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  1. Orgies with which other celebrity couples?
  2. Why is Rohit so tuk tuk? I miss the Golden days of Sachin and Ganguly.
  3. Jadhav Kya roz roz wicket lega. He is not a solution to get a break through every time. The main spinners must keep it tight and wicket will come.
  4. Still remember how Jaddu and Ashwin abandoned the ship during the CT Finals when their Daddy Fakhar was on fire. Same bowlers become unbeatable on rank turners in India.
  5. Whose gonna score in the middle? Rayudu lol Karthik psml Kedar lmao Dhoni lmfao
  6. Look at Ch**** Jaddu going at 5 rpo when he should be keeping it tight and bowl a few maidens.
  7. MC Malik ruined Afghans party two days ago and might put Pak to strong position today. Never saw this ftb score against Aussies , SA or in England.
  8. Sarafaraz is a busy player who always keeps the scoreboard ticking and never plays too many dot balls. Need to dismiss him asap.
  9. Nice, means Shoaib Mirza is her Real Pati and not some dummy set by a third Party Lover.
  10. Our spinners can only show Tashan against English and Aussie batters, Pakistani enko aaram se khel rahe hai. Malik can milk them all day.
  11. Yeh jo aaj bade Mard banke Tashan se runs bana rahe hai na, kal dekhna Pakistani bowlers ke saamne Billi ban jaenge. Kal Fakhar Zamane enko seekhaega ki important match main kaise batting ki jaati hai.
  12. Dhawan the king of soft runs might get a big one here. Kal dekhna Yeh aur eska FTB Bhai Rohit kaise Amir , Usman aur Hassan ke saamne hag denge.
  13. A National Team has to be successful for a Sport to become the most popular Sport in the country. It's true that there are a few hippies who prefer to associate thenselves with Football than the more mainstream Cricket, however for a team ( Indian Football Team) that plays on par with standard of Myanmar it will be a tough task to dethrone Cricket.
  14. Keep the gems coming. Interesting comments against the ones with a squeaky clean image.
  15. rageaddict

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    Agree with you there. That could be the reason as Hindi isn't their Native Language but somehow English is. So fair enough for them to give interviews and promote movies in their Native Language which is English.
  16. rageaddict

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Historical day for the Seculars, Liberals, feminists and the ICFers. Garv se Bolo Gay Hind.

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