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  1. Maybe rejig the batting order... open with Rahul & Dhawan with Raina/Rohit playing at 3/4 to continue the left -right combo... Unadkat should still play ahead of Siraj..
  2. It ensures the crowd support for India
  3. whats this farce of a match? no intention of winning it outright.. Just want to win based on first innings lead. (Very defensive from coach Chandrakant Pandit)
  4. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    Has he played any Odis? He may ply the next t20 world cup. Being in RCB will help
  5. Its a good idea... its always better to have more than 1 captain. @velu @Cricketics plz merge the threads
  6. So sharia rules force the uae edition of the magazine to put a black cover on the image... not a word from our feminazis
  7. Have seen quite a few ICF threads on IPL stars only for them to fizzle out after 1 season.. In domestics,its mostly the bowlers like nathu singh, harmeet singh who are hyped
  8. Batsman over FC avg of 54 are dime a dozen in domestic cricket... Having said that I believe that he did not capitalize on the chances and at one point most of us were hoping he would be a replacement for RD/VVS/SRT.. Alas, it would not be so
  9. Nothing wrong... its like we are upset with giving more chances to Rohit Sharma than Rahane
  10. Looking back more than Dhoni, Srinivasan's role in this saga is murky..
  11. Statue Breaking politics

    lot of people think that the controversy is good for BJP... raises the awareness of the people about all the idols / temples vandalized from the last 1000 years which can only mean BJP is always a factor in every election

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