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  1. Pant definitely deserves to get a chance in tests based on his domestic records,he should be a permanent member of the loi team as well but he won't get to play until dhoni retires because with pant performing well in lois there'll be too much pressure to remove dhoni
  2. Kohli shastri team selections and slip fielding . Anderson and broad will rip us apart along with woakes
  3. adi B

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    Too much negative comments here ,kohli might be poor as a captain in team selections but on field ,in tests ,he has an aura of not giving up and you can sense something's gonna work .kohli is a pretty shrewd on field captain and works his bowlers ,field setting well .we ain't gonna see much 400+ scores from England,be assured
  4. Super effort put by maharaj but no support from the other end .277 is a huge score on a turner
  5. Apt thread before the test series . It's no rocket science to understand that kohli will drop the mist if he stands in the slips and unlucky umesh will be the worst affected (iirc he had 5 regulation catches dropped of his bowling when England toured here )
  6. It's most likely gonna be raina and kohli/rohit with raina announcing retirement and both shaming the journalists and the fans for putting blame on dhoni !! Dhoni ain't going anywhere
  7. adi B

    The BK conundrum

    Not a bad squad , 4 quality pacers in umesh,ishant,bumrah ,shami,3 quality spinners ,good to see pant being given a chance But now coming to the main point,if bhuvi was unfit (which he clearly was ) ,how dare our dolt management play him in the final odi ! which I am sure must have worsened his back .now our best new ball bowler is out of the series because of this stupidity the coach ,captain,physio and the player himself have to answer this publicly and issue statements .
  8. I think you are confusing arkotti with shubman gill
  9. It was embarrassing to see this trundlers brigade of kaul ,shardul,pandya,bhuvi bowling pies at 130ks
  10. adi B

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Top 3 is set (upto the wc at least ) ,Raul bats at 4 ,permanent spot till wc no shuffling . Middle order needs a revamp,dhoni,raina straight out of the team .we need batsmen in the middle order who can get going quickly without wasting much time as we already have the anchors and consolidators in the top4 ,pant comes in at 5,dk/gill at 6 maybe ,pandya at 7 (floater basically) . Iyer,abhishek sharma ,nitin rana ,krunal as backups . Now coming to pacers ,bumrah ,bhuvi and shami should be the core for the wc ,then umesh yadav ,ankit rajpoot ,khaleel,mavi ,nagarkotti as backups. Kuly ,chahal mainstay along with gowtham,markande as backups
  11. The whole world can see bhuvi is struggling badly with his fitness and yet our dolt kaptaan making him bowl overs after over in such discomfort
  12. How dare the management play an unfit bowler and risk further damage to his back !! They should answer this in the PC and make a statement

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