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  1. rageaddict

    This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    Kohli can score as many tons as possible but he cannot replicate the excitement that AB brings to the game with his strokes. There's something very unique about AB and his style of play.
  2. Yes let's hope it doesn't get turned into a Flash with Pride contest with annual marches being conducted to celebrate the woman's right to breastfeed in Public.
  3. rageaddict

    Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Miss Hawa Hawai was a Legend.
  4. rageaddict

    Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Muloghonto with his usual anti-sikh tirade.
  5. Khila barabar rahi hai Lekin raatko uska tel bhi barabar nikaal rahi hai, Esliye input kam output jyada Ho gaya hai.
  6. rageaddict

    David willey vs Nathan Lyon

    This Willey is a very talented Batsman along with being a Pace Bowler. Hits them Sixes with ease, have seen it before.
  7. The Soft Liberals think otherwise, who believe that treating these people with kiddy gloves will mellow them down and make them more tolerate towards others.
  8. Lol the Rugby Players that are built like a tank bowling like trundlers. Wouldn't fast bowlers require strong legs too, considering they have to run at good speed, jump and then land on the crease with pressure on Legs/knees ? Basically using the entire body from Back, Legs, Hips, Thighs, Shoulders, Hands to generate express pace.
  9. Hopefully is a Good Match, supporting the Afghans.
  10. Jadeja is an absolute Livewire on the field, those timely runouts, running like a Cheetah and catching the ball while running backwards must all be an easy job. But but but He can't break any bones like them Wrestlers.
  11. Typical ignorant remark from someone who has never played among competitive players . Tu kabhi Mumbai aakar dekh Kisi Maidaan main, tereko Pata Chalega kitna easy hai Cricket. Tere jaise 2 minute survive nahi kar paenge aur fake injury excuse banake bhaag jaega.
  12. Some high level BS. Kolhapur Wrestler will beat all Cricketers, Z grade I League Footballers will beat Kohli. Pata nahi Kaha Kaha se aa jaate hai apna theory leke, tumko toh sabse HALWA game Cricket hi lagta hai. Go talk to a Rugby Fan and see how soft and phaggy sport football looks to them where all sissy footballers whine like crybabies at slightest of tackles. Don't bring your useless Sport Comparison self made theories. A Fit Express Fast Bowler has the most rigorous workload .
  13. Dharmic People? Lol, excuses excuses. Do you think Sikhs will bend over and take it down without giving a fight? Majaal hai Kisi Mullah ki Punjab main Kisi Sikh ko behead kar de , Sab Sardaar ekathe Hoke hisaab chuka denge ki 7 pushto tak Yaad rakhenge Yeh. That is because of Unity and stronger Brotherhood among people within the community who will stand up for injustice against each other . It's all about upbringing, instilling a fighting attitude and strong values among children from an early age, teaching them about their own history, religion and survival under occupation of invaders ( Contrary to what Liberals would like us to believe the History doesn't start only from 1947 ), teaching them to stand against injustice and fight fire with fire, never compromise on your rights under any circumstances. Raise them to be fearless against the Bullies. How can there ever be unity among Hindus considering the constant bickering over Caste, Language, Hindi, Tamil and other divisive issues? Yes let's keep fighting amongst ourselves till the time Jihadists are strong enough to create bloodshed on a regular basis and another Pakistan becomes inevitable to release some pressure. And even after that the Liberals would allow Muslims living in Hindu Majority areas to continue living in India to set an example to the world and show how Mahaan they are.
  14. Only right wingers can fight with the Islamists and not the overly Feminized, Secularized, Liberalized modern day phattu Hindus. The average Hindu is too obsessed with Human Rights, Muslim Empowerment, Fighting for his Sisters and Daughters right to marry Musalmaans , Amir Khan and Shows like Satyamev Jayate. Keep feeding the snakes in the hope that one day they will become friendly and won't bite you.
  15. Yes, Bengal has produced Thomas Odoyos and Steve Tikolos of Football. Brilliant achievement. While Punjab and Mumbai have only produced World Class Hockey Players that won Gold Medals/ World Cups and International Level Cricketers that won World Cups/ Test Series Abroad. The might Bengalis meanwhile won globally renowned tournaments like Santosh Trophy and SAARC Cup and give tough competition to Footballing Giant's like Nepal, Bangaldesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Respect.
  16. Not all Hindus but the Liberal, Secular ones surely would and even try to shame other Hindus who would be against a marriage alliance with the Muslims.
  17. rageaddict

    Why & how Sikh Insurgency started in Punjab

    Some very disgusting anti-sikh posts by usual suspects in this thread. That's all because a few Sikhs don't agree with popular narrative about India being some heaven for minorities on earth.
  18. Tendulkar easily, what a moment it will be to share time with the Greatest Indian.
  19. rageaddict

    Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Sahi baat hai, ab Yeh Liberal decide karenge ki Amla Bhai ki begum ko Kya pehanana chahiye. Amla Bhai khush Bhabhi Khush, Pata nahi enko kyu etne Khujli ho rahi hai. Amla ab en ch***yo se puchega ki Usay kaise rehna chahiye.
  20. rageaddict

    Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Her beauty is only for Amla Bhai's eyes, haters gonna hate.
  21. Too much dostana between Coach and Kaptaan, more reason to hate fags.
  22. Lol it's always us Aam Janta Fans who spend more time worrying about the fortunes of the team in tough away tours while the players themselves are pretty chilled, especially when they are being coached by someone as Kool , relaxed and friendly lile Shastri Sir.
  23. rageaddict

    Male Feminist.

    Punjabi Bashing by Kaali Worshipping Effeminate Bengali Male Muloghonto
  24. I wish there was a secessionist movement in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, we could have just let them go and life in other States could have been so much better. This is not working anymore, the Indian Cities can't afford to accomodate thousands of migrants from Cow Belt that arrive on a daily basis. The issue is not about some silly cultural dilution of the cities but the worsening infrstraucture that cannot support more people. Buses are crowded, Trains are jammed, traffic worse, there is no space to walk on streets, bridges are falling, stampede, no value for life and yet more people keep pouring in. Why should a developed state bear the burden of failed Cow Belt States and thereby bringing down their overall standard of living and progress that they have made ? The Leaders of failed States don't care about any development in their region and are more than happy to see their people migrate to other states for livelihood.

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