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  1. Create one for dhoni as well
  2. Kohli shouls get out on purpose
  3. Yeah India just squashed them like a de-kockroach
  4. 2019 is short sightedness ,he's going nowhere till 2023 wc at home
  5. ODI record under Kohli so far: 4:1 win loss ratio

    Great record but if we don't fix that middle order ,we'll be in big trouble in the KO matches
  6. We want dhoni in ! Make him reach 10k and kick him out asap
  7. What a thrashing of saf , i mean this is more or less the same team which thrashed Australia 5-0 ,beat England 3-2,thrashed bangladesh and beat nzl in nzl 3-2 ! This is a pathetic capitulation from them ,beyond words
  8. Dhoniesque innings from phelu
  9. Kohli will be unbearable in England
  10. Is shardul tired? No intensity from him atm ,bang average bowling
  11. Saf should look to bat 50 overs and should be happy with another 80 of the next 15
  12. "I have decided the spinner " vs kuly ,popcorn time

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