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  1. As long as both parties are Muslim, I don't care. How Muslims choose to solve their personal issues is not our business. Only in an event of a dispute arising between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim, Indian law takes precedence. It's inevitable anyway, as Muslim numbers rise in India they will strive for more autonomy. I won't be surprised if in the future, Muslim majority areas in India will be under the jurisprudence of Nigerian Style Islamic Laws . India is no Western Nation with only a handful of Muslim immigrants who can be forced to follow Secular and uniform laws in all aspects, it's a big number of indigenous Muslims that we are dealing with here who can demand and get their demands met.
  2. rageaddict

    List all your phobias !!!

    Kutta Phobia Cockroach Phobia Chipkali Phobia Enclosed Space Phobia Phobia of heights
  3. More than pornography I will blame the rampant nudity and vulgarity that is being propagated through Bollywood and Television today.
  4. Sure as long as Mama generates income equivalent to Papa and isnt some sit at house freeloader housewife .
  5. rageaddict

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Greta comeback by the French. I thought the game was over when Argentina took the lead .
  6. rageaddict

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Curse of being Defending Champions. Germany were awful.
  7. Physically inferior Asian Midgets just knocked the Superior Aryan Warriors out of the WC.
  8. Argentina might have gone through here but most likely to be ousted against France.
  9. rageaddict

    GM Praggnanandhaa becomes 2nd youngest GM in history!!!

    Chess is not a Sport but a board game. Very good activity for Indian Kids who are generally unathletic, no risk of injury safe play etc. Would rather have my kid slog it out in the field and dirt and toughen up than sit on a chair making moves like a lazy ass.
  10. rageaddict

    Epic (verbal) comebacks in cricket

    Dont know why Mc Grath was so furious, if you initiate something like he did then be ready to receive it.
  11. Lucky Boy.
  12. Jharkhand is the cleanest state in India followed by Maharashtra and Chattisgarh, according to the report, which was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Indore on Saturday. Among the cities, Indore is the cleanest -- second year in a row -- followed by Bhopal and Chandigarh.
  13. Read it before, Around 19 of the Top 25 Dirtiest Cities in India are in WB. Cleanest State is Jharkhand Followed by Maharashtra and Chattisgarh
  14. rageaddict

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France and Spain look strong. Rest other strong Nations look below par Lets see how far Uruguay and Croatia reach.
  15. rageaddict

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    It already is the second language in most states, you deal with it. The change is painful but it is inevitable in this case.
  16. Why is USA not at the WC then? Do the likes of Neymar and Messi look Genetically Superior Beasts to you? Interest ki bhi baat hoti hai, these Nations are playing Football as a passion since last 200 years.
  17. Bania Indians ki pant gilli ho gayi Lala ka tashan dekh kar.
  18. Bhai thoda promote Karo es thread aur World Cup ko ICF pe, pata hi nahi hoga most posters ko ki football ka discussion ka thread bhi open hai kahi.
  19. rageaddict

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    India has qualified for next years Asian Cup 2019 ( thanks to number of participating teams increased from 16 to 24 ) which will help evaluate the true standing of Indian Team in Asian Rankings. All the recent hype regarding Indian Football is due to setting up matches with Minnow Nations and beat their C teams.
  20. rageaddict

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    India will only qualify when it hosts the World Cup which could happen within the next couple of decades as FIFA is keen to milk the economic potential of India. After the expansion of World cup to 48 teams, 8 Spots will on grabs for the Asian teams to qualify. Australia, South Korea, Japan and Iran will take 4 of those spots while favorites for remaining spots will be North Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, China, Syria, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman . India doesn't even qualify for the Final Qualification round of Asian Qualifiers and suddenly in the next 8 years you expect they will qualify for the final qualifiers and eventually the WC? No such miracle is going to happen. India is barely able to beat small Nations liKe Myanmar.
  21. rageaddict

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    How can anyone support homosexuality but classify cuckold as a deviant behaviour? Maybe Wasim got a thrill out of it and it was a mutual decision by both parties to explore new avenues of pleasure , for all we know even his wife enjoyed getting pumped by the BBC. The only issue is that his private sex life should have never been discussed among the public. And about respecting him, Akram earned respect for his on field activities what he did off the field be it smoking ganja, getting his wife gangbanged or leading a cuckold lifestyle should have no bearing on it.
  22. rageaddict

    Sachin vs hansie cronje all 7 dismissal video

    That Last dismissal was heartbreaking, India was cruising along towards an unlikely victory when Hansie Bhai again spoiled the party for India. Kya smart jageh pe fielder khada karke accurate line pe bowl dala. Rest of the batsmen collapsed like a pack of cards after that dismissal.
  23. Can someone explain why these Rich Celebrities would waste money in Cricket betting? These Celebs are making millions already so betting on IPL and earning 5-6 Crores will hardly make a different to their bank account. Is it for the thrill for betting or just fun?
  24. rageaddict

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    An interesting thread about Jinnah and impact of Pakistan's creation on present day India turned into a useless Punjab v/s Bengal Agricultural output debate.
  25. rageaddict

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    Most entertaining batsman after SRT, don't know how I will watch any of the As matches now since I have got so used to watching AB bat everytime. Players will come and go but an entertainer like AB only emerges once I a lifetime.

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