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  1. I watched my first match yesterday and it was worth burning the midnight oil. Late minute goal to spice up the group. Germany still got it. What a match it was. I thought Germany made a blunder in the early minutes by attacking too much too early resulting in a counter attack that led to the Swedes going 1-0. But Germany still dodged a bullet in the late minute strike. This was my first live match since 2006 WC. I thought 1998 was pretty good too. Im looking forward to the knockouts of this WC. Gonna be pretty interesting and mouth watering.
  2. Shastri to replace Rohit...in the donut test
  3. I knew we were gonna lose since little fella was batting . Cool would have hit a last ball six to destroy the lankans of that generation just like he did this generation. We had an overwhelming WL ratio against them thanks to cool.
  4. Garuda

    Best ODI match of all time

    The best match was that 1999 WC semifinal according to me closely followed by the super six match between the two participants. The best ODI innings I have seen was that 120 that Steve Waugh hit in that super six match and the best bowling in an ODI was by Shane Warne in that semifinal 4/29 off 10 overs. It required such people like Waugh and Warne to keep winning for 10 years. 1999 WC was the most competitive that I have seen. Even Zimbabwe used to be taken lightly at one's peril.
  5. Usually for the better. Everybody has turned into an armchair expert on cricket these days.
  6. Yeah totally forgot that. That must be the reason . I watched it live and could picture it even this day how Sachin whined about Karthik finishing it. Atleast he didnt say it in the press conference like he did in 2004 tour.
  7. I dont remember him getting that fat. Probably due to the fat pay cheque he is receiving
  8. We want Ravi to get dropped in a treadmill with the speed setting as 16.3 with an incline of 16.1
  9. Sachin is the exception that proves the rule. Parthiv didnt grab the opportunity did he. That's what happens when you are introduced to cricket this early. As someone mentioned Pant was troubled by a local trundler in Ranji. He needs to work out his off side play like his coverdrives and cuts. He has to work out his chinks before he gets into the national squad. What test teams require is a solid wicketkeeper first and then a batsman next. Pant needs to keep wickets in domestic matches to get used to keeping for long hours. If India doesnt bowl well (which happens all the time) he needs to keep for 160 overs at a time. He has to be ready for that. This is not t20 where 20 overs of keeping and go to tonk the ball from the get go. Test teams are full of "TTFs" you dont need someone to strike the first ball to the boundary like Sehwag. I would pick Dravid over Sehwag any day of the week.
  10. Not saying he is the best bet for us. He is only a replacement for Saha. I'm not convinced about Pant and others yet. He is just 20. The OP needs to chill
  11. He is endangering his kid by keeping a lion tied inside the house. What if his daughter goes to the lion to play with it like humans do with dogs and the lion bites her daughter as per its natural instinct. Then he may have to shoot the lion down because of his stupidity. Stupidity is not bravery. If he is that brave, he should keep it unshackled . I have seen Arabs do it and Arabs are known for their stupidity and cowardice.
  12. They weren't good in keeping either. I recall Srinath getting robbed by keepers and slip catching. They were as good as Pakistani fielding
  13. India's tour of England most runs in the series Karthik batted as an opener silly little school boy
  14. Garuda

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    I dont care how much Murali spins. I care about runs and wickets and impact players. Murali performed poorly in Aus/SA so did Wasim. The team has Gilly at 7 and Wasim is picked as a bowler. He did poorly with the bat apart from that 250 he scored against Zim . I think you need to get your head checked calling Ambrose a trundler. If such is your standards, then Wasim is a mega trundler . Go ahead and come back with more to make up for your lack of funniness
  15. Garuda

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    You dont need a off spinner or left armer if you have the best team. I lost you at trundler Ambrose
  16. Garuda

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    Donald/Ambrose/Waqar to fill for Wasim and Murali. Dravid/Kirsten for Hayden/Sehwag PS- I totally forgot Steyn. He is better than Wasim and Murali IMHO
  17. Garuda

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    Same messages from billionaire mogul
  18. Never losing is a sign of success these days
  19. By beating Scotland in a T20 match? Ok
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKnDhJAL4Xk
  21. Ian Chappell jinxing Indian team. He said Rohit needs to bat one down in tests . How clueless can you get. He also says Warne is the best captain Aus never had. With due respect Mr.Chappell, you are wrong on your prediction about Rohit and this Indian team.
  22. Garuda

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    Quota system is a always gonna fail. How about doing quota system for applicants for medical school . Coming back to the article, this seems to me a leftist rag, which is not good for the minorities forget the majority. BCCI will never budge to these articles no matter how serious they may seem. BCCI is interested in making money which requires quality cricket. And BCCI is a private enterprise. So boo hoo
  23. BD must employ the women's team captain as a coach for the men's team Maybe they will win the Asia cup next time.

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