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  1. Krunal 4 overs for 54 runs and Khaleel were responsible for this series loss. They bowled poorly even in first T20 match. Enough of Khaleel nonsense.
  2. There was stats in some other thread that Umesh gave more than 60 runs in ODIs 27% or more , the highest of any Indian pacers. My best best is they should play Shardul Thakur to see how he shapes up. Also they should play Ishant in Aus ODIs an pick one of these two for WC.
  3. vijay50

    Stand Up for Ambati Rayudu-Thread

    With this back to the wall knock, Rayudu sealed his place for WC.
  4. I said this before Gill played. International cricket is different ball game. Kohli should not have hyped him and Gill needs time and reasonably longer rope at 4 or 5 after WC.
  5. So what did Rayudu and Karthik do today? Bottled it as usual when the pressure is high.
  6. Rayudu and DK blew it when the pressure was on today to save the team. BCCI must seriously give chances to Shreyas Iyer and Rahane/ Raina for Australia one dayers and these guys must be considered in 15 member WC team. Iam not confident that we will cross round robin in WC with Karthik and Rayudu.
  7. Now Dhoni will continue to play after 2019 WC based on today’s collapse. If these guys don’t want to play , BCCI should send Ind A team instead.
  8. vijay50

    Scenarios where things can go wrong in WC

    35/6 or 55/8 as of today’s ODI. Rayudu 0, Karthik 0.
  9. vijay50

    Scenarios where things can go wrong in WC

    One of Kulcha repeatedly failing after first 3 games.
  10. vijay50

    We need pant

    Pant: Iam waiting for WC chance for last 1 year approximately. DK: Iam waiting for last 14 years for the WC chance.
  11. vijay50

    We need pant

  12. vijay50

    Scenarios where things can go wrong in WC

    If one of openers fail consistently. That would prevent us from making or chasing substantial score
  13. vijay50

    Scenarios where things can go wrong in WC

    Agree with all scenarios in OP.
  14. vijay50

    We need pant

    Pant was dropped because he failed in WI series. Otherwise mgt would have persisted with him if he made couple of 50s. Check Pant’s ranji trophy versus list - A revords. Ranji trophy is better than list A. Pant also needs to improve his keeping in ODIs by not dropping catches. Those are the reasons I think why mgt did not select him now.

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