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  1. X1 for the next match

    They have to play rahul and hv to play pant at top. Rohit at 4 like he does for MI Dhwan Pant Rahul Rohit Raina Hooda Shankar Akshar Unadkat Thakur Chahal
  2. Kartik is keepering.. Pant is playing out of position.Kartik playing ahead of rahul. GOT TO BE SOMETHING else.
  3. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    We dont hv anyone in the top order who can eat up balls..So rohit at 4 is best to finish games and clear the field as he does not need field restrictions..
  4. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    Pant should be given full go through -out the tournament.. Rohit should start playing at 4 like he does for mi Dhawan pant rahul rohit raina hooda shankar akshar unadkat chahal thakur
  5. I will open with rahul/dhawan and play sharma at 3 as an accumalater Rahul Dhawan Rohit Raina Manish Pant Shankar Aksar Chahal Unadkat Thakur
  6. Why u are fed up with grammer and school.. Hahah.. We are not writing any exam here dear kid to worry abt grammer and all. The only thing important here is, the person infront understands ... Bell has rung come out of the class and eat ur breakfast.. U seriously need one.
  7. Now i am absolutely sure u are a primary kid.. Writing antonyms, methophers and irony without any logic.. Hahah
  8. Is this guy just finished his class 4th exam. He seem to be in love with antonyms
  9. I am not blind to history..i am not a sheep. And i am not emotional fool either. I hv been saying this for a year that pant should be in the team instead of dhoni.. But The statement which i made was for comparison with srt and thats over all.. Ofcoarse human biology is such that u cant play for eternity. Pant will be more consistent and better suited to t-20 game
  10. These guys dont hv a clue about that cricket is played in minds.. Numerous victories were the result of shrewd mind .Yes they dont always work so you just cant pin point a single match or series and pounce on dhoni.Dhoni is a rare breed. I dont think his value as a cricketer is anything less than srt... One more thing i want to point out that its a basic human nature to glorify the past and underpin the present.Its wrong to say that akram ,ambrose or mcgrath were leaps and bounds ahead of modern bowlers..Its just that modern day batsmen has evolved more compared to the bowling and become more fearless. i dont hv any doubt that akram ,ambrose wd hv been hammered in the flat pitches.. It is just ilogical that suddenly all the bowlers in the world gone crap and srt played all difficult bowlers.Its just our emotional attachment with the historical personalty..Somebody like gautam buddha seems larger then life but if he comes to modern world he will be as good as an average indian and will be flabergasted to see how much the world has evolved in thinking and mindset compared to him.
  11. Lol comparing dhoni to sachin, u forget to compare the wicket keeping abilities of sachin with dhoni..Its like comparing einstein to donkey..When u compare anyone dont forget all aspects of his personalities..wicket-keeping, captaicy ,succumbing under pressure, planning and plotting
  12. Yes he can bat anywhere in top 4..Rohit can also bat at 4 as u need power hitters later to clear the boundary riders unlike opening. Dhawan/rahul/kohli/rohit/raina/pandya/pant/bhuvi/kuldeep/undakat/bumrah Chahal, thakur, pandey, jadega (for fielding lolz)
  13. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    This is the reason i always suggest playing rohit at 4 like he does for mi. And open with rahul and dhawan Raina at 5,pandya at6 and pant at 7
  14. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    Why not pant at this position.. Baffling dhoni playing t-20s
  15. Raina is coming back for sure WORLD CUP 2019

    Rahane iyer and dhoni out Rahul raina and pant in India will be boosted with left handers too which they lack. Short ball is not much of an issue at 5/6. Experince matter

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