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  1. 96 semis 2003 finals they were the most painful just like everyone because of young age. After 2003-04, our team has been good overall and I decided to just cherish the victories and not get much affected by the losses...
  2. This will be shameful if true... too much yaari dosti
  3. Shunya

    ESPN Cricinfo ODI eleven of the last 25 years

    I would go with Ponting over Lara and Flintoff/Jayasurya/Symonds/Watto over Kallis
  4. Shunya

    Countdown to 500 !

    Aussies have become a joke of a team after the ball tampering saga...
  5. As an Indian, I knw nobody cares about this show in India. Most would not have even heard of it. Lets hope the Indian nationals in America can protest against this in US media and social media and do something useful for a change.
  6. I say Ashwin for first couple of games. He is good with bat as well.
  7. Shunya

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    Captaincy debates/picks are pointless now. Rohit will be shown the door if he tries to undermine Kohli. If Rohit had someone like Kohli as captain when he arrived, he would have reitred by now.
  8. Shunya

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    sahi hai... his marketing team is doing good job for him...let him enjoy...might not last that long
  9. Shunya

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    True. He still has to prove himself. All this glorifying needs to be controlled. Hope he lives up to expectations.
  10. Shunya

    Predict India in Eng series results

    It should be easy to beat this England side in Tests... 3-1 India. ODIs n T20s are going to be very difficult...England are killing it nowadays...
  11. Shunya

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    lol...what was the thread about again? On topic, Rahul is going to be perma now...nobody can stop him Good decision I say.
  12. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Also, why don't people hate the player I hate
  13. Damn...want to see a big comeback by him...hope he breaches bradman's records after coming back...
  14. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    My stance is lets not abuse any of our players, criticising is okay but constant trashy posts against players are just too much. As MM posted in his rules, afterall everyone is Indian and we end up abusing them and the sport we all love. I still believe if you talk nicely, you will get nice response from everyone. If you post decent stuff, there are plenty of posters who will post good responses. If your intention/agenda is to bash a player continuosly in every thread, then its pointless to expect anything good in return. The standard you set is the standard you get. IMO, people continue to post abuses in the name of players and then it is turned into namecalling of the fans and abuses directed at the posters. And obviously other side will respond in the same language and it will ruin everyone's experience. The people who start it, who has agenda, intention of riling up, etc are the culprits. I think now that rules are set, hope people post decently or else forum is going to end up having trash in every thread.
  15. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Who are dhoni sycopanths and wat did they ruin?
  16. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Why have any filter than? Let it be all open. Let everyone abuse, swear, write anything they wish. Then its real fun. What say?
  17. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    They just do not like fans anymore because they themselves were denied that. I know the agenda being pushed and the abuses. Seen enough. I guess there is no option left, as jalebi did it in other thread - they will labell/namecalling you based on their agenda so that they can abuse you and in turn you stop posting anything that they do not agree with. Classic tactics to turn it into an echo chamber/circlejerk where only one set of views will be supported.
  18. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Thank you for all the services by you and other Mods/Admins. But my opinion still remains, unbiased mods/admins will help in future. For your point#1 - if its unacceptable, start banning people for it I say. In any case you are going to lose participation from some people who does not like trash being posted, so instead just ban the people who posts trash including mods since some of them like to do that as well. What is the point of deleting posts everyday and not ban the people. They keep on doing it everyday in the guise of trolling and being funny(for their gang here). Lot of mods support and encourage them and if someone reports it the post is deleted but no other actions taken, so that person does it again the next day. For your point#2 - Its very hard to find a thread where Dhoni is not being abused or criticized, even when he is nowhere connected to the topic. Dhoni having his fair share of love does not mean that he should have hate as well, but its okay if its some genuine criticism. If its just out of agenda or some experience from past about sachin, ganguly, dravid, etc than its just going to end up as circlejerk for dhoni hate with everyone posting same hateful things again n again.
  19. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Why is @kira not perma banned by now or atleast banned for some time maybe I dunno... His posts are full of trash, insults, abuse, gutter level, etc and he has done it more than once. What is the logic of only deleting his posts when reported? He does it anyhow and than come again next day and does it again boastfully. lol On top of it, mods seems to be upvoting his posts so I suppose they like and approve of what is being posted by likes of Kira?
  20. Shunya

    Grievances thread

    Was pleased to see the thread title and read through the first page with some good comments by everyone And after that the reality set in...same gutter level posts right in from of mods and admins...and then you expect anything to change...lol First one to start the abuse should be banned- simple. If you expect anyone to not respond to morons here, then its too much to ask. Clean up the acts of the first person to abuse/hate/namecalling, etc and you will see an end to it all. If you allow someone to post whatever trash they want in the guise of trolling and being funny(because their gang finds it funny) then you will continue to get similar response and people responding should not be blamed for it. Besides that..IMO, this place has turned into Anti-Dhoni forum. So anyone praising Dhoni will be abused and attacked in every thread. That has been the trend and its been approved by mods/admins because they themselves want to do that. All the excuses that sachin was criticized, ganguly was criticized and blah blah is just hypocritical. Why should anyone agree to dhoni hate or virat hate just because it was done in past. Whats the point of turning this into some sort of revenge issue. Maybe those mods/admins should retire if they cannot be unbiased.
  21. Shunya

    Unusual Films

    Saw an unheard mindfack movie named "Triangle" few days back...
  22. Shunya

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

  23. They havent played together after the incident. Have they? Some Tamil MC BC is about to happen on pitch...hehe
  24. Definitely, Pandya should not be a certainty at all. He still has a long way to go. But he has to be given a full England series. I feel lower order batsman in England has good chance of scoring and Pandya will be crucial there. Also, with best pace attack in our history, we would do good with them. The real problem will be run scoring which I am very skeptical right now.
  25. Shunya

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Its not a hell for Dhoni fans. The place is anti-dhoni because of the bias. How would it affect Dhoni fans in anyway? Its an online forum ffs. Are you also of the belief that you or someone around here on an online forum is some superhero/supervillain who is making someone's life a hell? kya yaar...kitna fantasy mein jee rahe hai sab lol

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