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  1. A good,long servant of indian cricket,happy that he'll have a decent farewell. Will go to fsk for this final showdown from nehra ji
  2. This combo is surely weak in the odi and t20 set up,very unreliable,which makes pandya 's coming off the age a very critical factor in the batting line up
  3. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Well played laloo
  4. Honestly speaking,yes!!
  5. Pandya waiting for zampa I think,not showing much intent till now
  6. Lol 7 consecutive losses against our mediocre t20 side,speaks a lot about aussies ' quality lol
  7. Are akash chopra and vvs both reading my posts on icf??
  8. Feel for the guwahati crowd,finally they got a match after a long time and they get to see a crap performance by our team
  9. Even though zampa was celebrating dhonis wkt,warner must be worried that our tuk tuk man departed so early
  10. Wow zampa completely fools msd,this might force dhoni to revert back to his "stick in the crease tactics "
  11. Need a pandya special desperately with this trickling rr
  12. Happy for srl,great comeback after the Indian drubbing. Pakistan should sit back and find more bowling options,the present ones are pedestrian at best

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