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  1. Holy moly,kroos scores a last minute winner ,he's surely gonna be a national hero for saving their arse!!
  2. Germany will get knocked out tonight if they don't win ,even a draw ain't enough as i believe Sweden will easy get a good result against Mexico. Looking grin for Germany atm
  3. Loving the bangla commentary on Sony espn
  4. Argentina is a very boring side ,even in the last wc,they scraped 1-0 victories and reached the finals unconvincingly (mostly due to the strong defence,goalie and messi) ,this time around they have worsened and hardly creating any goal scoring opportunities ,they don't have synchronisation at front even with players like Messi,aguero,di Maria,dybala at helm
  5. Don't think lady averages even 35 outside Asia,hussey might but he was very poor in Windies,saf,England against good quality attack
  6. We became a joke under dhoni in away tests ,even I grew a thicker skin lol
  7. Oh forgot the 2011 cape town test and 2008 Sydney test
  8. 1999 wc match against zim 99 Chennai test 2008 asia cup final 2004 asia cup final 2001 faridavad odi loss vs zim 2003 wc final 2004 vb series Sydney game against aus (we should have won ) 2005 Bangalore test,Ahmedabad odi against pak 2012 England home series 2011 England away series drubbing 2008 horrible batting performance in Lanka 2014 mcculum 300 wala test 2004 Chennai test against aus ,final day washed out 2015 wc semis 2006 Windies odi series defeat (especially 2nd odi ) 2004,2009,17 ct match against pak 2000 ct final against nzl 96 test in saf (rain saved them) 96 test match in Barbados And many more lol
  9. adi B

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    Hazelwood at 137 looks dicey.in his first 2 years I.e upto 2016 mid he bowled at average speed of 130-133 k at max,be it home series against India in 2014 ,ashes in England (he was literally trundling) ,now I believe in the second half of his intl career after mid 2016 ,he did inprove his speeds significantly . His avg speed in the last 2 years maybe close to 137k and definitely he is bowling quick now , but the average speeds of first half of his career and second half of his career shouldn't come out to be more than 135k in any case
  10. adi B

    Greatest tennis rivalry and why?

    Very true ,actually I find fedovic rivalry more enthralling than any amongst the 3 because their h2h is very similar in each surface and both have different contrasting style .level wise probably Nadal and fed rivalry was the best because Nadal entered his peak early as compared to novack (by then fed was past his prime)
  11. Mexico were really dangerous ,never thought they would toy with germany like that . Brazil swiss was always gonna be a tight affair ,not surprised with the result rather surprised with tite's team selection ,didn't start with firminho and fernandinho
  12. adi B

    Best ODI match of all time

    1999 wc sf was a high quality match ,one of the best ever .
  13. adi B

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    Dumb esha fell for his name

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