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  1. Dhawan/vijay/rahul/kohli/pujara/Rahane/kartik/ashwin/umesh/shami/ishant If bowling wicket no need to play 5 bowlers
  2. PSB_Zone

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Play rohit sharma at 4. YES he was a failure there and has 3 double 100 as opener but now he is a different player. He fails and stalls at opening many times anyway Start with dhawan and rahul with attack from both ends. I dont see future with kartik as keeper in odis. To me pant should play after dropping dhoni. Drop raina and play krunal pandya Play 3 seamers all the time unless its a rank turner and play one of the wrist spinners. Kohli has no clue abt team selection. Remove him from captaincy and make rohit the captain Dhawan/rahul/kohli/rohit/pant/hardik/krunal/bhuvi/kuldeep/shami/bumrah
  3. Yadav ishant and shami should be in the playing x1 for the test.. Bhuvi and bumrah are either not fit or out of form
  4. PSB_Zone

    2019 World Cup: Challenges ahead for Captain Kohli

    Third seamer.. I think sami can still be our third seamer if he hits the gym and stays away from the troubles of personal life. Either play both the wrist spinners if wicket assists spin or play one and another krunal pandya to strenthen the batting. I am not sure abt raina at that position.Better of playing pant. IF WICKET falls early move rahul to 3 or else sent kohli Rohit/dhawan/kohli/rahul/pant/Hardik/krunal/bhuvi/kuldeep/shami/bumrah Umesh/chahal/Kartik/Jadhav
  5. Dhwan/rohit/kohli/rahul/pant/hardik/krunal/bhuvi/kuldeep/shami/bumrah Play abv on pitch slightly favouring pacers Replace chahal with one of the pacers on other wickets.
  6. PSB_Zone

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Shami was very talented odi bowler but his wife has ruined him.. He wd be an ideal 3rd seamer if he could hv worked on his fitness and finish the matter of his wife
  7. PSB_Zone

    Project Raina never dies

    He being left hander also goes for him plus all the abv mentioned points.
  8. None of the top batters can bowl if kartik plays.. Raina might still get the nod for the sake of 6th bowler and being a left hander. The only other ways kartik can play is in place of rahul that is unlikely. Kohli I think should play 3 in odis but with rahul they hv the luxury of sending him at 3 if wicket falls early. Kohli should be given atleast 30 overs in odis whether he bats at 3 or 4.
  9. Yes bowlers win the game in t-20s as the extra batsmen at no 7 role is very limited but If india decides to play Umesh,bhuvi and bumrah +hardik along with two wrist spinners It puts bhuvi at no. 7 and then long tail..Bhuvi is gud but at no. 7 it does not gives confidence Now there are two options either drop one of the wrist spinners and play Krunal pandya or Drop hardik and play a genuine batsmen which i am not sure is a good idea
  10. PSB_Zone

    Isn't Hardik at 7 is a waste in T-20s ?

    So If everything in your life is going on very well, U wont create a back-up for urself for the surplus amount u have?
  11. PSB_Zone

    Isn't Hardik at 7 is a waste in T-20s ?

    In times a rare collapse ,Dhoni @5 will stand like the rock and eat up balls . So in that scenario also no. 7 batsmen will hardly get to bat..lolz
  12. PSB_Zone

    Isn't Hardik at 7 is a waste in T-20s ?

    With such a batting line up he will never gona bat. so play 5 proper bowlers instead. 7th bat can be valuable in 50 over cricket not in t-20 if it is not a rare ocasion.. but 5 bolwers will bowl every time..Its not like that in t20s bowlers do get hit so 5 or 6 does not matter. I am talking abt probability where the avg runs scored against 5 proper bowlers will always be less than 4+all rounder Dont take a debate to exteremes or talk about a day ..Its abt average ,Its abt bigger picture
  13. PSB_Zone

    Isn't Hardik at 7 is a waste in T-20s ?

    With so many world class batsman ...6 are more than enough for T-20 cricket. In times of collapse ,bhuvi is there who can hang in for 2 or 3 overs with main batsman. Also playing extra bowler will save runs for the batsman to score. The thing is such collapses where u need a 7th batsmen are rarer than ocasions when u need a 3rd pacer
  14. Indian strategy to play with 4 bowlers + an all rounder is Not right. In t20s , a bowler will alway bowl his quota of overs but a batsman at 6 or 7 most of the time won't get a chance to bat and even if he does it just for few balls Its high time we rethink our strategy and play Hardik at no 6 . Drop raina and replace him with Umesh or Krunal depending on teh conditions WITH two wrist spinners a 3rd spinner in krunal is a difficult choice though but umesh/bhuvi/bumrah ,the two wrist spinners plus the 6th bowler in Hardik makes a hell of a bowling line up with all bases covered rahul/dhawan/kohli/rohit/dhoni/hardik/bhuvi/kuldeep/umesh/bumrah/chahal

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