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  1. Lol it's always us Aam Janta Fans who spend more time worrying about the fortunes of the team in tough away tours while the players themselves are pretty chilled, especially when they are being coached by someone as Kool , relaxed and friendly lile Shastri Sir.
  2. Male Feminist.

    Punjabi Bashing by Kaali Worshipping Effeminate Bengali Male Muloghonto
  3. I wish there was a secessionist movement in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, we could have just let them go and life in other States could have been so much better. This is not working anymore, the Indian Cities can't afford to accomodate thousands of migrants from Cow Belt that arrive on a daily basis. The issue is not about some silly cultural dilution of the cities but the worsening infrstraucture that cannot support more people. Buses are crowded, Trains are jammed, traffic worse, there is no space to walk on streets, bridges are falling, stampede, no value for life and yet more people keep pouring in. Why should a developed state bear the burden of failed Cow Belt States and thereby bringing down their overall standard of living and progress that they have made ? The Leaders of failed States don't care about any development in their region and are more than happy to see their people migrate to other states for livelihood.
  4. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    Sure why not, Lets dissolve this fake Indian Union , don't want to be part of this overpopulated Country where people live like Cockroaches. Small Countries are the way to go. Every Indian State becomes an Independent Nation.
  5. Male Feminist.

    Lol, Muloghonto didn't answer this one . Hard for him to admit that Women can't perform at the highest level in certain fields like Team Sports or in Wars. There is a reason why Women compete against themselves at the Olympics and not against Men which is for their own benefit. Armed forces are no place to conduct social experiments and give equal representation to Women, Gay's, Transgenders or any other weirdos for the sake of political correctness.
  6. Male Feminist.

    https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/14/first-female-soldier-in-green-beret-training-fails/ And that's after lowering the standards, same for other elite forces.
  7. This knock will do a world of good to Rohit but will be a bad for Team India in the long run.
  8. Can P, P & P from Gujarat win it for team India?

    Didn't notice so many Gujjus in the team.
  9. Shabba AB Teri batting pe kurbaan jau, SRT ke baad Tu hi Ek interesting Batsman hai duniya main. Khel aur khel.
  10. Which all states/UTs have you been to in India?

    Maharashtra Jammu Kashmir Punjab Gujrat Rajasthan UP Madhya Pradesh Bihar Jharkhand Orissa WB Tamil Nadu Kerala Andhra Karnataka Goa Himachal Haryana Delhi Pretty much everywhere except NE/Sikkim.
  11. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    It is also spoken by millions of Non Hindi Speakers in Non Hindi States . Lol @ comparison of Kannada, Marathi with Hindi. I grew up in Maharashtra and only interacted in Hindi with people from all across the country. It's very self explanatory, no need to compare languages that are only limited to couple of states with Hindi which has PAN in most states .
  12. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    But none of them makes it to the Indian team on consistent basis.
  13. Haan let's march towards a progressive Gay Hind.
  14. SA bowling attack

    Acha hai Bhaga Bhaga ke maaro Yeh FTB's ko, bahot cheap runs bana liye hai enhone ghar pe Pichle 3-4 saal main.
  15. Match winning partnership Infact.
  16. Big partnership coming between the best mates in International Cricket.
  17. Go AB Go, get a run a ball ton and entertain us.
  18. devilliers 1st 300

    Hopefully, will be a treat to watch.
  19. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Indians cannot produce fast bowlers but Pakistanis can, due to inferior genetics and physique of the former.

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