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  1. diga

    Your favorite national anthems?

    How many accept vande Mataram.. supposedly the national song
  2. Bengal is a lost cause.. hope we don't see the same in Kerala & TN
  3. My office atheist TN friend was not even aware of this till I asked :(
  4. You can claim this technicality...but still doesn't change the fact that it's foreign owned
  5. I am merely responding to your claims..read your posts again
  6. Ashok Leyland too...
  7. Nope.. you made a point about foreign ownership.read your posts again
  8. Why don't you check what Volvo is doing and how much is the localisation content.. you did have numbers for the Chinese firm
  9. If Volvo is a foreign firm, so is Ashok Leyland... check the ownership
  10. Ashok Leyland is owned by Hinduja brothers and last I heard they are not citizens of India
  11. Provide a source which says BMTC is operating imported buses instead of locally manufactured
  12. Nothing...except that a difference in GDP of 100 or 500 crores doesn't make a difference and your examples don't hold much water.every state is making an effort to improve the quality of life of its citizens , not only TN
  13. Per capita GDP is more an indicator of standard of living
  14. BYD-Hyd is manufacturing buses in Kar and hopes for a contract from the state.. still not importing and no contract yet as you claimed

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