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  1. diga

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    Saw a news of severe water shortage in Chennai & it folks have been asked to work from home
  2. Rohit has shown a lot of consistency across last 5-6 years ... For a person who debuted in 2007, & got almost 120 odd games before he started performing, he was frustrating to the core. Some people are late bloomers and Rohit is one of them. Touchwood, hope he performs for next 2-3 years before we search the next opener
  3. diga

    Sachin in 2003 or Rohit in 2019

    One while chasing & one while batting first
  4. diga

    Hardik Pandya Post match Interview

    Bollywood should be kept away from Cricket... Never know when another Dawaood & betting syndicate will emerge
  5. diga

    What would you like to learn from....

    Learn Sanskrit , smiling nature from North East people & try food from Orissa
  6. diga

    Ball of the tournament so far

    Chahal's ball to dismiss Faf was also good..
  7. KL absorbed the pressure after Pak chose to bowl first on a flat surface, thinking that India's top is soft...Would not mind a repeat of this performance against England too
  8. Still irritating to hear him... need some different voices & opinions in the commentary box other than Sanju Manju
  9. Sanju Manju & his inferiority complex whenever he sees a baki... Should be kicked out
  10. diga


    Could not have preponed due to the county season & IPL
  11. Sri Lankan terrorists had their origin in Tamil Nadu
  12. diga

    India planning to have their own Space Station

    Further some critical scientific experiments need our own lab space which may be costlier in shared station
  13. Dont understand why the world cup standby players are not already in England... The conditions are very different & BCCI could have easily arranged them to play local club side or minor counties to get acclimatized . Travesty that some BCCI babus are already in England
  14. With Jagan at the helm, Andhra is not far... already the head of Tirupati temple trust is a staunch evangelist
  15. Should rename himself as Ezra Durgunam ... Seems like another rice bag convert without much education. Wonder how he gets so much airtime.

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