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  1. Let us all thank Goose

    Thanks @goose ... great work
  2. Indian Blind cricket team is on a roll, they have consecutively won 4 WCs - 2 ODI WC and 2 T20 WC i.e All WCs held since 2012. And in all 4 finals, they came out on top against Pakistan. Superb !!! BLIND Cricket world cups (Total 5 held) 2 - India (2014, 2018) 2 - Pakistan (2002, 2006) 1 - SA (1998) BLIND T20 world cups (Total 2 held) 2 - India (2012, 2017) Nail-biting final match and celebrations
  3. That is like bradmanesque record. What a legend
  4. How is that? Openers are selected on the basis of what they do as openers. For eg. Rohit Sharma's has to be in top 4-5 opener to be selected. David Warner last year was I guess IMO top 5 opener, but he got selected above Tharanga & Dhawan and at par with Amla & Tamim. Also, more competition among batsman is also because there are 5 or 6 positions to fill. If you remove openers, it is still being in top 5 in the world in that year to be chosen as batsman. For WK you only need 1 WK to have a better year than you to get dethroned or at best again has to be top 2 or 3 to be selected for 1 spot. How can that be easier than other batsman or other position? Infact I feel its tougher since it is only 1 spot. Either you are top or out. And do not forger it is WK/BAT and in Dhoni's case Captain. Hence, he is an ATG ODI player.
  5. Sachin missed some part of his career before 2003. However, he was beaten by others since 2004. He played almost 10 years after that. For eg. Ricky pointing played less than Sachin and he was selected 5/8 years he played and he is considered one of the competition to Sachin. Kohli is a completely on other level now as a batsman, he is going to beat everyone by the time he retires.
  6. True that they would have been selected more then 3 or 4 but not more than 10 times as you suggest. There were lot of other contemporaries who performed in batting and bowling. It will be interesting to see the numbers and compare before 2004. Dhoni on the other hand has outdone all of his contemporaries during last 10 years as wk/bat and also captain sometimes as evident from his consistent selections.
  7. So what are these players exactly going to do now? More musical chair in the last test? And what wrong has our bowlers done?
  8. Well, Sachin was great as well once, but surely Kohli has overtaken him in ODIs. And about Dhoni - there is no match to his greatness. He fulfilled so many roles in the team with super consistency that others can just dream off. Thats why he sits at the top of ICC ODI team appearance list.
  9. Most appearances in the ICC Men's ODI team of the year 8 times ~ MS Dhoni (5 times as Captain) (Almost Bradmanesque) 7 times ~ AB de Villiers 5 times ~ Ricky Ponting 4 times ~ Flintoff, Sachin, Sanga, Dilshan, Kohli Other Indian players in the list - 3 times ~ Yuvi, Viru, Rohit & 2 times ~ Shami, Jaddu
  10. Well its a pure comedy gold like how news channels are. The thumbnail says "Virat Kohli called Pandya, Pujara and Patel into the room" Rest of the crap is about Kohli doing "boom boom in the room" with players. lol There are news doing round that Kohli is not talking to some team members because he is katti after the loss. Mostly rumours, but then childishness is part and parcel with Kohli
  11. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    Was just waiting for it to start.
  12. Kohli the batsman is as good as Sachin. He will surpass everyone by the time he retires.

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