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  1. rageaddict

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Still 70% chance of a completed match. A complete washout looks very very unlikely at this point.
  2. Now the weak link Richardson is back after the match has been won by Starc.
  3. SL scored 87 in first ten overs and 89 in the next twenty overs. Lost the plot between 10-30 period and hence suffered the collapse.
  4. The batsmen don't wait for Richardson, Behendroff, NCN to comeover but take risks against Starc and perish. This is what happened against the Windies too. Starc has been the difference at the end. Wahab and Sarafaraz were running away with the game till Starc produced a brilliant performance and killed off the match in his last over.
  5. The target was not impossible after the start SL got but two similar batsmen like Karunaratne and Thirimanne killed off the momentum of the innings. No team can hit 9-10 rpo against Starc, Cummins for 15 straight overs.
  6. rageaddict

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Chances of a completed match have increases from 80% to 90 %
  7. It was criminal to allow Maxwell complete his quota of overs for under 5 rpo.
  8. SL crumbling under the pressure.
  9. Mathew's is a great batsman. He scored very well against India at 2017 CT.
  10. rageaddict

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    This match will definitely happen. Odds highly in favour of a completed match.
  11. Thirimanne is crap anyway, Kusal Mendis has good potential but hasn't been in best of touch.
  12. Sri Lanka seems to have given up.
  13. Momentum has been killed.
  14. Thirimanne making Maxwell look like Muralitharan.
  15. Two Test batters at the crease. This Thirimanne has been playing since the time SRT was on his last legs and still not reliable.

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