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  1. For a change, you articulated something worth reading. Agree, it has to be bad for Dhoni when his teammate has to defend him regardless of being fair or not. Need to perform better than this.
  2. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Oh boy, this was brutal. As direct as you can get. Damn. Bravo Kohli
  3. Why dont you stop watching for a change, if its bothering you much.
  4. Man, enough of this crap about India should lose this, lose that for long term interest n all BS. Lot of things are good about the side and its awesome that we are winning. This was a great competitive series. Loved it.
  5. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Let it go on and on...
  6. Dhoni should allow others to fail, too

    Apart from the obvious hate on ICF, the article is actually very interesting and has some good points.
  7. Riot going on here on ICF. WTF Haters are not able to digest the camaraderie between VK n Dhoni? Seriously what is wrong with it?
  8. Kohli and Iyer consolidated well like Dhoni...learnt from the master....7 overs 45/2
  9. its a great batting pitch...how the * our superstar openers get out here....unbelievable
  10. Goodbye Nehraji!

    Well played Nehraji...2003 spell vs Eng will be always be memorable...
  11. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Steven Smith returns home with injury, David Warner to lead http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20941236/steven-smith-returns-home-injury-david-warner-lead Looks like blessing for Aussies...

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