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  1. Yeah ,Peru must be kicking themselves for not winning that match,they had so many chances to score but poor finishing and the penalty miss cost them dearly . France must be wary of Peru and Denmark,it's not that easy to qualify from this group
  2. adi B

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Umesh ,he has better control now and can bowl decent with the new ball in English condition
  3. I fear for the lion, a retard is taking care if him!
  4. I am supporting Peru in this world cup,nice underdog team
  5. Our selection committee keeps getting worse by the day ,no forward thinking or nurturing of young talents
  6. Can't believe pant still ain't in the loi squad !! Can't the selectors look beyond csk
  7. Why is ishant Sharma playing this match ?
  8. To hell with the camps ,Just kick shastri out !
  9. He'll get fit before the test series and that'll be his motivation
  10. adi B

    Meditation and Mindfulness

    I do kapal bharti,anulom vilom for 10 mins , very useful in gaining immunity and improving stamina
  11. adi B

    Predict India in Eng series results

    Tests: India win 3-1 Odi -1-1 draw ,1 washout T20 - doesn't matter
  12. Olelele,mela pyala bacha rone laga
  13. adi B

    Grievances thread

    Use kehte hai mungerilal ke haseen sapne
  14. adi B

    Grievances thread

    Very true ,echoed my sentiments ,possibly many's!
  15. adi B

    Grievances thread

    Thnx to this thread some old passive surfers gave come out of their caves
  16. adi B

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    @velu same amount as yours bro
  17. The real besharm parties are these khangress ,sp,bsp,tmc etc who shamelessly vouch for the "secular " (yea this is the term they use to call muslims,Christians) votes to consolidate,how low can you get down than this?? Credit to bjp ,they at least fight elections on track record and development agenda (irrespective of what they do on the ground) nowadays another trend has started to form desecrated alliance without any ideologue,the kahawat "chor chor mausere bhai " perfectly fit for this type of alliance . No sane person will ever prefer this type of politics just to defeat one man (off course deluded haters will say otherwise ) ,even if one hates bjp and modi or their ideologies,one can't/shouldn't support the opposition alliance just for the sake of their hatred because it'll absolutely peg back India further down !
  18. Rehne do bro ,it's a deluded perception these guys have accustomed themselves to ,too much of media watching and hindu hatred has itched them to believe that modi is a fascist without even realising once that the congress,mamata etc are even more fascist than one can imagine . it's just the hatred towards that one person that makes them dwelve these thoughts
  19. If anybody who thinks ipl is clean and free from fixing then he is living in a lala land
  20. adi B

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Jadeja is such a waste of a batsman that it doesn't warrant a thread on icf under any circumstances
  21. adi B

    Bowling combo in England

    It's a 5 match series so we've got to rotate the bowlers according to condition ,fitness and fatigue . Bhuvi is a first pick ,rest circulate between umesh,shami,ishant,bumrah and pandya of course is the fifth bowler . I'd go with bhuvi ,umesh,bumrah in the first test ,bumrah is not reliable with the new ball at present. Ashwin is the lone spinner but he's gotta perform
  22. adi B

    Meri bhook abhi baaki hai: Shikhar Dhawan

    I was about to post "kis cheez ki bhook "

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