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  1. Best Opening Batsman of All time in ODIs

    BC main Tendulkar ko vote karne ke liye thread pe click kiya aur Yaha Tendulkar ka option hi nahi rakha hai.
  2. Yeh sabhi Khans ko Pakistan se bahot support milta hai, Pakistani bhi enhe " Apne Bhai " hi maante hai.
  3. Salman Khan convicted in 1998 blackbuck poaching case

    Meri umeed abhi badd hi rahi thi ki Yeh padkar Mood kharab ho gaya.
  4. Salman Khan convicted in 1998 blackbuck poaching case

    Yaar seriously Batao esko jail hogi ki nahi.
  5. Asansol Riots

    Inshah Allah, hope something triggers and the entire Union Falls.
  6. Respect the Muslim Bros for increasing the headcount of Ummah.
  7. Asansol Riots

  8. Asansol Riots

    Masha Allah, my dream to experience the Balkanization of Bharat Mata in my lifetime might not be too far away. Rising Muslim population and the unrest that will follow is the only factor that can lead to collapse of the Union.
  9. Pakistan's 1st transgender news anchor

    Wow, even a Pakistani Hijda looks better than most Indian Women.
  10. Tendulkar 200* v/s SA. Remember everyone around was focused on that match.
  11. Hardik Pandya insults Father of the Constitution( fake )

    Lol Father of Constitution na hua koi bada Mohammed Prophet ho gaya jiski shaan main gustaakhi nahi ho Sakti.
  12. Agree, Shami Bhai and all Male celebrities deserve to have their fun. Only Beta Males with Lack of opportunity would take a dig at him, the usual boring unwanted Men who proudly wear the badge of " Faithful Husband " mainly due to lack of opportunity.
  13. Could be possible, if not for the rampant terrorism I will prefer living in Pakistan over overpopulated and filthy India anyday of the week. I mean, living among Sindhis and Balochs can't be worse than living among Biharis and UP Wallahs. Would still prefer an Indian Passport over a Pakistani one though , don't want to get heckled at airports in the West only because of my background and reputation of the county.
  14. This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    What a match winning innings it is turning out to be!!!

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