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  1. Garuda

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    I guess for the amount of money they paid Unadcutter, RR need to play him. It almost seems as they are bound to play this dhokla powder puff "pacer". Like a typical guju, he'll be happy with the money more than his performance. Karthik and Russell tore him a new anoos
  2. Garuda

    Bye bye bambis !!!

    Will this thread be active since DRS is here and bambis cant win anymore. Genuine question.
  3. Garuda

    Hardik Pandya...

    "get ready. get ready for the action" . this dhokla tries to walk like a thug when the cameras were on with his lean frame and says this with a black american accent. what a loser. He also tried to tell Pant where to go. In a fist fight between the two, Pant would beat Pandya till he is black and blue
  4. Garuda

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    "get ready. get ready for the action"
  5. Garuda

    Why are gujjus good at fielding ?

    Their celibacy (not their choice ) helps them at their fielding and even spinning. Gandi worked wonders with his spinning. Charkha gumake azaadi dilwaya . Even their ladies go for other dudes
  6. Garuda

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Rahane played a matchwiining innings for KKR lol. But seriously, he knew batting was weak and kept one end going. Can't blame him for this knock. I believe they needed 65 off 40 or some like that and that is quite achievable. They just lost samson and never recovered from that.
  7. k.k.k.k.kiran vs karunaindihi
  8. Garuda

    Mumbai Indians the true IPL winners already

    Duniya hile diya na
  9. Garuda

    Flop Sharma

    Expect him to play all the tests in England
  10. Garuda

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    already some butthurt trolls trollvoting tht post
  11. Congrats KKR . now they face DMK at home.
  12. Garuda

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    I thought he would retire after the WC next year, but I think he has made the right decision. Thanks for the memories AB. Have a good retirement buddy and hope to see you involved in cricket or commentary.
  13. He is a good cow herder but how did he end up playing cricket
  14. Garuda

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    Who cares they are both chokers and toupee wearers

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