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  1. PSB_Zone

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    They can drop chahal and play krunal and khalil
  2. Rahul is fighting with not only kartik but raydu as well...I get a feeling raydu is going to get that No. 4 spot
  3. How fragile we look if top players are gone..They don't give the confidence that they will be able to finish any games without top 3
  4. Remeber no pandya and we are into those junks in kartik raydu dhoni and jadhav...
  5. PSB_Zone

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Why not no one thinking of opening qith rahul and dhawan and batting rohit at 4.. Rohit fails in opening 50 percent of the time anyway..No 4 is position with power game.He does that for Mumbai Indians
  6. Pandya injury might change the dynamics of this team in this series..There is no like for like replacement for him in India. Krunal might take his place and khalil might play in place of chahal to get the balance right again
  7. These are scary times ... How avg our team is looking...
  8. I think this game is the audition for 2 spots in batting and one spot of 3rd pacer in bowling.. Bumrah, rahul, pandya are surely gona come and play tomorrow
  9. Since Afaganistan Can't play in there country and no one plays in Pakistan India might be a future home ground for ocasional Afganistan series. Looking at there spin resources can they beat Sena countries on pitches assisting spiiners nd croud cheering for them?
  10. PSB_Zone

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    If you want to make a player let him open in ODIS. I dont care whom u drop down but Rahul and pant both should open in ODI &T20 cricket then u can bat kohli , rohit & so on
  11. PSB_Zone

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    Even if India is not able to get good bowler till the world cup, There is always the option of going back to mohammad shami...Now he has Good experince of English conditions and also he is not alien for odis as well.. U might need shami bhuvi bumrah all in some conditions with only one wrist spinner and pandya
  12. Rahul and dhawan to go beserk from both ends and rohit comes at 3 to play the anchor role..
  13. PSB_Zone

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    Haven't u watch the match those byes were wides as no keeper wd hv reached there.. Plus this series was the toughest for the wicketkeeper. If he was abt avg here than we will be fine in normal conditions ..Plus he will learn along the way as well.. Saha is 34 years old .And cannot set the world on fire
  14. PSB_Zone

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    Dhoni playing Odis is still understanble as a part in planning and strtegy for dumb kohli but No one in the world knows what he is doing in fast paced T-20 game
  15. Suddnly so many lefties in world.. Travis head, shaun marsh, khawaja,Renshaw,starc, Agar 6 or 7 lefties in the Ausie line up as well..Indian bowler should better be prepared
  16. PSB_Zone

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    -To me Dhawan has to Go..He has way too many chances overseas -There is a question mark on rahane as wel coz he fails in sub continent too.Also he is poor in this series considering he came to bat when the ball was old unlike Rahul. -Pant is not ready and Kartik is not apt -I will take rohit sharma for bouncy pitches in Australia. -I will rest bumrah for the series..Infact i wont ever play bumrah/Bhuvi in Asia in test matches due to work load My squad wd be Shaw/rahul/pujara/kohli/vihari/saha/pandya/Ashwin/Jadega/Ishant/shami Umesh/kuldeep/Rohit/Mayank
  17. Yes I know test cricket is for specialists but seeing Rahul's catching in slips and his footwork, he can who knows can be an effective wicketkeeper? He used to keep wickets ocasionaly. Also no 6 will allow him to play natural game with very little lateral movement.. I think we should give this a try for a series or 2.
  18. PSB_Zone

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Can vihari bowl off spin?
  19. PSB_Zone

    What will be the first India XI for Asia Cup?

    Will dhoni bat at 3? If not bat him at 7 behind pandya
  20. 1) For the first time this Indian team will feel like , how to play without there superstar who wins them more than 50 % of the matches. That can add the sense of responsibility & they can be tougher as there is no kohli to bail them out.. ALL on there own 2)We get an opportunity to look at Rohit as a captain in Odi cricket & that creats an alternative if we ever want to go for split captaincy. 3)Absence of Kohli can give entire tournament for Rahul at 3 and Manish at 4 & Jadahv/Raydu/ Kartik at 5... We can eventually get 2 out of these for to complete the vunerable NO. 4 & 5 position for the world cup.
  21. I want deviate away from the series loss ..So this thread..lolz Current Asia X1 Fakahar zaman Rohit sharma Virat kohli Babar Azam Mathews Sakib Dhoni Rashid khan Aamir Hasan ali Bumrah All time Sanath Jayasurya Sachin Tendulkar Virat kohli Sangakara INZI DHONI Imran Wasim Rashid khan Murlidharan Malinga
  22. PSB_Zone

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    No he did not do better than Rahul and dhawan if we consider that all the inn8ngs he played was against the old ball.. Opening was tough this series..There openers also struggles inspite of winning 4 tosses.. 5 wickets was a fluke .He was not able to bowl the tight overs.. Also in bowling conditions when team gets bowled out inside 80 overs u hardly need a 5th bowler.. Infact extra batsman in such pitches are cruicial..
  23. PSB_Zone

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    I will give kartik a last go as well in place of pant.. I will open with rahul and shaw Jadega in place of ashwin Karun in place of pandya

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