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  1. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Very unnecessary .
  2. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Single on hai. Lete raho.
  3. Dhoni Panauti se compare karte hi samne wala player out Ho jata hai Aajkal.
  4. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    I am sure a few others can bat
  5. http://m.indiatoday.in/story/karnataka-rakshana-vedike-hindi-signboards-namma-metro-stations/1/1006701.html Yeah but please take care of your safety too. Don't get too carried away with painting Hindi signboards. Your own Police is giving a Danda to you guys to preserve the imposition. LOL.
  6. Good, but First Start by removing Hindi from Namma Metro Stations. One Step at a time.
  7. Epic!!!!

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Meat >>>>>>>> Dosa, Thepla, Wada
  8. Well the News is that a mere mention of Hindi alongside the Regional Language and English is apparently a case of " Hindi Imposition " and disrespecting the culture of the Locals.
  9. And that could be one of the reasons why English exists in North India - for the South Indian People who have opted for " English " . Likewise you have to make room for the language which North Indians have opted for - Hindi . In South India , First Preference ( Regional Language) Second Preference ( English - Language opted by Southies) Third Preference ( Hindi - Language opted by Northies) In North India, First Preference ( Regional Language) Second Preference ( Hindi - Language opted by Northies) Third Preference ( English - Language opted by Southie) Can't get simpler than that.
  10. Ind needs discipline

    Acha, which part is that? Prove it with pictures.
  11. Chal theek hai nahi chahiye na Karantaka main Hindi, ja hata le fir Hindi Metro Stations se. Tab baat karenge.
  12. Oh Marwadi, Now it makes sense behind pulling the 90%, 95 % data out of ignorance because the numbers arent as low. Why are you even creating unnecessary divisions over the language issue and justifying the outrage against Hindi? Kannada has been given the first preference, English 2nd and being the most Widely /Spoken understood language in the country Hindi deserves it's own place. That's how things stand in All Non-Hindi States in the North and don't see any reason why Karantaka should be an exception. Ignorant and arrogant are those who have the separatist attitude and justify it using the " Our State, Our Rules " lahori logic. No Indian state or city is an exclusive property of the locals where only their demands need to be met. If Goondas like Shiv Sena couldn't get their way through in Mumbai and are today begging for votes from Northies in name of " Hindutva " then these softie Kannada Groups stand zero chance.
  13. Chal acha hai aur Hindi Gaane?
  14. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    Disgusted to see people taking digs at the Greatest Batsman Ever. Sachin Tendulkar would be doing a huge " Favor/ Ehsaan " on the team by taking out time as a batting consultant. He was by far the best Asian Batsman in overseas conditions be it England, SA, Australia or NZ. As a team-mate, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Kohli and so many other guys have thanked SRT for assistance in batting and his role in helping the youngsters. And whatever amount he gets paid for the job is just peanuts for him anyway.
  15. Kya baat hai Yaar. Very Nice Hindi. You people are so fluent in the language that you hate so much.. Dekha Hindi ka Power, tum logo ko na chahte huwe bhi Hindi seekhna pada. Tumhare Kannada toh koi Ghanta na bolta hai na koi samjhta hai Karntataka ke bahar. Soft Power of Hindi rocks. Lol @ Kannada Pride.
  16. When will you quit watching Bollywood Movies and Songs and ignore Hindi in daily use?
  17. Your language in our education system? Lol, your Kannada in Maharashtra or Punjab? Just LOL. Won't even speak petty regional language even if I visit the state, leave alone introducing in my state.
  18. Mumbai is very cosmopolitan City where every man and his dog knows Hindi. Don't know in what kind of stupid city is the Hindi still a problem. Maybe Bangalore is still in developing phase and was a nobody 20 years back. Don't even compare the two states/cities. There is no need to learn Marathi in Mumbai, the locals are not insecure to expect migrants to learn their language.
  19. There are Hindi Signboards in Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat Bengal , Orissa even in J @ K. Will follow in Southern States too. You, your culture and your state are nothing special. Tum cheez Kya ho, tumhari toh ghar main ghus ke lenge. Too much violence and agitations would only mean investment flowing to other cities. Then we will see. Lol@ comparison to Punjabi. Kya logic hai Waah.
  20. Your language is already getting the first preference in the state and that should settle the debate. It would be Hindi Imposition if Kannada was being replaced by Hindi . How do you justify the inclusion of English? Is Kannada on signboards at the London Metro and hence you are doing the favor in return? So, you want preference for your own language which has been provided. English too, okay that has been provided too. ( Even though the locals should be content with Kannada alone) But no space for Hindi. For a language that is spoken / understood by vast majority of the country. Sorry but it's not going to work like this. Karntataka is a part of India, not a separate Nation which will run only according to wishes of narrow minded and insecure locals.
  21. Bet people like Lannister watch Bollywood movies and Hindi Songs on YT all day, and then cry about Hindi Imposition on online forums. Atleast remove the language from all facets of your life before complaining about it's imposition. The Entertainment industry of which there are a lot of Southie fans has spread and so called " imposed " the language in a softer way than these token signboards ever can.
  22. Nobody is going to learn your insignificant regional language but I bet you do learn a lot of Hindi through Bollywood Movies and Songs , that's the soft power.
  23. It doesn't matter what is of significance to you or not, Hindi is significant to India. It is the connecting language for majority of Indians. Who even speaks your Kannada outside your own state? Now compare that to Hindi which has Little to Large presence all over India.

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