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  1. Shunya

    Indian batting average in test cricket this year

    Lower order owned the batsmen. Even all the Keepers (Saha, DK, Pappu) flopped big time, they are averaging 8.5. Fatt ke haath mein aa gayi sabki.
  2. Shunya

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Just finished watching these aaram se. Damn, this is Masterclass of Stumping. Cant get any better, Bradman of stumpings. He is a genius and you are genius man. Thank you very much for this Gold standard. I dont want to so greedy but pls pls also try and collect ODIs and Tests stumpings too whenever you get free.
  3. Shunya

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Thanks man. I am just going to download these if you dont mind. Kya pata idhar ke toxic environment ki wajah se aapne chhod diya aur aapka pura content/posts delete karne ko bol diya toh sab waapis dhundhna padega.
  4. Shunya

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Kahan se dhundhte ho bhai yeh sab. Sahi hai
  5. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Are re dont start again, nahi toh Jalebi will start torture again with his "you are a dhoni bhakt" tirade to score some brownie points in his head. lol
  6. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Thanks for detailed explanation man. I got the part that it is voluntarily driven and most of them are busy with their own life which is obvious and fair thing. I am sure it does feel like thankless job and kudos to everyone doing it. I am sure on practical terms it is time consuming as you mentioned you have to discuss with other mods, admins for moderation tasks like deleting or banning. I can only suggest more decentralization of powers and let mods decide on their own, but I am sure you all would have been doing it or done it. Which will lead to another requisite of mods being true and neutral. Another thing is increasing the count of mods if time is really a contraint, which again looks like you would have already tried. Another thing is to change moderation team every year and see if it makes any difference. People involved in point# 3 would obviously remain same for years since it is more serious, long term and more skill oriented I guess. But eventually if moderators are occupied, bored at times due to repetative moderation task - they have to be changed and it will be for you to decide to trust others or not. There are so many people posting here almost every single day. Even someone like muloghonto should be asked to be moderator of chit chat section. lol If he can spend so much time typing so much content, I am sure he can do something else also constructively. But yes, time contraint and centralization of power is making it boring task and hence the leniency is something you only can change. Just like cricket team needs new young people to bring change, you might also need it. Like Indian team, need fresh blood on ICF and change in the MOD XI. Sorry if all this sounds rude or unsolicited advice. Its an off day for cricket so random discussion and pls move all these to grievance thread if need be...whole thread has become a joke..lol
  7. Shunya

    Grievances thread

  8. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Tumhara toh picha woh kabhi nahi chodega, kuch bhi karlo.
  9. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    I agree with what you are saying most of it. Good on him and you all to support this site since years. I have been around since many years now, mostly dormant, and it is indeed great to have a site like this. But I am not sure why are you mentioning being helpless in finding moderators? I thought there are lot of people active here who would like it. Like Virat's chop and change, you can chop and change moderators from active people. No? I am genuinely confused as to why would you have problems finding new mods on this site. Its so active all the time.
  10. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    I was admitting that this is turning into anti-dhoni site, so no point in sharing anything good about dhoni here. For eg Dhoni videos which sscomp used to share. I used to enjoy that and wanted to know where is he nowadays and where can I find more of such awesome Dhoni cricket videos. Because thanks to you and your gang, I am not going to find it here and honestly its pointless to share anything good about Dhoni here even if you have something. Because either you will be attacked, trollvoted, banned, or you will fall in line and start bashing Dhoni to be diplomatically correct. Yahi hai update!!!
  11. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Yea, no problem with his opinions. He might not be writing the questionable post himself, but have been supporting and endorsing lot of posts which directly breaks the guidelines. I thought that is why most accuse him of being biased mod because he supports them instead of taking action against them. But he seems to enjoy trash posting a lot of times just to score brownie points. But anyways, its your call, whatever you feel right. Zyada rant nahi karna ab. I have no problems with his opinions/views, meri kya personally dushmani hai usse and neither I am Kira who wants to show all bravado and courage on internet forums. lol
  12. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Yea sure. And yes there are options where people share cricket videos, articles about Indian players including Dhoni. So its awesome. But why do you want me to leave this site? Are you saying Dhoni fans are not allowed here or something?
  13. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Will you also ban yourself for excessive trolling and derailing threads with your dhoni hate?
  14. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Yea I figured. Few of the kira's posts takes me nowhere but notification keeps popping.

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