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  1. Well look at the bright side ,they at least reached 100
  2. And wait ,CA will arrange some practice matches before this almighty tour and thnx heavens that Smith is not getting married just yet!!
  3. Australia will win 2-1 ,saf batting is pretty weak and Aussie bowlers will be relentless.saf will find a way to lose as always
  4. Looks like Holding sets a very high bar to adjudge someone as a great,hopefully he is consistent in judging some batsmen from other countries as well
  5. Aussies are missing some key players though especially their batting like Bailey,Maxwell,faulkner
  6. 2 practice matches done ,now is the time to get the right playing 11 and get away with a draw perhaps with a bit of rain help
  7. Injured KL Rahul in doubt for Johannesburg Test

    I dont believe these news nowadays,injury is the best excuse to drop a player nowadays
  8. Bat : pandya Bowl : shami Field : kdk (keeper)
  9. EC recommends dismissal of 20 AAP MLAs ...

    Interesting fight on these 20 seats now ,though I think people will give a majority to aap on these seats as it won't change much on it's formidable majority in the house
  10. Ambani will understand in the "hard way"
  11. Does he even trust the young players ?is the management even grooming the young talents? Rather they are hellbent in playing ttf
  12. Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    Pujara and shami will suddenly develop an overnight niggle
  13. Yup ,told during the debut against Aus in 2013

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