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  1. I think MSD is back !!!

    Reality check: Dhoni wll be the first keeper with 10 K ODI runs with 50+ average.
  2. I think MSD is back !!!

    That was in league stage. Dhoni lost only asia cup final against Pak. Otherwise pretty much won all the finals ..
  3. 4. Manish Pandey/ Shreyas Iyer/ Rahane 5. Dhoni 6. Raina/ Shreyas Iyer/ Manish Pandey 7. Pandya/ Bhuvi/ Umesh 8. Ashwin/ Kuldeep 9. Jadeja/ Chahal/ Another leg spinner 10. Shami 11. Bumrah. This is the team I like to see for WC in England. We will be covered for all slots.
  4. I think MSD is back !!!

    Dhoni the champion. Pakistan could not win any major world championship when he was the captain. First tournament after he moved on from captaincy , Kohli lost it.. Lots of people see him only as batsman. People are forgetting that he is keeper first. Even if he makes half the runs he is making now, he is still good enough to make it as keeper only.. I wished he played 100 tests instead of 90.
  5. When will BCCI get its house in order. Everybody is hitting BCCI below the belt.
  6. https://www.google.ca/amp/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/pcb-to-take-compensation-case-against-bcci-to-icc-sources/amp_articleshow/59445619.cms
  7. Sahas keeping is good, but with respect to his batting, tail starts from Saha.
  8. What target can we defend in 4th innings ?

  9. Day 4 predictions

    That should be india all out 280.
  10. Needed: Another Laxman-Dravid RearGuard

    Dont insult Dravid Laxman.
  11. Day 4 predictions

    India all out305. Aus target 190.. Easy win for aus on day 5 morning.
  12. Let Nair bat at number 3 in next innings

    As if we have another Dhoni waiting to score double hundreds. Deal with Saha shyte.
  13. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha must be dropped and Naman Ojha tried for few series until we groom Pant or Sombody else.Atleast Naman will score 20s , not in single digits. Already missing Dhoni`s cool head , wk and captaincy. We never lost to Australia at home under Dhoni. Second loss coming up from these spineless cricketers who cant play spin nor fast bowling. Shame on spy Sriram.

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