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  1. Of course, I am just playing
  2. Bosdk is much more classy than bhootni ke,dhoni knows which one to use
  3. Bat dhawan Bowl bhuvi/chahal/dala Field pandya
  4. Haha love when dhoni gets angry ,the angry look he gave to Johnson in that 2009 odi series was epic. Time to keep pandey's pet name :bosdk
  5. Yuzvendra Chahal is an idiot !!!

    Or dhoni using sehwag for the final over against srl in one if the odis in cb series 2012 where he got mauled
  6. Yuzvendra Chahal is an idiot !!!

    I agree with velu,he bowled like a complete tool! I will not comment on how well he bowled in the past and all but just the 4 overs he bowled yesterday were gobshit!
  7. Pandey should not be playing for india

    He is a cow lasher and a very limited batsman but a bit better than jhadav and iyer as if now. All 3 are proper hacks
  8. Yes ,the loss is on kohli as well
  9. Now watch the padosi brigade come out of their holes and brag about their phaastt bowlers
  10. Pandya actually bowls quick when he's on but he's erratic ,rest are out and out trundlers
  11. Unadkat hit for 4 sixes lol ,trundler king
  12. Wonderful chase by saf,off to cape town then !
  13. If it was possible ,kohli defo would have
  14. Jaidev akram will win it for us
  15. He is good but he is adamant on not using any part timer.he strictly believes that all 5 bowlers will bowl their full quota unless really drastic requirement
  16. Many will deny this but I have vocally said that these t20 series are meant to be kept alive for the decider
  17. Saf should thank chahal for their only 2 wins from the lois
  18. Chahal is an outright mental midget !
  19. I bet if chahal was Pakistani he'd get blasted for fixing allegations
  20. Please dhoni give chahal some gaalis which you used for pandey!! Edit: use a few for yourself for missing the stumping
  21. No ,chahal will bowl ,kohli won't use a part timer even if the regular is getting pasted

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