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  1. rageaddict

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    Match Yaad Karo Batsman Dekho, Bowler Dekho aur Pace reading dekho.
  2. Jab Tak hai jaan.
  3. How do these Kiwis find 150+ bowlers in such a small pool of players.
  4. No other sport in the future will enjoy the Popularity that Cricket enjoyed from 90-2011 in India. Thanks to Internet and Social Media, kids these days have even shorter attention span and are hardly as enthusiastic and passionate about Sports anymore like we were crazy for Cricket during the 90s. Popularity of some Other sports has increased just like Women Cricket has become more popular than it was in the 90s. We do know about Harmanpreet, Smriti now but nothing was known about the 90s women Cricketers, doesn't mean that kids are more passionate about women's Cricket today.
  5. Agree, it has been reported that Hindus were the prime targets during the operations conducted to counter the independence movement as the Hindus were suspected to be the Masterminds who were poisoning the minds of Bengali Muslims. But the Bengali Muslims did protest against the target killings of Hindus and didn't let it happen to leave the Hindus to their fate. No? Even during the last Shabagh protests in 2013, it was largely Bengali Muslims protesting for Capital Punishment for War Criminals some of whom primarily targeted the Hindus. There is a spirit of Secularism among a lot of Bengali Muslims who Identiy as Bengali First and are not biased against Hindus, must have something to do with Secular Bengali Culture. Have to applaud their resistance against Islamization of their culture which was seen as Hinduized and not Islamic enough for the Al -Bakistanis.
  6. I think you mean Mali and Niger because Senegal has always remained untouched by Islamic terrorism , the country has been a model of democracy and peaceful transfer of power ( in Africa) since independence with no history of Civil Wars, Coup, Dictatorship or any other unrest. Lived in Capital Dakar for nearly a year and I found the place to be competely chilled with Hippie Blacks, largely influenced by French Culture with locals following a watered down version of Islam with zero extremism, No hatred of kaffirs or Ghazwa -E -Hind type obsession to take over the World. Alcohol and other vices are legal and readily available for the foreigners/tourists mainly from France who bring a lot of revenue for the locals. Has a developed Goan Style Party Culture in the Urban Centers.
  7. AR Rahman should be encouraging and parading his daughters in Bikini to come across as a Progressive and forward thinking individual.
  8. Waste of time match. No contest. Meek surrender.
  9. Was this a difficult pitch to bat on
  10. Adds to the average, plus a 100+ S/R also came at a difficult juncture after fall of early wickets, if only there was some support for Dhoni at the other end.
  11. What a classy innings by the Dashing WK.
  12. Without Kohli the middle order looks very weak.
  13. Vijay Shankar and Dinesh Karthik are in the team to keep the South Indian lobby interested. Dakshin quota players.
  14. This Kedar Jadhav doesn't inspire any confidence.
  15. They might not even get to 250 at this rate.
  16. Taylor would look as the most unorthodox unsettled batsman on the pitch early on but once he is set, he keeps shifting on the off side of the wicket and smashes it on the ON.
  17. and Pakistan being Pakistan collapsed for a low score and gave up without a fight with the bat.
  18. It was the match between NZ and Pak during 2011 WC at Pallekele. Smashed Shoaib Akhtar and Razzaq to all corners of the ground during that match including a 30 run over. 105 runs were scored by Taylor and Pram in the last 5 year. Very memorable match.

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