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  1. Yep.. Its a 5 match series. Need to rotate bowlers. Pandya might get a chance in Headingley
  2. 3 proper pacers + Ashwin as the allrounder + Kuldeep is a better bowling attack than 2 pacers+pandya+ashwin+kuldeep
  3. Even Ganguly dragged his career before he found that spark just 6 months before retiring.. Will never call it out
  4. So the woman deserves it because she raised her hand...
  5. India needs to drop "you know who"
  6. I remember an incident where Manoj Prabhakar played such tuck-tuck innings and next game he was suspended by BCCI (although the talk at that time was match fixing)
  7. diga

    Supreme court rulings

    Chidambarams (Both Husband & wife) are good lawyers.. They know if not the legal points, the judges can save them
  8. diga

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Kohli cant play Dhoni/Raina/Rohit/Dhawan together.. Needs to play only 2 of them in any match. If we dont start now, 2019 world cup is as good as gone. (2019 world cup format is where every team plays the other. We will be severely exposed there )

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