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  1. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sachin Saed anwar V kohli Inzmam-Ul huq Javed Miandad M s dhoni Kapil dev Imran Khan Wasim akram Saqlain mushtaq Anil Kumble *All players to be judged when they were in there prime
  2. I am not talking abt odi games.. T-20 is a different format all together... He does it for mumbai india.. ALSO he can settle it at that position and then gi beserk.. Two accumaletrs in the team kohli and rohit at 3 and 4 with dashers playing around them.. RAHUL is a proper opener.. Pant the dasher to take advantage of field restriction.. Then 2 accumaletrs in kohli and rohit.. No. 5 raina who can get going from the word go then blast with pandya brothers at 6 and 7 In foregn condition u can play just one spinner with jadhav raina and pandya 5th bowler.. Also make rohit captain in t-20 as kohli is too rigid and one dimensional Rahul/pant/kohli/rohit(c)/raina/jadhav/pandya/kuldeep/bhuvi/bumrah/thampi
  3. Rahul, pant to open.. Bring rohit at 4..bRing back raina.. Boot out dhoni, dhawan, pandey and nehra.. Also bring a young fast bolwer and play with 3 pacers and six bolwers including hardik.
  4. Bull headed fools give opportunities... Play pant and rahul at top bring raina back sort the batting line up
  5. See this guy jadhav.. And ppl were rating him ahead of raina over and over again.. Look at this fluke player
  6. Too many acumalaters in this team.. Only 2 out of rohit kohli pandey dhawan and dhoni can play
  7. I am actually happy infact i want us to loose series, so that it wakes the selecters up and guys like dhoni, dhawan are booted out
  8. The pitches where spinners wd be neutralized then this indian t-20 indian side wd be smashed more often then not..
  9. 4 players from current squad of Top 6 actually dont deserve a place in Dhoni, Jadhav, Dhawan, pandey in order.. We need a dasher at the top to take advantage of the top.. ALSO rahul is too gud player to sit out.. Best place for him to bat is to open... NOW ROHit sharma has to bat at 4 and play the role of finisher as he does for Mi. That will solve our no. 4 prob atleast in t-20s We need a fast bowling all rounder, ideally a left armer so that we can play 6 bowlers and 2 wrist spinners regularly without compromising in batting.. Rahul Pant Kohli Rohit Raina Pandya Fast bowling Allrounder Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah
  10. Select your best T20 XI for India

    Pant/Rahul/Kohli/Rohit/Raina/Hardik/Krunal/Bhuvi/Kuldep/Chahal/Bumrah.. Replace one of the wrist spinner with a pacer Unadkat, Thampi, Siraj outside asia
  11. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Sachin Jayasurya(Close with anwar but he can bowl) KOHLI Sangkara Miandad Dhoni Kapil Imran Wasim Murli Malinga
  12. Well team selection has been pathetic with these selecters.. No pant no yongsters after wastinng an opportunity in Wi now against Asusie t_20. They say that Raina failed the fitness test.. Oh and nehra passed it.. Do u even buy that.. Lolz and what is dhoni doing in T_20¿ Now Dhawan is also selected and he will probably open... Since we hv a problem at no. 4, will it not be a Good idea to play Rohit at 4 and open with rahul/dhawan Rahul/dhawan/Kohli/rohit/PAndey/Jadhav/Pandya/Akshar/Dhoni/Bhuvi/Chahal/Bumrah
  13. Suresh Raina and Amit Mishra fail fitness test.

    Lolz raina failed fitness test and nehra passed it.. Do i ppl even blv this story. This is all politics dude.. BY THE way raina is just 30
  14. Emulating England's ODI Side

    Emulating means in terms of team composition and combination.. Lolz..
  15. Emulating England's ODI Side

    Yes last tow champions trophy.. but still next world cup they will be the front runners with now bairstow settled at top..

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