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  1. PSB_Zone


    wI is not a minnow in T20s. Rofl neither in Odi in there home if they get there team selection right this time
  2. PSB_Zone


    even If all dhawan, rahul , kohli and sharma place still there will spots up for grab of kartik,jadhav,dhoni
  3. PSB_Zone

    Could have been India

    Yes only if they managed the super over .Bumrah. Otherwise India with tht defensive mindset and crap middle order does not deserve to win the cup at all...
  4. PSB_Zone

    When life gives u 80/4 be a Butler not a Dhoni

    Its not abt the number dude and not just talking abt one game..Butler would have done the same at 24/4 as well ,roatating strike and counter attack sometimes.. Dhoni just sucks the momentum and game is over for the batsman to come in case he gets out..But with butler even if gets out leaves enough time for others to constitute a win.
  5. PSB_Zone

    When life gives u 80/4 be a Butler not a Dhoni

    Dhoni is riding on the back of players at the opposite end since the last world cup..Cunningly using them to hide his inability to hit consistenttly.
  6. I was once a Dhoni Fan but that dosnt mean it will hamper my ability to judge between right and wrong.. Its mind bogling how many worshippers we have in the country.. He was once a grt player but not now..Everyone ages ....What is wrong in that .. Accept it and move on ..Why hiding behind silly reasons like bowlers bowled well etc.. Reflexes are all Gone. Be a realist not a emotional Fool.
  7. PSB_Zone

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    Yes He can come and play at no. 5 with pandya at 6
  8. PSB_Zone

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    Yes rohit should definately be captain both in T-20 and in Odis..I am sure it will be the e d of baffling and clueless team selection
  9. PSB_Zone

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    What abt the amount of runs he saves..It can win u matches.
  10. India is going to play a lot of T-20 international including the ipl in the next 15 months Team building should be done right now.. We need a dashing openers to take advantge of the powerplay. Two accumulators in the middle who can shift gears as well.. Also 3 power hitters in the End. Its high time now that senior player bat at difficult phazes ie no 4 and 5 and give yongsters the option of opening . Rohit should be captain in both T20 and Odi Rahul Pant Kohli Rohit Nistish Rana Hardik Jadega/Krunal Kuldeep Bhuvi Saini Bumrah Rahul Chahr Shreyas iyer Mayank agarwal Aavesh khan
  11. PSB_Zone

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    Someone else should be tried instead of Kul-cha. Rohit should be captain. Rohit Dhwan Rahul Gill Pant Pandya Jadega Gopal Bhuvi Navdeep saini Shami Mayank Shreyas Rahul chahar Aavesh khan
  12. PSB_Zone

    Team of the world cup

    Suggest a better no. 6 Lack of players who performed.. I edited with shakib at 5..As most of the performing players this world cup are all no.3
  13. PSB_Zone

    Team of the world cup

    Warner Rohit Root Williamson Sakib Stokes Carrey Starc Fergusion Bumrah Chahal* *Top 15 wicket takers have no spinners. But a balanced team needs a spinner **Root, bairstow, finch are left out due to team combination .
  14. If they decided to go with this combination, what was wrong in playing mayank innolace of kartik..Who knows he might had got the swashbuckling century at no. 4
  15. Just play Jadega in place of Dhoni in the 1st combination. Its no.7 .

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