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  1. diga

    1992 Interview of ABVP - Old videos of ABV

    2019 is going to be an ugly battle.. For the p-secs & the congis, its a battle for survival. Its very difficult to fathom what they are planning as they rarely come out of their holes..
  2. diga

    1992 Interview of ABVP - Old videos of ABV

    Only last year I got to know that this condescending prick Karan thapar was the son of disgraced general of 1962 Indo-China war Prannath Thapar.. not only that Romila Thapar is his sister. Can one expect these two to be unbiased?
  3. diga

    1992 Interview of ABVP - Old videos of ABV

    Flipping through the channels at prime time and every channel paying tribute to the legacy of vajpayee except for ndtv still hankering on 2002..
  4. Didn't Jeff Thomson say about Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson that " he was not even an all-rounders arsehole".. Wonder what he would say about pandya?
  5. Nuclear power & golden quadrilateral... will always be associated with him... RIP
  6. Shastri needs to go ... former players have smelt blood
  7. I would anyday select Ashwin as the allrounder and play a bowler in place of Pandya for test ckt... For white ball ckt, its important for our world cup ambitions , that Pandya be given more chances and groomed.
  8. Attack may have been over unpaid canteen bill or local bar bill or for teasing the local laila... why blame the govt?
  9. diga

    Farewell Vidia

    heard about him only through Prafulla Bidwai (staunch commie) from Frontline articles..then through Francois Gautier. Havent read much of his work, but whatever little I have read, he was a pragmatist. RIP.
  10. diga

    Karunandhi health status...

    He endangered Indian Sovereignty. Leveraged linguistic chauvinism and parochialism to consolidate power. Used hate politics against a micro minority caste as a clarion call. He sold NatSec to foreign interests, for money. He embodied everything wrong today with Indian politics ...
  11. diga

    Karunandhi health status...

    Ironic that a person who built his legacy on atheism wants a site for people to revere him as a demigod...
  12. diga

    Whom to blame?

    you can nitpick or accept the fact that sometimes the other team plays well... (CT final was on the backdrop of souring relations between the captain & coach) As for as Kumble vs Shastri debate, it would have been a fair comparision if Kumble would have been given a 2 year stint with full backing of the captain.. As an administrator to Karnataka, he has done wonders.
  13. diga

    Indian bowlers struggle at providing support

    Somebody bump the unlucky Ishant thread

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