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  1. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Steven Smith returns home with injury, David Warner to lead http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20941236/steven-smith-returns-home-injury-david-warner-lead Looks like blessing for Aussies...
  2. Even in Test matches, there are hardly any debuts...I think there in total only 4 debuts in more than 2.5 years...Karun Nair, Jayan Yadav, Pandya, Naman Ojha ...What the hell is happening?...I feel Dhoni is remote controlling him there also...Dhoni hai hai
  3. <Hater mode on> Both apprentice of Dhoni and learned it first hand experience from him with Team India and PWI...
  4. Kohli is the boss...he will get what he wants...
  5. We are blessed

    Soon we shall see a day where Srilanka will be one of the participant in our Ranji Trophy and IPLs...
  6. lol @ conspiracy theories... Pant could have been tried for all 5 games here...and dunno why is he the captain? seems odd decision to give such responsibility right now, though its just a warm up game. Also, Sreevats Goswami? Could have tried Ishan Kishan as well...
  7. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Definitely deserves a look. ODIs and T20Is Warner should take over. Currently Aussies are looking ridiculously weak.
  8. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    These people are just idiots with agenda. Its not even about Dhoni. Its difficult to have any sort of discussion as they only rotate around how to make it into them vs Dhoni argument. What lowlifes yaar...every single post/thread is just Dhoni this, Dhoni that...lol...Now to show their hate they will defend saying WK is some lowly job. I seriously doubt anyone has ever played actual cricket out there. Ek din 50 over WK and uske baad 30 over batting karlo...* phat ke haath mein aa jayegi...And lets not even get in technical aspects of conditions, fast bowling, spin bowling, etc...
  9. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    lol @ Brad Hogg - the sanghi
  10. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    When does T20s start? The ODIs was such below par performance from the Aussies.
  11. IPL and International Quality

    Would love to see you burn day in day out if that happens. Faltu ki chutiagiri machayi hai tune har thread mein.
  12. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    What pakau batting. Aussies are playing shithead cricket. Score 250+ atleast. Thoda to tough banao apne batsman ke liye...Its a slower pitch with some spin and rough, might not be 300+ wicket, but anything less than 250 will be no pressure.
  13. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Would love to see some fightback from Aussies like last match. Our players need some tough competition to improve their game.
  14. IPL and International Quality

    Just in case if Dhoni is picked by MI, will u take sanyaas from ICF and spare us?
  15. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Yes obviously workload is a big thing. And that is the reason you see plenty of ATG batsman throughout the world as compared to ATG WKs. Or even rarest of rare who could handle Batting/wk and captainship as well in all 3 formats. Wouldn't there be plenty of other WK/Bat/Captain in the world or Indian history with such numbers, if it was just another regular thing to happen? And yes I agree he was weaker in Test as compared to ODIs, but it will be hard to find another similar package in 1 player for India. That is why he is top 5.
  16. Lol...how are you making Indian Cricket team perform at maximum efficiency?
  17. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Undervaluing the role of a ATG wk/bat who filled the missing link in the line up full of great players. I will take Dhoni above couple of others clearly based on the so many roles(wk, bat, finisher, captain,workload) he performed that eased other players job. Clear davedaaar for Top 5 as of now. P.S Your list is pretty solid too, so no arguments there. I will have Dhoni at 3 in the list.
  18. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Top 5 Indian Cricketer easily. Almost impossible to replicate the number of roles he performed. Complete Package.
  19. He seems to be doing enough to be backup to Shikhar and Rohit as an opener. Unfair to drop him right now. The other guys Pandey, Kedar, Rahul, Pandya - need to fight for middle order slots and learn how to win/finish more games...unlike today.
  20. Lovely Run-out Saga Ro-h-li

    yeh to Inzi and youhana ki jodi banne lagi hai... Kohli's fault today though...hitman was eyeing another big score today...damn...
  21. Bhuvi still better than Yadav...Just another Crap thread by OP...
  22. lol...ppl hating on Pandey now...haha...ICF zindabad...the truest and real fans

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