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  1. With the sacking of dhoni, suddenly Indian T20 side is looking more refreshed and most basis covered.. So our full strenth team would be Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Pant Hardik Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Bumrah Khalil Kartik Chahal
  2. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Raydu Jadhav Pandya Dhoni Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Rahul Pant Jadega Khalil If its 16 shami might sneak in due to his world cup experience.
  3. Kohli in place of manish and hardik in place of kartik will walk into this side and than team will look formidable Rohit/dhawan/rahul/kohli/pant/hardik/krunal/Bhuvi/kuldeep/bumrah/khalil Chahl(12th man)
  4. PSB_Zone

    I am glad India lost

    This loss might be a blessing in disguise as this will force team to rethink there strategy for the world cup.. Somehow India need to match that lower middle order of England.. Butler, stokes, moin 3 hitters and one fast bowling order One spinning allrounder And one keeper batsman
  5. PSB_Zone

    I am glad India lost

    I think bhuvi can handle no 8 . For krunal it is way too low and krunal, hardik and jadhav to complete 20 overs is a big ask.. The thing with 7 or 8 batsmen is top order can play fearlessly like engald is doing..So even 8f no 6 and 7 hardly get to back they are still doing the job as the batsman abv know they hv something in the bank.. Now with dhoni finished we will need a new finisher with calm head to bat along with all those stroke players.. I know kohli is in form of his life but everyone knows kohli willcan manage no. 4 as his game is risk free and it won't effect him as much..From that position he can play the role of finisher... Pant to me is a dasher and cannot play abv no. 6 as of now... Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Jadhav/krunal Pant Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Shami/chahal Bumrah
  6. PSB_Zone

    I am glad India lost

    Are u out of mind I am talking abt no. 5 ,6 and 7 where butler stokes moin bat Do kuldeep and chahal bat at those positions?
  7. PSB_Zone

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    Then we loose 6th bowler..Somehow move rahul to 4 and play jadav in place of raydu
  8. PSB_Zone

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    Pant as of present is best at no 6... no 5 is not the place for him ..
  9. Here is an 18 memeber Test squad selected for Australia Vijay Shaw Pujara Kohli Rahul Rahane Pant Ashwin Ishant Shami Bumrah Rohit Vihari Parthiv Jadega Kuldeep Bhuvi Umesh I think it is a good squad... https://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/104763/vijay-rohit-and-parthiv-return-hardik-left-out-for-australia-tests
  10. PSB_Zone

    Lower order hitting solution

    Non selection of Dhoni atleast in T20s will make that lower middle order formidble once hardik is available for selection Dhawan rohit rahul kohli pant hardik krunal Bhuvi kuldeep chahal/ or 3rd seemer Bumrah
  11. What a presence this Guy has...#dhoni
  12. Lol not another opener
  13. With shami they are looking for 3rd bowling option in England.. 4 ,5 ,6 dosnt matter. They wont get to bat Rohit/dhawan/kohli/KLr/Pant/Dhoni/Jadega/kuldeep/shami/chahal/khalil I think Top 5 looks Good , Pandya will come and take Jadega's place ..Bhuvi bumrah will be back..
  14. Which combination of current cricketers can trump India in these conditions ? Hasim Amla Azahar Ali Steve smith Joe root Kane williamson Ben stokes Jos butler Mitchel starc Kagiso Rabada Nathan lyon Yasir shah Sakib al Hasan (12th man)
  15. Well playing without 2 stars of Odi cricket in Kohli and pandya make us a minow according to some
  16. Open with Agarwal and Shaw Bring Vijay to the middle order as he is Good against spinners...Let Rahul play with less pressure... Shaw/Agarwal/Pujara/Kohli/Vijay/Rahul/Pant/Ashwin/Ishant/Shami/Bumrah For Australia
  17. Whatever he looses as captain gains double as batsman. So a definate yes
  18. The thing with top heavy sides is once top 3 are gone ,team struggles even to chase ordinary total like yesterday.. No one to finish the innings..Kohli is grt at 3 but for team he has to play at 4 .
  19. Thats will make it very inexperinced middle order ...Atleast there should be one guy who has experince of finishing iniings with cool head either at 4 or 5 or 6. By the way these idiots wasted the opportuinity since last one year..if they had played rahul at no 4 for all those matches, he wd hv been accustomed to that position.. I too dont want kohli go anywhere from 3 but ......
  20. Everything is right abt this team but bhuvi needs to play .Umesh is not good enuf. Also handy batsman at no 8 for odd colpases .Bhuvi as a bolwer is a must specially in english conditions.. I know in odi they hv flat wickets but still .Jadega jas experince and gun fielder , he has to go to england as 3rd spinner in the squad . rohit/dhawan/rahul/kohli/Pant/Jadhav/Hardik/Bhuvi/kuldeep/Shami/Bumrah Chahal/Khalil/Jadega/kartik
  21. Dhoni made 10k runs batting at no 6.. No. 4 is not that low that he cannot score 100s. And why u mocking kohli... what is his fault if others don't perform at there respective position ?
  22. PSB_Zone

    Still time to craft a good WC19 squad

    Jadhav with his fragility and age is not an automatic selection yet
  23. PSB_Zone

    Team for the next match

    With team in final , i expect a lot of changes .. Like resting dhawan and playing rahul.. Playing manish in place of kartik In bowling I thinki bumrah will be rested to play khalil
  24. PSB_Zone

    India needs to find pace bowling all-rounder

    We could hv afforded 3 pacers who even cannot bat it our spinners were handy with the bat but kulcha are not alrounder..With bhuvi even one of the batting spinner wd hv done well. But our batting line up is so strong that ppl at no 7 or 8 hardly get to bat...so play 5 bowlers

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