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  1. PSB_Zone

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    I am.not against chahal at all but it is all abt team combination..When he is pitted agaisnt inform Jadega than he looses out as jadega is a Gun fielder, much more experienced and can tonk the bowling at no. 7. Chahal can be in the squad of 15 though This way pandya can be our 6th bowler & we are not forced to play Jadhav either.Plus we can play 3rd proper seamer Dhawan/rohit/rahul/kohli/Dhoni/Pandya/Jadega/Bhuvi/kuldeep/Shami/Bumrah Khalil/Pant/Chahal/Jadav .If wicket falls early send Rahul at 3 otherwise kohli..
  2. Jadega can play in place chahal and then khalil can play in place of pandya.. Than we hv 3 proper pacers 2 good spinners And 1 part time spinners This combination looks even better than with pandya.. Dont forget jadega is a gun fielder as well
  3. PSB_Zone

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Good One I want to just add if wicket falls early send rahul otherwise if it falls after 17 over send kohli. And I will play Dhoni below krunal. ONly in times of disaster like 60 for 4 send him up
  4. Rohit to ravi- pandya ki injury se to pura combination bigad gaya. Ravi to akshar and shardul - Tum dono injured hai yahan khelne chala aaya
  5. PSB_Zone

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    What is the use of them playing musical chairs if Rahul is ur n0. 4 Jadhav is already no. 6 and no other can bowl to compete him.. kartik has slight advantage only if dhoni retires
  6. PSB_Zone

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    They can drop chahal and play krunal and khalil
  7. Rahul is fighting with not only kartik but raydu as well...I get a feeling raydu is going to get that No. 4 spot
  8. How fragile we look if top players are gone..They don't give the confidence that they will be able to finish any games without top 3
  9. Remeber no pandya and we are into those junks in kartik raydu dhoni and jadhav...
  10. PSB_Zone

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Why not no one thinking of opening qith rahul and dhawan and batting rohit at 4.. Rohit fails in opening 50 percent of the time anyway..No 4 is position with power game.He does that for Mumbai Indians
  11. Pandya injury might change the dynamics of this team in this series..There is no like for like replacement for him in India. Krunal might take his place and khalil might play in place of chahal to get the balance right again
  12. These are scary times ... How avg our team is looking...
  13. I think this game is the audition for 2 spots in batting and one spot of 3rd pacer in bowling.. Bumrah, rahul, pandya are surely gona come and play tomorrow
  14. Since Afaganistan Can't play in there country and no one plays in Pakistan India might be a future home ground for ocasional Afganistan series. Looking at there spin resources can they beat Sena countries on pitches assisting spiiners nd croud cheering for them?

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