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  1. Woakes is in a hurry to bowl against Indian batters asap.
  2. Woakes wants to get his ton before Bairstow.
  3. This is similar to batting in Odis during the middle overs.
  4. That's also true. Even their incoming batters like Curran, Rashid and Broad will waste no time and try to get quick runs.
  5. Their approach is best . English players know that they can't bat on this pitch for 110-120 overs hence they are looking to score as quick as possible instead of surviving and doing tuk tuk. 160 runs in 40 overs on this sort of pitch is excellent batting. No timepass.
  6. Lol @ Gona rain full day. If England get a lead of around 100, India ko All Out karne ke kiye Sirf 30-35 overs chahiye. Matlab Sirf Ek session unless Kohli does something exceptional.
  7. The two batters know that playing the waiting game is not possible on this pitch so trying to get quick runs before they are dismissed hoping the lead will be enough to make sure the target is either too low or an innings defeat for the visitors.
  8. Sunshine at the ground. Should be the best day for batting.
  9. Aisa Lagta hai ki Yeh invitation specially Mr and Mrs Kohli ke liye tha aur Baaki team complimentary pass main aaye hai. Esliye Hero , Heroine sabse aage aur baaki B grade actors peeche.
  10. Shame this attention seeking woman is hogging all the limelight while the Cricketers (except Kohli ) seem to be lost in the background.
  11. Can you believe this guy is the longest surviving member of the team who made his debut all the way back in 2004 ? He made his debut against Australia in final test at Mumbai where Michael Clark took 6/9 and India won by a very small margin. This guy has been around forever playing against and with the likes of Langer, Ponting, Hayden, Martyn, Clarke, Gilchrist, Gillespie, Mc Grath , Kasprowicz and Indian Legends like Sachin, Saurav, Sehwag, Rahul, Lax, Kumble . He got bowled to Mohammed Sami during chase of the infamous loss to Pakistan in 2005 Bangalore Test and had a semi decent outing during India's series win in England 2007 where he played as an opener. Most other members of the current Indian team are junior to him by a good 7-10 years. Debut year of the current Indian Team: Vijay : 2008 Dhawan : 2013 Rahul : 2014 Kohli : 2011 Rahane : 2013 Karthik : 2004 Pandya : 2017 Ashwin : 2011 Shami : 2013 Ishant : 2007 Umesh : 2011 Karthik, Ishant and Vijay are the seniormost members of the side . Right from the time of his debut to every occasion he has made a comeback, some fans always hope that Karthik will finally fulfil his potential but it always ends in failure. I have never understood the hype about him and always felt that his midget frame and body language never inspired any confidence. Sala even I was a teenager when he made his debut during the Cricket Crazy era and feel old these days while this guy is still around, keeps getting chances and failing He is still not 35 years old yet and could be around for a few more years.
  12. rageaddict

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    Lol, Shiv Sena did not organize Bomb blasts in their own city/country ( Mumbai/Maharahstra/India ). Dawood toh jaha Paida hua Wahi bomb blasts karwa diya dushmano ( Pakistanis) ke saath Milke. Gaddar in every sense.
  13. That's what I thought. Pata nahi Kolkata Police etni phattu kyu hai, Mumbai ( which was dominated by D-gang) main toh Maine kabhi nahi Suna Police Walo ki Muslims se phat rahi Ho, ulta 92-93 main Mumbai Police ganged up with Shiv Sena and taught a great lesson to Bhais and their followers.
  14. Did the Police later took revenge or not? I am presently in Khidirpur ( Port Area) for a temporary work, reckon Garden Reach is nearby?
  15. All Indian Muslims should be ashamed of what their Co-religionists have done.
  16. rageaddict

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    Desperately wanted to be one among the Goras, her dream finally comes true.
  17. rageaddict

    Team India reminds me of Royal Challengers Bangalore

    Does it mean no trophies in the future?
  18. Majority of the Pakistanis online seem to be rabid supporters of Imran khan who think he is some messiah that will take Pakistan to new heights. Some are even expecting Imran Khan to be more critical of India compared to pro Indian Nawaz. Let's see what happens.
  19. rageaddict

    Devdutt Padikkal

    Naam se toh Mallu lagta hai.
  20. rageaddict

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    If you don't want to get hit simply don't raise your hand first at someone. Jyada feminist banane ki jarurat nahi hai. Simple concept hai.
  21. rageaddict

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    As the woman was the first one to raise hand, she deserved it. Jab Maulvi ne do chaar ghumai toh uski saari garmi nikal gayi.
  22. Mahi bhai ne un sab haters ka mooh band karwa diya Jo kehte the ki Bhai Test Cricket nahi khel sakte. Take it Haters.
  23. Need a big total, batting needs to be tested.
  24. rageaddict

    Kohli 39 of 50

    Jo Ek match sabse jaruri tha jeetna Woh toh Jeeta nahi, bus ab Yeh Faltu ki ODI series Jeet Jeet ke bade record bana raha hai Kohli. Jab tak Yeh Pakistan ko Kisi World Cup ke knockout match nahi harata eske Yeh sabhi wins Kuch kaam ke nahi hai.
  25. rageaddict

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    Agree, India is a hellhole for Muslims as Bloodthirsty Hindus can't stop targeting them until all Muslims have been forcibly converted and assimilated into the fold of Hinduism so that their ulterior aim of Akhand Bharat can be achieved. The militant and expansionist nature of Hinduism is the problem of the core that promotes Hindutva tendencies and aspires Hindus to terrorize peace-loving Muslims .

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