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  1. adi B

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    Back to domestic
  2. adi B

    Rahane will win us a test this series.

    Rahane will contribute in a win by performing with the bat but it won't be a solo effort like last time at Lord's. Overall both rahane and Raul will be likely to fail in this series and rahane's downfall might well be spin lol
  3. Agree with your last para. I am not saying HP will deliver the goods straightaway but what the management expects from him ,I think he's delivering ok. HP hasn't failed yet and the manageent wants him to remain till the end of this away cycle and then take a call and Even if HP Is dropped for good ,he should take it as a break to improve his game and Come back stronger .HP has still lot to learn,he might improve his game along the tours ,many players did that
  4. adi B

    FAO Test Cricket fans

  5. I am happy someone is smashing shastri but hopefully someone questions his role as a coach ,does he even do anything ??
  6. Just win the toss and bat first ,this team has no chance batting 4rth and they look mentally lost when they chase rather when they set up a a target
  7. adi B

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    Voted for mcgrath,marshal and ambrose .ambrose was my favourite fast bowler along with bond
  8. Yes it always was the criteria and always will be ,try to watch some test cricket before passing hollow judgements . Ask any captain ,coach and the fast bowlers across the world and every one will tell you that in a long gruelling test series ,the main 3 pacers need breathers in a while to maintain their intensity throughout the day and so that their workload can be reduced in every test so as to protect them from injury and overburden. The best option is a pace bowling AR in SENA conditions who can fill in those 10-12 overs per innings and pick a wkt or 2 ,spinners hardly have much impact their and anyways every team plays with at least 1 spinner .now pandya has to improve as a bowler without a doubt but 2 wkts per test and avg of 35-37 should be enough to warrant a spot if the batting avg comes close to 35 . Australia tried with watto,marsh ,saf with McLaren (after kallis went) ,England have luckily got stokes now,nzl tried with oram ,cairns etc now they are working with grandhome,Windies with holder. So everyteam realizes the requirement of a fast bowling AR in at least SENA conditions and they more or less stick with that funda with decent success . Now comes the real point ,we need to either develop pandya or just throw him out if he aint performing but the team management realizes the value of a AR so they want to give him a good run before failing or developing into a proper cricketer ,there's absolutely no problem with this line of thinking and I personally support this thinking
  9. adi B

    Pitch for Lords

  10. Can ganguly not talk with kohli one on one ? kohli needs someone to guide him the right path because i am afraid he doesn't seem to understand the crux of the problem
  11. Dada spot on as usual ,says the way it is unlike the rest of our so called ex cricketer who are paid stuges
  12. With dhoni's "help" kohli will become further clueless
  13. adi B

    Just get a specialist batsman for next test

    This a long series with few days to rest in between , also we don't have too many backup pacers so their workload have to be looked upon and this is where the fifth bowler (pandya here ) plays a part and fills in a few overs so that the pacers are fresh for every spell . Pandya has shown ability to resist and fight when batting which is enough to give him a few more chances rather than playing a 6th batsman

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