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  1. PSB_Zone

    WI, the dark horses for the World Cup

    If they somehow bring russel ,lewis and narine back in the mix ,they can become very dangerous with all basis covered. A wrist spinner , A FINGER MYSTERY spinner plus 6 bowling option that includes a left arm fast bowler fro variety as well. Powerful hitters down and up the order, accumulators at 3 and 4. Good captain in Holder Gayle lewis hope Daren Bravo Hetmeyer Russel holder narine Bishoo osain thomos sheldon cottrell Roach Nurse Fletcher simmons
  2. Dhoni has no place in line up but if he is selected than he will play so, best possible x1 is rohit dhawan pant dhoni (Jadhav or Gill Ideally ) Hardik kartik krunal bhuvi kulddep chahal kaul
  3. It will be baffling if any one of all the 34 year old by the time after the world cup 2019 continues to play So It should be end of the road for Raydu, Kartik & Jadhav Plus Dhoni surely. Bowling line up will remain almost the same Dhawan Rohit Kohli Gill Pant Hardik Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Shami Bumrah Test full strength squad Shaw Agarwal Pujara Kohli Gill Vihari Pant Ashwin Jadega/Ishant Shami Bumrah
  4. In the absence of Bumrah, kohli and Rahul It will be intresting who plays at no 3 and 4 Lower middle order in pant hardik and krunal looks fiery. Will dhoni play at no. 3 or will they select Gill Rohit Dhwan Gill/jadhav Dhoni/kartik Pant Hardik Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Khalil
  5. PSB_Zone

    T20 playing x1 selection will be intresting

    Why do u need 8 batsman in T-20s ?
  6. Dude this is the set up straight after the world cup 2019..u are not going to drop shami dhawan rohit bhuvi immideately...It will be gradual depending on the performance ahead. Shami according to his certificate is still 28 lolz
  7. Ofcourse its a long time..My set up is just after the 2019 world cup Virat at age 34 by then will never be in a decline..He is of different mindset altogether
  8. No beacuse he is more economical and bowls better at the death and also in clowdy days..Shami will leak runs at the death. Bhuvi can bat at 8 to provide rare backup for the colapses.. We already hv attacking wicket takers in Bumrah and Kul-cha ,So even If Bhuvi is not Picking heaps of wicket it is Fine as dot balls also builds pressure and wickets fall at other end.
  9. India has a formidable bowling squad for world cup in bumrah ,bhuvi, shami, kul-cha,Hardik & Jadega.* *Jadega probably will play as a substitute fielder for the entire world cup .
  10. Dhoni at 5 means ..We need power hitters at 4 and 6.. Kohli is also an accumulator, So power hitter at 4 will be great.. Raydu therefor does not makes the cut..Idealy a left hander at 4 to split the barrage of righties will be just perfect.. Throw in Some one like pant there.. And Hardik Jadhav or Krunal at 6 & 7
  11. PSB_Zone

    The Ban on Hardik & Rahul's Finally lifted

    Already they hv been out of 4 international matches in the name of precedings
  12. PSB_Zone

    The Ban on Hardik & Rahul's Finally lifted

    My t20 line up in the absence of Virat kohli From the squad will now be Rohit Dhawan Rahul Gill Pant Hardik Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Khalil Bumrah can also be sent as he wd hv already ample amount of rest by then.. Than he can play in place of khalil
  13. PSB_Zone

    The Ban on Hardik & Rahul's Finally lifted

    But when punishment is decided this ban of 4 matches will be counted.. They already served the punishment.
  14. PSB_Zone

    The Ban on Hardik & Rahul's Finally lifted

    Rahul can play in odis and T20s in place of Kohli.. Pandya can finally settle the balance and can provide the much needed hitting power in the lower middle order
  15. PSB_Zone

    The Ban on Hardik & Rahul's Finally lifted

    Thx somehow link posting was not working
  16. PSB_Zone

    We should try to fit Shami in Worldcup XI

    Hardik will always play due to his power hitting and fielding. Shami can play in place of either bhuvi or chahal depending on the conditions.. In condition not supporting spinners playing KUl-cha plus Jadhav is not sensible. Since our 6th bowler is also a spinner ,Shami should play in place of chahal (on seaming condition)
  17. For bowling Bumrah, Bhuvi, Kuldeep, Hardik &Jadhav should be permanent. For the last spot switch among Shami, Chahal & Jadega depending on the condition & Form.
  18. Raydu, Dhoni , Jadhav & Kartik in the current squad does not make the cut for modern brand of Odi Cricket My replacement will be Gill, Pant, krunal, Mayank Rahul in the squad as back up opener is also my second wicket keeper if in a rare scenario he is needed..
  19. PSB_Zone

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    Since they hv decided to go with these players than best will be putting dhoni at 4, Jadhav at 5, kartik at 6 and hardik at 7.
  20. Kohli has been saving all those jokers in the middle order for years now..I also will be glad if they are exposed
  21. PSB_Zone

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Yes jadhav can play if rest 3 are removed coz he is the only one who can fill the quota of 6th bowler.. Shaw cant play beyond no 4 Rohit Dhawan Kohli Gill Pant Jadhav Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Krunal Shami Nagarkoti Rahul
  22. Pandya + Shami Is also on cards specially if we hv Jadhav a spinner as a 6th bowler.. If we play 2 spinners in England than 6th bowler cannot be a spinner.
  23. Some one said Odi was for fresh legs ..Rofl

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