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  1. Even in Maharashtra there is a proud tradition of marrying Mama ki ladki , probably starts from Maharashtra and goes all the way down to South. The explanation given is that the children of male siblings are considered Brothers/Sisters while children of a Brother and a Sister are not considered Brother/Sister so it's fair to marry among each other.
  2. BCCi to address media at 3.30 PM
  3. Announcement on 3 PM. Just ten minutes more.
  4. Kitne baje decide hoga. Kya meeting chal raha hai?
  5. rageaddict

    Australian world cup squad announced. - Handscomb out

    Turned scored 84* of 43 balls under pressure , how can they not select him?
  6. rageaddict

    Australian world cup squad announced. - Handscomb out

    Wasn't it Turner who won the match against India by smashing Bhuvi and Bumrah when the required rate was around 12-13 ? How is he not selected? Shocking.
  7. Chunaav ke Pehle ke jhoothe waade. Chunaav jeetne ke baad Yeh sab Bhool jaenge.
  8. These Hindutva Warriors have no guts to either repeal 370 or construct the temple in Ayodhya. Just the usual Pre-election false promises from BJP only for the sake of votes to form Government.
  9. rageaddict

    Alzarri Joseph

    Best IPL figures ever - Previous best was Sohail Tanvir in the first season.
  10. rageaddict

    Selfish innings thread

    Very selfish batting by both the batsmen. When 7 overs were remaining the two were at the crease and req rate was around 9 while when a little 3 overs were remaining the req rate has climbed upto 14 with both batsmen still on crease. Left a lot to be done in the end and deserved to lose.
  11. rageaddict

    Andre Russell thread !!!

    Were there any power hitters before the T20 era? How about Flintoff, Cairns, KP ?
  12. rageaddict

    Andre Russell thread !!!

    I think Yuvraj had that Power hitting ability, he could stay in the crease and flick the slow spinners for Sixes with ease . Yusuf Pathan was another Power Hitter especially against Spinners. Power hitters can usually strike sixes and fours from Ball 1 unlike Rohit and Kohli who take their time to settle on the pitch and then go berserk in the end.
  13. rageaddict

    Andre Russell thread !!!

    I saw a recent interview of Rohit where he says " Hum logo main Gayle aur AB waali taqat nahi hai Esliye main hamesha achi timing karne ki koshish karta hoon ".. I was shocked to hear that he doesn't consider himself a Power Hitter inspite of hitting sixes with ease.
  14. rageaddict

    Andre Russell thread !!!

    The question would be valid in case of a Super Over where a team could be set a target of 20 runs. Dhoni would be the least qualified batsman in such a situation, even Kohli wouldn't do it. Someone like Raina, Pandya and Yuvraj would be my choice from India.

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