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  1. Garuda

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    Give it a break. We know Ishant is the shittiest bowler to play 50 overs. He has played 81 tests with an average of 35.94 and with a strike rate of 66.6. Playing one-upmanship with the padosis isn't going to do you any favors. Time to look at younger bowlers who can take wickets. I don't know why there isn't a Bhuvi, Shami, Umesh, Ashwin, and Kuldeep thread. These guys will be more useful in the future. Ishant is almost 30
  2. Favorites to me. They will make it to the semifinals for sure.
  3. Garuda

    Site Feedback

    My posts doesn't have upload features above 30k. I'm not able to post any pics or gifs. Can you correct it please. Thank you.
  4. Make no mistake this post was posted in the cricket forum and got shifted here. Bunch of butthurt bambi supporters and mini me fans who were shellacked in this forum went to the cricket forum to show their menopausal syndrome there. What a sick bunch of aunties . Look at how many posts from them that too on a Friday night. Clearly they are triggered. Watch a movie or something you losers. PS - Type in your unfunny hateful comments here. I'm damn sure I'm not going to read it
  5. Their imaginations are so tiny. They see two bald heads and they think he looks like that. Its like me saying Sharukh Kahn looks like Salman Khan because they have the same last names.
  6. Really how many non-cricketing sportsman are supported in bengal (is that where you live) and other states. You seem to be picky about TN not just here but also the chit chat column. Tell me how much attention Vijender Singh gets in the North compared to Kohli and Ishant Sharma. Dont tell Tamils who we should or shouldn't give our attention. If India was not cricket-centric, hockey would not have been ignored. They were quite a few Tamil players in the hockey team over the ages. I just looked at our olympic history yesterday. We should be ashamed to say we are a part of a growing economy and not have a olympic team that challenges US, Russia, and China in the medal table.
  7. And what about you describing Dipika Pallikal as a Tamil hero . Get out you poser.
  8. Garuda

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    A real Indian fan: Your little master plays for himself Statchin bhakt: Oh yeah. Lungi is a poor player in tests and there are better players so he needs to bugger off F: Ok but he is only 36. Mini me played till 40.5 SB: You are gay F: You are crazy. Im done with it. Now piss off. SB: Lungi Lungi I want to see your lungi lowered so that I can bite your member F: Whose gay now SB: Lungi Lungi Sambar Lungi Rasam Lungi Lungi........10101110
  9. I thought you mother was bengali. Tamizhla ehanavuthu pathi paesu paapom. If your mom is Tamil, you must know tamil. Dude you are such a northie hinudtva guy stop this nonsense about tamil people. Real Tamils are not like the movie Chennai Express. You know nothing about us. Reading this post makes me wonder if you ever visited tamil nadu at all even though you claim to have seen "our wonderful temples". The entire CSK thing is for jokes. We are more into movies than cricket. Your long posts seem to indicate that you have no life at all. Sorry I thought you were a decent poster but you are just a soft sell hindutvadi to the South. Are you Subramanain Swamy in disguise just kidding. Dipika Pallikal Karthik is a malayali not tamil. I can tell her name is of Malayali origin. She married a tamil. You dont know anything about the South not just TN. It seems you are like a search engine bot like Google who assimilates all the info from posters here and put your own spin on it. And bambi fans dont be so butthurt that CSK won the IPL. You can win once the DRS goes out of favor . OP is a Statchin bhakt thats why he pulls out some shitty tv show that nobody watches and presents it as this is how tamils think.
  10. Why is thread in the cricket forum. It should be in the IPL forum. Its soon turning to be "chit chat" material where "ranbir kapoor the playboy" is more famous than "scandinavian beautiful women" or "alexandra daddario". I didn't know this is a forum for people with uhum.... alternate lifestyles
  11. Garuda

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Wrist slitting happens after half a day's play . Sarfaraz made the right choice. Usually the decision is done by the captain, coach and vice captain. Then the clouds came in . England would have done the same thing.
  12. Garuda

    Bowling combo in England

    In tests that won't work. You'd think test batsmen can pick the variation from hand. For an off-spinner, the variation is usually the arm ball. If you want a wrist spinner, there is always Kuldeep. If at all anyone can replace Ashwin it must be kuldeep. Tough decisions need to made but that all depends on Kohli who has the knack of backing the Sharmas. Not expecting much to be honest
  13. Garuda

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    It doesn't look like you are playing better than us today
  14. Garuda

    Rahul up for India's No. 4 slot in ODIs

    Rahul has joined the Sajdeh party. So he'll play
  15. Garuda

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Oi Dikwad, if you follow the same rules as you want me to do, you wouldn't have mentioned Dhoni in that Saha thread. Do as I say not as I do eh you little cunt. I will make a thread on Sachin. Better not cry after looking at it or throw your toys out of the pram like Sachin.
  16. Garuda

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    You guys are quite talkative after the win in the first test. You should be hoping that the empire doesnt strike back . How did you fare against the Aussies and Saffers in their homes.
  17. Garuda

    Bowling combo in England

    Bumrah would pick up a few injuries with his action if he keeps playing tests. And I don't think he will be that effective with the new ball. My first pick would be Bhuvi, Shami, Ashwin and Kuldeep with Hardik bowling as the fifth bowler. The English struggle against spin and mostly wrist spin. Wrist spin can even work under English conditions provided Kuldeep can the control the ball.
  18. I don't care about the JAMODIs but English ODI team is far improved. I would pencil them down to make it to the semifinal in the WC.
  19. I have a thicker skin than most but as you mentioned the South Indian bias is behind those comments. And you used to see this bias in the team selection as well. How many fans really appreciate Dravid, Laxman, Kumble and Srinath. You call it ignorance I call it hatred. Lets agree to disagree here. With regards to Sachin, I'm only speaking the truth. Him and Lara are the best batsmen during his playing days but Sachin played selfishly some times (not all the time). His autobiography was trash - full of stats and whining about the multan declaration https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/multan-declaration-sachin-tendulkar-no-sense-autobiography He still hasn't forgiven Dravid and the team management for that. He is usually the proponent of "what happens in the dressing room stays there". But he goes on and tells it in his book. Hypocrite much Sachin . Imagine what must be going through in Dravid's mind - Don't get in the way of Sachin's stats or else face the wrath and blame from his fans. Analyst considers South Indians to be hero worshiping. Oh the irony.
  20. Garuda

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Jaddu is an expert fielder now
  21. Garuda

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Another bhakt of mini God. You are probably one of the many who trolled Sharapova's FB account. Keep trollvoting my posts you stupid little boy
  22. You still dont get it do you? There is always a bias against the South. How many times have you heard Sambar and Rasam in this forum. Actually South Indians are the more educated and less prone to hero worship than other regions. Test matches in the South are played in a friendly atmosphere where the local support is for the home team but there is some appreciation for the opponent players if they do well. And usually the test crowds are more knowledgeable. Accuser is usually the accused. A blind devotee will see everyone as such. A blind Sachin fan would see "an opponent" as a blind Dhoni fan. I dont hear Dhoni fans targetting Sharapova's facebook account PS - Also see how he starts with CSK and ends with South Indians. You are always a madrasi lol even if you are a telugu. This guy came up with farting jokes on Dhoni and his fans. And the rest of his troll buddies having a low IQ laughing and upvoting. Quite disgusting. It is more appropriate to Sachin and his Sachinistas. As usual accuser is the accused. Lots of Sachin fans think he craps ice creams. This is how he chose to represent the other states to the Southern states.
  23. Garuda

    Experts back Dhoni at No. 5 in Indian ODI team

    That's because a lot of "Indian fans" here and most probably in real life too are basically Sachin fans. If Sachin scores another 100 100s and India continue to lose, they will allow him to play for another 20 years. If somebody says Sachin may have played some selfish innings in his career, this site may come down crashing . Dhoni has made these guys' lives easier by winning games that could go either way that they think anybody can do the thankless job. Before Dhoni started his career, India was called "always a bridesmaid never a bride", choking in cup finals. I even recollect choking to SA in one of the finals. We also had wonderful keepers before him like MSK Prasad, Sameer Dighe, Saba Karim, Deep Dasgupta, Ajay Ratra, Pappu Patel . Our keepers were so bad that Ganguly asked Dravid to keep so that they could play a quota player like Dinesh Mongia. They wont know the difference Dhoni made until he retires.
  24. Garuda

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Dhoni is an ODI legend. He would have still played ODIs. By that logic, Sachin would be out after 2011 WC. He didnt perform anything of note

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