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  1. Gavaskar is a pusillanimous person... BCCI mandate doesnt allow him to question the selections/captain/Coach. Can only praise them.
  2. Ganguly is blunt ... He says it as he sees it. I wish Gavaskars/Tendulkars could speakup like Dada
  3. 80 odd games ... thats a huge amount of patience with tailunt. MSD can retire gracefully or screw his legacy by prolonging the agony
  4. diga

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    This time WC format has been devised to reward consistency... Each team plays the other in super 10. Need more bowlers & alrounders and at least 2 wk
  5. diga

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    https://www.deccanherald.com/national/india-sees-worst-outflow-fiis-693583.html India sees worst outflow of FIIs/FPIs in 18 years... Does this mean another recession/political instability in 2019 for India?
  6. Seam bowling allrounder.. Could have tried Shivam Mavi
  7. In an ideal world, Karthik & Pant should be the keepers for the world cup.. we also need a left hander in the middle order
  8. Because that is the job of the selector... to select people who can contribute
  9. Only 1 out of dhoni or Karthik should be playing these trial matches... We should be trying out other batsmen for world cup
  10. Aren't there any seam bowling alrounders?.. isn't Shivam mavi one?
  11. Along with his batting, his keeping too is under decline He missed 2 chances yesterday

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