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  1. Raydu, Dhoni , Jadhav & Kartik in the current squad does not make the cut for modern brand of Odi Cricket My replacement will be Gill, Pant, krunal, Mayank Rahul in the squad as back up opener is also my second wicket keeper if in a rare scenario he is needed..
  2. PSB_Zone

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    Since they hv decided to go with these players than best will be putting dhoni at 4, Jadhav at 5, kartik at 6 and hardik at 7.
  3. Kohli has been saving all those jokers in the middle order for years now..I also will be glad if they are exposed
  4. PSB_Zone

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Yes jadhav can play if rest 3 are removed coz he is the only one who can fill the quota of 6th bowler.. Shaw cant play beyond no 4 Rohit Dhawan Kohli Gill Pant Jadhav Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Krunal Shami Nagarkoti Rahul
  5. Pandya + Shami Is also on cards specially if we hv Jadhav a spinner as a 6th bowler.. If we play 2 spinners in England than 6th bowler cannot be a spinner.
  6. Some one said Odi was for fresh legs ..Rofl
  7. PSB_Zone

    So the avg. age of our Batting Unit is 33+

    Pant, Gill, Krunal will make it exciting ..
  8. So we are on a verge of winning 5 test matches out of 12 played in Sena countries and on the toughest of pitches for Asian batsman .. If not for the numerous selection blunders and avg captaincy we could hv won atleast 3 more test matches... But still a Grt performance compared to past teams. Full marks to our bowling.
  9. PSB_Zone

    Should Pant start batting at #6?

    Yes he can bat at 6 and than we can play both the spinners along with bhuvi or pandya to strenthen the tail.. Pant, Ashwin,Jadega,Bhuvi,Shami,Bumrah
  10. PSB_Zone

    13 men squad named for 4th test, Ishant rested

    If they are going in with 2 spinners than either pandya or bhuvi was a must for 3rd pacer to shorten the tail.. Rahul should play, I dont hv prob with him.
  11. PSB_Zone

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    Damn I wish Shaw was there..anyways Rohit has to open..If pujara opens than it will change every batting position..I dont want to unsettle the middle order Mayank Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Hardik Pant Ashwin Jadega Shami Bumrah
  12. With Archer available for selction after relaxation of the rules , England might get a death over specialist which was there only weak link.. With Moin, stokes , woakes, Plunket already have alround capabilities ,Jofra might push england batting line up to no . 11 Roy/Bairsto/Root/morgan/Butler/Stokes/Moin/woakes/Archer/plunket/Rashid Hales Wood Billings
  13. PSB_Zone

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Kuldeep is also not a bad option and he is no mug with the bat either.. Jadega against barrage of lefties is not gud option..
  14. PSB_Zone

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Its amazing how the only 2 player who could have been dropped owing to fast pitch gets injured to Miraculously settle the team combination.
  15. When we go for experince instead of youth than we think that they will take the responsibility overseas.. Our batsman are clueless and don't knw wether to attack or defend! We still loosing 90% of the test matches overseas..If this is the case better invest in youth .
  16. Hardik will walk in this T20 side in place of Rahul..Because Problem with Rahul is If not top 3 he cant bat else where.. Rohit/dhawan/kohli/pant/Hardik/Kartik/Krunal/Bhuvi/Kuldeep/Chahal/Bumrah Looks Good
  17. Yes he can run staright out of international arena towards the ipl
  18. Australia wont win a super over with bumrah
  19. Imagine dhoni comming in this situation .He wd hv blocked his way and come out With his crap phylosophy that it was not doable, we hv lost too many wickets ..Run rate was 15 so I blocked
  20. Damn that khalil catch could bite even more when duck louis come in.. Besides this there was drop from kohli, Easy run out chance missed by rahul and Spider cam saving maxwell..
  21. Suddnly there is 8 overs from newbies of T20 internationals Better play with yadav and chahal in place of khalil and krunal..And 6 batsman should take responsibility with bhuvi at 7
  22. I THINK PANT will be keeping in Test , so he is performing wicket-keeping duties to get accostmed to pace and bounce here on Australian pitches
  23. With the sacking of dhoni, suddenly Indian T20 side is looking more refreshed and most basis covered.. So our full strenth team would be Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Pant Hardik Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Bumrah Khalil Kartik Chahal

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