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  1. This knock will do a world of good to Rohit but will be a bad for Team India in the long run.
  2. Rohit to counter attack and get a quick fifty.
  3. Can P, P & P from Gujarat win it for team India?

    Didn't notice so many Gujjus in the team.
  4. Shabba AB Teri batting pe kurbaan jau, SRT ke baad Tu hi Ek interesting Batsman hai duniya main. Khel aur khel.
  5. Which all states/UTs have you been to in India?

    Maharashtra Jammu Kashmir Punjab Gujrat Rajasthan UP Madhya Pradesh Bihar Jharkhand Orissa WB Tamil Nadu Kerala Andhra Karnataka Goa Himachal Haryana Delhi Pretty much everywhere except NE/Sikkim.
  6. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    It is also spoken by millions of Non Hindi Speakers in Non Hindi States . Lol @ comparison of Kannada, Marathi with Hindi. I grew up in Maharashtra and only interacted in Hindi with people from all across the country. It's very self explanatory, no need to compare languages that are only limited to couple of states with Hindi which has PAN in most states .
  7. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    But none of them makes it to the Indian team on consistent basis.
  8. Haan let's march towards a progressive Gay Hind.
  9. SA bowling attack

    Acha hai Bhaga Bhaga ke maaro Yeh FTB's ko, bahot cheap runs bana liye hai enhone ghar pe Pichle 3-4 saal main.
  10. Match winning partnership Infact.
  11. Big partnership coming between the best mates in International Cricket.
  12. Go AB Go, get a run a ball ton and entertain us.
  13. devilliers 1st 300

    Hopefully, will be a treat to watch.
  14. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Indians cannot produce fast bowlers but Pakistanis can, due to inferior genetics and physique of the former.
  15. Why are desis so fanatical about cricket?

    Have you ever wondered why the Aussies , Dutch and Germans don't care about Field Hockey inspite of regularly winning Olympic medals in it? Australia field hockey team ke members ke baare main toh Australia main Kisiko Pata bhi nahi hai, Ashes toh fir bhi Full house Stadium main khela jaata hai.
  16. Who are most famous Keralites?

    Shantakumaran Sreesanth.
  17. Headlines

    Proud day for us for defeating an Islamic Army and score victory against Muslims.
  18. Kulbhushan Jadhav

    Nahi Pakistani etne harami toh nahi Ho sakte.
  19. Which languages do you know?

    Hindi English Marathi Punjabi A Little bit of French.
  20. Make an apt example of him and record it on a video so that nobody ever dares to commit the act ever again.

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