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  1. Modi's live townhall speech is more entertaining than this boring game...
  2. kya chewtiyapa hai yaar.... almost no boundaries...forget sixes... And then people diss Dhoni on this forum...
  3. I meant Stokes and Buttler... Lot of money was spent on them... they had underwhelming performances so far... RR has no other strong player in the line up... lot riding on Stokes and Buttler
  4. These englishmen need to do better in IPL... so far all of them have been freeloaders...
  5. Mavi need to learn to bowl variation in pace as well. This is T20, all fast balls is too predictable.
  6. Darcy Short trying to get runout ... man... this has to be his last game... surely they can find better overseas player than this guy
  7. Is Darcy Short so dangerous that opposite captain is bowling parttime spin? No confidence in fast bowlers at all?
  8. Great start by Rahane...33(15) Funny how Virat Kohli struggled yesterday badly to get a start...
  9. Darcy Short does not seem like a good player of spin...
  10. o no manju is in commentary team today ... hate this prick

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