now why not the women's team too?

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