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  1. Moodys upgrades India rating... Does anybody know when was the last time it did?
  2. Twitter Updates...

  3. Is there any truth to the rumors about his financial situation..?
  4. what better way to stay in news for a budding politician... make controversial remarks
  5. and there is nothing called love jihad according to some
  6. Modi govt focussing too much on opposition noise.. hardly 40 MPs from Congress & too much importance given. Hopefully the govt can concentrate on its work & at least win 75% of its 2014 tally
  7. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Now Barkha attacks the mgmt & owners
  8. Pandit Family Attacked in Kashmir For Celebrating Diwali

    Hot waterji, the issue is Hindu family not being allowed to celebrate Diwali ..a related issue would be Kashmiri pandits not being allowed to settle in their homeland. The issue of deaths need to be taken to a separate thread. PS: Thanks in advance so that you don't derail another thread
  9. Pandit Family Attacked in Kashmir For Celebrating Diwali

    Not a single word from the libtards.. sad
  10. Supreme Court banned sale of crackers in Delhi

    Doesn't LG too have a similar campaign when they are sponsoring the new year's fireworks in London?
  11. Indian Media

    don't remember seeing a thread on nithin gokhhale's interview of admiral Joshi ... https://www.newslaundry.com/2014/10/18/ndtv-pulls-down-former-navy-chiefs-explosive-interview FOE & NDTV... Sonia Singh & Nithin are at each other from yesterday
  12. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Looks like SpiceJets Ajay Singh is no longer interested in buying it
  13. Supreme Court banned sale of crackers in Delhi

    You can find many instances of this hypocrisy from fiberals to Bollywood cricketers enjoying crackers on new year or on July 4 ..
  14. Whats with all the wrist slitting?

    @OP.. it should be wrist slitting... Isn't it?
  15. Is there a market for penthouses or play boys in the internet era ..

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