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  1. It's called scorched Earth policy.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorched_earth
  2. diga

    Indian State Elections 2018

    and the higher education minister has not even passed 8th standard ...
  3. and not even a single voice from the libtards on this? l
  4. wasnt there some controversy involving her grand mother & the church's refusal to bury her? Priyanka is part christian
  5. diga

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    Looks like Rakhi Sawants long lost sister..
  6. diga

    Sterlite protests

    I would have said good riddance, but unfortunately it will be some local jobless youth paid to protest
  7. not a single comment on CBN's extravagance from the Gult gang, whereas there were tons on Modi's non-benevolence
  8. Dawood & the Khan family go a long back.. wasn't there some controversy over the financing of film starring Salman & pretty Zinta?
  9. diga

    Sterlite protests

    From the start, people did suspect the involvment of church in this protest... now suffer. Secular Rashtra ..LOL
  10. diga

    Sterlite protests

  11. diga

    Sterlite protests

    Is there any severance announced by the company or govt? who pays for it..??
  12. diga

    Sterlite protests

    As of now its closed.. BTW who is this nithyanand jayaraman & Chennai solidarity group? Hearing that they are same lot which organized the kudanukulam protests and are now behind this too
  13. diga

    Sterlite protests

    Sterlite closing is a reality... Jaya's absence is sorely felt during these times. If unbridled, the crypto lot will finish off one of the most industrialized state of India
  14. diga

    Sterlite protests

    50k job losses...that's big in these times
  15. diga

    Sterlite protests

    Read somewhere that the sterlite plant produced close to 40% of India's copper ... Forget the direct job losses, what is the trickledown effect?

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