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  1. rageaddict

    Hindus, a minority

    Well written.
  2. rageaddict

    So much for Amla the walker

    Any videos ?
  3. Most corrupt and shabby franchise, should have been banned forever. Disappointed.
  4. Developed suicidal tendencies lol
  5. rageaddict

    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Tension gripped a locality in the city on Tuesday evening after an unidentified person allegedly slapped a Muslim youth for not saying ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ during a Bajrang Dal protest against the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims. Heavy police force was rushed to the spot to maintain the law and order situation. However, no complaint was received in this regard. This happened after local Bajrang Dal activists had scheduled a protest near Parizat chowk where they were to burn an effigy. Reports said the leaders changed the protest venue and reached near a mosque at Lahoriya Chowk. It was alleged that some Bajrang Dal activists started raising slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ and asked a Muslim youth returning after offering namaz to do the same. A verbal ensued between the youth and others and an unidentified person slapped him and fled. After getting information, police tightened security around the mosque. http://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/hisar-muslim-youth-slapped-for-not-shouting-bharat-mata-ki-jai/story-g1MylC6rSG410QjzxvIVBJ.html
  6. rageaddict

    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Make example of these people. Catch and thrash them in public.
  7. rageaddict

    Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    Proud Member of the Club checking in.
  8. rageaddict

    Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    Eish, Saffron Terrorism is responsible for Manchester attacks too.
  9. rageaddict

    Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    People accused Congress of appeasement but these BJP ministers are taking " appeasement " to another level. The Kashmiriyat rhetoric was unheard of before BJP came to power. All these BJP leaders find fault in states where their party is not in power, like Bengal for example. Only desperate to grab power by playing divisive politics but after coming to power, they become another cheap copy of the opposition they used to criticize. Even Modi used to talk big and criticize the Congress government on being soft against terrorists , but what has he done during his tenure? Same Old Kadi Ninda, terror has no religion and fake surgical strikes drama.
  10. rageaddict

    Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    Pilgrims are guests in Kashmir, it's not their country.
  11. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Arey ense acha toh Pathan Brothers ko le aao wapas. Ek dou tukka Sixes toh laga denge Woh.
  12. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    When was the last boundary hit?
  13. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Explosive All Rounders yet to come.
  14. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Dhoni sucks. Must retire ASAP along with his buddy Yuvraj.
  15. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Dhoni is the burden of Indian Team.
  16. rageaddict

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    This innings by DK will cost India an important march in the longer run.
  17. In words of Pakistan Born Canadian Writer Tarek Fateh Apt description.
  18. Partition hasn't saved India from any Civil Wars but has only delayed the inevitable by 100 years. Giving a false perception of Hindu -Muslim Unity only till Muslim Numbers are not strong enough to demand another partition based on religion. Muslims from Bombay, Gujarat, Hindi Belt and Malabar voted massively in favor of Muslim Pakistan and their leader Jinnah, thereby helping the Muslims in predominantly Muslim areas to establish their own Islamic Country.
  19. rageaddict

    Crime against women in India | Discussion thread

    Forbidden Fruit. Girls from Liberal families love it.
  20. rageaddict

    Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    Hopefully his last B-Day before retirement.
  21. Next you will mention that there are tons of people in Mumbai without any basic knowledge of Hindi.
  22. rageaddict

    Kohli is officially the greatest Chaser in the game

    King of Bi-Laterals who goes missing during the important matches. Was batting like a headless Chicken against a Semi Decent Bowling line up from Pakistan. That day one could clearly notice that this is a very weak and nervous batsman struggling against quality bowlers and is no invincible World Beater that he looks against teams like WI and SL. Even the Zimbabwean bowlers of the 90s had more class than most of the teams of current era.
  23. rageaddict

    Kohli overtakes Sachin for most 100s when Chasing

    Useless record of an overhyped player. Couldn't even score 50 runs when it mattered the most on June 18. Considering the fact that India got thumped so miserably against Pakistan just a couple of weeks ago, how can anyone even celebrate these useless records? A Great Batsman should actually be giving a miss to such useless series but no, King Kohli just gets humiliated twice in two balls against Pakistan and is now filling boots against a C Grade team.

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