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  1. Biriyani & MSK Prasad ... is there something common?
  2. Don't worry.. today dhoni has plenty of time to play at a lower s/r than 76
  3. Jack of all, Master of none .. happy
  4. Rayadu based on IPL performance ...LOL
  5. They will play KL against Afg-Rashid Khan & co with the scoreboard pressure
  6. Azhar Ali was a stabilizing influence in the top order... is he not in the squad?
  7. Dont remember any team having a top order(1-6) full of players above the age of 30... Dad's army
  8. Never called for Pak to win...unless you dont believe in your heroes abilities
  9. Hope Pak manages a score of above 280... It will be interesting to see how Dhoni guides the chase
  10. Thread reaches the intended audience... MSD may not play
  11. Those were sugar coated...
  12. At the end of the day runs/wkts/catches win you matches and not process ...
  13. only if India enter the finals... dont get your hopes too high :)
  14. This Hongkong team is basically Pak Team C.... Rehearsal before the match against main Pak team

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