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  1. 96 semis 2003 finals they were the most painful just like everyone because of young age. After 2003-04, our team has been good overall and I decided to just cherish the victories and not get much affected by the losses...
  2. This will be shameful if true... too much yaari dosti
  3. Shunya

    ESPN Cricinfo ODI eleven of the last 25 years

    I would go with Ponting over Lara and Flintoff/Jayasurya/Symonds/Watto over Kallis
  4. Shunya

    Countdown to 500 !

    Aussies have become a joke of a team after the ball tampering saga...
  5. As an Indian, I knw nobody cares about this show in India. Most would not have even heard of it. Lets hope the Indian nationals in America can protest against this in US media and social media and do something useful for a change.
  6. I say Ashwin for first couple of games. He is good with bat as well.
  7. Shunya

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    Captaincy debates/picks are pointless now. Rohit will be shown the door if he tries to undermine Kohli. If Rohit had someone like Kohli as captain when he arrived, he would have reitred by now.
  8. Shunya

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    sahi hai... his marketing team is doing good job for him...let him enjoy...might not last that long
  9. Shunya

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    True. He still has to prove himself. All this glorifying needs to be controlled. Hope he lives up to expectations.
  10. Shunya

    Predict India in Eng series results

    It should be easy to beat this England side in Tests... 3-1 India. ODIs n T20s are going to be very difficult...England are killing it nowadays...
  11. Shunya

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    lol...what was the thread about again? On topic, Rahul is going to be perma now...nobody can stop him Good decision I say.
  12. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Also, why don't people hate the player I hate
  13. Damn...want to see a big comeback by him...hope he breaches bradman's records after coming back...
  14. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    My stance is lets not abuse any of our players, criticising is okay but constant trashy posts against players are just too much. As MM posted in his rules, afterall everyone is Indian and we end up abusing them and the sport we all love. I still believe if you talk nicely, you will get nice response from everyone. If you post decent stuff, there are plenty of posters who will post good responses. If your intention/agenda is to bash a player continuosly in every thread, then its pointless to expect anything good in return. The standard you set is the standard you get. IMO, people continue to post abuses in the name of players and then it is turned into namecalling of the fans and abuses directed at the posters. And obviously other side will respond in the same language and it will ruin everyone's experience. The people who start it, who has agenda, intention of riling up, etc are the culprits. I think now that rules are set, hope people post decently or else forum is going to end up having trash in every thread.
  15. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Who are dhoni sycopanths and wat did they ruin?

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