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  1. This Hongkong team is basically Pak Team C.... Rehearsal before the match against main Pak team
  2. I wonder if Ind coach did some homework about the strengths & weaknesses of HK batsman... A
  3. Whatever Iyer is, the article on Asia cup should be about the squad selected... not someone outside the squad, and that too a mumbaikar
  4. what happened to the asst. coaches? Bangar/Arun namesakes? MSD is like Sonia over MMS in UPA regime (extra constitutional authority)
  5. Just when you think manju is making sense he sneaks in a snippet on IPL performance of shreyas Iyer... He may be Mumbais batting hope but certainly not Indias
  6. How will you build the bench if you dont give an opportunity to youngsters against weak teams... cant expect them to come & perform against strong teams
  7. Dad's army... atleast 1 youngster (in 20s) has to play. You need fresh legs for fielding in the desert heat.
  8. diga

    India start as underdogs against Pak??

    Mickey Arthur & inzamam have built a good team...
  9. diga

    No long term vision

    I remember dravid & co decided to give opportunity to youngsters for t20 world cup in 2007... that heralded the t20 , IPL revolution. Why can't the current lot give up a few things
  10. diga

    Akash Chopra Strikes Again

    I suspect Akash Chopra to be a member of this DG... Hope this msg is read by him ... Need to try 2 youngsters with 3 seniors in the batting Dept and at least 1 in the bowling Dept in these tournaments.
  11. It will remain at Bradmanasque level only... never reach the heights of Sachin (Fuel pumps in India cant display above 99.99 Rs) :D

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