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  1. rageaddict

    Actor Inder Kumar, Salman Khan's Wanted Co-Star, Dies At 45

    He was also a Drug addict, might have something to do with the pre-mature death .
  2. Standard Islamic Takeover in progress. Destroying Hindu Architecture, Temples and cutting all ties of the Land with it's Pre-Islamic heritage. Now that infidels have been forced out of the valley, it's time to get rid of their last remaining footprints and complete the process of Islamization. Allah Hu Akbar.
  3. rageaddict

    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Just a Yahudi Saazish.
  4. rageaddict

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    But how was Harman able to hit those 80+ m Sixes with ease, just timing and Skills isn't enough for that, it requires some Brute Power. These is a reason why Windies Players are such Big hitters and that's definitely not because they are skilled or good timers of the ball . Some of her Sixes were deep into the stands, it made me wonder if the Ball in Women's Cricket is softer or lighter and easier to hit ?
  5. rageaddict

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    You are a Misogynist bigot. MCP Sexist And a Woman hater.
  6. rageaddict

    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Lol @ Comparison with Western Countries, none of the Western Countries have 200 Million Muslims + the growth rate. As their numbers rise, the politician's in India will bend even further to accommodate them. Any attempt to ban Azaan in Mumbai will spark deadly communal riots.
  7. rageaddict

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    Even a Lower Ranked Male Tennis player can defeat the Top 10 Female Tennis players. Yet, Tennis remains among the very few popular Womens Sports.
  8. Another SRT bashing thread. This forum is becoming a copy of Green Ghetto with it's rising Anti-Sachin sentiment. Just sick and disgusted with it.
  9. Agree, just goes to show how insecure these people are. Cosmopolitan cities are supposed to be melting pot of different cultures and not a monopoly of anyone. Mumbai is one such place which is far ahead of these newly emerging semi - developed cities like Bangalore who are having their first taste of mass -migration and cultural changes. The locals in Mumbai don't feel insecure over why the Biharis, Gujratis, Punjabi's and South Indians aren't communicating in their Superior Marathi Language. The migrants are not under any obligation to preserve the legacy and dominance of Marathi from fading away. It's absolutely normal to have no knowledge of Marathi and survive in the city for decades without any issue. These people want to have the best of both worlds, they expect their cities to be World Class ( Which will obviously attract migrants from other states ) and at the same time expect to maintain their cultural supremacy over the region like it used to be 500 years ago . That's simply impossible and unacceptable. Also, its very fashionable to play the victim card over Secularism, Religious Discrimination , Casteism these days, Hindi imposition is the latest fad. Some of these folks are no different to the Mullahs who get all charged up over the " Islam Khatre main hai " rhetoric and suffer from paranoia about how there is a conspiracy against them. All said and done, the Politician's and the Indian Union doesn't even have to rely on some lame signboards to " impose " Hindi . The Widespread influence of Hindi in Films, Media and the fact that around 60 % of the Indian Population can speak / read in Hindi will make sure that the language continues to grow. Change might be painful but inevitable in the case . I feel sorry for the guys who think there their empty threats and useless rhetoric will lead to conservation of their culture.
  10. rageaddict

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    If not for that run out, India would have won the Cup as Deepti and Shikha were taking singles with ease.
  11. rageaddict

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Very unnecessary .
  12. rageaddict

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Single on hai. Lete raho.
  13. Dhoni Panauti se compare karte hi samne wala player out Ho jata hai Aajkal.
  14. rageaddict

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    I am sure a few others can bat
  15. http://m.indiatoday.in/story/karnataka-rakshana-vedike-hindi-signboards-namma-metro-stations/1/1006701.html Yeah but please take care of your safety too. Don't get too carried away with painting Hindi signboards. Your own Police is giving a Danda to you guys to preserve the imposition. LOL.
  16. Good, but First Start by removing Hindi from Namma Metro Stations. One Step at a time.
  17. rageaddict


    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Meat >>>>>>>> Dosa, Thepla, Wada
  18. Well the News is that a mere mention of Hindi alongside the Regional Language and English is apparently a case of " Hindi Imposition " and disrespecting the culture of the Locals.
  19. And that could be one of the reasons why English exists in North India - for the South Indian People who have opted for " English " . Likewise you have to make room for the language which North Indians have opted for - Hindi . In South India , First Preference ( Regional Language) Second Preference ( English - Language opted by Southies) Third Preference ( Hindi - Language opted by Northies) In North India, First Preference ( Regional Language) Second Preference ( Hindi - Language opted by Northies) Third Preference ( English - Language opted by Southie) Can't get simpler than that.
  20. rageaddict

    Ind needs discipline

    Acha, which part is that? Prove it with pictures.
  21. Chal theek hai nahi chahiye na Karantaka main Hindi, ja hata le fir Hindi Metro Stations se. Tab baat karenge.
  22. Oh Marwadi, Now it makes sense behind pulling the 90%, 95 % data out of ignorance because the numbers arent as low. Why are you even creating unnecessary divisions over the language issue and justifying the outrage against Hindi? Kannada has been given the first preference, English 2nd and being the most Widely /Spoken understood language in the country Hindi deserves it's own place. That's how things stand in All Non-Hindi States in the North and don't see any reason why Karantaka should be an exception. Ignorant and arrogant are those who have the separatist attitude and justify it using the " Our State, Our Rules " lahori logic. No Indian state or city is an exclusive property of the locals where only their demands need to be met. If Goondas like Shiv Sena couldn't get their way through in Mumbai and are today begging for votes from Northies in name of " Hindutva " then these softie Kannada Groups stand zero chance.
  23. Chal acha hai aur Hindi Gaane?

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