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  1. Mager Yeh Video report aur News dekh kar toh Yeh Pata hi nahi chala ki kin do communities main lafda hua. Was this a Hindu-Muslim clash or between any other communities?
  2. Why is this being addressed as a Communal Clash ? Kuch Hindu Muslim hua Keya?
  3. Southies whining and bringing the North-South issue again. Even awarding someone from Assam and WB is considered as an appeasement of Cow Belt Naaaaarth Indian Sanghis. Not surprised which state in South is at forefront of spewing hatred against Rest of the country these days.
  4. Why are wickets not falling? Hope this hasn't turned into a patta track.
  5. Ah good to see Chota Mota / Neglected Regional personalities getting this award so that people of their state can feel good about one of their own achieving something. Bechare ko jeete waqt toh koi jyada janta nahi tha ab shayed chaar paanch logo ko Pata chal jae.
  6. Are you not aware what happened between Warner and DE Kock? The SA keeper had some nice things to say about Warner's Wife.
  7. As if the Western Cricketers never involve Mother, Sister or Wife.
  8. Martin should reject the offer from the Pandyas who are know to have a misgonyistic upbringing and let the Feminists come forward and foot the bill for his treatment.
  9. So you want India to be divided over Hindi v/s Non -Hindi politics ? No Thanks. Hindi and the native language goes hand in hand for many of us. Lol @ Southies expecting Non-Hindi speaking states outside South India to join hands with them and clash against Hindi States, you Linguistic Chauvinists would just love it but thats never going to happen.
  10. Bengali's would be proud if this happens especially the ones on the Eastern Side.
  11. rageaddict

    Naga baba thug life [ Slightly NSFW ] !!!

    Speaks volume about the Hindu religion when it's devotees have no respect for women.
  12. rageaddict

    Dhawan/Rohit Beat Sehwag/Sachin (ODI)

    Mager jo Maza Sachin / Ganguly, Sachin / Sehwag ki opening dekhne main aata tha uska 10% bhi maza nahi aata Yeh Dhawan / Rohit ko dekhne main. Take the ongoing ODI series for instance, Behendroff, Siddle, Stonis, Lyon, Maxwell - Is there any quality in the Australian bowling attack ? Even the Zimbabwean bowling side of 90s offered a better challenge than this.
  13. Dhonis calming influence at the other end clearly allowing Virat Kohli to play with more freedom. Dhonis contribution to the Indian team is priceless and cannot be quantified with runs. Long may it last.
  14. The pressure to save Dhonis ass is actually inspiring Kohli to perform better and justify his selection, these innings by Kohli will hurt India during an important WC match when Kohli gets out for low score and Dhoni chokes as usual when the team needs him.
  15. Problem is Kohli is there and he will keep hitting boundaries to get the RR down.
  16. Dhoni will get some cheap boundaries when run rate goes below 4 and end up with a decent S/R.
  17. Now Kohli will save Dhonis ass here and make sure Dhoni retains his place in the squad.
  18. rageaddict

    Indian feminists !!!

    Dominant Mother and a tail wagging Cuck/Sissy Father or in some cases, no father at all. Won't be surprised if a lot of these rabid ones are born out of illegitimate relationships and raised by Single Mothers. You could always notice them bashing the Indian traditional Family Structure - there could be a strong personal reason behind it.
  19. I think even an Indian Match thread doesnt get so many replies in such a short time on ICF. Has to been one of the most popular threads ever in history of ICF outside WC Matches.
  20. Maybe his family is some ultra-liberal and they are ok with it. How can you dispute it ? Don't watch the show if it boils your blood, shouldn't be too hard to ignore.
  21. Gays are the darling of the Elite Indian Media don't think he is under any danger.
  22. Yeh sabka " Mahaaan banane " ka mauka hai. Pandya ka stock thoda down hai Abhi, Jisko Jisko apni Mahnaanta dikhani hai sab usko bash kar rahe hai aur dikha rahe hai ki Woh Kitne Sophisticated, educated aur civilized hai. Yeh saala Bhajji, ek number ka controversial player bhi abhi Sant ban raha hai. Eske baare main Australian players kya bolte the Sabko Pata hai. Woh toh Acha hua BCCI aur Sachin ne bacha liye esKo warna Racism charges main eska career khatam ho jata. Pandya kam se kam on the field toh kabhi Harbhajan jaisa ghatiya harkata nahi kiya. Baat Wahi hai na jo Gira hua hai usko sab laat marne aa gaye mauka dekh kar.

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