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  1. Pandit Family Attacked in Kashmir For Celebrating Diwali

    Not a single word from the libtards.. sad
  2. Doesn't LG too have a similar campaign when they are sponsoring the new year's fireworks in London?
  3. Indian Media

    don't remember seeing a thread on nithin gokhhale's interview of admiral Joshi ... https://www.newslaundry.com/2014/10/18/ndtv-pulls-down-former-navy-chiefs-explosive-interview FOE & NDTV... Sonia Singh & Nithin are at each other from yesterday
  4. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Looks like SpiceJets Ajay Singh is no longer interested in buying it
  5. You can find many instances of this hypocrisy from fiberals to Bollywood cricketers enjoying crackers on new year or on July 4 ..
  6. Whats with all the wrist slitting?

    @OP.. it should be wrist slitting... Isn't it?
  7. Is there a market for penthouses or play boys in the internet era ..
  8. Evin Lewis !!!

    Isn't CSK back next year?
  9. Lot of traitors in our midst..God save the idea of India
  10. The Never Ending Thread

    to each his own
  11. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Buzz is they are settling in Jo'burg
  12. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Yep .. confirmed by Jay panda
  13. All people are born equal..some more so than others
  14. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Twitter ownership resides in middle East
  15. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    It's still a rumor.. not confirmed yet But I won't be surprised if the promoters decide to sell with all the tax problems
  16. There is no vacant position in the middle order... With AB back,& Buvama performing well, they don't need Duminy
  17. Rahul Gandhi Berkeley speech

    He just understand what nepotism means..
  18. Wasn't his son one of the Cricinfo authors?
  19. The Never Ending Thread

    Listening to song "pardah hain pardah", from Amar Akbar Antony in the bus makes me ponder if such songs would be allowed in this era.. maybe it would be considered blasphemy
  20. Site Feedback

    Any reason why sub-forums have been removed?
  21. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Uthappa has moved to some other state..he is done & dusted
  22. So the narrative changes to how demonetization killed Gauri before naxalism did.. way to go seculars
  23. One of the states with highest reservation in the country, yet..

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