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  1. They can even win it.
  2. What a legend... Sachin se leke every tom dick and harry kid nowadays, everyone has at some of point of time admired MS for his contribution to Indian cricket and their careers... Captain America ki tarah we need to make Captain India franchise for the great hero... Dhoni for PM in 2024 (so that he can also play 2023 WC )
  3. Shunya

    Please respect our team!!!

    absolutely correct dilsekhlenewaleViru This place is full of hypocrites...India ke jeetne pe maatam, haarne pe khushiyan...you dont even need to visit other country forums...lol ultimate negative echo chamber this is... if you ever get bored with too much positivity around you ... just come here and read all negativity around and you will again start longing for positivity...lol
  4. No worries... he will come good when it will matter... baaki apart from batting he is already doing best in other roles... but in any case we need a strong team anyhow to win the cup... agar ek player hi chahiye hota jeetne ke liye to we would have won it every single time... halwa thodi hai... Process must go on... let the team prepare for another year and give their best...
  5. Great. I guess Dhoni should continue till 2023 atleast to make your day for next 5 years atleast. We do not wanna see you get frustrated and create another ID.
  6. This looks boring one sided game now... Bad day for ICF...India winning easily...****
  7. Chalo kal ka match to late tak chala tha... aaj toh 1-2 hrs mein khatam hai ab...
  8. kuch bhi batters hai yeh... mediocrity at its best... and commentators were hyping them powerful hitters and what not
  9. MAarne do 200 runs... its a practice game anyhow... let our batsman have some batting practice...
  10. Nahi yaar. Not in that sense. Just never knew any Mallu hotties. Maybe 1 or 2 rarely.
  11. full on... Has he ever played against Pakistan before? Might be some of these players are playing Pak for first time... thoda sa toh dil mein khunnas rahega hi...

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